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Chapter 1376: Mysterious Yellow Fortress

A sandstorm blew over the endless red plains and cliffs. The crimson sun hung low in the distant sky, and a faint red light added a layer of pale-red yarn over the ground, which vaguely had a blood color spreading over it.


Few people were present on the red plains and cliffs. Only a wild wind continued to whistle and blow. At a certain moment, an intense spatial ripple suddenly materialized and a hundred-foot-large spatial black hole slowly appeared…

Waves of undulations rose the moment the spatial black hole appeared. Immediately, many figures stepped into the air before slowly walking away. They finally landed on the ground.

There were around thirty people in this group, and all of them appeared inconspicuous. However, if someone with truly sharp senses approached, that person would be shocked to detect the vague but frightening pressure that was spreading from them.

“Is this the north-western part of the continent?”

An elder with a red glow to his face swept his eyes around in surprise when he landed on the ground. After which, he turned his head to a black-clothed man in the crowd. From the black-clothed man’s familiar face, this group was clearly Xiao Yan’s group, who had hurried from the Falling Star Pavilion to the north-western region of the continent.

Xiao Yan shook his head slightly when he heard the eldest of the Hu brothers. The north-western part of the continent was extremely vast. The area that he knew was limited to the Jia Ma Empire and some empires around it. He naturally did not know where this place was.

“Junior pavilion chief, this place should be the northern part of the north-western region. The wormhole the pavilion chief built does not possess an exact spatial mark, so it can only roughly send us to the north-west…” A white-haired white-clothed old man beside Xiao Yan looked around before finally taking out a map from his Storage Ring. He opened it, revealing a map that recorded the north-western continent in detail. At this moment, half of the area on the map was occupied by a ferocious lion head. The other half was marked with a “Yan” character. This was likely the current territory of the Profound Lion Sect and the Yan Alliance.

“Based on the intelligence that we have obtained, the northern part of this north-western region has become the territory of the Profound Lion Sect. In other words, we have been transported into the territory of the Profound Lion Sect. However, it doesn’t matter. There are not many experts from the Profound Lion Sect in the northern part. Their main strength should currently be gathered at the borders of the Yan Alliance…” The white-clothed elder voiced his thoughts.

“As long as we head south-west through a couple of passes, we should be able to reach the territory of the Yan Alliance…”

Xiao Yan nodded as he looked at the map. Their group had a total of thirty elite Dou Zuns. With this lineup, they could walk unopposed as long as they did not meet the elite forces of the Profound Lion Sect or the Hall of Souls. Hence, it would not be difficult to reach the territory of the Yan Alliance.

“In that case, let’s get moving. We can gather some information about the current news along the way… try your best to suppress your auras. Listen to my orders and do not roam around randomly.”

Xiao Yan turned his head and looked to the distant south-west. After which, he waved his hand, and his toes pressed on the ground. His body turned into a ray of light that rushed away. The rushing sound of wind could be heard as the many figures followed close behind him.

Xiao Yan’s group rushed straight to the Yan Alliance to the south-west. They were flying over territory controlled by the Profound Lion Sect. Hence, they naturally met some armies and experts from the Profound Lion Sect that had been stationed along the way. However, these so called experts were at the very most ordinary Dou Zongs. They did not pose the slightest threat to Xiao Yan’s group. Hence, they did not face any obstructions along the way, and they had also managed to inquire about the current events of the north-western region from some of the captured experts belonging to the Profound Lion Sect.

Xiao Yan’s heart sank when he learned of this information because the situation was deteriorating far faster than he had anticipated. The territory that the Yan Alliance had worked hard for many years in order to obtain had shrunk by a third. Moreover, this shrinking rate was increasing at a shocking speed. From this, one could tell what the powerful strength the Hall of Souls had used for this mission.

From this information, Xiao Yan became aware that most of the experts in the current Yan Alliance were gathered in the Mysterious Yellow Fortress at the Mysterious Yellow Sky Stream. That place was the most important location to the Yan Alliance other than their main camp in the Jia Ma Empire. If this fortress fell, their defenses within a thousand kilometer radius would collapse, forcing the Yan Alliance back to the Jia Ma Empire. It would undoubtedly cause the bitter development of the Yan Alliance to go down the drain!

Hence, Yan Alliance experts along with some other experts who had joined hands with the Yan Alliance to resist the Profound Lion Sect, had all gathered at the Mysterious Yellow Fortress. With the support of the Hall of Souls, the Profound Lion Sect possessed a frightening strength that could eliminate most of the factions in the north-west. After some coercion, the Profound Lion Sect had gained quite a number of experts. Hence, it was difficult to find a faction in the north-western region of the continent who could fight with them. Even the Yan Alliance was at a disadvantage.

The Profound Lion Sect would naturally not give up the Mysterious Yellow Fortress, which was a place that both parties must fight over. Based on what an expert, who had joined the Profound Lion Sect, said, the current Profound Lion Sect had also dispatched their true elite forces to the Mysterious Yellow Sky Stream. From the looks of it, they were clearly intending on forcefully taking the Mysterious Yellow Fortress to dominate this entire north-western region of the continent.

