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Chapter 1301

Chapter 1301: Ancient Dragon Island

The interior of the spatial crack consisted of a strange tunnel that was filled with a faint silver light. The tunnel extended to an unknown end. Xiao Yan’s trio of people were swiftly flying through it.

“He is indeed worthy of being an Ancient Void Dragon. To be able to build such a long distance tunnel with just the strength of one person…”

Some surprise surfaced within Xiao Yan’s heart as he studied the spatial tunnel. This ability was something that even an ordinary expert at the peak of the Dou Zun class would have difficulty performing. It was likely that only those elite Dou Shengs as well as the Ancient Dragons, whose control over the spatial strength had reached the pinnacle, could do this.

Hei Qing was leading the way with a somewhat grave expression. He did not say much along the way. Both Xiao Yan and Qing Lin could only remain quiet. Xiao Yan’s brows were knit. Just what exactly happened to cause Hei Qing to be this serious.

The three of them shuttled through the spatial tunnel for nearly an hour. The uniform silver light in the surroundings caused Xiao Yan to feel a little giddy and dazzled. Just when he was about to shut his eyes and rest a little, Hei Qing suddenly reduced his speed. Xiao Yan’s eyes followed Hei Qing’s as he looked into the distance, only to see that there was a vague silver light circle at the end.

“Have we arrived?”

Xiao Yan’s attention was braced when he saw the light circle. His speed was raised as he followed close behind Hei Qing. A moment later, the three of them transformed into three figures of light that charged into the silver circle.

Xiao Yan’s sight momentarily became blurry after having charged into the light circle. Suddenly, his vision returned. The scene in front of him was no longer filled with that monotonous silver color. A lush green mountain filled his eyes now.

“This is…”

Xiao Yan was standing high in the air. He was startled after he processed the land that appeared in front of him. Of course, using the word ‘islands’ to describe the things in front was likely a little more suitable. The size of this island was extremely spacious. There was a faint-silver circular outline in the sky above the island. It formed of a bowl like shape, wrapping the entire island in it. Xiao Yan studied the light barrier only for him to be stunned because the outside was actually empty space that caused one’s heart to feel cold…

This island was suspended within empty space!

“What grandness…”

Even Xiao Yan involuntarily inhaled a gentle breath of cool air when he realized this. Although the size of the island was no match for the realms that elite Dou Shengs created, this place was even more hidden. Even an elite Dou Zun would not dare to randomly barge into the realm of emptiness. Creating a resting place in this area was extremely safe. No wonder one seldom heard about any news related to the Ancient Void Dragon in the Central Plains. They were living within the realm of emptiness.

“Follow me.”

Hei Qing looked below him. After which, he waved his hand and took the lead to land on a certain island. Xiao Yan and Qing Lin hurriedly followed behind him.

“Young master Xiao Yan, the aura here is really frightening…” Qing Lin, who was following beside Xiao Yan, softly made a comment.

Xiao Yan nodded in agreement. He could vaguely sense that there were quite a number of powerful as well as hidden auras that existed around this dragon island. It seemed that they were the experts from the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. This kind of discovery caused him to feel a little speechless. It was indeed worthy of being the peak existence within the Magical Beast world. It was th

e first time that he had sensed so many powerful auras. Moreover, he couldn’t even classify these auras. He believed that there were definitely some auras that even he was unable to sense on this Ancient Dragon Island. They were truly frightening existences.

The two of them followed Hei Qing toward a mountain in the middle of the island. Along the way, they met a couple of figures that appeared to be patrolling. When these figures saw Hei Qing, they stopped moving and swept their surprised eyes over Xiao Yan and Qing Lin before withdrawing.

The trio slowly landed on top of the large mountain. The three of them had just landed when a white-robed figure quietly appeared in front of the three of them.

“Hei Qing greets third Elder.”

Hei Qing cupped his hands the moment he saw the white-robed Elder in front of him. He pointed at Xiao Yan and said, “This is Zi Yan’s friend, Xiao Yan.”

“Ke ke, please do not blame us for being reckless by calling young friend Xiao Yan over with such haste.” The white-robed old man smiled as he spoke to Xiao Yan upon hearing Hei Qing’s words.

“This is third Elder, Zhu Li.”

“Elder Zhu Li is too polite. Zi Yan is my friend. I will naturally hurry over if she is in any trouble.”

Although the old man in front reveals a friendly and warm face, Xiao Yan did not dare to slight him. Xiao Yan could sense an incomparable pressure emanating from the old man’s body. This kind of pressure appeared to influence his soul. If his Spiritual Strength wasn’t strong to begin with, he probably would not even be able to say anything.”

