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Chapter 1315: Great Single Soul Skill

Xiao Yan remained within the Falling Star Pavilion while he waited for Little Fairy Doctor to return. While he waited, Xiao Yan did not train his Dou Qi. Instead, he had turned his attention to the training of his soul.

The strength of one’s Spiritual Strength was related to the tier of an alchemist. Ever since Xiao Yan’s spirit had advanced to the soul state, he had not paid much attention to it due to needing to train his Dou Qi. After all, as a tier 8 alchemist, those of the same generation within the central plains who could beat him were extremely rare, but after hearing Yao Lao’s explanations, he understood that this little achievement was not something to be of proud. His current alchemist level could barely be squeezed into the top five of the younger generation within that mysterious Yao clan. This fact, which had been spoken from Yao Lao’s mouth, left a great pressure on Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan understood that he would probably come into contact with the Yao clan in the future due to his relationship with Yao Lao. No matter what the case was, he couldn’t let Yao Lao lose face. Hence, from the way he saw it now, a tier 8 alchemist was a little inadequate.

When speaking about raising an alchemist’s tier, it would undoubtedly mean raising one’s Spiritual Strength state. However, the four great spiritual states were not things that one could advance to just because wanted to…

“Mortal, Soul, Heavenly, Di…”

Xiao Yan was at the soul state within the four great spiritual states. However, there were very few people in the Central Plains who knew how to train one’s soul. Among the people who Xiao Yan was acquainted with, the number of people whose spirit had surpassed the soul state and stepped into the Heavenly State would not exceed one’s fingers. The three giant heads of the Pill Tower possessed this ability. Yao Lao, who had currently advanced to the Ban Sheng class, was also within this category. Even though this was the case, Xiao Yan was certain that they were still at the Heavenly State. As for the extremely mysterious Di state, it was likely that this continent did not possess an alchemist at this level.

“My current alchemist tier should likely be at the peak of the initial tier 8 level…”

Xiao Yan revealed an expression of contemplation within the quiet room. Normally speaking, an alchemist who could refine a four-colored Pill Lightning medicinal pill could be considered to be at the peak of the initial tier 8 level. Although the Pill Lightning that Xiao Yan had attracted during the Pill Gathering had five colors, the final color had not been very pure. Hence, he only placed himself at the peak of the initial tier 8 level.

Attracting an additional Pill Lightning color for a medicinal pill within the tier 8 level involved a great gap that was as far as the heavens and earth. Hence, some of the alchemist gurus who could attract a five-colored Pill Lightning were at the intermediate tier 8 level. Only if one attracted eight-colored or more Pill Lightning could one be called a tier 8 advance level alchemist. However, the people of this level were existences countable with one’s fingers even within the Pill Tower.

“My spirit should belong to the initial Soul State stage. In terms of Spiritual Strength alone, it is comparable to other intermediate Soul State experts…” Xiao Yan frowned. He had not trained his spirit much during this period of time. Thus, the progress of his Spiritual Strength had been quite slow. It seemed that he needed to fork over more time in the future. There must not be favoritism between Dou Qi and Spiritual Strength. After all, these two things were extremely important to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan clenched his hand when he thought of this. A scroll that was formed from ancient skin appeared in his hand. The skin of the scroll was a dark-yellow. At a glance, one could tell that it had existed for a long time.

Xiao Yan carefully pulled open the scroll. No characters appeared on it. Xiao Yan did not feel surprise upon seeing this. Spiritual Strength spread from between his brows. After which, it slowly covered the scroll.

Following the presence of Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength, some invisible ripples quietly formed on the skin. Then, wave after wave of information poured into Xiao Yan’s mind through his soul.

“Great Single Soul Skill…”

The information flowed into Xiao Yan’s head and immediately transformed into large mysterious characters that surfaced deep within his mind. After a careful examination, it was uncovered that this was a Qi Method to train one’s soul.

Of course, this soul-training method was the prize that Xiao Yan had obtained as the champion of the Pill Gathering. Xiao Yan had studied it frequently after obtaining it, but he had not formally trained with it yet. He was about to travel to the Gu Realm, and there was no telling just what he would meet there. It was definitely not wrong to be a little better prepared.

Yao Lao had also studied this so-called “Great Single Soul Skill.” His evaluation of it was not bad. After all, this thing was an object from the ancient times. Spiritual training during ancient times consisted of a number of aspects compared to the future generation of Qi Methods. Hence, Xiao Yan did object to practicing this Qi Method. Both his spiritual training method and this “Great Single Soul Skill” had their own advantages.

