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Chapter 1250

Chapter 1250: Ancestral Soul Fight

The golden light arrived from all directions. After which, it suddenly dissolved when it was within a hundred feet radius around that lovely little figure. In an instant, that destructive strength disappeared.

Lin Dong’s group revealed a shocked expression was he looked at the lovely small figure in front of him. They could suddenly sense a kind of undescribable frightening pressure from within her body. Compared to this pressure, the Ancient Heaven Phoenix earlier was undoubtedly much inferior.

“Both of them had summoned their own remnant ancestor soul…” Tian Huo zun-zhe spoke with surprise.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. His eyes looked at the enormous bones on the plains and his heart was slightly shakened. It was unexpected that this Ancient Void Dragon and Ancient Heaven Phoenix would actually possess such a frightening energy despite having been dead for so many years. It seemed that these two big fellows were at least at the Dou Sheng class when they were alive.

“Ancient Void Dragon?”

Zi Yan, who had suddenly appeared and the ancestor soul that she had summoned immediately caused a shocked expression to surge up the face of the black robed old man. At this moment, they finally abruptly remembered that in order for Xiao Yan’s group to enter this beast spiritual barrier, there must definitely be someone leading the way. Other than the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, the only ones who could open this beast spiritual barrier was the ultimate being in the Magical Beast, the ancient void dragon.

However, the Ancient Void Dragon was really too rarely seen. Hence, they had initially thought that Xiao Yan’s group had used some unknown method. With this sudden appearance of Zi Yan, they had suddenly understood that Xiao Yan’s lineup actually hid a true Ancient Void Dragon!

“Don’t panic. This Ancient Void Dragon is still a child!”

The eyes of the black robed old man flickered rapidly. He saw the panic on everyone’s faces before the corner of his eyes twitched as he spoke in a deep voice.

“Qing Er, attack. Use the ancestor soul to kill her!” After uttering those earlier words, the black robed old man’s eyes suddenly turned towards Feng Qing Er in the sky and cried sternly.

The faces of Lei zun-zhe and the others involuntarily trembled when they heard that the black robed old man actually wished to attack and kill an Ancient Void Dragon. It was likely that no one would not feel a fear within their hearts when it came to this mysterious and powerful tribe. If the Ancient Void Dragons were to discover that their tribe member had died in their hands, it was likely that they would be faced with the threat of annihilation.

While these people were feeling a panic within their hearts, Feng Qing Er in the sky nodded with a cold and indifferent expression. With the help of the Ancient Demon Phoenix ancestral soul, she currently did not possess any fear.

Feng Qing Er clenched her hand. Bright golden light surged out from within her body. Immediately, a punch was thrown. One could hear a clear phoenix cry resounding over the place. A golden light Heaven Phoenix was swiftly being formed. It flapped its enormous wings and the entire sky shook because of it. That aura was extremely shocking.

The golden phoenix flapped its wings after being formed before it blotted out the sun and rushed towards everyone on the altar. Under its enormous shadow, everyone truly sensed their inability to resist it. This kind of strength was really too powerful…

Faced with such a frightening attack, Zi Yan, whose body was covered by a purple light, took two slow steps forward. Her small hand faced the giant golden phoenix across some distance before clenching violently!

With this clench, Xiao Yan’s group i

mmediately sensed that this entire place became dim. Soon after, the empty space collapsed. A thousand feet large dark black empty hole appeared in the sky. That darkness, which was so deep that it could even swallow Spiritual Strength, caused one’s heart to turn cold.


This plam of Zi Yan was just like a great mountain pressing downwards. It trapped the golden phoenix within the collapsed space. The latter struggled with all of its strength. That bright golden light being continuously emitted was just like a sun.


Feng Qing Er’s face revealed a paleness when she sensed the situation of the golden phoenix. A mouthful of fresh blood that contained some purple colour was spat out. This mouthful of fresh blood was directly sent across space. Within a flash, it had adhered onto the body of the golden phoenix.

This blood strength that had suddenly arrived appeared to be like fuel being added onto a flame. It caused the golden light on the body of the golden phoenix to suddenly soar. The golden light was bright as the phoenix flapped its wings and escaped the collapsed space, transformed into a golden light and violently shot towards the altar.

Faced with the golden phoenix that was trying to escape from the collapsed space, Zi Yan once again raised her small hand. An enormous purple light pillar shot out from her palm. The light pillar became distorted and swiftly transformed into an enormous Ancient Void Dragon. It roared towards the sky as it bare its fangs and collided violently towards the golden phoenix. Immediately, the dragon’s body was twisted and it became just like a huge python that was firmly entangled with the enormous body of the golden phoenix.


Zi Yan’s small face was icy cold. Her small hand was spread. Immediately, it was clenched violently!


After it clenched its hand, the large body of that ancient void dragon began to violently shake. A frightening force that could annihilate the heavens and earth directly shattered the golden phoenix into pieces of gold coloured light clusters.


The face of Feng Qing Er became ghastly white when the golden phoenix was shattered. A mouthful of fresh blood was involuntarily spat out. Her body staggered backwards and the golden light in her eyes swiftly scattered. The ancestral soul strength disappeared with lightning like speed.

“The ancestor soul had been completely shattered!”

Feng Qing Er’s eyes were shocked as she raised her head. She looked at the delicate little body in the distant sky. The ancestral soul that was called invincible in the ancestral books had actually met with such a miserable defeat after she had summoned it with great difficulty.

