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Chapter 1377: Little Xiao Xiao

The rushing sound of wind was suddenly transmitted across an endless serene blue sky. Immediately, dozens of black figures arrived from the distance. Within a couple of blinks, they stepped through the air and appeared on a green mountain.

“Junior pavilion chief, the area in front of us is the territory of the Yan Alliance. Based on our speed, we should be able to reach the Mysterious Yellow Sky Stream by evening…” A white-robed elder swept his eyes around after landing on the mountain. He spoke to Xiao Yan beside him with a respectful tone.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. His eyes swept over his group and involuntarily smiled. This powerful lineup might not be extremely powerful within the Central Plains. However, in this north-western region of the continent, even the stomping of their feet would cause the earth to shake.

“According to the latest news, adding up the experts of the Profound Lion Sect, the Hall of Souls, and some others who have been coerced, they have around thirty or so individuals who have reached the Dou Zun class. On the other hand, the Yan Alliance has, at the very most, ten of them. The number of experts that both sides have is completely disproportionate…” That white-robed old man paused before continuing.

“They also have thirty plus Dou Zuns, huh…”

Xiao Yan gently crossed his fingers. His face revealed an expression of contemplation. Although the quality of the experts in the north-western region could not be compared to the Central Plains, they should also not be underestimated. After all, this continent was extremely vast. The Hall of Souls was naturally able to find some experts to aid them by using some tactics. Hence, Xiao Yan was not surprised that the Profound Lion Sect would have so many experts helping them. On the other hand, the strongest person in the Yan Alliance when he left back then was Cai Lin, who had been a four or five star Dou Zong. After these years of training, she probably reached the Dou Zun class. After all, she possessed the bloodline of the Seven Colored Heaven Swallowing Python, and her original talent was quite great. She would naturally be able to gain twice the results with half the effort when she trained.

However, regardless of how strong Cai Lin was, she was only one person. Xiao Yan’s expectations were far exceeds when he learned that the Yan Alliance possessed ten elite Dou Zun. This kind of strength could be considered a top tier faction even in the Central Plains. One could imagine just how swift and fierce the Yan Alliance had developed over the years.

“How many experts at the six star Dou Zun class or higher does the Profound Lion Sect have?”

Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment before suddenly asking. The gap between every star within the Dou Zun class was extremely large. For example, if Xiao Yan were to face ten one star elite Dou Zuns, they would not be able to cause him much harm.

“The Profound Lion Sect should have eight people above a six star Dou Zun. There are four among them who have reached the eighth star of the Dou Zun level… however, we do not know if the Hall of Souls has secretly sent any stronger people.” The white-robed elder replied.

“Aye… thank you Elder Xia.” Xiao Yan nodded and softly responded.

“Junior pavilion chief is too polite…”

“Let’s go. We’ll increase our speed and try to reach the Mysterious Yellow Sky Stream before evening…”

Xiao Yan softly exhaled. He immediately waved his hand and his toes pressed on the ground. The space in front of him fluctuated, and his body slowly disappeared. The large group behind him was unsurprised when they saw him disappear. Each of them moved their bodies and shot forward.


Dense dark clouds covered the sky above the Mysterious Yellow Sky Stream. A low rolling thunder sounded and resounded unceasingly within a fifty kilometer radius…

The permeating black fog gradually scattered outside the Mysterious Yellow Fortress. When the black fog scattered, it revealed a countless number of figures hidden within it. The endless sea of people stretched to the horizon as shocking battle cries spread from the army in a deafening manner. Even the mountain range began to tremble because of these battle cries.

Countless warriors from the Yan Alliance stood on the towering fortress walls and watched the sea of people in the distance with grave expressions. The Yan Alliance might have met many enemies while it had expanded over the years, but not once had it been suppressed to the point that it could not retaliate, until now

Everyone let out a long sigh in their hearts. Their eyes shifted slightly before finally pausing on the middle of the wall. A pretty figure stood proudly at that spot. She was wearing narrow and tight-fitting red armor. The hard armor had difficulty hiding the alluring curves of her snake-like waist. Even at this moment, her cold enchanting face did not reveal the slightest weakness.

During these years, this woman, who was so beautiful that she appeared like the devil, had led the Yan Alliance out of the Jia Ma Empire to create one of the strongest factions in the north-western corner of the continent. She had allowed the Jia Ma Empire, which was originally a relatively small and weak empire, to gain a place in the north-western sphere. In the hearts of some of the Yan Alliance’s experts, her position in the Yan Alliance was one that no one could truly replace. From a certain point of view, even the founder of the Yan Alliance could not reach her status!

