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Chapter 1350: Gather

The dead quiet land was filled with the sound of a rumbling storm. The energy storm that spread across the ground swept over from a great distance. Even the space where it passed began to crumble. Its black mass was extremely terrifying.

“What is that?” Xiao Yan followed close behind Xun Er. He sensed the frightening pressure that was being transmitted from far behind him before he asked in a somewhat solemn manner.

“The Heavenly Tomb’s Energy Storm, a kind of natural disaster here. Its strength is extremely frightening. Even someone at the peak of the Dou Zun class will end up dying if he is forcefully swept into it. When the experts from the few clans entered the Heavenly Tomb past, some of the unlucky individuals would meet this energy storm and get swept into it.” Xun Er softly replied. “It is unexpected that we are this unlucky this time around. We have actually met this thing. Normally speaking, an energy storm will only erupt once every few years…

“In any case, let’s run first. The area affected by the energy storm is extremely vast. The entire second level will be within its impact area. Therefore, we must enter the third level in order to dodge it.” Xun Er explained in a worried voice.


Xiao Yan nodded. He turned his head and looked far behind him. Two figures were miserably following them. They were Hun Ya’s duo. However, Xiao Yan did not have the time to be bothered about them at this moment.

“Huh? There are others?”

Xiao Yan suddenly saw numerous black figures rushing over with lightning-like speed when his eyes swept behind them. After which, they caught one after another. Everyone swept their eyes around and were stunned.

“Ha ha, it is unexpected that brother Xiao Yan’s speed is this quick and has long since reached this place…” The two figures were comprised of a man and a woman. They were Huo Xuan and the red-clothed lady with a veil on her face from the Yan clan. At this moment, Huo Xuan’s eyes were looking at Xiao Yan in front. His expression became one of joy as he increased his speed and laughed.

Xiao Yan also smiled when he heard this voice. He cupped his hands to Huo Xuan’s group in the distance before he smiled and said, “Brother Huo Xuan is also quite fast.”

Huo Xuan smiled. He and the red-clothed lady swiftly caught up with Xiao Yan’s group. Their eyes swept over Xiao Yan and the two of them were startled, “Brother Xiao Yan has advanced?”

“Ke ke, I was merely lucky.” Xiao Yan laughed.

Huo Xuan exchanged glances with the red-clothed lady when he saw that Xiao Yan did not deny his words. He saw some surprise in the other party’s eyes. It was unexpected that Xiao Yan’s strength had advanced after having entered the Heavenly Tomb for half a year. This speed was quite frightening.

“It seems that those two fellows from the Hun clan are behind?” Huo Xuan eyes glanced behind as he laughed.

“We have been entangled with them for a month. Unfortunately, this energy storm had spoiled our plans.” Xiao Yan grinned and replied.

Huo Xuan’s brows involuntarily twitched when he heard Xiao Yan’s words. His heart was a little shaken. He naturally understood what Xiao Yan’s nonchalant words meant. Hun Ya and Hun Li were both eight star Dou Zun experts and were extremely strong. The two of them could even fight a nine star Dou Zun if they joined hands. It was unexpected that they were unable to gain an advantage against Xiao Yan and Xun Er.

“This energy storm has swept over the entire second level of the Heavenly Tomb. The only way to avoid it is to enter the third level. We are quite close to the third level and should be able to enter the it before the storm catches up if we speed up a little.” Huo Xuan smiled and said. “We might be able to take care of each other during this period of time. What do you say, brother Xiao Yan?”

“No problem.” Xiao Yan merely grinned. He would naturally not reject Huo Xuan’s attempt to be friendly, especially at such a moment. An additional helper would mean that their chances of survival would be much greater.

The two smiled at each other after coming to an agreement. Xun Er and the red-clothed lady beside them did not interrupt their conversation. When their eyes crossed each other, they nodded slightly and shifted their gazes away.

The four of them moved closer after the discussion was over. Their eyes cautiously swept around them. After which, their bodies rushed forward with lightning-like speed.

“It is unexpected that those fellows from the Yan clan have gotten together with Xiao Yan…”

Behind them, Hun Ya was gloomy as he watched Xiao Yan’s duo get together with Huo Xuan’s group. His expression involuntarily became cold. Their current fighting strength could not compare with Xiao Yan’s duo. If they were to gain some additional helpers, the two who would be in a bad situation would be them.

“Hmph, all of you can be pleased for a little longer. None of you will be able to escape once we reach the third level!”

A brutal expression flashed across Hun Ya’s eyes. His speed once again soared. Both he and Hun Ya turned into blurry black figures that swiftly flew to the entrance of the third level.

