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Chapter 1349: Big Storm

The Sky Demon Puppet stood in front of Xiao Yan. Its body was a deep-purple color. One could vaguely see a golden light flowing beneath this deep-purple color. This Sky Demon Puppet was the one that Xiao Yan had personally refined. Before it had been refined within the lightning pool of the empty realm, this Sky Demon Puppet was around the strength of a four star Dou Zun. Subsequently, it had been strengthened to its limit within the empty realm lightning pool. Based on Xiao Yan’s estimations, this Sky Demon Puppet’s strength was comparable to a six star Dou Zun, and now it had absorbed the strength of ten other Sky Demon Puppets that had reached the Dou Zun class through a formation. Its strength had undoubtedly surpassed Xiao Yan…

“Soul Shattering Dark Palm!”

A dense black fog filled with cold air surged over from a short distance away. Black clouds began to churn as a sharp cry was suddenly emitted. Soon after, a small-mountain-sized black handprint rushed from the cloud and ruthlessly smashed toward Xiao Yan. The space where this palm passed collapsed into dark-black holes. Numerous spatial cracks began to spread from the empty space, creating a spider’s web.

A grave expression flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he sensed the frightening pressure that descended from above his head. Hun Li, who had been strengthened by the clan tattoo, undoubtedly possessed a strength that far surpassed him. If both parties were to fight normally, Xiao Yan would only have a fifty percent chance of victory. Moreover, this fifty percent chance was quite dangerous…

After all, Xiao Yan could still go all out and fight when faced with an eight star Dou Zun. However, the current Hun Li had vaguely reached the ninth star. The gap between them had been lengthened and even a Tian class Dou Skill would have difficulty closing such a gap. With the great strength of the Hun clan, Hun Li had the chance to practice an extremely powerful Tian class Dou Skill like Gu Yao. However, this fellow would definitely not use it until a critical moment.

“It so happens that I can use this fellow to test the strength of the Sky Demon Puppet after it has been raised to its limit…”

The handprint was magnified in Xiao Yan’s dark-black eyes. He slowly exhaled a breath of air and an order was issued from his heart.

When a thought flashed through Xiao Yan’s heart, the statue-like Sky Demon Puppet in front of him slowly took a step forward. A golden light lingered within its empty hollow eyes. Its foot stepped on empty air as it transformed into a purple light that shot to the sky. After which, it violently collided with the enormous palm in an extremely shocking manner.


A frightening wind swept over the sky when the two collided. An earth-shaking explosion could be heard within a thousand-foot-radius.


Wind surged and dense lines began to appear on the enormous handprint. The crack lines spread before the energy handprint finally emitted a sound as it split apart.

“Thump thump!”

The Sky Demon Puppet and the handprint violently collided. The powerful force of the hand shook the puppet until it took over ten steps back through empty air. A dark-black footprint would be left in the sky each time it stepped back, but after its last step fell, its body shot forward like an arrow. This time around, it charged into the dense black fog!


Hun Li exclaimed out loud when the Sky Demon Puppet charged into the black fog. All noise disappeared. A moment later, a frightening collision of fist and the whining sound of wind began to ring in the black cloud.

“Bang bang!”

Numerous unusually powerful winds shot out from the black cloud. Countless soul-screeching sounds hurriedly appeared. The black cloud had become thinner because of this intense battle…

Xiao Yan’s eyes were staring at the black cloud. A bright golden light continued to erupt from within. Even the black cloud could not completely hide it. After being strengthened, the current Sky Demon Puppet could be considered complete. With this strength, it could even fight against a nine star Dou Zun!

While a large battle had erupted within the black cloud, Xiao Yan had taken the opportunity to turn to the other battleground. Xun Er was fighting Hun Ya there. However, from the way Hun Ya was suppressed until he was at a disadvantage, Xiao Yan worry was clearly unnecessary. From the looks of it, Xun Er could kill Hun Ya if she was given enough time.

“Xun Er’s strength has likely reached the ninth star of the Dou Zun class. Hun Ya’s actual strength is only at the peak of the eighth star. The both of them are also members of ancient clans. There is not much of a difference in the Qi Method and Dou Skills that they practice…

“Hee. If it is possible, we should kill these two this time around. No matter how one puts it, they are experts from the younger generation of the Hun clan. Their disappearances would cause the Hun clan to feel some pain…” A cold smile flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes. He and Xun Er had chased these two for nearly a month. They had exchanged blows with them a couple of times. Each party had obtained their own victories. However, these two fellows were as cunning as foxes. They ultimately refused to meet head-on. Xiao Yan Xun Er could not give up now that they had happened upon such an opportunity.


