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Chapter 1249

Chapter 1249: Heaven Phoenix Ancestral Soul

The eyes of Lei zun-zhe’s group immediately revealed a fierce glint when they heard those dense words of the black robed old man.

“Leave that black robed old man to the Sky Demon Puppet.”

A chillness also surged within Lin Dong’s eyes. The most troublesome person to deal with in the other party was the black robed old man. As long as they subdued him, the others were not worthy of their worry.

Xiao Yan formed a mysterious hand seal after his words sounded. The Spiritual Strength between his brows also spread. Following the spreading of his Spiritual Strength, the ten Earth Demon Puppet in the midair also shifted their footsteps. Within the short blink of an eye, the formation that had been displayed outside of the large hall earlier was once again formed.

This kind of formation was extremely mysterious. It could temporarily add the strength of the other puppets onto the puppet at the centre of the formation. Fortunately, Xiao Yan had also successfully obtained the secret of this kind of formation when he was obtaining the control of these puppets. Hence, he did not panic when using it.


A cry was emitted from within Xiao Yan’s throat. The Sky Demon Puppet moved and rushed into the formation. Immediately, bright silver light surged out from within the ten puppets and continued to flow towards the Sky Demon Puppet amongst them.


The expression of the black robed elder involuntarily sunk when he saw this action of Lin Dong. He had also witnessed the uniqueness of this puppet formation earlier. Immediately, he let out a sharp cry.

Lei zun-zhe and the rest also nodded heavily upon hearing this. Their feet stomped on the ground and their bodies transformed into numerous light figures that rushed towards the altar. In an instant, rumbling rushing wind sound continued to resound across this entire place.

“You should first pass through the old me if you wish to snatch anything!”

Xiong Zhan howled furiously when he saw everyone rushing over in a shocking manner. He stomped his foot on the ground and the land trembled at this moment.

“Humph, it is rumoured that the Dragon Bear possessed the ability to destroy the mountains and split the ground. Allow the old me to have a taste of it today!” The chief of the Great Earth Tiger laughed coldly as a deafening tiger roar suddenly sounded. Immediately, his body directly turned into a ray of light that rushed towards Xiong Zhan.

“Watch this father of your burst you head with a punch!” A ferocious expression surfaced on Xiong Zhan’s face. He clenched his large fist. After which, it became like a rampaging tank that collided heavily with the Great Earth Tiger chief without backing off. Immediately, a frightening wind swept apart like a storm.

“Leave that Lei zun-zhe to me.”

Little Fairy Doctor looked at the intense big battle that had erupted almost immediately. Her pretty eyes also looked towards Lei zun-zhe, who was charging over with a bright lightning glow. She let out a soft cry and her lovely body came rushing out. After which, She stopped Lei zun-zhe in the midair. Her hand was waved and a gray fog spread out in all directions.

“Leave that chief of the Silver Moon Wolf tribe to me. Xiao Yan, that person from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe will be left for you to handle.” Tian Huo zun-zhe also moved. He directly blocked that Silver Moon tribe elite Dou Zun. Vast and mighty aura spread and directly caused the expressions of those behind to change.

Xiao Yan also nodded slightly as he watched the battlegrounds that were swiftly being formed. He glanced at the white haired man, who was walking over through the air. A cold smile surfaced on his face.

“Qing Er, yo

u should have sense the strangeness of this place, no?” The black robed old man swept his eyes over the entire area before suddenly turning his head and speaking towards Feng Qing Er.

Feng Qing Er’s eyes flickered slightly. She sensed a little before a joy rushed into her eyes. She nodded quickly and said, “Elder, pleased be rest assured. Leave it to me.”

“Yes, whether we can successfully obtain the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit will depend on you.” The black robed old man nodded. Immediately, he waved his sleeve and rushed out like a huge bird. The mighty aura of a five star Dou Zun was completely erupted at this moment. The sky and land changed because of it.


Bright light surged and were poured into the body of the Sky Demon Puppet. Following the pouring in of such a great amount of energy, the dark gold colour of the Sky Demon Puppet involuntarily became deeper.


A dry low roar was suddenly emitted from the throat of the Sky Demon Puppet after a final ray of silver light poured into its body. Those empty eyes belonging to it had already been permeated by golden light. It raised its head and looked at the black robed elder rushing over. His leg stomped on the empty air and this empty space immediately crumbled into countless number of dark black crack lines. Those ten Earth Demon Puppet behind had turned into an ordinary metal colour at this moment. Clearly, all of their energy had been drained.

“Humph, a mere puppet is actually also thinking to stopping the old me!”

The black robed old man laughed coldly as he looked at the Sky Demon Puppet, which had transformed into a golden light. His fist was clenched and he threw a punch without any fancy move.


The two collided with a bang. Frightening sonic wave spread throughout the sky. Some of the Dou Zong class experts immediately felt their throat becoming sweet. A shocked expression quickly covered their faces. This was merely the remanent wave from the battle. Yet, they were already unable to endure it. A battle at this level was really too frightening.

Both fist collided. The black robed elder’s body shook. He looked at the Sky Demon Puppet, which had taken two steps back. His eyes were exceptionally gloomy. Although he could suppress this puppet, the frightening strength of the latter caused even him to quietly be shocked. A puppet was actually able to reach this level. How unbelievable.

