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Chapter 1251

Chapter 1251: Ancient Medicinal Pill

Everyone nodded when they heard these words of Xiao Yan. Since they had already taken the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit, there was no longer any meaning in them remaining here.

Seeing that no one objected, Xiao Yan once again glanced at this plain, where an Ancient Heaven Phoenix and an Ancient Void Dragon had died. His toes pressed on the stone platform and his body appeared beside the beast spiritual barrier. Zi Yan by the side randomly drew a crack line with her hand and Xiao Yan’s group rushed out through the gap.

Golden light flashed within the forest. A couple of figures appeared out of nowhere. Dou Qi immediately surged from their bodies after they appeared. The Dou Qi was only withdrawn after they fail to sense any unexpected change around them.

“Those fellows has already fled beforehand. Looks like that old fellow is quite seriously injured…”

Xiao Yan sighed in relief upon seeing the empty forest as he laughed.

“Yes.” Little Fairy Doctor and the rest also nodded. Their eyes swept around the place and they could vaguely hear the sound of some intense battles and beast roars transmitted from within this forest. It was likely caused by those who had barged in to seek for treasure.

“Let’s leave this place first. The commotion is becoming increasingly big. It would sooner or later disturb those powerful Magical Beast within the deep parts of the forest. Things would be troublesome if we end up becoming entangled in it.” Xiao Yan did not stay any longer after saying those words. His body moved and flashed towards the path which they had taken earlier. Zi Yan and the rest swiftly followed behind him.

Xiao Yan’s group had met with quite a number of powerful treasure seekers along the way as they flew. These people felt somewhat surprised at Xiao Yan’s group act of rushing towards the outside of the forest. The eyes of some of those who were careful flickered when they saw Xiao Yan’s group rushing out from the deep parts of the forest. Their hearts appeared to have thought of something. However, due to the lineup of Xiao Yan’s group, they had no choice but the withdraw the ill thoughts within their hearts.

Xiao Yan’s group rushed wildly towards the direction that they came from. They met with quite a number of eyes along the way but did not end up being blocked. Hence, after around twenty minutes or so, Xiao Yan’s group had once again appeared at the stone door where they had entered from earlier.

During this journey of theirs out of the place, Xiao Yan’s group did not discover the trail of Feng Qing Er’s group. It seemed that they had left through another way. This caused Xiao Yan to feel some regret. At this moment, the latter had ended up entering a weaken state due to the black robed old man’s injury. It was a good opportunity to beat a dog when it was down.


After slowly opening the stone door, Xiao Yan’s group once again glanced at the ancient forest behind them. They could vaguely sense some extremely fierce aura becoming increasingly stronger. It seemed that some unlucky fellows had barged into the territories of some extremely powerful existences.

Xiao Yan group swiftly left while quietly pitying these unlucky fellows. After which, they shut the door door tightly.

Everyone looked at the tightly shut stone door within the spacious corridor. After which, they looked at this already messy corridor and the rooms on both sides. They involuntarily smiled bitterly and shook their heads. These fellows were too barbaric.

“Where should we go to now?” Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes looked towards Xiao Yan and asked.

“Let’s walk inwards. The true treasure should be at the middle of the large hall.” Xia

o Yan mused a little. After which, he found their bearings and swiftly walked towards the other corridor. Zi Yan and the rest hurriedly followed upon seeing this.

This corridor had clearly already been violently washed once during the time that Xiao Yan’s group had entered the ancient forest. The surroundings were not only a complete mass but those originally clean rooms had also been destroyed until they were like ruins. It caused one to continue shaking one’s head when looking at them.

After seeing that the path had already been damaged until such an extent, Xiao Yan’s group also no longer had the interest to continue looking at them. They increased their speed and hurried towards the middle of the large hall.

Xiao Yan had also met quite a number of groups searching all over the places for treasure during the time that they were hurrying past. The thing that caused Xiao Yan to feel a little strange was that these fellows seemed to be hurrying towards a certain direction.

A thought also passed through the hearts of Xiao Yan’s group when they saw this scene. They exchanged glances and nodded slightly before following these groups.

“Its medicinal pills…”

Xiao Yan suddenly sniffed a familiar scent after following these group through a couple of corridors. A thought passed through his heart as he softly said, “Moreover, it is an extremely rich medicinal pill scent. It seems that there should be quite a lot of medicinal pills. If I guess correctly, it should be a pill room that stores medicinal pills.”


Everyone’s heart were interested when they heard the words ‘medicinal pills’. Medicinal pills would always possess a great allure in this world. Moreover, the medicinal pills in this place were left behind by an elite Dou Sheng. That allure was multiplied.

“Ke ke, let’s go. I am also quite curious about these ancient medicinal pills. It is a good opportunity to take a look.”

Xiao Yan was aware that everyone were interested after seeing their expressions. He laughed immediately as his toes pressed on the ground. His speed suddenly increased and he overtook the group in front within a short while. Little Fairy Doctor and the rest also activated their maximum speed behind Xiao Yan. Everyone seemed to have become very hardworking under the allure of the ancient medicinal pills.

The corridor within the large hall was just like a maze. However, it was fortunate that Xiao Yan was relying on the medicinal pill scent. After spending over a dozen minutes, they had finally began to gradually slow. A building that was filled with an ancient aura stood in front of them. Two majestic large words were present on the top of the building.

“Pill Hall.”

Xiao Yan softly read it in his mouth. His eyes shifted downwards. At this moment, this Pill Hall had already been found. One could vaguely see quite a number of human figures wildly searching all over the place.

