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Chapter 1316: Hurrying to the Eastern Region

Xiao Yan swiftly pushed open the door and walked out. He saw a beautiful figure in snow-like clothes on the edge of the quiet courtyard in front of his room. The figure was standing there elegantly. The smile on the lady’s face was extremely alluring.

“Have you finally returned…”

Xiao Yan stopped walking. He looked at the lady, who stood in scattered sunlight, and was involuntarily startled. The Little Fairy Doctor’s snow-like hair had once again regained its original color. Long black hair poured down her back like a waterfall, randomly spreading behind her. A gentle wind blew over, causing her hair to sway…

The appearance of the Little Fairy Doctor was the same as when Xiao Yan had first met her back in Qingshan Town within the Jia Ma Empire, except her alluring demeanor had become more potent. Even the gentle smile on her face was the same.

The current her was the true Little Fairy Doctor!

Back then, she had rescued the dead and supported the injured within the Qingshan Town. She had been viewed as a fairy in the heart of a countless number of mercenaries!

“Why? Don’t you recognize me?”

The Little Fairy Doctor took a couple of steps forward and arrived in front of Xiao Yan. She looked at his stunned expression and involuntarily laughed.

“Your hair…” Xiao Yan muttered. His eyes suddenly paused on the Little Fairy Doctor’s smooth forehead. There was a faint, grayish complicated imprint at that spot. At a glance, it appeared just like a seal.

“This is the spot where the Woeful Poison Body exists. At this moment, all the Woeful Poison Qi within my body has transformed into this seal. That elder is really an extraordinary person. She was able to create a method to completely condense the Woeful Poison Body…” The Little Fairy Doctor gently rubbed the symbol on her smooth forehead as she laughed.

Xiao Yan nodded while feeling at a loss. His eyes swept over the Little Fairy Doctor before he bitterly laughed, “From what I can sense, the aura that you currently possess is likely even stronger than Tian Huo zun-zhe, right?”

“It should be at the seventh star.” The Little Fairy Doctor replied with a sweet smile. Sealing the Woeful Poison Body appeared to have caused the large rock in her heart to fully scatter. Her smile now was more relaxed and more tempting.

“A seven star Dou Zun.” Xiao Yan involuntarily sighed when he heard this. Putting it this way, it seemed that even the Little Fairy Doctor had raised her strength by three stars or so. This caused Xiao Yan, whose strength had barely risen by two stars after swallowing a Heavenly Flame, to feel extremely speechless. Why was it that he was acquainted with people who could not be a little more ordinary?

“My body had gathered too much poison Qi. The best evidence of this was the transformation of my hair into a white color, but after practicing the Qi Method that the elder had left behind, the poison Qi that I had gathered became a tonic. Otherwise, I would not have been able to make this leap…” The Little Fairy Doctor gently explained.

Xiao Yan helplessly nodded. He was naturally happy that the Little Fairy Doctor and the others could experience such a lucky encounter. From another point of view, the increase in their strengths could be considered an increase in his. Nevertheless, this kind of rising speed was a little shocking…

Everyone’s strength had basically soared within less than one year, and they had all reached quite a strong level. With the lineup of Xiao Yan’s group, they would be able to kill the ninth Tianzun from the Hall of Souls should they meet him again!

A person who appeared to only possess a five star strength but was able to unleash a frightening combat strength that was comparable to a six star or even seven star expert along with two six star Dou Zuns and an expert seven star Dou Zun with the Woeful Poison Body. As long as the Hall of Souls did not activate a Ban Sheng class ultimate expert, this lineup would be able to escape in one piece even while being chased by the Hall of Souls…

“Since you have arrived, it is time for us to leave…”

Xiao Yan gradually recovered from the joy of the great increase in the Little Fairy Doctor’s strength. He stretched his lazy waist and laughed in an indolent manner.


The Little Fairy Doctor smiled when she heard Xiao Yan’s decision and did not object. Her heart felt quite happy with quietly helping him do things from behind…

The second day after the Little Fairy Doctor returned to the Falling Star Pavilion, Xiao Yan’s group once again gathered together. After some preparations, the four of them quietly left. Other than Yao Lao and a few others, they did not alert anyone as they left…

The Gu Realm was located in the eastern region of the Central Plains. Most of the factions in that region were subordinates of the Gu clan. However, the supreme leader of this eastern region was foreign to even some of the leaders of these factions. They only knew that this exceptional existence possessed an extremely frightening strength. If one wished to muddle along within this incomparably vast eastern region, a subordinate faction with the Gu clan above them possessed an effective powerful card.