“This Elder Zhu Li is likely an expert that has reached the peak of the Dou Zun class. He might even have reached the Ban Sheng level like teacher. The Ancient Void Dragon tribe is indeed filled with many hidden experts.’

Xiao Yan quietly spoke to himself in his heart. The corner of his eyes involuntarily twitched when he sensed this pressure.

Elder Zhu Li smiled. He fondled his snow-white beard. His calm eyes suddenly landed on Qing Lin behind Xiao Yan, and he was immediately startled. He said with some surprise, “This is… Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils? This scent, it is actually the Ancient Heaven Serpent?”

The surprise in Elder Zhu Li’s voice had become much denser when he finished speaking. He seemed uncertain, “It is unexpected that there is an Ancient Heaven Serpent’s soul still existing in this world.”

Qing Lin carefully glanced at Elder Zhu Li in front of her. She softly made a sound of acknowledgement. The Ancient Heaven Serpent was rumored to have fought with the Ancient Void Dragons during ancient times. Now that the two species had met again, the Ancient Heaven Serpent’s soul within her body fluctuated a little unusually. However, it was fortunate that she was able to suppress it. Although an Ancient Heaven Serpent was strong, this was the territory of the Ancient Void Dragons. If that fellow was allowed to come out, it was likely that it would be beaten into a pulp by the many Ancient Void Dragons here.

“Ke ke, young lady, there is no need to be afraid. The Ancient Heaven Serpent tribe has already ceased to exist. Those grudges from the ancient times were settled a long time ago. However, the Ancient Heaven Serpent soul is naturally ferocious and difficult to control. You should be careful. Do not allow yourself to be controlled by it…” Zhu Li laughed.


Qing Lin tilted her head. With the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils, she was not afraid the Heaven Serpent soul retaliating.

“Elder Zhu Li, may I know what exactly has happened to Zi Yan?” Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment before he involuntarily asked.

Zhu Li became quiet upon hearing the question. A moment later, he softly sighed and said, “It is all because of that Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit.”

Xiao Yan’s heart tightened. He quietly uttered “as expected.” While he was traveling here, he had guessed that this matter would likely be related to the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit that they had obtained from the ancient remains back then. It was unexpected that he had guessed correctly.

“Zi Yan is part of the royal bloodline of our Ancient Void Dragon tribe. Her father was the king of my Ancient Void Dragons back then. He had suddenly gone missing and Zi Yan had gone missing with him. She was only sensed by us when she arrived in the Central Plains a couple of years ago… speaking of this, it is all thanks to you.”


Xiao Yan was slightly startled when he heard these words. He fell deep into thought. He had not only found Zi Yan, but also the corpse of a Heaven Demon Phoenix in the Black-Corner Region. Could it be that this Heaven Demon Phoenix’s corpse was related to Zi Yan’s father? Since Zi Yan’s father could become the king of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe, it was likely that his strength was extremely frightening. In that case, where could he have gone running to that even Zi Yan was abandoned by him?”

“The Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit is a mysterious treasure that is extremely unlikely to grow after absorbing the blood of an Ancient Void Dragon and that of a Heaven Phoenix. This kind of fruit can change the blood of an Ancient Dragon or Heaven Phoenix, allowing one’s body to possess the specialty of both creatures and gain a true Magical Beast king bloodline…” Elder Zhu Li continued while Xiao Yan was deep in thought.

“Ever since Zi Yan brought back the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit, we decided to allow her to inherit the strength after some discussion. One reason is because she has the blood of royalty. Once she enters her matured state, she will become the new Queen of the Ancient Dragons. Thus, it is most suitable for her to possess this bloodline. The second is because she is still young and has the ability to adapt. It will be easier for her to absorb this Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit…”

Elder Zhu Li involuntarily laughed with a bitter tone when he spoke until this point. He continued, “However, the outcome has somewhat exceeded our expectation. The Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit’s energy is too powerful. Zi Yan’s body is unable to completely absorb this frightening energy. Hence, the energy has started to solidify…”

“Energy solidifying?”

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this phrase. “What do you mean?”

“Ugh, follow me…”

Elder Zhu Li sighed. He turned around and walked toward a stone hall in the mountain. Xiao Yan hurriedly followed behind him.

The couple of them followed behind Zhu Li as they traversed through the stone hall. The few of them finally halted their footsteps deep within the large hall. This large hall was built from a huge rock. In the middle of the large hall was a towering altar. At this moment, a lovely little figure was quietly lying on top of the altar.

Xiao Yan glanced over. His eyes focused on that lovely little body. His expression immediately changed.

He could see that there was a layer of crystal that appeared like ice, covering every part of the body. If one were to look carefully, one would discover that this was not only the case outside of the body. Even the interior of the body was occupied by this kind of crystal body…

In other words, Zi Yan had transformed into a crystal body that was without any life!

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