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Chapter 1314: Jade Invitation


Xiao Yan was startled as he faced Yao Lao in front of him. He only softly asked after a long while, "With teacher's medicinal refining talent, hardly anyone across the current Dou Qi continent could compare with you. How could you be a person abandoned by the Yao clan?"

"It is because of the Dou Di bloodline."

Yao Lao hinted at a smile. The emotions on his face slowly withdrew as he explained, "Being born within an ancient clan comes with a far greater pressure than other places. There, one's status is differentiated by the richness of one's bloodline. However, both of us are similar. The Dou Di bloodline flowing within my body is so thin that it is insignificant."

"When I was in the Yao clan, I was eventually expelled due to the failure of a mission I was performing. I was dissatisfied after leaving and began to place all of my effort into pill refinement. I roamed the Central Plains alone, muddled along for nearly a century, and gained some achievements. Back then, I still bore the whimsical thought that the clan would once again summon me back. However, with the flow of time, this kind of hope gradually disappeared…"

Yao Lao softly continued, "This clan might be the place that raised me, but I do not have much feelings for them. My parents had died when I was young. Subsequently, I gradually forgot about them and did not even remember them. Moreover, only some members of the Yao clan are aware that I was once a member of that clan. Even the Hall of Souls is unaware…"

Xiao Yan was quiet. It seemed that Yao Lao felt rejected by the Yao clan. Otherwise, he would not fail to mention a sliver about it after so many years.

"With teacher's current strength, no one would be able to stop you if you wished to return to the Yao clan, right?" Xiao Yan asked.

"Is there any meaning to returning to that kind of place? During these years, I have only been aware that I am Yao Chen. However, this Yao is not the Yao of the Yao clan…"

"Since they think that the old me is a useless person, the old me shall show them how well I am doing within the Central Plains and that people without the Dou Di bloodline can truly become a top expert…"

Yao Lao smiled when he spoke. He turned to Xiao Yan and said, "Moreover, the old me will show them that even the disciple that the old me has recruited will far exceed the people who possess a Dou Di bloodline, which they so treasure."

Xiao Yan nodded. His heart felt an additional dislike for this so-called Yao clan.

"Forget it. Let's not talk about this. There is hardly anyone within this Central Plains region who are aware of these eight ancient clans. However, you currently possess the qualification to know about them. This is the reason why I am telling you this now." Yao Lao was also unwilling to continue being entangled with this topic for long. He immediately waved his hands as he explained his reasoning.

"As for the faction with the most Heavenly Flames that I mentioned earlier, it should be the Yan clan, which is one of the eight ancient clans." Yao Lao mused for a moment before speaking, "Based on what I know, the Yan clan should be in possession of four types of Heavenly Flames. Among them, there are two Heavenly Flames in the top ten…"

"Four types of Heavenly Flames?" Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. This was the first time that he had heard of a faction possessing such a number of Heavenly Flames.

"Other than the Yan clan, the Yao clan also possesses two types of Heavenly Flames. They specialize in ancient medicinal refinement. There are quite a number of experts within the clan. It is likely that you will get a chance to meet them in the future. At that time, you will be aware of their specialty. Of course, there is no need for you to be afraid of them. With your current medicinal refinement skills, the number of people among the younger generation of the Yao clan who could beat you can be counted with one hand." Yao Lao smiled as he spoke.

"Countable with one hand…"

Xiao Yan frowned upon hearing these words. If there were no unique circumstances, he likely had the best medicinal pill refinement skill among the younger generation in the Central Plains. However, this ability was only ranked behind the top five within the Yao clan? This ranking caused him to feel a little dissatisfied.

"Of course, you should forget about placing your intentions on these Heavenly Flames because the two great clans have already added an inherited seal that is stronger than that of the Burning Flame Valley's Nine Dragon Lightning Flame during their countless years of inheritance. You will not be able to refine and swallow them even if you do obtain them." Yao Lao grinned as he continued to speak.

Xiao Yan nodded with a bitter smile. He also did not possess such thoughts. In order for the Yao clan and the Yan clan to survive until now, their strength was not weak. He currently did not possess much courage to place his intention on them. After all, just one Hall of Souls had already left him in a battered shape. It was not wise to add more powerful opponents now.

"It looks like I can only quietly wait for the so-called spatial trade fair to begin…" Xiao Yan hopelessly lamented.

Yao Lao smiled and said, "The spatial trade fair will require one to wait. However, you still have to make a trip somewhere before then…"

"Where?" Xiao Yan asked in surprise.

"Gu clan, Gu Realm." Yao Lao softly replied.