While Xiao Yan’s heart was thinking of completely finishing off these two fellows, an extremely loud explosion suddenly appeared within the black cloud. A frightening rippling force swept out and tore through the chilly black cloud. A golden light and a black Dou Qi shot out. They entwined in the sky and formed brilliant fireworks…


The black cloud burst apart and two figures flew out. They staggered through the air for over a hundred meters. Only then did they slowly stabilize their bodies.

Xiao Yan’s eyes shot over when these two figures appeared. He narrowed his eyes. Some vague handprints were visible to the naked eye on the Sky Demon Puppet. It seemed that he had forcefully received quite a number of fierce attacks by Hun Li during the big battle earlier. Fortunately, the current Sky Demon Puppet was no longer what it was. Otherwise, its body would have ended up exploding after failing to endure the attacks.

The Sky Demon Puppet was slightly damaged, but Hun Li was clearly more miserable. Not only was his hair a mess, but his clothes had been shaken until they were in tatters. A trace of blood vaguely hung on the corner of his mouth. Hun Li had clearly suffered a big loss this time around. Within the Hun clan, Hun Li had gained a fierce reputation because of his all out fighting method. This kind of all out fighting method might be useful when facing other experts, but it did not have the slightest effect against the Sky Demon Puppet since it had no sense of pain. It only knew how to obey Xiao Yan’s orders. Both parties had exchanged one punch for another. One was a puppet while the other was a physical body. No matter how one looked at it, the physical body would be the party that lost out.

“Dammit! How can this fellow possess such a powerful puppet?”

Hun Li panted through his mouth. His eyes were furious as he looked at the Sky Demon Puppet, which had withdrawn into the distance. He had not expected Xiao Yan to possess such a thing. After exchanging blows earlier, he discovered that the body of the puppet was like a tortoise shell even though he was not afraid after having used the clan tattoo. It remained indifferent no matter how he attacked. The thing that caused Hun Li to be speechless was that this thing might be able to act indifferently, but he was not able to ignore its attack. This kind of fight caused him to feel quite stifled.


Xiao Yan in the distance smiled as he watched Hun Li, whose expression had a changed. He stretched his lazy waist and flicked his finger. The Sky Demon Puppet immediately shot forward. It ruthlessly rushed toward Hun Li. That ferocious momentum caused Hun Li’s expression to turn a little green.

“How unlucky. We have ended up meeting the Heavenly Tomb’s Great Storm!”

“Let’s hurry and run. If the storm catches up, even an expert at the peak of the Dou Zun class will end up dying here!”

While the upper hand of the fight was gradually shifting toward Xiao Yan’s group, a couple of figures shot through the air some distance away. A dense energy hurricane was whistling on the horizon behind them. It formed an extremely frightening domino effect that resulted in a large energy storm swiftly forming…


Xun Er’s golden flame ruthlessly smashed into Hun Ya’s chest amid the intense battle in the sky. The frightening wind shook Hun Ya until he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He staggered over a dozen steps back. Xun Er was just about to give chase after injuring Hun Ya with a palm when her expression changed. She hurriedly raised her head and saw a brilliant line connecting the sky and the earth as it swiftly traveled from the horizon.

“This is… the Heavenly Tomb’s great energy storm!”

Xun Er’s eyes suddenly shrank as she looked at the frightening energy storm that saturated the air. She halted her body, tilted her head, and anxiously cried out to Xiao Yan, “Xiao Yan ge-ge, hurry up and leave!”

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard Xun Er cry. He sensed something and turned his head. He looked to the horizon and inhaled a gentle breath of cold air. Without hesitating, he swung his hand and called back the Sky Demon Puppets. After which, he moved and appeared beside Xun Er. The both of them rushed to the entrance of the third level with lightning-like speed in front of the stunned gazes of Hun Ya’s duo.

“This is… energy storm?”

Hun Ya wiped off the trace of blood from the corner of his mouth. He turned his head and the corner of his mouth twitched. He no longer cared that his two nemesis had left. After exchanging glances with Hun Li, they began to dash in a miserable fashion. They might still have a chance of surviving when fighting Xiao Yan’s group, but if they were swept into the storm, they would definitely end up dying!

While the duo began to flee in a miserable manner, numerous blurry black figures in the sky behind began to appear. In an instant, the originally dead quiet land, which was void of life, began to dance with a strange liveliness. However, these people had all turned around and wildly dashed away as perspiration filled their faces…

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