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Chapter 1351: Ancient Devouring Insect

Gu Qing Yang smiled after seeing everyone nod their heads. He glanced at the energy storm in the distance and said, “Since there are no objections, let us all begin. This is my suggestion, so we shall be the first to act. Everyone will take turns later on. Of course, do not blame me for speaking bluntly. If anyone wishes to be lazy or have any ill thoughts, do not blame me for being rude…”

His eyes swept over everyone when he spoke. They finally paused on Hun Ya and Hun Li, but his smiling face seemed indifferent.

“General Qing Yang can rest assured. Everyone is now in the same boat. Whoever intends to sink this boat will not be let off by the others.” A man with a lightning symbol on his forehead opened his mouth to speak. He was a member of the Lei clan, one of the eight ancient clans.

“Ha ha, thank you very much…” Gu Qing Yang laughed. After which, he turned his head to Gu Zhen and the two others. “Let’s act first. Xiao Yan and Xun Er, you will be the last.”

Xiao Yan slightly nodded when he saw Gu Qing Yang shift his eyes to him at the end. He understood that Gu Qing Yang had placed them last to monitor Hun Ya’s group.

“Alright, let’s begin…”

That silver-robed man laughed. After which, he slowly walked to the light curtain with the other three. Dou Qi whistled out of their bodies like floodwater, transforming into numerous unusually large Dou Qi pillars that ruthlessly smashed into the solidified light.


The offensive strength of the four of them joining hands was unusually frightening. Even though that light curtain was extremely hard, it cracked under this attack. Finally, a ‘crack’ sounded, and a ten-foot-large hole, about three to four meters tall, appeared.

“Bang bang bang!”

Everyone sighed in relief when they saw that the attack was effective. Immediately, Gu Qing Yang and the three others erupted again. Their hands were wrapped in their bright Dou Qi and appeared just like sharp blades as they were ruthlessly inserted into the crystal wall. Solid energy fragments continued to shoot out.

The four of them were undoubtedly just like drilling machines at this moment. Majestic Dou Qi surged and the hole that they created became deeper.


This kind of tunnel opening continued for ten minutes or so. Gu Qing Yang and the three others finally halted after perspiration covered their foreheads. They turned their heads and took a look. They had already dug a ten-foot-long tunnel. Everyone had swarmed in behind them and were curiously studying the surrounding energy crystal layer.

This light curtain was over a thousand feet wide. Hence, it would require over an hour to pass through it even with the group continuously opening the tunnel. This undertaking would not be finished even after an entire week if there were only one or two people.

“General Qing Yang, allow us to continue…”

The two men from the Lei clan behind laughed when they saw Gu Qing Yang’s group coming to a stop. They naturally understood that Gu Qing Yang’s group could still continue. However, they were clearly planning to preserve some strength. It was impossible for them to allow themselves to become completely exhausted. After all, the relationship between the eight ancient clans was not as friendly as one imagined. Caution would definitely form when next to one another.

“Ha ha, in that case, we’ll trouble brother Lei Luo…” Gu Qing Yang laughed. After which, the four of them pulled back. The two members from the Lei clan strode forward. Bright lightning glows gathered on their fists. Finally, they emitted a low cry as they ruthlessly smashed forward. Rumbling sounds once again appeared in the tunnel.

“The energy storm is getting closer…”

While everyone were advancing with the opening of the tunnel, Xiao Yan, who was at the back, turned his head and looked at the entrance of the tunnel. The energy pressure that was transmitted from the outside was becoming stronger. One could vaguely hear the whistling wind that had been created by the energy strom.

“It is likely not possible to barge into the energy storm…” Xun Er smiled and comforted when she saw Xiao Yan’s eyes.

“Has the entrance to the third level always been solidified?” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. His hand suddenly rubbed the solid energy crystal beside him. This brilliant thing had been agglomerated from an extremely frightening energy. Moreover, it was compressed to an unimaginable level. Only then did it form such a vast energy curtain.

“Aye. It is rumored that the light curtain of this place had already solidified even when our eight clans first came here. Even after a countless number of years, the solid energy here still does not show any signs of melting.” Xun Er nodded gently and replied.

Xiao Yan clicked his tongue and sighed. This Heavenly Tomb was indeed mysterious.

The tunnel became longer while Xiao Yan and Xun Er were chatting, but the two-man team from the Lei clan was unable to compete with Gu Qing Yang’s four-man group. Hence, they had opened less than a fifty foot distance when they were replaced. Fortunately, there were still many people behind. One group after another took turns to step forward, allowing the energy tunnel to grow deeper…


After this tunnel creation continued for another ten minutes or so, an earth-shaking sound suddenly reverberated behind them. Everyone sensed the light curtain violently shake at this moment.

