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Chapter 1317: Enemies Frequently Cross Paths

An incomparably vast grassy plain extended into the distance. A lush-green color filled one’s eyes, emitting an exuberant life force. A majestic and towering large stone square stood here. The large stone square was around a thousand feet in size. It was supported by a countless number of enormous stone pillars. From a distance, it appeared like a giant standing between the sky and earth, giving one a spectacular feeling.

A distorted color appeared above this huge stone square. Occasionally, some silver lights would flicker and numerous figures rushed out of them to gently land in the square. This extremely spacious square was filled with people. Noise gathered together and charged to the clouds.


The space in the air once again distorted at this moment. A couple of figures came out of it. These figures steadily landed on the large stone platform. They lifted their eyes and looked around them while a surprise surfaced on their faces..

“This should be the Gu Stone Square that is mentioned on the map. It seems that we did not take a wrong turn.” The Little Fairy Doctor smiled as she glanced around this majestic and towering large stone platform. After which, she informed Xiao Yan beside her.

“Aye.” Xiao Yan nodded. His eyes swept over this enormous platform. With his eyesight, he was naturally able to sense that the auras on the platform were all quite strong. There were even some auras that even he had to treat seriously.

“It is indeed worthy of being the Gu clan. Those who can be invited by them are all true experts. This ability to gather people is really quite frightening…” Tian Huo zun-zhe by the side nodded slowly and exclaimed.

Xiao Yan smiled. He looked to the east. He could vaguely see the outline of an extremely enormous city at the edge of his sight. He said, “That place is our destination, the Gu Sacred City… let’s go.”

An impatience surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face when he finished speaking. His heart was curious to learn more about this mysterious Gu Realm. Moreover, there was still the tomb of his Xiao clan ancestor within the Gu Realm. Being his descendant, Xiao Yan needed to make a trip there no matter what.

Naturally, no one objected to Xiao Yan’s words. The group ceased delaying at this moment. Their bodies moved, and they rushed into the high sky before flying in the direction of the distant city.

There were quite a number of people taking the same route as Xiao Yan’s group. From the flying speed of these people, it was possible to tell that they were all quite strong. However, Xiao Yan did not meet any faction that he was familiar with along the way. Only then did his heart feel awed. It was said that the Central Plains had many hidden experts. These words were indeed true now that he had experienced them. The strength of these experts was not the least bit inferior to some top faction Elders. Normally, they would not reveal themselves. They kept such low profiles that it was frightening.

Although the grassy plains were vast, it was nothing to Xiao Yan’s group. Within less than ten minutes, the vaguely visible city had appeared in their sight.

Xiao Yan was a little stunned when he saw this city for the first time because this city was not filled with a dominating aura as they had imagined. The city was built from large pale-green rocks. Perhaps it was due to the erosion of time, but this city appeared to have decayed. An unusually ancient aura spread from the city,causing one to sense a slight ancient feeling.

As they approached, Xiao Yan’s group finally discovered that this ancient city was encased in a transparent light barrier. This light barrier might appear thin and frail, but it created a pressure that seemed to originate from the soul. This pressure caused quite a number of people’s expressions to change. Respect appeared on the faces of the experts familiar with the origins of the city…

“This Gu Sacred City has stood since ancient times. It is rumored that it was built by the elite Dou Di from the Gu clan. The light barrier contains part of the Dou Di’s strength. With the protection of this light barrier, this Gu Sacred City is impenetrable.” Tian Huo zun-zhe softly explained. It seemed that he was familiar with this city.

“Dou Di’s strength… no wonder it is this frightening.”

Xiao Yan came to a sudden understanding. No wonder the pressure he felt within his soul was growing denser the closer he approached the city.

“As an act of respect to an elite Dou Di, flying is forbidden within a ten-thousand-foot radius of the Gu Sacred City. We will have to walk in on foot. Otherwise, the pressure would increase.” Tian Huo zun-zhe smiled. After which, he took the lead to land on the ground. Xiao Yan’s group quickly followed from behind. Their speed was not reduced even after they had landed. They transformed into numerous blurry figures that quickly rushed to the ancient city.

Xiao Yan’s group slowly stopped in front of the entrance to the Gu Sacred City. The Gu Sacred City was not a city that one could randomly enter. Unless one obtained an invitation from the Gu clan, an ordinary person was prohibited from entering it. Although the procedure to enter the city was extremely complicated, no one dared to behave atrociously due to the renowned reputation of the Gu clan.

Xiao Yan’s group followed the rest of the people and slowly advanced. Some time later, they finally arrived at the entrance of the city. Xiao Yan swept his gaze around, only to see nearly a hundred black-armored figures holding long spears and standing straight on both sides of the city’s gate. Sharp eyes continued to roam around. Wave after wave of powerful auras radiated their bodies, causing one to involuntarily exclaim that the Gu clan was really grand.

