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Chapter 1378: Big Battle Begins

A cold expression flashed across Cai Lin’s long narrow eyes when she heard the overbearing laughter that echoed across the sky. She gently took a step forward and glanced at the many figures in the distant sky. Her calm voice did not quiver even a little because of the current situation.

Having managed the Yan Alliance for many years, she, who was already the queen of the Snake-people tribe, would not feel even the slightest fear in such a situation!

“The Yan Alliance only has warriors who die in battle and no deserters who surrender…”

The golden-haired middle-aged man stood proudly in the sky. His large golden blade reflected a dense luster. He was not irritated when he heard Cai Lin’s words. Instead, he loudly laughed. That heat within his eyes became even more intense. A woman with strong character was more suitable to his taste. Who in the north-western region was not aware of the cold and beautiful Cai Lin of the Yan Alliance? If he was able to capture her in this battle and keep her as his exclusive domain, any other battle would be nothing. There were women in this world whose every frown and smile could stir a war. Clearly, Cai Lin belonged to that category.

“Medusa, you should be clearly aware that the Yan Alliance is foolishly resisting. With your strength, it is impossible to compare with us… as long as your Yan Alliance agrees to submit to my Profound Lion Sect and hand over all the members of the Xiao clan I will use my position as the sect chief of the Profound Lion Sect to guarantee that not a single person from the Yan Alliance will be hurt!” The golden-haired man faintly laughed.

“Activate the formation!”

Cai Lin merely glanced at the man as he laughed. After which, a soft icy-cold cry was emitted from her mouth.


Nervous responses immediately appeared from the surroundings following Cai Lin’s soft cry. The sky outside of the fortress trembled, and an enormous energy barrier slowly covered the entire fortress. Finally, it stood between both armies!

“Archers, get ready!”

Cai Lin once again coldly commanded. The creaking sound of bows being pulled immediately resonated again and again. Many seventy-to-eighty-foot-large ballistas were rapidly being loaded by a few people. Twenty-foot-long sharp arrows emitted cold lusters as they stood at the ready. These ballistas and arrows had been built by the Yan Alliance using special materials. When they were used by a couple of Dou Ling warriors, their might could penetrate a careless Dou Huang and firmly nail that Dou Huang to the ground.

The golden-haired man involuntarily frowned when he saw that his voice had attracted these things instead of a response.

“Shi Tian, stop uttering such nonsense. If you like that woman, we will capture her and give her to you once the fortress falls. If those members of the Xiao clan end up escaping because of you, you will not be able to bear the responsibility…” A cold and sinister voice suddenly sounded from behind while the golden-haired man was frowning.

The expression of that middle-aged man called Shi Tian changed when he heard this voice. He turned his head and glanced at a black-clothed elder standing in the air. Many spiritual bodies were lingering around this elder. Their miserable screeches caused one to feel a chill within one’s heart. This person’s dark and stern face was filled with a familiarity. Upon closer observation, it was the ninth Tianzun, who had once led the experts from the Hall of Souls to attack the Falling Star Pavilion.

“Ninth Tianzun worries too much. The current Yan Alliance is as good as dead. That little strength is not even worth mentioning in our eyes. How could it be possible to let the members of the Xiao clan escape?” Shi Tian laughed.

“You should understand the consequence if any mishaps occur…” Ninth Tianzun glanced at him and felt a little impatient. This person from this barbaric land only possessed the strength of a six star Dou Zun, yet he was incomparably arrogant. He was ignorant that this little strength was only an ordinary existence.

Shi Tian dryly laughed. He also seemed to be aware of ninth Tianzun’s impatience. He didn’t feel like uttering any more unnecessary words. He lifted his head and looked at the strong defense of the fortress. A moment later, he suddenly raised his hand as a loud cry was emitted.

“Medusa, your last chance has been forfeited by you… everyone listen up. Attack!”


The ocean-like army outside of the fortress suddenly unleashed an earth-shaking battle cry after they heard Shi Tian’s loud roar. The entire land quickly trembled. The seemingly endless army charge toward the fortress like floodwater with a surging desire to kill.

