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Chapter 1303

Chapter 1303: Begin

Xiao Yan and Qing Lin remained on the Ancient Dragon Island during the next two days. Elder Zhu Li hurried to prepare the things needed to refine the energy crystal on Zi Yan. It was fortunate that he had instructed Hei Qing to entertain the two guests while he was busy. Hence, two days swiftly flowed by while waiting in leisure.

On the third morning, Elder Zhu Li finally appeared in front of Xiao Yan with a solemn face. Seeing this, Xiao Yan understood that today was likely the day that they would begin…

“Little friend Xiao Yan, please follow the old me.”

Zhu Li informed Xiao Yan before turning around and leading the way at the front. Xiao Yan swiftly followed behind.

Xiao Yan followed Zhu Li as he flew to the deepest part of the Dragon Island. He discovered that the atmosphere of the Dragon Island appeared much more solemn today. The usually empty sky occasionally had one or two figures flying past. Their eyes were cautiously sweeping outside of the empty realm.

“Although we have done a good job of keeping this a secret, Zi Yan is really too important to the Ancient Dragon clan. Therefore, nothing must go wrong. Hence, the defenses of the Dragon Island have reached a high point.” Xiao Yan only came to an understanding after hearing Zhu Li explain why along the way.

Xiao Yan could acutely sense that the energy around them had become hotter while he flew toward the deepest part of the Dragon Island.

“This place… actually has a volcano…”

Surprise flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes as he sensed it in detail. The Ancient Void Dragon really acted in a grand manner. It was unexpected that they built a genuine volcano on the island.

After flying for ten minutes, Elder Zhu Li slowly reduced his speed. Xiao Yan followed him and looked ahead. He could see a large mountain ahead. The mountain peak exhibited a concave shape where white, hot smoke curled and rose.


A black figure suddenly hurried over from the distance when Xiao Yan and Zhu Li arrived in this part of the sky. After which, the figure appeared in front of Xiao Yan’s group.

“You… Tie Jian zun-zhe? … Why are you here?”

Xiao Yan initially gave a random glance at this human figure. Unexpectedly, his glance stilled on this figure. He cried out in disbelief.

The human figure in front was wearing a black robe. He carried a metal sword on his back. His appearance was that of Tie Jian zun-zhe, who had accompanied Xiao Yan’s group to rescue Yao Lao back then. However, Tie Jian zun-zhe had remained behind to block the Black White Tianzun back then. Originally, Xiao Yan had thought that he was gone, but he ended up unexpectedly meeting him again.

“Ha ha…” Elder Zhu Li laughed when he saw Xiao Yan’s expression. Tie Jian zun-zhe’s face also moved a little as he appeared to smile.

“Could that mysterious expert back then be Elder Zhu Li?” Xiao Yan’s eyes were unfocused as he asked Zhu Li with surprise.

“I quietly followed Zi Yan after she had left. She is far too important to our Ancient Void Dragon clan. How could I allow her to randomly barge around alone?” Elder Zhu Li fondled his beard and laughed, “Back then, I had only helped her stabilize the spatial crack and did not do anything else to help. As for Tie Jian, the old me does admire this character of his. Therefore, I rescued him from the hands of the Hall of Souls after you left.”

“It is unexpected that the little me has unknowingly received a favor from Elder Zhu Li…” Xiao Yan bitterly laughed.

“It is merely a small matter…” Elder Zhu Li randomly waved his hand. After which, his eyes landed on Tie Jian zun-zhe as he asked, &ldquo

;Is everything prepared?”

Tie Jian zun-zhe tilted his head in agreement.

Elder Zhu Li also nodded when he saw Tie Jian zun-zhe’s response. He waved his hand at Xiao Yan, and his body slowly drifted forward. Finally, he was suspended above the mountain that was emitting a smoke pillar. Xiao Yan followed close behind. His eyes glanced down, only to discover that there was an enormous emerald-green cauldron suspended above the mouth of the volcano. It was possible to see a small lovely figure suspended within it. That figure was Zi Yan.

“Little friend Xiao Yan. The fire affinity energy of this place is extremely rich. The might of the Heavenly Flame will be strengthened by using the Heavenly Flame here…” Elder Zhu Li pointed at the large cauldron. His expression was a little grave as he said, “However, the Heavenly Flame is too overbearing. Hence, there is a need for extremely outstanding control in order to refine the energy crystal without burning Zi Yan. With little friend Xiao Yan’s current ability, I think that you should be able to achieve this right?”


Xiao Yan nodded. He had already reached the pinnacle when it came to the control of a flame. Hence, it was not difficult for him.

