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Chapter 1379: Miserable


A ferocious smile formed on Shi Tian’s face as he watched the energy barrier shatter from the sky. He waved his hand down and coldly cried out.

After Shi Tian’s cry sounded, the many Dou Wangs and Dou Huangs, who had been blocked outside, charged forward with a ferocious roar. They charged toward the walls like a storm!


Cai Lin suddenly grabbed the longsword on her waist as she watched the human figures charging over with a surging desire to slaughter. A vast and mighty Dou Qi erupted from her body. She swung her sword forward and a thousand-foot-large sword glow hacked dozens of Dou Huangs into two. At the same time, an icy-cold cry was emitted from her mouth.


Numerous figures on the wall rose the moment Cai Lin’s cold cry sounded. They violently collided with the army of strong individuals from the Profound Lion Sect, and the sounds of battle resonated around the sky.

“Little Fairy Doctor, I will leave Xiao Xiao to you! Guard her well!”

Cai Lin’s pretty eyes turned to the Little Fairy Doctor by her side. She softly gave an order after taking in the situation of the battle, which had become extremely intense as the forces collided.

The Little Fairy Doctor softly sighed and nodded.

“Mummy…” Although little Xiao Xiao was young, she seemed to have sensed the difference in the atmosphere as she hurriedly hugged Cai Lin’s long leg. She lifted her small face and used her dark-black teary eyes to look at her mother.

“Be obedient, don’t be afraid. Mummy will go and look for you in awhile…” Cai Lin gently patted little Xiao Xiao’s head. A doting smile surfaced on her enchanting face. After which, she handed Xiao Xiao to the Little Fairy Doctor. A reluctance to part with Xiao Xiao flashed across her pretty eyes. However, she clenched her teeth, turned around, and rushed into the air. A majestic Dou Qi surged and turned the few fastest expert Dou Wangs in front into pools of blood.

“Shi Tian, do you dare step forward and fight with this Queen?”

Cai Lin stood in the empty air. Her icy-cold eyes shot toward Shi Tian in the distance as she coldly cried out.

“Ha ha, how can I reject the invitation of a beauty?” Shi Tian laughed aloud upon hearing this offer. The golden blade in his hand danced and formed clusters of sparks. His feet stepped on empty air as he appeared in front of Cai Lin within a couple of flashes. Both of his eyes were fiery hot as they studied the exceptionally delicate and voluminous figure in front of him. This figure could barely be hid by the tight-fitting red armor. Lust suddenly rose from his lower abdomen.

“Such an enchanting creature is really rare. It is really too good for this little brat called Xiao Yan. Once I snatch her, such a beauty will belong to me!”

Cai Lin did not say any unnecessary words after seeing Shi Tian accept the battle. Dou Qi surged from her body without being held back. The longsword in her hand was bared as her body moved. She appeared beside Shi Tian with lightning-like speed. The sharp sword struck at different angles and covered all the fatal spots on Shi Tian’s body like a storm.

Shi Tian’s expression might appear calm when facing Cai Lin’s body, but his heart had become cautious. Cai Lin was not weaker than him. Her battle experience was definitely greater than his after a countless number of battles. Hence, he did not dare to underestimate her. The golden blade danced like a windmill and blocked the sharp sword attacks.

While Cai Lin and Shi Tian were engaged in a big battle in the sky, the area within a thousand-foot-radius of the fortress was filled with chaotic fights. The experts from the Yan Alliance had all charged forward. Both parties clashed and a fiery-hot intense battle immediately erupted.

During this intense battle between both parties, some experts who accidentally allowed their opponents to grab an opening and kill them. Even some elite Dou Zongs could not protect themselves. Should they be unlucky, they would be surrounded and attacked by over a dozen people, which resulted in them withdrawing from serious injuries. Should one be unlucky, it was not rare for one to be killed on the spot.

The ninth Tianzun was suspended in the sky outside the chaotic battleground. His eyes were indifferent as he watched the battles that continuously erupted. A cold smile surfaced on his body. In his eyes, all the dead people were souls. They would be sucked into the ground by an unusual strength when they died. Even the weak souls did not escape.

“Fight. The more deaths the better…”

Ninth Tianzun laughed in a cold voice. The more dead people, the better it was for the Hall of Souls. After a big battle, they would be able to absorb thousands or even tens of thousands of souls. This kind of speed was many times faster than in the past.


The Little Fairy Doctor was hugging little Xiao Xiao on the wall. Her expression was cold and indifferent as she swung out a poison Qi pillar. It struck a Profound Lion Sect’s expert, who had charged onto the wall until he spat out black blood and fell. After which, she allowed little Xiao Xiao to hide her eyes against her shoulder. Only then did she raise her head and look around her. Her heart involuntarily sank a little. The Yan Alliance might have had the advantage in terms of terrain, but the quantity and quality of their experts were far inferior to the Profound Lion Sect. Although they were able to block the other party for some time, this could not last for long. At this moment, quite a number of places had been breached by the experts from the Profound Lion Sect. These experts rushed onto the city wall and caused a lot of destruction. If some Yan Alliance experts did not attempt to block the enemy, it was likely that this destruction would have been many times greater.

