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Chapter 1319: Eight Great Commanders, Four Great Generals

When warm sunlight glinted through the window the next morning, Xiao Yan, who had been training, slowly opened his eyes.

The space around Xiao Yan formed a mysterious fluctuation the moment he opened his eyes. Wave after wave of different colored Dou Qi quietly poured into Xiao Yan’s brows. Finally, they merged with his soul.

“With this ‘Great Single Soul Skill,’ my spiritual training is progressing quite fast…”

An expression of being full of praise surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face when he sensed the full feeling that was being transmitted from the spot between his brows. He had worked hard to practice the ‘Great Single Soul Skill’ the moment he had any free time. The gains he had obtained were quite great. His spiritual aura, which had been extremely difficult to increase, was automatically improved by nature when he circulated the “Great Single Soul Skill.” This strange method was indeed worthy of being an item from ancient times.

Xiao Yan smiled and stood up from his bed. He stretched his body before pushing the door to his room open. He exited the room. After finding Little Fairy Doctor and the others, the entire group left the house.

This large manor had already filled with experts from all over. These experts either possessed a great strength or had a powerful faction supporting them. It was naturally lively when these people gathered together.

Xiao Yan’s group idly roamed around before stopping at a wine shop that occupied a vast part of the manor. There was a big stone platform in the middle of this large wine shop. Dou Qi erupted from the stone platform as two figures exchanged blows with lightning-like speed. The interesting fight caused many observers to repeatedly cry out “good.”

The two people on the platform were about six star Dou Zongs. They were experts with some reputation in the outside world. However, they didn’t attract Xiao Yan. His group found a table in the wine shop that was close to the window before sitting down. Their eyes swept over the wine stop and discovered quite a number of people with great strength.

“Have you inquired about some information related to that Black Submerged Army?”

After a female servant served tea, Xiao Yan glanced at the fight on the stage before softly asking.

He was about to make contact with this Gu clan. Naturally, he needed to gain a greater understanding of them. This so-called Black Submerged Army was rumored to be where the strongest warriors of the Gu clan gathered, and it possessed an extremely powerful fighting strength. Xiao Yan needed to obtain some news with regards to them.


The Little Fairy Doctor grinned and nodded. She exchanged looks with Tian Huo zun-zhe before softly replying, “The status of the Black Submerged Army is quite high within the Gu clan because a harsh selection requirement is imposed. Not only must they be absolutely loyal to the Gu clan, they must also reach a certain level by a certain age. It is rumored that the Black Submerged Army is tested every year. Those who fail to meet the test requirements are expelled. Hence, the quality of the Black Submerged Army is quite high.”

Xiao Yan nodded slowly when he heard this. From the looks of those black-armored guards at the city’s gate, he was aware that the warriors of this Black Submerged Army were not mediocre individuals. All of them would be talented warriors that would be extremely hard to find in the outside world.

“The Black Submerged Army has an extremely strict division of ranks. There are eight great commanders. That Ling Quan and the fifth commander are among these people. However, that Ling Quan is ranked seventh.” Tian Huo zun-zhe by the side smiled as he revealed some information.

“Ling Quan is merely ranked seventh, huh…” Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. Ling Quan had the strength of a one star Dou Zun while that fifth commander possessed the strength of a three star Dou Zun. Then, would the first commander of the Black Submerged Army possess a strength of six stars or higher?

“It is indeed worthy of being the Gu clan…”

Xiao Yan gently nodded. Those among the younger generation who could reach the strength of a six star Dou Zun were definitely great geniuses. Although the members of the Gu clan possessed the Dou Di bloodline, these commanders still showed off the clan’s great strength.

“The current you is not very likable in the eyes of these young geniuses from the Gu clan. Quite a number of them even view you as… a love rival. I think that you will find your time in the Gu clan to be quite frustrating.” The Little Fairy Doctor covered her mouth and softly laughed.

“There should not be many members of the Gu clan who are aware of the relationship between Xun Er and I, right?” Xiao Yan frowned and asked.

“There weren’t many some time ago. However, according to the information that I have gathered, this matter is known by everyone because Xun Er has personally admitted the relationship between the two of you during an Elders’ meeting…” The Little Fairy Doctor laughed.

Xiao Yan was stunned. He bitterly laughed, “This girl. She is really quite bold. However, if that is what she has said, then so be it. This matter would ultimately be exposed. As for the geniuses of the Gu clan, they can do as they like. I have been aware from the very beginning that I would not find much peace within this Gu Realm.”