“Let’s go…”

Xiao Yan beckoned and was the first to enter this spacious building. The first story of this Pill Hall was very messy. Numerous human figures were barbarically barging into those pill refinement rooms like bandits, plundering everything. Occasionally, an extremely intense battle would erupt as they fought for medicinal pills.

Xiao Yan’s eyes randomly swept over this first story before losing his interest. He waved his hand and rushed into the interior of the Pill Hall. After finding a flight of stairs that reached the upper level, he directly headed to the second story.

Little Fairy Doctor’s expression changed slightly when they entered the second story. She softly said, “Xiao Yan, you should give everyone an antidote if you have one. There is poison in the air here.”

Xiao Yan’s group were startled upon hearing Little Fairy Doctor’s words. They inhaled a couple of breaths and indeed sensed that something was not quite right.

“No wonder this second story has a lot less people. Looks like there are people already being caught by it…” Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over the place and immediately paused on some corpses on the distant ground. From the looks of it, they were clearly some fellows who had unluckily been poisoned to death.

Xiao Yan took out a couple of antidote that he usually refined from his Storage Ring. He distributed them to everyone to consume. Only then did he said, “There are three storys in this Pill Hall. This is merely the second story. It is likely that the true treasure is on the third story. However, since the second story has poisonous air, it is likely that the third story will not be too peaceful. Everyone should be careful.”

Everyone nodded upon hearing Xiao Yan’s reminder. Only Little Fairy Doctor curled her lips and smiled. Being in possession of the Woeful Poison Body, the thing that she was least afraid of was poison.

After the group conducted a brief search of the second story, they only found some medicinal pills that were not of a high tier. It was likely that others had taken the medicinal pills before them.

After failing to gain any unexpected reward despite searching for awhile, Xiao Yan’s group could only give up. They found the pathway to the third story, gave each other a reminder before entering it.

The third story of this Pill Hall was extremely spacious. There were various different sized Pill Rooms that filled the area around him. Whether it was in terms of decoration or grandeur, it was far from what those two stories below could compare with.

“The poison air here is extremely dense. Moreover, it can erode the Dou Qi within one’s body. Be careful.”

Little Fairy Doctor was most sensitive towards poison. She had sensed that the air was mixed with a potent poison when she arrived. Immediately, she issued a reminder.

Everyone nodded upon hearing this. Their eyes looked around them. It was still possible to see some human figures on this third story. The auras of these people were all quite strong. The weakest was also at the Dou Zong class. Of course, if they did not possess this little ability, it was likely that barging into the third story would only end up with them seeking death.

Xiao Yan’s group, which had suddenly entered this place, had undoubtedly also attracted quite a lot of attention. However, no one took the initiative to come over and chat with them. Everyone here were being cautious of each other.

“I wonder if the third story has the legendary tier 9 medicinal pill? If it does, it will really be quite crazy.” Tian Huo zun-zhe’s eyes swept over the surrounding pill rooms as he laughed.

“It is likely not possible to have a tier 9 medicinal pill. A medicinal pill of that tier is likely also quite rare to an elite Dou Sheng.” Xiao Yan smiled. He randomly found a pill room that no one had visited and slowly walked in.

The size of this pill room was quite large. Due to it having not been patronized by others, it still appeared quite neat and tidy. After Xiao Yan searched the place, he had found an ancient medicinal formula. He glanced at it briefly before keeping it into his Storage Ring. Currently, there was no time to study these things in detail.

Other than this medicinal formula, there was also a bottle of medicinal pill that had not been opened. From the pill fragrance that vaguely seeped out, it was likely a tier 7 medicinal pill. However, there was no record of its effect on it. Xiao Yan was also unable to sense it within such a short time.

After finishing the search of this pill room, Xiao Yan’s group once again changed their target and entered eight pill rooms one after another. Although they did not gain much surprise, they could be considered to have gained something. Moreover, some ancient medicinal formula was also suitable to Xiao Yan. For an alchemist like him, the medicinal formula was sometimes far more valuable than the medicinal pill.


Xiao Yan’s group once again pushed open a pill room that stood at a corner. His eyes swept around him and his brows were knitted slightly. Compared to the other Pill Rooms, this place was undoubtedly much narrower. Moreover, from the looks of this messy manner, it seemed that it had been visited by someone else.

“Let’s go…”

Xiao Yan lost his interest after his eyes swept over the interior. He waved his hand and was just about to turn around and leave when a white figure suddenly rushed pass the messy pill room.

The sudden appearance of the white figure also caused Xiao Yan’s group to be startled. Dou Qi was basically circulated within their bodies at that moment. Their eyes also followed the flashing white figure and looked over. They were startled. It was merely a small beast with white fur over it. This small beast appeared like a cat that was exceptionally fat. Its rounded appearance made it seemed simple and honest. However, there was hardly any energy ripple within its body. It was just like an ordinary small beast.


Xiao Yan’s group sighed in relief. Their tensed heart also relaxed a little. He glanced at the round little fellow and was about to bring others to leave when a thought suddenly passed though his heart. No, that’s not right. This was the ancient remains. How could a cute and fat little beast that did not possess any energy appear in this place?

Xiao Yan knitted his brows slightly. He once again turned his eyes and seriously stared at this round little fellow. A moment later, he appeared to have sensed something. A pair of eyes began to bulge like a frog in an instant.

Little Fairy Doctor and the rest were startled when they saw this expression of Xiao Yan. This was the first time that they had seen this expression of Xiao Yan.

However, before Little Fairy Doctor and the rest could open their mouths and ask, Xiao Yan’s expression had swiftly turned bright red. A mouthful of vulgar words suddenly and involuntarily escaped from his mouth.

“Bloody hell… this fellow is actually a medicinal pill?”

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