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Chapter 1302

Chapter 1302: The Ancient Void Dragon Clan That Had Been Split


Xiao Yan’s eyes solidified on the altar. A long while later, he finally exhaled a deep breath of air. His expression was quite ugly. With his eyesight, he was naturally able to tell that there was no life force on Zi Yan’s body at this moment. If he wasn’t able to sense a little familiar spiritual fluctuation, it was likely that he would have thought that Zi Yan had already died.

“This is the solidifying of energy…”

Elder Zhu Li beside Xiao Yan also sighed. He said, “The energy of the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit is really too frightening. It solidified and filled every part of Zi Yan’s body. If Zi Yan is unable to absorb this energy, she will forever be in this state like a living dead…”

“All of you are really too reckless.” Even though Xiao Yan was aware that the strength of the elder in front of him was extremely terrifying, he still involuntarily yelled with a furious voice. If this matter was not resolved properly, Zi Yan would probably lose her life.”

Elder Zhu Li also bitterly smiled. He shook his head when he heard Xiao Yan’s cry. However, he did not say anything. It was likely that he also felt regret.

“Little brother Xiao Yan, you should also not blame third Elder. Even the Ancient Void Dragon tribe has only come across the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit a couple of times. Hence, we do not really understand it. Such a thing has occurred due our lack of understanding.” Hei Qing by the side urged.

“Has the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit been successfully absorbed before?” Xiao Yan appeared to have recalled something as he suddenly asked.

“Yes, however, it has only successfully been absorbed twice. One was obtained by the Heaven Phoenix. Hence, the Heaven Phoenix tribe produced an extremely powerful person. During that period of time, even the Ancient Void Dragon tribe was completely suppressed by them. Fortunately after a couple of hundred years, our Ancient Void Dragon tribe finally obtained a Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit and managed to turn things around. However, during the final bloody battle between the two tribes, those two experts, who possessed extremely powerful bloodlines, ended up dying together…” Elder Zhu Li nodded. He said, “Ever since that time, the Heaven Phoenix tribe began to gradually disappear. The Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit didn’t appear again. The old me has seen it for the first time in my life this time around…”

“It has only been successful twice huh…”

Xiao Yan knit his brows and immediately sighed. He understood that getting entangled in this matter was really of little use. After which, he asked, “How can we rescue Zi Yan now?”

“This kind of solidified energy that is formed by the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit is extremely hard. Even the old me is unable to break it…” Zhu Li said. “Moreover, if it was broken, this energy would be wasted….”

“Are you still going to bother with this energy even now?” Xiao Yan questioned with a frown.

“Ugh, little friend Xiao Yan, you are unaware of the current situation of my Ancient Void Dragon tribe. We are currently in great need of a tribe leader who possesses the royal bloodline and who is able to control the situation.” Zhu Li bitterly laughed.

“What happened? The Ancient Void Dragon tribe is powerful. What situation do you face that causes all of you to find it troublesome to deal with?” Xiao Yan was also stunned when he understood what Zhu Li was asking in a somewhat surprised voice.

Zhu Li hesitated for a moment after hearing this question. A moment later, he finally clenched his teeth and said

, “Little friend Xiao Yan and my Ancient Void Dragon tribe have quite a deep relationship. It is fine to tell you… the Ancient Dragon Island that you see now is actually not the complete Ancient Dragon Island. Instead, it is merely one quarter of the original Ancient Dragon Island…”

“One quarter?” Xiao Yan was startled. He reacted quickly, “What about the other three portions?”

“The Ancient Void Dragon tribe was divided into four groups not long after Zi Yan’s father went missing. The Ancient Void Dragon Island has also been divided into four. Each of them are drifting in this empty realm…” Zhu Li said, “In other words, the Ancient Void Dragon tribe that you see now is actually not whole.”


Xiao Yan involuntarily inhaled a gentle breath of cool air. Just one quarter of its strength was already this frightening. Was the strength of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe not a little too strong? No wonder they have continued to survive since the ancient times without being destroyed.

“Every once in awhile, the four dragon islands will meet in the empty realm. At that time, we will definitely exchange blows. The other three islands’ chiefs all wish to dominate the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. However, there is little difference in their strength. Hence, the Ancient Void Dragon tribe still remains in a split state after so many years.” Zhu Li sighed.

“The other three islands also possess an Ancient Void Dragon with a royal bloodline?” Xiao Yan softly asked. This Ancient Void Dragon tribe clearly placed great emphasis on their bloodline. Unless there was some special circumstances, an ordinary Ancient Void Dragon should find it difficult to be in command.

“They can barely be considered to have it. However, their bloodlines are far from being as pure as Zi Yan’s…” Zhu Li shook his head and continued, “The reason that we are so anxious to have Zi Yan absorb the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit is because we hope she will evolve as quickly as possible and subsequently unite the Ancient Void Dragon tribe the next time the four islands meet.”

“No wonder…” Xiao Yan also gained a sudden understanding in his heart. No wonder the Ancient Void Dragon has kept such a low profile during these years. It was not because they liked to. Instead, it was because of an internal conflict that caused them to be unable to divert their attention to fight other powerful enemies.