The heart of the black robed elder also sunk when he saw the golden light scattering from Feng Qing Er’s eyes. His mouth quietly let out a bitterness. Who could have expected that Xiao Yan’s group would actually have an Ancient Void Dragon hidden amongst them. Moreover, the Ancient Void Dragon was clearly the stronger ancestral soul that remained within this beast spiritual barrier.

“Elder Huang, what should we do?”

Lei zun-zhe’s group hurriedly asked while feeling an unease rose within their hearts after seeing that Feng Qing Er, who had acted mightily earlier, being defeated in such a miserable manner.

The eyes of the black clothed old man flashed. A moment later, he suddenly clenched his teeth and said, “Leave!”

“Elder Huang Xuan, that is the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit!” That white haired man unwilling said when he heard this.

“So what if it is? Can you get it?” That black robed old man’s expression was dark and solemn as he demanded.

The white haired man was dull. The overall strength of Xiao Yan’s group was not inferior to them. Now that they had the additional help of the Ancient Void Dragon, their side had already fell into a disadvantage. How could they still snatch the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit?

“Leave quickly! They will ultimately have to leave this beast spiritual barrier. At that time, they will not have the help of the Ancient Void Dragon’s ancestral soul. We will have plenty of opportunities!”

The black robed old man was decisive. After knowing that the situation was bad, he immediately waved his hand and swiftly pulled back. Lei zun-zhe’s group also hurriedly followed upon seeing this.

“We will allow all of you to be free for a little longer!”

The white haired man clenched his teeth unwillingly. However, he was also aware of the current situation. Hence, all he could do was to look at the altar with vicious eyes before pulling back.


Zi Yan let out a cold snort when she saw that these people were planning to leave. She threw a punch across the space, only to hear a rumbling muffled sound. A dark black spatial crack line spread within the empty space before directly rushing towards Feng Qing Er’s group.

The expression of the black robed old man changed as he sensed the frightening wind that was rushing over in a lightning like manner. The Dou Qi within his body suddenly erupted. He turned his body and threw a violent punch out. The punch collided heavily with the spatial crack line that was rushing towards him.


The ferocious collision directly caused the black robed old man to feel a sweetness in his throat. His body flew rapidly backwards. Immediately, a crack line appeared within the beast spiritual barrier, absorbing him out of the place.

“Leave quickly!”

A hoarse voice was hurriedly being transmitted into the ears of Feng Qing Er and the rest while the black robed old man borrowed the momentum to throw himself out of the beast spiritual barrier.

Seeing that the black robed old man failed to even receive a single blow from Zi Yan at this moment, the expression of Lei zun-zhe’s group also became extremely ugly. They basically tried to flee out of the crack line with all their effort. That manner appeared extremely miserable.

Xiao Yan’s group involuntarily laughed as they watched the black robed old man and the rest fleeing likes dogs, which had just lost their homes. Immediately, their eyes were filled with shock as they looked at Zi Yan. This Ancient Void Dragon was indeed extraordinary. Just a remanent ancestral soul was actually able to be this powerful.


Zi Yan’s body trembled after the last person fled from the beast spiritual barrier. The purple light on her body swiftly disappeared. Her small face was also extremely pale.

“Are you alright?”

Xiao Yan hurriedly stepped forward and supported her upon seeing this. He took out a medicinal pill from his Storage Ring and stuffed it into her mouth while asking in a worried voice.

“I’m fine, the ancestral soul is too power and it is too much of a burden to me…” Zi Yan shook her head. Her expression was a little better after having swallowed the medicinal pill. However, her voice was a little hoarse. “Fortunately, that old fellow has already been injured by me. His fighting strength would at the very least be reduced by twenty percent. He would not be too troublesome to deal with the next time we meet him.”


Xiao Yan nodded his head slightly. He gently patted Zi Yan’s back and said, “Relax, that old fellow still do not possess the ability to snatch the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit.”

“They do not have the ability now but they will definitely not give up. Once they leave the remains, they will definitely summon their experts from their tribe. I think that I should also transmit news to my clan. The Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit must not land in the hands of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe no matter what. Zi Yan spoke in a solemn voice. This was the first time that Xiao Yan had seen this girl being so serious during these many years. It seemed that this Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit was really extremely important to her.

“Yes, if the Ancient Void Dragon could dispatch some experts within the tribe, the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe will likely not dare to have any bad thoughts…” Xiao Yan softly nodded and said, “You should keep the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit first. Otherwise something unexpected may occur if we delay any longer.”

Zi Yan nodded. She swiftly walked towards the stone platform. After which, she bit her finger. She covered her hand with blood. Only then did she carefully touched the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit.

The Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit had just came into contact with Zi Yan’s hand when it emitted a glaring intense glow. Immediately, the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit actually transformed into a golden-purple colour liquid that flowed within Zi Yan’s hand. After which, it entered her body. An additional image appeared on Zi Yan’s palm the moment the fruit disappeared. That appearance was surprisingly the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit.

“The energy of this thing is far too frightening. I can only temporarily seal it within my body. At that time, I must get the Elders within the tribe to help deal with it…” Zi Yan whispered.

“Since we have obtained the thing, let us leave. I wonder if we will discover the existence of the Tian class Dou Technique in other areas of the remains?”

Xiao Yan laughed softly. He also had some curiosity towards that Tian class Dou Technique.

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