Xiao Yan’s eyes shifted away from these black armoured human figures. Suddenly, they paused on a familiar figure at the city’s entrance. His eyes immediately narrowed.

“Ling Quan…”

A figure was standing tall and straight at the entrance to the city. The pale-green armor that he wore caused him to appear a little colder. His back swayed with the wind, causing him to appear to be in high spirits. This familiar figure was naturally that of the commander of the Black Submerged Army, Ling Quan, who had formed a grudge with Xiao Yan. It was unexpected that Xiao Yan would end up meeting Ling Quan the moment he arrived at Gu Sacred City. It was really the case of enemies frequently crossing paths.

When Xiao Yan noticed Ling Quan, Ling Quan’s cold stern eyes found him. Ling Quan was immediately startled before his face swiftly became dark and solemn.

“Xiao Yan, who allowed you to head to this place?”

Ling Quan’s ugly expression and cold cry caused quite a number of eyes to emit a ‘swoosh’ sound as they shifted. Finally, they paused on Xiao Yan with some surprise. The matter of Xiao Yan having become the champion of the Pill Gathering had already spread across the Central Plains. The current Xiao Yan possessed a great reputation in the Central Plains. However, from the looks of his appearance now, it seemed that this Pill Gathering champion had some grudge with this young commander from the Gu clan.

Xiao Yan’s expression remained calm in the face of Ling Quan cold cry. He flicked his finger and a jade invitation appeared from his Storage Ring. It carried a sharp wind as it explosively shot toward Ling Quan.


Ling Quan’s expression sank when he saw this invitation. He let out a cold snort as Dou Qi lingered on his hand. He suddenly reached out and caught the jade invitation.


When Ling Quan’s hand touched the jade invitation, a frightening temperature suddenly materialized from it, burning his palm until a dense, white fog was emitted.

The intense pain that caused Ling Quan’s expression to become gloomy. However, it was fortunate that he was not an ordinary person. He clenched his teeth and forcefully endured it. His hand tapped the jade invitation and absorbed the information from within it.

“So you are actually from the Falling Star Pavilion. How can such a faction receive an invitation from my Gu clan?” Ling Quan coldly laughed. His tone contained some disdain. The old Falling Star Pavilion did not possess the qualification to receive such an invitation.

“It is written on it. If you are illiterate, you can go and ask the members of your Gu clan… return the jade invitation.” Xiao Yan faintly instructed.

Xiao Yan’s tone caused Ling Quan to furiously grit his teeth. His hand gripped the jade invitation tighter as he coldly said, “You can just come over and take it!”


Ling Quan’s words had just sounded when he suddenly sensed his eyes become dazzled. The jade invitation in his hand immediately left it. By the time he recovered, the jade invitation had appeared in Xiao Yan’s hand in front of him.

This caused Ling Quan’s face to turn red almost instantly. It was unexpected that he had only just uttered these words when Xiao Yan had snatched back the jade invitation. He had lost a great amount of face.


This Ling Quan appeared to have forgotten his current identity because of his anger from this embarrassment. He let out a furious cry. Sharp wind violently slammed toward Xiao Yan.


The palm wind of Ling Quan danced. Before he could strike Xiao Yan, his eyes were dazzled once again. A leg smashed into his chest with lightning-like speed. The frightening force sent him flying backwards before he collided with the city wall.


A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out of Ling Quan’s mouth after he fell from the city wall. His face was filled with disbelief and shock. When he had met Xiao Yan in the Ye clan back then, his strength was still one star higher than Xiao Yan’s. Back then, he might not have been able to defeat Xiao Yan, but he was still able to exchange blows. Now, however… he was unable to even see Xiao Yan’s attack before he was utterly defeated. The gap between the two had already pulled apart by a terrifying extent.

This extreme change almost caused his arrogant self to vomit blood. How many years has it been? The brat that he had viewed like an ant at the Inner Academy back then was already standing on his head!

Some surprise flashed across the eyes of the surrounding people when they saw Xiao Yan force a one star Dou Zun back with a kick. They had not expected Xiao Yan to possess such attainments for Dou Qi along with his great achievements in medicinal refinement.

“Commander Ling Quan, I’m sorry that my blow was a little heavy. However, please avoid doing such a stupid thing next time. After all… there aren’t many who hold back like me.”

Xiao Yan flicked the jade invitation into his Storage Ring. After which, he glanced at the shocked face of Ling Quan and smiled as spoke

“Black submerged section, capture him!”

Ling Quan furiously cried out. His eyes immediately reddened when he saw the smile on Xiao Yan’s face.


The hundred black-armored Gu clan warriors standing before the city’s entrance did not hesitate when they heard this furious cry. The long spears in their hands immediately emitted ‘swoosh’ sounds as they were aimed at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s expression slowly became gloomy when he saw this scene.

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