The fleeing for one’s lid continued for nearly half a day. The speed of Xiao Yan’s group was maintained at the limit during this half a day. Hence, the exhaustion of their Dou Qi had reached a frightening level. Fortunately, the few of them still had quite a lot of energy cores remaining in their hands. Hence, they wouldn’t need to worry about exhausting their Dou Qi for a period of time.

Although their used Dou Qi was replenished, their fatigued mind’s were causing Xiao Yan’s group to feel a little tired. The energy storm in hot pursuit behind them was just like the sickle of a death god. None of them dared to slight it.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, we are fast approaching the entrance of the third level!”

Xun Er suddenly looked into the distance as they fled with all their strength. She opened her mouth and made a comment.

Xiao Yan and Huo Xuan rejoiced when they heard her words. They carefully sensed in that direction and could indeed feel a vague energy pressure in the distance.

“Let’s go. Increase our speed!”

Xiao Yan laughed out loud when he saw that the entrance was within sight. He waved his hand and his speed suddenly soared. His figure was just like a meteorite as it drew through the sky, disappearing within a couple of flashes.

Hun Ya’s group behind had also sensed something when Xiao Yan’s group discovered the entrance to the third level. They braced their attention, and their originally tired minds became high-spirited as they went all out to be quicker.

An enormous energy curtain poured down from the sky in the distance. It was inserted into the ground, appearing like a heavenly wall…

At this moment, four figures were seated in front of the energy light curtain. One of them raised his head a moment later. He looked into the distance and faintly said, “They have all come. Along with them… is the energy storm.”

“As expected…”

A silver-robed man and a burly-looking man sighed when they heard this. The former curled his mouth and said, “Gu Zhen, aren’t you a little too calm? That is the energy storm! If we were swept up by it, none of us here would survive.”

“Ha ha, it is not that I am calm, but it is pointless to panic. Plus, general Qing Yang is here. The worst scenario will likely not occur.” Gu Zhen faintly smiled as he replied.

“You…” That green-clothed man, who had his eyes shut, involuntarily smiled and opened them when he heard this. He looked into the distance and said, “The energy light has already solidified. We can only forcefully create a tunnel. However, just the four of us will not be able to perform such an undertaking. Therefore, we must wait for the others even though we have come first.

“You are afraid of being overly exhausted to the point of being unable to deal with the situation after entering the third level, right?” Gu Zhen shook his head and laughed.

The green-clothed man smiled but did not refute those words. He slowly stood up, looked into the distant sky, and said, “Xun Er and the rest have arrived…”


A couple of figures surfaced in the sky soon after his words sounded. They appeared in front of this energy curtain within a couple of flashes. All of them were startled when they saw the four people seated outside.

“Gu Qing Yang? The speed of you four is really fast…” Huo Xuan looked at the four individuals. He softly commented after being briefly startled.

“Big brother Qing Yang, why have all of you not entered? The energy storm is arriving.” Xun Er also slowly landed from the sky. She knit her brows and asked.

“The light curtain has solidified and must be forcefully broken. We have been waiting for everyone…” Gu Qing Yang faintly smiled. His eyes swept over Xiao Yan and a strange expression flashed across his eyes. He turned to Xun Er and asked, “Are you alright?”

“It’s nothing. We have merely danced with those two fellows from the Hun clan for a month…” Xun Er shook her head as she answered.

“Those two dared to attack you?”

The green-clothed man frowned when he heard this. The usually calm Gu Zhen also lifted his head. There was a chill in his eyes, but the one who eventually asked her a question was that silver-robed man.

“They didn’t gain an advantage…” Xun Er smiled. She turned her head, only to see numerous rays of light rushing over. They turned into numerous figures that appeared. Their eyes looked over. These people were those who had entered the Heavenly Tomb back then. However, they were a little miserable. Hun Ya and Hun Li had remained at the back. Clearly, they were afraid that Xiao Yan’s group would attack at this moment.

“Now is not the time to fight with them. We do not have the time…” Xiao Yan whispered when he saw the appearance of the green-clothed man.

The green-clothed man did not ignore Xiao Yan’s words. He naturally understood that the most important task was to break the energy light curtain and enter the third level.

“Everyone, all of you should be aware of the situation. However, this energy light curtain that leads to the third level has solidified. We must forcefully break it in order to enter the third level. However, this undertaking cannot be completed by a single person. Hence, if everyone wishes to live, we must join hands and break it. Otherwise, we will all perish together when the storm comes…” The green-clothed man stepped forward. His eyes swept around as he spoke in a faint voice.

Everyone’s expression changed when they heard his words. They mused for a moment before slowly nodding. Those who could enter this place were no mediocre individuals. They naturally understood that there was only one path left for them, enter the third levelo perish!

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