Xiao Yan's hand suddenly trembled when he heard these names. An extremely beautiful face that could bring disaster to cities and countries along with an elegant lotus-like demeanor slowly surfaced in his mind. No matter what the case was, it would not disappear.

"Xun Er…"

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. A fiery heat suddenly surged into his dark-black eyes. That little girl had always caused him to worry since the beginning…

"In another month's time, the adult ceremony of the Gu clan will be held. It is held once every two decades. This is a great event within the Gu clan because those who are qualified to participate in this adult ceremony are all the most outstanding members of the younger generation within the Gu clan."

"There are not many factions that can receive an invitation from the Gu clan. If I had not advanced to the Ban Sheng class this time around, it is likely that the Falling Star Pavilion would not have received this qualification…"

Yao Lao took a black jade invitation from his Storage Ring. There were many mysterious lines outlining it. It gave one a mysterious feeling. "This is the invitation. Only by possessing it will one be able to enter the Gu Realm. Originally, the old me should be the one heading there this time around. However, you should also be aware of the situation that the current Falling Star Pavilion faces. Although quite a number of old fellows on the continent have joined the Falling Star Pavilion recently, the thing that truly causes the Hall of Soul to be afraid of doing anything funny is this Ban Sheng strength of mine…"

"Hence, I am unable to personally accept the invitation of the Gu clan this time around. This task can only be left to you…" Yao Lao beamed. He handed the black jade invitation to Xiao Yan as he gave a valid reason.

Xiao Yan stared intently at the black jade invitation. A moment later, he finally extended his hand and received it. The Gu clan was a powerful clan that had a connection with the Xiao clan. He was finally about to make direct contact with them, huh…

A faint warmth spread when the black jade invitation entered Xiao Yan's hand. It also caused his heart to gradually recover.

"Those who have been invited by the Gu clan are powerful factions and peak level experts on the continent. This is also an experience for you. Of course, with your current strength and reputation, you have reached the level where you are on even terms…" Yao Lao smiled as he asked. "So? Do you have the courage to go?"

"Teacher, you can rest assured…"

Xiao Yan gently tightened his hand over the jade invitation. He smiled and softly said, "This disciple will definitely not cause teacher to lose face!"

"Ha ha, I am not worried about this…"

Yao Lao loudly laughed. After which, he patted Xiao Yan's shoulders and continued, "You should leave after a couple of days. I am aware of the relationship between you and Xun Er. You should be more cautious when you reach the Gu clan area. That girl is extremely outstanding within the Gu clan. I am aware that she possesses the most complete Dou Di bloodline within the Gu clan in so many years. She has the greatest chance of breaking through to that legendary level. Hence… it is not easy if you wish to be with her."

Xiao Yan quietly nodded. He had already vaguely sensed Xun Er's position within the Gu clan a long time ago. However, her voice and smile were like carving blades that left deep impressions within Xiao Yan's soul. He was unable to remove them. In this world, there was no strength that could remove this imprint, even the powerful Gu clan could do nothing!

"You should also bring Tianhuo zun-zhe and the Little Fairy Doctor along when you head to the Gu Realm." Yao Lao said. "After helping Tianhuo zun-zhe refine some medicinal pills, his strength has recovered to a six star Dou Zun. I only helped the Little Fairy Doctor refine a little of her Woeful Poison Body. After which, I asked her to head to a place on her own."

"What place?"

Xiao Yan asked in a startled manner when he heard this.

"An old tomb that an ordinary person is unaware of. She will be able to obtain the method to completely control the Woeful Poison Body there. The Poison Pill method that I left behind was obtained from that place…" Yao Lao fondled his beard, grinned, and replied.


Xiao Yan was surprised. This Poison Pill method was not left behind by Yao Lao?

"Just what kind of mysterious person created such a wonderful method? Why does that person have such a great understanding of the Woeful Poison Body?" Xiao Yan asked in surprise.

"It is likely that there will not be a second person who understands the Woeful Poison Body more than her because she was also in possession of a Woeful Poison Body when she was alive. However, she does not possess the good luck of the Little Fairy Doctor. The method to control the poison body was also something that she had created when she was about to die…" Yao Lao said.

"She actually also had the Woeful Poison Body… no wonder…"

"The Little Fairy Doctor will obtain the method to completely control the Woeful Poison Body at the place where that person rests. At that time, she will be the first person in history to truly control the Woeful Poison Body…" Yao Lao laughed as he said, "When the Little Fairy Doctor returns, it will be time for you to head to the ancient realm!"

Xiao Yan slowly nodded. He curled his lips. His hand suddenly tightened on the jade invitation.

"Xun Er… I said that the next time we meet will be at the Gu clan! Therefore, wait for me!"

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