“Are they finally about to attack…”

Cai Lin’s long eyes stared at the black fog that had scattered in the distance. Her hand slowly wrapped around the longsword on her narrow waist. She pressed her red lips together as her face was covered with an icy-cold decisiveness.

“Cai Lin, you should grab Xiao Xiao and leave should we fail to block them…” Xiao Ding sat on a wheelchair. His eyes looked at the permeating black fog from afar as he softly spoke.

“Aye. This is third brother’s child. Nothing must happen to her!” Xiao Li by the side also revealed a grave expression on his face as he spoke in a deep voice.

Cai Lin shook her head when she heard the words of those two. She turned her head and looked beside her. There was a little girl in white clothes there. The little girl appeared to be four or five years old. She appeared like beautifully carved jade and was extremely cute. There was a small seven colored snake symbol on her brows. Her large dark-black eyes contained a spirituality that caused one to feel the desire to hold her. One could be mesmerized by her. Only when one recovered would one quietly feel awed. She already possessed such an unusual enchantment at such a young age. Would she not be even more bewitching than her mother when she grew up?

Cai Lin looked at the little girl. A doting expression appeared in her narrow icy eyes. She knelt down and gently hugged the little girl. The little girl seemed to be aware that the atmosphere was not quite right, but she did not cry. Her little hands hugged Cai Lin’s long neck as she said in a crisp voice, “Mummy, there is no need to be afraid. First uncle said that father will return…”

Cai Lin curled her mouth when she heard this. She hugged the little girl before lifting her head a moment later. She looked at the Little Fairy Doctor and softly asked, “Will he really return?”

“He should require about half a year in the Heavenly Tomb. Counting the time, he should have already left the Gu Realm. Yao Lao will definitely inform him about the problems here once he reaches the Falling Star Pavilion. Given his character, he will hurry over as quickly as possible…” The Little Fairy Doctor nodded as she replied.

Cai Lin gently blinked her eyes but did not speak. Her hand gently patted the little head of the girl in her embrace. After which, she stared at little the Fairy Doctor and said, “Should the fortress fall, you should grab Xiao Xiao and leave… if anything happens to her, I will never forgive Xiao Yan no matter what he does… even if I die!”

The Little Fairy Doctor was slightly startled. She searched Cai Lin’s tightly pressed mouth before quietly nodding. She was clearly aware of Cai Lin’s character. She was always haughty and would definitely do what she claimed.

“Ugh, Cai Lin, you have already done too much for the Yan Alliance and the Xiao clan during these years. If we can successfully get through this, I will definitely get Xiao Yan to formally marry you into our Xiao clan!” Xiao Ding by the side softly sighed when he saw this act before speaking in a deep voice. He had witnessed all that Cai Lin had done for the Yan Alliance and the Xiao clan during these years. Back then, Xiao Yan had founded the Yan Alliance, only to throw this a big burden onto Cai Lin’s shoulders. He was aware that Xiao Yan had to leave in order to rescue their father, but Cai Lin, being a woman, had not only helped him give birth to a daughter, she had even helped manage the Yan Alliance. This kind of sacrifice was extensive.

“Aye. Big brother is right. Once that little fellow returns, we will definitely resolve this matter!” Xiao Li heavily nodded. Both he and Xiao Ding had always viewed Xiao Yan as the most important person of the clan. This time around, they would definitely side with their sister-in-law no matter what.

“Let’s first get through the trouble in front of us before talking about this…”

Cai Lin placed little Xiao Xiao, who was still in her embrace, down. A black-clothed young figure also surfaced within her mind. She gently bit her lower red lip as a complicated emotion flashed across her pretty eyes. Things would be alright if the queen of the Snake-people tribe did not marry, but if she really gave her heart to someone, she be extremely loyal to that person. If her beloved died, her heart would die with him. This was the tradition of the Snake-people tribe’s Queen Medusa bloodline. Hence, Cai Lin understood that she would never be able to forget that person in her lifetime. Despite having been apart for many years, that figure did not fade. Instead, that figure had been etched even deeper into her memory.


A deafening drum suddenly appeared in the distant black fog when Cai Lin stood up. Immediately, many figures rushed out of the black fog and remained suspended in the sky. A powerful aura spread and covered the fortress.

A strong-looking middle-aged man stood in the sky. He carried a huge golden blade. His eyes displayed an unusual excitement as he stared at the enchanting figure on the wall of the fortress. A loud laugh that was mixed with an overbearing tone resounded over the sky.

“Ha ha, Medusa, have you thought things through? Are you going to surrender to my Profound Lion Sect or will my Profound Lion Sect to slaughter everyone in your Yan Alliance?”

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