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Chapter 1318: Like

The Little Fairy Doctor and the rest beside Xiao Yan became gloomy when they saw the many Black Submerged Army warriors pointing the long spears in their hands at Xiao Yan. Their bodies moved, and they appeared beside Xiao Yan. Their vast and mighty Dou Qis quietly surged.

The atmosphere at the city’s gate had become a swords-drawn one as both parties faced each other. Some people’s eyes were observing Xiao Yan’s group with some interest. They were surprised that his group dared to attack a member of the Gu clan at the Gu Sacred City.

“Ling Quan, as the commander of the Black Submerged Army, are you planning on abusing your authority for a private grudge? This jade invitation was issued by the Gu clan. Since we possess this jade invitation, we are guests of the Gu clan. With your status, you do not have the qualification to capture me, right?” Xiao Yan’s face sank as he coldly laughed.

Ling Quan’s was dull when he heard this. He was just about to let out a cold cry when a loud shout suddenly exploded from beyond the city wall. A figure rushed down in a lightning-like manner. It landed heavily in front of the city gate like a metal tower.

“Ling Quan, what are you doing?”

Ling Quan’s expression changed when he saw that figure rushing down from the city wall. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said, “It’s nothing…”


That human figure frowned when he heard this. His eyes drifted toward Xiao Yan’s group. Using this opportunity, Xiao Yan got a clear look of this person’s face. Like Ling Quan, this person was wearing bright armor. However, his aura was clearly much stronger than Ling Quan’s aura. Based on Xiao Yan’s senses, he should be an expert three star Dou Zun.

“Greetings to fifth commander!”

The surrounding Black Submerged Army warriors respectfully cried out when they saw this man. One of them swiftly summarized the events that had occurred earlier.

“You are that Xiao Yan?”

The man wearing the light-green armor was startled when he heard the name Xiao Yan. He frowned and glanced at Xiao Yan again. His expression vaguely contained an extremely faint enmity.

“Falling Star Pavilion Xiao Yan.”

Xiao Yan’s face was calm. He cupped his hands to this man, who was called fifth commander, in front of him.

“That’s right, he is that Xiao Yan who Young Miss has mentioned!”

Ling Quan coldly laughed. His eyes tried to bore into Xiao Yan. That gaze of his was filled with envy and an unwillingness as he said, “Are you planning on allowing him in now?”

Xiao Yan slowly knit his brows when he heard the conversation between the two. It seemed that quite a number of people in the Gu clan were aware of his name, probably because of Xun Er.

The fifth commander was quiet for a moment. His eyes were complicated as he glanced at Xiao Yan. After which, he turned his head and furiously chided Ling Quan, “Do you have any brain? He possesses a jade invitation. That means he is a guest invited by our Gu clan. These actions of yours… are you planning to allow others to mock our Gu clan for not knowing etiquette?”

Ling Quan’s face alternated between green and white after being furiously reprimanded by fifth commander, but he was unable to say much due to the other party having a higher status than him. All he could do was let out a cold snort and withdraw.

“Mister Xiao Yan, please enter! Please wait in the Gu Sacred City for a couple of days. There will be someone who will bring all of you into the Gu Realm when the time comes.”

After reprimanding Ling Quan, the fifth commander cupped his hands to Xiao Yan as he spoke in a deep voice.

Xiao Yan nodded. Although this fifth commander had formed a hint of animosity for him, he was impartial. This was much better than Ling Quan. However, the thing that caused Xiao Yan to feel some doubt was that this was the first time he had met this person. Where did his enmity come from?

“Could it be still because of Xun Er?”

Xiao Yan bitterly laughed in his heart. As the saying went, a beauty brought trouble. Moreover, Xun Er’s beauty could bring disaster to a country and its people. He had a premonition that this trip to the Gu clan would not be smooth…

Xiao Yan led the Little Fairy Doctor and the rest into the city. While he was walking by the fifth commander, the fifth commander hesitated for a moment before cupping his hands together to say, “If this is not too abrupt, may I find time to spar with mister Xiao Yan? I really wish to see… if you are really compatible with Young Miss!”

The last sentence was as weak as a housefly. However, it clearly formed in Xiao Yan’s ears. Upon hearing this sentence, Xiao Yan sighed: as expected…


Xiao Yan slowly nodded and did not open his mouth to make an excuse to reject it. He was clearly aware of Xun Er’s status within the Gu clan. With her demeanor and talent along with her extremely great beauty, it was likely that most of the young and handsome men within this Gu Realm possessed some feelings for her. They would naturally treat Xiao Yan as a love rival who posed the greatest threat. Xiao Yan clearly understood that this kind of sparring would increase in the future. Moreover, these matches would progress beyond sparring…

Xiao Yan’s heart felt miserable because of his future fate. He waved his hand and led the Little Fairy Doctor’s group into this ancient city in front of many gazes.