Xiao Yan was already familiar with Xun Er’s great beauty and allure. This Gu clan also possessed many geniuses. Being talented, these young people would definitely not be fond of an ordinary lady. Hence, Xun Er, who not only possessed an extremely beautiful appearance but also an exceeding talent, would naturally be the target of their pursuit.

“Among the eight great commanders, more than half of them view you as a love rival who pose the greatest threat… if you meet them, they will definitely find an excuse to spar with you.” The Little Fairy Doctor laughed. “Of course, I think that the ones who pose the greatest threat aren’t these people. Instead, it will be the four great generals.”

“Four great generals?”

“The true upper echelon of the Black Submerged Army can be summarized as the eight great commanders, the four great generals, and the two leaders of the Black Submerged Army, the Black Submerged Dukes…” The Little Fairy Doctor explained. “These four great generals are ultimate geniuses even within the Gu clan filled with many talents. All of them are brilliant individuals. Based on their potentials, they will become the true core members of the Gu clan in the future.”

Xiao Yan was quiet. A solemness surged into his heart. What he had obtained at this age of his was at the top within the Central Plains. However, now that he had arrived at this Gu clan, which was filled with talent, he finally understood that such an achievement was not enough to be proud of.

Since the rank of these generals was higher than the commanders, it was likely that even the weakest general would be stronger than the First Commander. If one thought about it, the strength of these four great generals would be similar to the ninth Tianzun of the Hall of Souls.

“Is the Dou Di bloodline really so powerful…”

Xiao Yan slowly exhaled a breath of air. He truly sensed some pressure. His training speed was already elusive in the eyes of those from the same generation, but it still appeared a little weak when compared with the ultimate geniuses from the Gu clan.

“There is always someone better. This phrase is indeed true…”

“Although I am not aware of the four highly respected generals attitudes toward you, Xun Er is a blessed child of the Gu clan. The attraction she poses to geniuses like them is incomparable. Therefore, you should pay more attention.” The Little Fairy Doctor reminded Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. A ruthless expression flashed through them. Forget about just how strong these so-called generals were. No one could stop the relation between him and Xun Er. Although he only possessed the strength of a five star Dou Zun, he was unafraid of even a seven or eight star elite Dou Zun if they were to really fight. Hence, he hoped that these four great commanders did not think of him as some soft persimmon!

“Those who possess the Dou Di bloodline indeed have a smooth training path. However, this speed halts just before the Dou Sheng class. Even though an ancient clan like the Gu clan possesses many elite Dou Zuns, there aren’t many people who can step into the Dou Sheng class. If one wishes to advance to that level, one can only rely on oneself. At such a moment, the Dou Di bloodline becomes a burden. Therefore, you need not compete with these fellows in terms of your current achievements. When you reach the Dou Sheng class in the future, these people might only remain in the Dou Zun class…” Tian Huo zun-zhe stretched his lazy waist and laughed.

Xiao Yan nodded. An elite Dou Sheng was a peak existence in this world. Although the Dou Di bloodline was powerful, it was impossible to create a large number of such experts. Otherwise, it would be opposing the laws of the world.

While Xiao Yan’s group drank and chatted among themselves, two icy-cold gazes from the upper level of this wine shop had locked onto Xiao Yan.

“He is that Xiao Yan?” A young, handsome green-robed man glanced at Xiao Yan’s back. His unusually long hand was gently knocking on the rail as he asked in a faint voice.

“Third brother, he is that Xiao Yan who young miss mentioned. He possesses a great reputation within the Central Plains. His arrogance has not diminished a little even now that he has come to our Gu clan…” A cold laugh replied. By following the sound and looking over, that person was Ling Quan, who had been kicked by Xiao Yan yesterday.

“This is not the Central Plains…” The green-clothed man smiled. His smile contained a faint chill as he said, “Although we might not catch the eyes of young miss, someone of such a level should also not have that qualification.”

“You better not do anything reckless. They are guests.” A strongly built man frowned as he spoke. He was the fifth commander from yesterday.

“Relax… everything will happen according to the rules.” The green man laughed in a dark yet gentle manner.


After his voice sounded, a victor was decided among the two figures fighting on the stone stage below. The both of them withdrew. Immediately, a loud clear voice attracted everyone’s gazes. A skinny man leaped up and cried out loud.

“The ones who will fight next will be the third commander of the Black Submerged Army, Yang Hao, and… the champion of the Pill Gathering, Xiao Yan!”

A short distance away, Xiao Yan’s hand, which had just lifted a teacup suddenly shook. Immediately, his face slowly turned gloomy. He seemed to have fallen into someone’s trap…

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