“This reason is why tribes like the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe and the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe are allowed to rise within the Magical Beast world…”

Zhu Li sighed. His tone clearly appeared to have exceptional disdain for the other two large tribes. During the ancient times, only the ancestors of these two tribes could contend with the Ancient Dragon tribe. Just what were these descendants who relied on a remnant bloodline supposed to be?

“It is unexpected that the Ancient Void Dragon tribe still possesses such a secret. However, their ability to keep a secret is really too good. Hardly any factions on the continent were aware of the inner conflict of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe…” Xiao Yan quietly smacked his tongue.

“I hope that little friend Xiao Yan will keep this matter a secret. After all, if it were to spread, it would be difficult to be certain that certain large factions, which have come into conflict with my Ancient Dragon tribe, will not intervene…”Zhu Li spoke with a serious face.

“Elder Zhu Li, please rest assured that I will not spread this news.” Xiao Yan also nodded with a grave expression. He immediately turned to the altar. He said, “Since Elder Zhu Li has called me here, it is likely that you think that I can be of some help to Zi Yan, right? If I guess correctly, it should be the Heavenly Flame, no?”

Xiao Yan admitted to himself that there were only two ways he could catch the eyes of the Ancient Void Dragon. One was his alchemist skill while the other was the Heavenly Flame within his body. Although Xiao Yan had advanced to a tier 8 alchemist guru, there were definitely better alchemists than him within the Central Plains. Since that was the case, there was only one final possibility, the Heavenly Flames…

“Ke ke, you are indeed worthy of being Xiao Xuan’s descendant…” Zhu Li laughed and nodded. He said, “The energy crystal layer that is formed by the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit is extremely hard. Even I am unable to break it. Hence, if one wishes to melt the crystal layer and force this energy into Zi Yan’s body, one can only rely on the strength of a Heavenly Flame.

“However, an ordinary Heavenly Flame is of little use against this kind of energy crystal. Only a Heavenly Flame that is ranked among the top ten on the Heavenly Flame Ranking can suffice… Moreover, little friend Xiao Yan possesses many types of Heavenly Flames and is able to merge them together. Their might is definitely comparable to a Heavenly Flame at the sixth or seventh rank. It is not impossible to use it to deal with this energy crystal…

“The old me is also aware that some experts on the Central Plains possess a Heavenly Flame. However, only little friend Xiao Yan is someone who possesses such an ability and is trustworthy. Therefore, we got Hei Qing to hurry and invite you over.” Zhu Li smiled as he explained the situation.

Xiao Yan only came to a sudden understanding upon hearing this. Immediately, he pondered the problem It was not a problem if it merely required a Heavenly Flame that was ranked among the top ten. After all, just the Three Thousand Burning Flame alone had reached this requirement, but there was no need to even mention it after the other three types of Heavenly Flame were merged with it.

“This matter is related to whether the Ancient Void Dragon can survive in the future. It is of great importance. Therefore, I hope that little friend Xiao Yan will do his best to help!” Zhu Li cupped his hands to Xiao Yan in a solemn manner as he spoke in a deep voice. Hei Qing behind him also cupped his hands and bowed.

“Elder Zhu Li, please rest assured. Zi Yan is my friend, I, Xiao Yan, will definitely do my best to help. I will listen to Elder regarding how to carry this out. All you need to do is instruct me wherever you need my help.” Xiao Yan replied with a serious expression.

There was a greater smile on Elder Zhu Li’s face when he heard Xiao Yan speak. He sighed, “If Xiao Xuan was aware that the Xiao clan could produce such an outstanding clan member after him, it is likely that he would be laughing even in the netherworld…”

“Hee hee, I think that Xiao Xuan is unable to compare with this descendant of his. Back then, he had used the bloodline of the Xiao clan to its limits in order to reach that height. However, the clan members after him ended up with a completely wasted bloodline… on the other hand, the current Xiao Yan has reached this height by relying on himself. If he is given sufficient time, it will not be impossible to surpass Xiao Xuan…” Hei Qing laughed.

Zhu Li also smiled and nodded when he heard this. He glanced at Xiao Yan before speaking, “You should not blame Xiao Xuan for completely exhausting the remaining bloodline of the Xiao clan. Back then, he wanted to stake everything. If he could break through the Dou Sheng class, the bloodline strength of the Xiao clan would continue. The Xiao clan would also become an ancient clan like the Gu clan. Unfortunately, he had underestimated the difficulty of breaking through the Dou Sheng class. Finally, he ended up dying full of anger and regret.”

Xiao Yan might be at a loss when he heard the conversation between the two. However, he vaguely sensed the desperation, pain, and regret that the ancestor had faced back then…

“The ancestor also did it all for the descendants of the Xiao clan…”

Xiao Yan curled his mouth. Although he had never met Xiao Xuan, Xiao Yan’s heart felt some respect for that ancestor.

“Ke ke, let’s not talk about this. Little friend Xiao Yan, you should rest for two days. The old me has to prepare some things beforehand. We’ll act once everything is prepared!” Zhu Li also ceased discussing the past. He changed the topic and smiled as he spoke.


Xiao Yan nodded his head. He turned to the small lovely figure that was quietly lying on the altar. His fists tightened as he softly muttered, “Zi Yan, you can rest assured that I will rescue you…”

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