Xiao Yan shut his eyes, and his mind sank into that mysterious soul training method. It was a long time later before he slowly opened them.

“This Great Single Soul Skill is full of unique aspects. No wonder it was the reward of the Pill Gathering champion. The few lines of the word formula that I had obtained, were shabby compared to this…”

Xiao Yan carefully studied this “Great Single Soul Skill.” He gradually touched something while training his Spiritual Strength. He was not a new person. The control over his soul was at a grandmaster level. The “Great Single Soul Skill” training formula might be vague, but it was not difficult for him to understand. After some thought, the areas that he had been lost in in the past suddenly opened up. It was that insightful feeling after parting the dark clouds and seeing the bright moon.

While Xiao Yan was feeling pleased, the spiritual strength that lingered between his brows slowly began to rotate. A numb feeling was vaguely emitted from between his brows. After which, Xiao Yan suddenly sensed an unusual suction force being emitted. The surrounding air rippled as bits of Spiritual Strength seeped out and poured into his brows.


Upon sensing this change, Xiao Yan slowly inhaled a deep breath on top of feeling shocked. Was this the change that occurred after possessing a complete Qi Method? No wonder the alchemists from the ancient times were in their heyday. These ancient Spiritual Strength training methods were full of unique aspects.

“With this complete training method, my spiritual training in the future will finally enter the right track. If I am was lucky enough, his spiritual state would be able to reach the intermediate soul state. At that time, refining a medicinal pill with more than five-colored Pill Lightning would not be impossible.”

An expression of joy filled the area between Xiao Yan’s brows. The surprise that this Great Single Soul Skill gave him far exceeded what he had expected. At this moment, he regretted not having practiced it earlier. Otherwise, his Spiritual Strength would have stepped into the intermediate Soul State level.

Of course, this regret merely lasted for a flash before it disappeared. It was difficult to achieve everything. During this period of time, he might have neglected the training of Spiritual Strength, but his improvement in terms of Dou Qi was quite pleasing. Within a short two years, he had rose from the peak of the Dou Zong class to his current five star Dou Zun status. This speed could make up for all losses.

Xiao Yan only smiled in satisfaction after having firmly remembered all of the information within the Great Single Soul Skill. He returned it to his Storage Ring and once again focused his mind on the training method. This continued for a couple of hours before he opened his eyes in a refreshed manner.

“A miraculous effect beyond my expectations…”

Xiao Yan praised with his mouth. He mused for a moment before clenching his hand. A bright-red scroll once again appeared. Following the appearance of this scroll, a wave of rich fire energy billowed out.

This bright-red scroll was the scroll that Xiao Yan had snatched from the Dou Sheng remains back then. However, it had been left in cold storage by Xiao Yan after he had obtained it. After all, everything was not worth mentioning when compared to the Great Heaven Creation Palm, but he had just remembered it. This thing was ultimately an object belonging to a Dou Sheng and would not be lousy. There was nothing bad in having more techniques in one’s hands.

“Earth Resolve Flame—Di class high grade Dou Skill. It is unleashed through a strange method. One’s Dou Qi needs to be inserted into the land to create an extremely hot gas stream. The stream of gas will then shoot out of the ground under the opponent’s feet in an unexpected manner. The attack will not reveal any sound nor presence as it delivers a fatal blow to the other party… this Dou Skill possesses some requirements in terms of the terrain. The closer one is to a volcanic area, the greater its strength…

Xiao Yan swiftly absorbed the information within the bright-red scroll into his mind. His heart was a little interested. This Earth Resolve Flame was not like other Dou Skills that required large-scale build-ups. Its silence and lack of aura could catch others off-guard. The terrain requirement did not impede Xiao Yan. He was a human volcano with four types of Heavenly Flames. If the Heavenly Flame’s strength was poured into the gas stream, the might of this Dou Skill would become even more powerful.

“It is indeed worthy of being apart of the collection of an elite Dou Sheng. It is far from ordinary…”

Xiao Yan softly praised. He was aware that he had added another task: to successfully learn this so-called “Earth Resolve Flame!”

Seven days swiftly passed. During these seven days, Xiao Yan immersed himself in training. He practiced the Great Single Soul Skill and the Earth Resolve Flame during this time. He forgot about food and sleep, but was gaining a deeper understanding of these two skills.

When this bitter training continued to its eighth day, a familiar aura finally appeared within his senses. That aura belonged to the Little Fairy Doctor!

“She has… actually become this strong, huh…”

Even with Xiao Yan’s temperament, he involuntarily inhaled a gentle breath of air when he sensed the degree of strength in this aura.

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