A dark chill flashed across Ling Quan’s eyes as he watched Xiao Yan’s back disappear. He softly muttered, “Xiao Yan, it was fine if you hide outside. Now that you have come to the Gu clan and invited in humiliation, you can only blame yourself for being blind… with this little strength of yours, you do not possess the qualifications to act fiercely among the younger generation of my Gu clan!”

Xiao Yan was naturally unable to hear Ling Quan’s dark voice. His group passed through the city wall and entered the city, which permeated with an ancient aura.

The current Gu Sacred City was lively. Human traffic frequently filled the streets. Although there wasn’t as much human traffic compared to other cities, most of people who could walk within this city possessed a great strength.

“We should head to the area within the city that is set up for people to rest. I have already made inquiries. The door that heads to the Gu Realm will be opened in three days. All of us have to remain in this Gu Sacred City during these three days.” The Little Fairy Doctor smiled as she explained the situation the group after she had obtained some information.

Xiao Yan tilted his head in acknowledgement. His eyes swept around him as he softly made a comment, “This Gu Sacred City is filled with all sorts of people, and they are all strong individuals. We should be careful during these few days.”

Xiao Yan took the lead. He started to slowly walk to the middle of the city after uttering those words. The Little Fairy Doctor and the rest swiftly followed behind.

The group shuttled through the city for over ten minutes before arriving at the middle. A spacious manor with towering buildings stood here. There was a continuous flow of people entering and leaving the entrance of the manor. The numerous powerful auras that spread caused Xiao Yan’s group to exchange sidelong glances with each other.

By relying on the Gu clan’s jade invitation, Xiao Yan’s group successfully entered the manor. After which, they followed a pretty female servant to a quiet house.

Due to them having traveled non-stop during this period of time, most of them felt a little tired after entering the quiet house. They chatted briefly before finding their own rooms to rest.

A lady in pale-green clothes was seated within a dense cloud that lingered over a mountain. The fog churned, causing her to appear just like a fairy with her ethereal demeanor.

“Young miss, young master Xiao Yan has reached Gu Sacred City.”

An elderly figure flashed and appeared on the mountain top while the quiet lady’s eyes were shut. He respectfully informed the young lady after appearing.

The elder’s words had just sounded when he sensed the space in front of him rippling. When he raised his head, he discovered that the lady had already appeared in front of him. That pretty face, which contained a smile, caused the pretty scene around to instantly become much dimmer. Who else could this face belong to other than Xun Er?

“Old Ling, is he well?” The young lady’s gentle voice appeared to possess a special demonic force. Even the clouds of this place rippled because of it.

“The current young master Xiao Yan is no longer someone that the old me can see through… based on the information that I have received, Ling Quan, whose strength is at the one star Dou Zun class, was unable to even last one exchange in Xiao Yan’s hands. Young master Xiao Yan is at least a four star Dou Zun…” The old man sighed. His tone contained an exclamation that he could not hide. When he had been protecting Xiao Yan back then, he had merely been a small Dou Zhe. However, within a short ten years or so, that tender youth from back then had reached a stage where even the old man couldn’t tell his strength.

“Young miss’s eyesight is indeed good…”

Xun Er smiled when she heard Ling Ying’s exclamation. She had been undertaking a deep retreat during these years. The matters of the outside world had seldom entered her ears. Even though this was the case, she understood that the current Xiao Yan was definitely well-known in the Central Plains because… she had believed in his strength from the beginning. Even when he was down and out, she still believed in him…

“However… young miss, the matter that you announced in the clan some time ago will likely cause young master Xiao Yan some trouble.” Ling Ying hesitated for a moment before speaking.

“I believe in him.”

Xun Er smiled but did not give an additional explanation. The matters of the heart were extremely mysterious. Time was unable to cause them to disappear. Instead, time had brewed this feeling until it was mellow and fragrant. Even though the status and strength of the two had undergone a great change, their lives from the small Wu Tan City still existed in their hearts. Those tender feelings had finally matured.

Ling Ying could only bitterly laugh when he heard her silence. Some time ago, this blessed child within the Gu clan had used a calm tone to utter some words that caused all the Elders’ faces to twitch during an Elder Meeting. The Elders on the Elder Meeting had been discussing the matter of her marriage after she had left her retreat. These words were the reason why Xiao Yan faced the enmity from the young geniuses of the Gu clan the moment he arrived in Gu Sacred City.

“Regardless of whether all of you oppose or support me, I only like him, and none of you will be able to change that fact…”

Just this one sentence alone caused the faces of most of the Elders in the Gu clan to turn green…

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