During the time that the black robed old man and the Sky Demon Puppet were engaging in an earth-shaking big battle, the white haired man had also appeared in the air above the altar. His eyes were sinister as he stared at Xiao Yan and laughed, “Xiao Yan, today, I shall let you see what it means by there is always someone greater. You still do not have the qualification to dominate the younger generation!”

The white haired man stepped across the air. A fierce aura spread across the sky. From the looks of his strength, he was actually a two star Dou Zun. He was indeed one star stronger than Xiao Yan.

The white haired man suddenly clenched his fist after the loud laughter sounded. Bright golden light surged. A golden light fist seal that was hundreds of feet large was formed in a lightning like fashion. After which, it carried an incomparably overbearingness and rushed towards Xiao Yan on the altar like a thunderbolt. Low and deep sound of air being blasted apart was being emitted wherever the fist passed.

“Heaven Phoenix Tyrant Punch!”

Xiao Yan’s body moved as he looked at the frightening fist that came rushing over from the sky. He also appeared in the midair. Seals were swiftly being changed with his hands. A palm print also appeared with lightning like speed.

“Overturning Land Seal!:

The bright palm seal surfaced on Xiao Yan’s palm. After which, it suddenly rushed out and violently collided with the golden light fist of the white haired man. Immediately, a frightening storm swept apart amidst an intense explosion.


The wind spread. Xiao Yan’s shoulders merely shook before he resolved the force. He raised his head towards the white haired man in the sky and spoke faintly, “I am not qualified to dominate. You, are not qualified either!”

“Hee, I will just see how tough your mouth will be when I beat you down later.”

The white haired man laughed coldly. A fierce glint flashed within his eyes. His back shook and a pair of phoenix wings spread. The phoenix wings were flapped and its speed suddenly rose in multiples. It had appeared in front of Xiao Yan in a flash. An overbearing fist technique poured out without being held back.

A cold glint flickered within Xiao Yan’s eyes when faced with the white haired man’s storm like attack. Vast and mighty Dou Qi was swiftly being circulated within his body. Purple-brown flame was just like fire clothes on the surface of his body. Each time the white haired man unleash a fierce attack, it would be forcefully received by him in the most direct head on method. A mere two star Dou Zun still did not have the qualification to force Xiao Yan to withdraw!

Bang bang bang!

Two figures in the sky directly began the most intense and cruel physical battle. Fist met flesh. Frightening wind would cause the surrounding air to collapse during each exchange. A sharp rushing wind sound continued to appear unceasingly.

The white haired man’s face gradually became serious following this extremely barbaric fight. His actual body was that of the Heaven Demon Phoenix and he possessed an extremely strong physical body. However, Xiao Yan did not feel any discomfort when colliding head on with him. Instead, Xiao Yan became increasingly fierce as he fought. It was as though the strength of the latter’s physical body was not inferior of his.

“I do not believe that you, a mere human, would actually dare to compete with me, a Heaven Demon Phoenix, in terms of the strength of the physical body!”

A fierceness flashed within the white haired man’s eyes. His palm wind suddenly became extremely sharp.

Xiao Yan still did not withdraw in the face of this fierce attack by the white haired man. His eyes also took the opportunity to continuously sweep around him when they exchanged blows. His eyes suddenly hardened a moment later.

The spot where Xiao Yan’s eyes had become focused was the spot where Feng Qing Er was located. At this moment, she was biting her finger and dripping drops of faint purple fresh blood from it. Immediately, the blood was suspended in front of her.

Feng Qing Er’s face was grave as she looked at the blood. Her finger was dyed with it. After which, it began to draw gently in front of her. A moment later, a mysterious symbol appeared in the sky.

The moment this symbol appeared, it was as though there was a faint phoenix cry resounding over this entire place. This phoenix cry might be extremely faint but it caused the souls of Xiao Yan’s group to tremble violently when it fell into their ears.

“Using blood as a contract, a contract as a seal, summoning the ancestor soul!”

Feng Qing Er respectfully knelt in the sky. After her words sounded, that symbol suddenly emitted a bright light. This light poured down from the sky before slowly landing on the bright red plains.


The land suddenly trembled at this moment. Immediately, everyone were shocked to see that the Heaven Phoenix bones on the plains had actually began to slowly move at this moment. With the wiggling of these bones, a desolate aura that originated from the ancient times began to suddenly spread. The Dou Qi that was circulating within the bodies’ of Xiao Yan’s group suddenly began unusually sluggish.

“This is the remanent strength of the Ancient Heaven Phoenix…”

The faces of Xiao Yan’s group immediately changed upon sensing the great strength of this aura. There was no need to beckon them. All of them hurriedly left their own battlegrounds and withdrew towards the altar. Their faces were exceptionally ugly.

This desolate aura slowly rose. Finally, it wrapped around the body of Feng Qing Er in the sky. Her delicate body shook and a golden glow flickered within her eyes. She lifted her hand and a majestic golden light, along with a frightening energy that could destroy the world, rushed towards Xiao Yan’s group on the altar.

In the face of this frightening energy, the hearts of Xiao Yan’s group also sunk abruptly. However, just when they were prepared to attack together, a delicate little figure slowly appeared in front of them. Her calm voice erupted into a kind of pressure that was even more terrifying than that of the Ancient Heaven Phoenix at this moment.

“Heaven Phoenix ancestral soul huh… unfortunately, this Ancient Void Dragon ancestral soul of mine seems to be a little stronger…”

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