“The energy storm has swept over…”

This kind of activity caused the tunnel to immediately become quiet. Everyone’s expressions were somewhat solemn. Such a large energy curtain was shaken by the energy storm. If they had still been outside at this moment, they would have immediately turned to dust.

“Everyone, let’s speed up…” Gu Qing Yang knit his brows before opening his mouth to incentivise everyone. Although they had avoided the energy storm, it was still overly pressuring. The surrounding brilliant energy crystals might be beautiful, but they gave one an uncomfortable feeling.

Everyone nodded slightly upon hearing his voice. Huo Xuan’s group was opening the tunnel at the front, and they increased their attacking speed.


With the flow of them, Xiao Yan and Xun Er had also opened up the tunnel twice. Breaking the crystal layer was not as difficult as Xiao Yan had imagined. The crystal layers might be extremely hard, but it was not some unchewable bone to Xiao Yan, who possessed a couple of Heavenly Flames.

Hun Ya and Hun Li had also performed some hard labor while monitored by Xiao Yan’s group. However, it was obvious that they were loafing on the job. Nevertheless, there was no time to make a fuss at this moment. No matter how unpleasing Xiao Yan’s group found them to be, everything had to wait until they exited the energy tunnel.

During this period of time, Xiao Yan’s eyes paid attention to the two from the Yao clan. The ones from the Yao clan who had entered the Heavenly Tomb were the man with some mysterious lines on his clothes and the sexily-clad lady. From the aura of the both of them, they should be at the seventh star of the Dou Zun class. Their fighting strength appeared to be inferior to Hun Ya’s group on the surface. The gazes that these two people occasionally gave Xiao Yan were quite unfriendly, but Xiao Yan was too lazy to pay too much attention to them. The geniuses from the ancient clans always contained a faint superiority in their hearts. When facing an ordinary human, such a superior feeling would appear especially strong.


The rumbling sound continued to appear within the tunnel. Xiao Yan shut his eyes slightly, but he had just shut his eyes when an unusual sound was suddenly transmitted into his ear, causing him to open his eyes once again. He looked at the crystal wall to his left before touching it with his hand. He had ended up discovering a layer of faint energy liquid seeping from it.

“This is…”

Xiao Yan was startled. His eyes swept over the crystal walls on both sides, and his body paused there for a moment. After which, he flicked his finger in front of Xun Er’s uncertain eyes. Two energy pillars extended from the tip of his finger. They finally connected to the crystal walls beside them.

Xiao Yan’s unusual actions had attracted the notice of the others. All of them looked at him in surprise. Even the two who were opening the tunnel at the front had halted. Their faces were at a loss.

“Xiao Yan?” Gu Qing Yang frowned slightly and cried out.

However, Xiao Yan acted as though he did not hear Gu Qing Yang’s cry. He slowly lifted his head and looked at everyone. The blood on his face had greatly diminished as he replied in a dry voice, “The crystal wall is closing…”

The tunnel immediately became dead quiet when Xiao Yan’s voice sounded.

Gu Qing Yang’s expression had become much uglier at this moment. He created two energy pillars just like Xiao Yan. After sensing carefully, he did indeed feel a slight pressure being transmitted from the energy pillar.

“Bastard, what kind of a damn place is this?”

Everyone felt their head become numb when they saw Gu Qing Yang’s expression. Someone even involuntarily cursed.

Gu Zhen’s face was grave. He quickly walked to the side of the crystal wall and touched it with his hand. He immediately yelled in a deep voice, “There is something in the crystal wall.”


Gu Zhen’s words had just sounded when he ruthlessly smashed the crystal wall. A crack line formed at that spot, and a dense snow-white thing wiggled within it. A liquid-like substance seeped out before covering the surface of the crystal body. It quickly solidified and formed a layer of extremely thin substance energy…

“These things are secreting energy to repair the crystal wall.”

Xiao Yan inhaled a gentle breath of cool air when he saw the worm. A chill surged within his heart as he slowly turned around. His eyes swept around him. This energy light curtain that stood between the sky and earth had… by these small snow-white insects? From the size of these small insects, if they wished to create such a large light curtain, their numbers… just how frightening were they?

They had barged into an incomparably overbearing insect nest!

While Xiao Yan’s heart felt a chill, Gu Qing Yang and the rest had focused on the snow-white small insects. After which, their faces slowly turned pale-white.

“Ancient Devouring Insect…”

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