The expression of everyone on the fortress was a little grave as they sensed the murderous aura that had suddenly spread over the sky. Their hands tightened on their weapons.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

Waves of the sound of rushing wind immediately erupted from the fortress when the floodwater-like army surged over. The huge arrows from earlier shot out like clusters of dark cloud. They landed on the Profound Lion Sect’s army and miserable cries suddenly sounded…

Cai Lin watched a countless number of soldiers get nailed into the ground from the wall. There was not the slightest fluctuation in her pretty eyes. She slowly lifted her head and looked at the sky. There were a hundred people standing in the air at that spot. Behind these hundred people were densely packed Dou Wangs flapping their Dou Qi wings and Dou Huangs. This unit was the most frightening!

“Attack! Break the energy barrier!”

Shi Tian watched the army below, which had been stopped a thousand feet from the fortress. His face did not show the slightest pain. The army below consisted of people weaker than a Dou Wang, making them cannon fodder. The ones who could truly shake the Yan Alliance were the elites in the sky!

The experts in the sky finally began to form a semicircle with the wave of Shi Tian’s hand. They swiftly approached the fortress. A loud cry sounded and wave after wave of powerful Dou Qi pillars whistled through the sky. They rushed toward the Dou Qi barrier from all directions.

“Bang bang bang!”

Countless energy pillars exploded against the energy barrier, causing it to fluctuate and form many circular ripples!

“Archers, change targets. All experts at the Dou Wang class and above, retaliate and stabilize the energy barrier!” Cai Lin issued numerous orders in an orderly fashion as the Profound Lion Sect attacked. She had become unusually familiar with these kinds of battles over the years.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Cai Lin’s words had just sounded when the enormous arrows suddenly shifted. The densely packed arrow clouds spread apart in the sky. They were accompanied by the whistling sound of rushing wind as they ruthlessly shot toward those experts from the Profound Lion Sect in the sky.


Even though these experts were quite skilled, the bodies of quite a number of them were forcefully penetrated by this attack. Many bodies dropped to the ground like kites with broken strings. However, this bloody battle had caused the experts from both sides to turn mad from fighting. Many powerful Dou Qi figures whizzed toward the sky and ruthlessly took turns striking each other.

“Bang bang!”

Densely packed attacks continuously poured down on the energy barrier. The ripples on the barrier had become more intense. Due to the defenses of the energy barrier, the rate at which the Profound Lion Sect’s experts fell clearly exceeded that of the Yan Alliance.

“They should be sufficiently exhausted…”

Shi Tian watched the continuously rippling energy barrier from the sky. He smiled while his hand slowly displayed a strange hand signal. The reason that the Profound Lion Sect could dominate nearly half of the north-western continent was not because of these Dou Wangs and Dou Huangs. Instead it was because of their elite Dou Zongs and Dou Zuns.

After Shi Tian displayed this hand signal, the black fog behind him slowly tore apart. Nearly a hundred figures slowly walked forward. There were thirty individuals with frighteningly strong auras. The appearance of these people caused this entire area to tremble a little…

Cai Lin and the others on the wall finally revealed a change in expression when these people appeared. These people would determine the victor of this battle!


The hundred figures slowly walked through the air. The enormous arrows that came flying over would automatically explode when they were a thousand feet from them…


The hundred figures finally halted when they were still a thousand feet away from the fortress. They let out a cold cry in union. One could see wave after wave of majestic Dou Qi surging from their bodies before gathering in the sky. The Dou Qi in the sky formed a ten-thousand-foot-wide energy beast!

The enormous beast took shape. Two hundred-foot-long white streams of smoke were released from its nostrils. After which, it walked through empty air and ruthlessly collided with the energy barrier of the fortress in front of countless pairs of shocked eyes. Although there were ferocious attacks coming from the fortress and smashing into the enormous beast, they were unable to block the beast…

The enormous beast strode across the sky. It endured an incomparably crazy attack as it heavily knocked against the energy barrier in front of many pale faces. These pale faces belonged to the members of the Yan Alliance.


The entire place seemed to grow quiet because of the collision. A circular energy ripple began to swiftly spread from the point of the collision. Finally, one heard a “bang.” The energy barrier in the sky emitted a loud explosive sound in front of many shocked gazes and suddenly exploded apart…

Cai Lin slowly clenched her hand when the energy barrier burst apart. An icy-cold voice resounded beside the ears of everyone on the wall.

“Everyone, the north-western region might be large, but we no longer have any path of retreat because behind us lies our empire and its land. If your heart still possesses a fire, pick up your weapons and fight to the end!”


“Fight ‘till the end!”

That cold voice instantly caused the eyes of all the warriors from the Yan Alliance to redden. A trembling excitement spread from deep within his heart. It transformed into a furious roar echoed a the sky!

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