This bad news left Xiao Yan with no choice but to hasten his speed. He needed to arrive at the Mysterious Yellow Fortress before the Profound Lion Sect began to forcefully occupy it. Otherwise, the losses that the Yan Alliance would suffer would be too great…

The Mysterious Yellow Sky Stream was situated between two mountain ranges. Due to its natural terrain, it had become a natural fortress that was easy to defend and difficult to attack. The sky above the Sky Stream blew with an extremely chilling wind.. Even an ordinary expert Dou Huang would not dare to touch this wind. The two mountain ranges by the side of the fortress appeared to have been hacked in two by a large sharp axe, giving it an unusually smooth appearance. Additionally, the mountains were extremely imposing. Hence, even some expert Dou Huangs were unable to fly over them.

The Mysterious Yellow Fortress stood at the most important spot of this Mysterious Yellow Sky Stream. One could only pass through this spot within a thousand kilometer radius. Even some of the small neighboring countries would have to pass through this place to deal with each other. Being supported by such a unique and blessed environment, the importance of the Mysterious Yellow Fortress was naturally something that need not be said. The Yan Alliance had paid a great price in order to obtain it.

Outside of the Mysterious Yellow Fortress was an endless grassy plain. If one stood on the fortress, one would be able to see every single activity within the the grassy plains. However, the grassy plains were covered by a black fog at the moment. One could vaguely hear some deafening sounds being emitted. An evil aura spread and surged, causing the expressions of everyone within the Mysterious Yellow Fortress to adopt a grave expression.

Many buildings stood at the middle of the fortress, and there was an exceptionally majestic large building at the center. Quite a number of people were seated within the hall at this moment. However, no one spoke. The entire hall was covered in a solemn silence.

Seated at the leader’s seat in the hall was a red-dressed beautiful figure, who was leaning against the backrest in a somewhat lazy fashion. Her cold and bewitching face vaguely contained a fatigue. Her beautiful eyes, which were filled with an unusual enhancement, radiated the pressure and haughtiness of someone in a powerful position. This haughtiness did not pale even with the flow of time. Who else in the Yan Alliance other than the Queen Medusa from back then or the current Cai Lin, could possess such a prideful demeanor?

These few years did not cause her to change even a little. Instead, she matured and her bewitching charm became denser.

“Everyone, the Profound Lion Sect’s army is pressing us. Today, it is merely a probing attack. However, it is likely that they will formally attack us in less than three days,…”

Cai Lin’s eyes slowly swept over the entire hall. Many familiar faces surfaced.

The Ice Emperor Hai Bodong, Jia Ma Empire’s Pill King Gu He, Fa Ma from back then… currently, all of them appeared slightly older now. However, their auras were far from what they could compare with back then. Clearly, their strength had improved dramatically over the years.

Everyone was quiet when they heard her words. A man seated on a wheelchair by the side softly sighed. He said, “The strength of the Profound Lion Sect is too strong. Their Dou Zun class experts far surpass us. We are no match for them in a head-on confrontation…”

Xiao Ding involuntarily and bitterly laughed after he spoke. Any schemes would lose their effect in the face of absolute strength. It was the first time in all these years that he was feeling so helpless. The Yan Alliance had really met with some trouble…

“Let’s go all out and fight if there is nothing we can do… We can neither advance nor retreat, so why don’t we fight until the end!” A man covered with a fierce aura beside Xiao Ding spoke with an icy-cold face. That appearance was a familiar one. It was surprisingly Xiao Yan’s second brother, Xiao Li!

The hearts of everyone in the hall sank after hearing Xiao Li’s words. Could it be that it had really come to this stage…

“We have yet to reach that stage…”

Xiao Ding suddenly shook his head amid the silence. He slowly lifted his eyes and a faint smile was revealed on his face. He softly said, “Based on what the Little Fairy Doctor’s group said, third brother should be hurrying back to the Yan Alliance…”


Xiao Ding’s sentence immediately caused the eyes of most of the people in the hall to be lifted. Even Cai Lin in the leader’s seat suddenly focused her eyes on Xiao Ding.

Xiao Ding’s third brother… everyone present, even those experts who had joined the Yan Alliance later on, had heard about him despite not having personally seen him because the young man called Xiao Yan was the true founder of the Yan Alliance!

The young man from back then had created many miracles. Even though the Yan Alliance was managed by Cai Lin during these years, the true spiritual leader of the Yan Alliance was still that young man called Xiao Yan in many people’s hearts.

Xiao Ding smiled as he watched the hall turn into an uproar because of this name. He exchanged glances with Xiao Li by the side. Both of their eyes contained a faint pride. This pride originated from their blood sibling, the young man called Xiao Yan.

“Third brother, it has been a long time since you left. It is time to return…”

Xiao Ding’s eyes stared at the night sky outside of the hall and muttered in his heart.

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