Elder Zhu Li also sighed in relief when he saw Xiao Yan nod. His finger pointed to the surrounding mountains as he said, “During this period of time, the Ancient Void Dragon tribe’s experts and the old me will personally remain around here. We will definitely not allow anything to disturb you.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes followed the direction Elder Zhu Li pointed. With his outstanding perception, he could indeed sense quite a number of extremely powerful auras hidden within the surrounding mountains.

“Additionally, refining the Dragon Phoenix crystal will not be easy. This will be a task that exhausts a great amount of time. It will also exhaust Dou Qi at an extremely frightening rate.” Elder Zhu Li clenched his hand after he spoke. A dense-white jade bottle appeared in his hand. He fondled it a little before handing it to Xiao Yan and continued with, “There are five drops of Ancient Dragon Essence Blood that the old me has personally refined in that bottle. They possess an extremely great amount of energy. Not only will they allow one to instantly recover a great amount of Dou Qi but they also possess the mysterious effect of tempering one’s veins and bones. You can consume one drop when the Dou Qi within your body is unable to keep up during the refinement…”

Xiao Yan carefully received the jade bottle. He sensed the vast and mighty energy that radiated out of it. Even with his eyesight and experience, a glint of shock still involuntarily appeared in his eyes. He naturally understood how precious the Ancient Dragon essence blood was. These five drops of refined essence blood would cause elite experts to fight in the outside world. After all, these things were not only able to swiftly recover one’s exhausted Dou Qi, they were also able to temper one’s body, enabling one to be comparable to that of some Magical Beasts.

“This matter is of great importance and it is unwise of me to boast. Although this Ancient Dragon essence blood is precious, the little me shall temporarily accept it…” Xiao Yan did not put up an act at this moment. He immediately cupped his hands together and inhaled a deep breath of air. His body flashed, transforming into a ray of light that appeared in the sky above the volcano. He sat in the sky beside the large cauldron.

Elder Zhu Li’s expression gradually became serious when he saw that Xiao Yan was preparing to begin. He muttered, “The subsequent matters will depend on you…”

Xiao Yan sat in front of the enormous cauldron. His eyes were grave as he observed the lovely little figure within the cauldron. He inhaled a couple of breaths and slowly opened his mouth after his heart had completely calmed down.


After Xiao Yan opened his mouth, a purple-brown fire pillar that contained a dense whiteness was spat out. It soared with the wind and turned into a monstrous flame, which poured into the enormous cauldron.

With the appearance of the Heavenly Flame, the temperature quickly rose. Some of the towering trees in the mountain forest began to shed some leaves at this moment…

The flame whistled into the enormous cauldron and gathered together under Xiao Yan’s nearly flawless control. Within a short moment, a huge fire dragon was formed within the enormous cauldron.


The fire dragon roared at the sky when it formed. That roar shook the enormous cauldron until it trembled.


Xiao Yan’s hand seal suddenly changed outside of the enormous cauldron. A soft cry was emitted from his mouth.

Following the appearance of this cry, the enormous fire dragon charged toward Zi Yan, who was sleeping with her eyes shut. When it was about to collide with her body, it swiftly turned and curled up. It used its body to wrap around her. At the same time, the temperature within the large cauldron suddenly rose to a frightening extent…

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh…”

When the temperature suddenly rose, numerous rays of light rushed out from all over the Dragon Island. After which, they stopped above the surrounding mountains with solemn expressions. These were the tribe members of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. They appeared to be aware of the matter today. Hence, none of them made any noise. They were worried of disturbing Xiao Yan’s focus.

Xiao Yan did not have the time to worry about these surrounding observers. At this moment, all of his attention had gathered inside the large cauldron. The spiritual strength between his brows surged out in all directions to control the temperature of the flame…

The flame within the large cauldron fiercely burned. Although the flame blocked their eyes, the scene within was still clearly absorbed into the minds of Elder Zhu Li and the other experts.

The fire dragon curled and entrenched itself. Numerous extremely hot fire pillars continuously shot from its large mouth. They lingered around Zi Yan’s body within the large cauldron.

Following the erosion by such a frightening temperature, the Dragon Phoenix crystal on Zi Yan’s body emitted a faint but unusual glow. Light flickered over the crystal layer. It appeared like a flowing body that emitted wave after wave of frightening energy, which caused one’s heart to be frightened.

Heavenly Flames continuously spat on Zi Yan’s body. However, the Dragon Phoenix crystal did not show any signs of changing. Nevertheless, Xiao Yan did not panic a little. If it was so easy to melt this thing, Elder Zhu Li would not have invited him to act…

Xiao Yan’s expression was indifferent. His eyes were slowly shut as a mysterious flame gently flickered within them.

There was nothing that cannot be incinerated by a Heavenly Flame. This was the case for everything, including this Dragon Phoenix crystal!

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