“Little Fairy Doctor jie-jie, you should bring little Xiao Xiao and leave. This place will not be able to hold out for long…”

A soft cry suddenly sounded from beside the Little Fairy Doctor. The Little Fairy Doctor turned her head and found that Qing Lin had spoken. At this moment, Qing Lin had already summoned all the experts that she could control. With the mysterious strength she possessed, this part of the wall was a lot stronger than the other places.

“Hee hee, you are thinking of leaving? How can it be so easy?”

Qing Lin’s cry had just sounded when a couple of ghost-like figures suddenly rushed over. They remained suspended in the air before letting out a dark laugh.

“Elite Dou Zuns…”

The Little Fairy Doctor knit her brows slightly upon seeing these few figures. The Profound Lion Sect had begun to use these experts…

“Hmph, a couple of Dou Zuns below three stars dare to act presumptuous here!” Qing Lin coldly laughed. Her body moved, and she charged forward. The controlled experts shot out at the same time. They charged and surrounded those few Dou Zuns.

“Little Fairy Doctor, leave!”

Tian Huo zun-zhe had also appeared beside the Little Fairy Doctor when Qing Lin had acted to block those elite Dou Zuns. He spoke in a deep voice while his eyes stared intently into the distance. The large group of Dou Zuns from the Profound Lion Sect had already begun to join the battle. With the strength of these people, any ordinary defenses were basically useless.

Tian Huo zun-zhe did not wait for the Little Fairy Doctor after his voice sounded. With a wave of his hand, a couple of figures came rushing down from the wall. They appeared beside him. These were all the elite Dou Zuns within the Yan Alliance. Although their numbers were far from being comparable to the Profound Lion Sect, they still needed to fight.


Tian Huo zun-zhe cried out with a deep voice. His feet pressed into the ground as his body took the lead to charge forward. A couple of elite Dou Zuns followed close behind him.

“Tsk tsk, this little girl possesses an extremely powerful Spiritual Strength. It is the first time that this old self has seen anyone in possession of such Spiritual Strength at such an age …”

The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes dimmed slightly when she saw this scene. She hugged little Xiao Xiao and began to hurriedly pull back. However, she had just withdrawn by a thousand feet when a dense black fog rushed over. A shady-looking old man rushed out from the fog. He emitted a strange laugh as the chain in his hand ruthlessly shot toward little Xiao Xiao in the Little Fairy Doctor’s embrace.


The Little Fairy Doctor suddenly became furious when she saw that damn old fellow attack a child. She waved her hand and a lethal poisonous Dou Qi pillar shot out and knocked the chain aside. Her toes pressed on the ground, and she once again pulled back instead of giving chase.

“Where can you flee to?”

The Little Fairy Doctor had just pulled back when another black figure arrived with a fierce wind. Sharp wind was released from a palm and ruthlessly slammed toward the Little Fairy Doctor. While this black figure was attacking, that sinister-looking old man once again rushed over. Those two unleashed attacks with their full strengths on both sides of the Little Fairy Doctor, surrounding her in the process.


“Xiao Li, catch her!”

The Little Fairy Doctor’s expression changed slightly when faced with the combined attack of two elite six star Dou Zuns. The corner of her eye glaced at Xiao Li, who was a short distance away. She flung her hand and a gentle wind delivered little Xiao Xiao away from her. At the same time, an extremely lethal poisonous Dou Qi surged out of her body in all directions. It received the combined attacks of two elite Dou Zuns.

A short distance away, Xiao Li had noticed the Little Fairy Doctor was surrounded and attacked. He hurriedly moved when he saw her toss little Xiao Xiao his way. Within a couple of leaps, he had arrived behind little Xiao Xiao. However, a ghost-like figure reached little Xiao Xiao when Xiao Li had just extended his hand to grab her. A sharp wind slammed into Xiao Li’s chest with lightning-like speed. The powerful force caused Xiao Li to spit out a mouthful of blood as his body flew backwards.


Xiao Li’s eyes turned blood-red when he saw that this fellow was intending to grab little Xiao Xiao after having launched a sneak attack

“Tsk tsk…”

That skinny old man laughed strangely. After which he turned around and reached toward little Xiao Xiao in the air.

Cai Lin, who was battling Shi Tian in the distance, immediately turned pale when she saw what was happening…

“Medusa, surrender quickly. Otherwise, do not blame the old me for being vicious…”

The skinny old man grabbed little Xiao Xiao’s clothes in front of many shocked eyes. He stared at Cai Lin with a ferocious face, but just as he spoke his final word, a chill suddenly appeared deep within his heart. It had just materialized when an icy hand suddenly appeared around his throat without any forewarning. After which, it ruthlessly clamped down like metal pliers. The sound of bones breaking could be as the old man’s neck was broken.

The peripheral vision of the old man glanced over just before he died. An unfamiliar black-clothed man with an indifferent expression had unknowingly appeared behind him.

The black-clothed man, who had suddenly appeared, randomly tossed aside the old man’s corpse. After which, he extended his arm and hugged that little girl, who was using her large dark-black to stare at him. A gentle smile was revealed on his indifferent face. Raising his head, he studied Cai Lin and the others in the distance, whose bodies had suddenly stiffened. With a faint smile, his gentle voice was slowly transmitted into the Cai Lin’s ears.

“Sorry, I have returned a little late…”

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