The Gu clan was a mysterious and powerful clan with talent that caused an ordinary person to feel extreme envy since the ancient times. The training path that was unusually tough in the eyes of an ordinary person appeared like a flat wide road that led to the sky in the eyes of someone from the Gu clan. All they needed was tiny bit of training in order to become an expert in the eyes of an ordinary person, swiftly surpassing those of the same generation who trained with great effort. Ultimately, those many dazzlingly lights would overlap above people’s heads.

Thus, the Gu clan retained a mysterious luster in the eyes of many people within the eastern region. Even in some distant areas, there were people who thought of them as gods. That fanaticism caused an ordinary person to feel disbelief because everyone knew that there was no divine being in this world…

The Falling Star Pavilion was far from the eastern region. Even with the speed of Xiao Yan’s group and the use of some wormholes, it would require at least half a month to reach the eastern region.

Xiao Yan’s group could only hurry in. By counting the time, there was merely less than a month until the adult ceremony. If they were late, it was likely that they would miss this rare occasion.


An enormous black figure rushed through the azure sky. Wave after wave of wind and airflow was made visible to the naked eye.

“According to this speed of ours, we should reach the eastern region tomorrow. However, it is rumored that the entrance to the Gu Realm is located in a city called Gu Sacred City within the eastern region…” A couple of figures were seated on the enormous body of a Nine Serene Deep Ground Python. The Little Fairy Doctor held a map in her hand as she explained the situation to Xiao Yan in front of her.

“Gu Sacred City, huh…” Xiao Yan nodded. He had heard of this name. The reputation of this city in the eastern region surpassed the Pill Tower’s Holy Pill City because it was the entrance to the Gu Realm!

“The Gu Sacred City is a city that prohibits outsiders from entering. Quite a number of experts from the Gu Realm guard it. If one does not possess an invitation card, even top Dou Zun experts would not be able to barge into it even if they wanted to.” The Little Fairy Doctor laughed.

“However, this is not a problem for us. There are quite a number of large cities within the eastern region that possess a wormhole that connect to the area around the Gu Sacred City. At that time, all we need is to use a wormhole to reach the Gu Sacred City. If no unforeseen circumstances occur, we will appear outside the Gu Sacred City in five days.”

Xiao Yan nodded. He turned to Qing Lin and asked, “There have been no problems, right?”

“Aye, there is not a single spatial fluctuation within a fifty kilometer radius… we have left very abruptly. Even if the Hall of Souls wishes to follow us, it would not be easy to do so.” Qing Lin slightly nodded. Three tiny black spots were slowly rotating within her eyes. Any energy fluctuations within a fifty kilometer radius were captured by her eyes. With Qing Lin as a scout, it would be quite difficult for the Hall of Souls to follow them and launch a surprise attack.

Xiao Yan smiled when he heard this. He said, “In that case, increase our speed…”

That large tail of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python was suddenly swung when his words sounded. Its enormous body shot forward like a meteorite and disappeared into the horizon within the blink of an eye…

Xiao Yan’s trip was smooth throughout the way. On the morning of the next day, his group had arrived in the territory belonging to the eastern region of the Central Plains. However, they did not stop along the way. Instead, they found a large city with a wormhole that led to the area around the Gu Sacred City. After which, they entered it without stopping.

While they were shuttling through the wormhole, Xiao Yan’s group was a little surprised to discover that this wormhole was extremely lively. Occasionally, a ray of light would flow by within the spatial tunnel. One could even see some experts walking in the air. The weakest person that Xiao Yan saw was a Dou Zong. Clearly, these people were all heading to Gu Sacred City. However, he didn’t know which factions these people belonged to…

Due to the area being crowded and messy, Xiao Yan’s group did not chat with those around them. Instead, they quietly traveled. Another five days swiftly passed…

On the fifth day, Xiao Yan, who had kept his eyes shut, slowly opened them. His eyes focused on the end of the silver spatial tunnel. The spatial energy rippled. A silver light cluster vaguely appeared…

“Have we finally arrived…”

Xiao Yan gently sighed as he studied that light cluster. A fiery heat quietly climbed into his heart. That alluring figure that could bring disaster to countries and cities gradually became clearer within his mind.

“Xun Er… I have arrived…”

That youth, who had once been shaken by this mysterious clan to the point of being speechless, was finally about to meet them!

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