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Chapter 1206

Chapter 1206: Subdue

The moment Xiao Yan stood up, the dragon eyes of the Three Thousand Burning Flame, within the purple-black sea of fire, immediately showed a panic expression flashing through them. An uneasiness suddenly covered its heart.

Xiao Yan waved his hand amid the anxious eyes of the Three Thousand Burning Flame. The surrounding fire barrier slowly shrank before transforming into a faint, green fire glow that covered his body. After which, he stepped forward. A fire wave was formed where his feet landed as he slowly walked toward the Three Thousand Burning Flame.


A furious roar was finally emitted from the Three Thousand Burning Flame after seeing that Xiao Yan had finally moved. It widened its enormous dragon mouth and a large fire pillar shot out like a volcano. However, the strength of this current fire pillar was clearly inferior to what it was before.

Xiao Yan smiled in the face the Three Thousand Burning Flame’s attack. He gently waved a sleeve and a jade-green fire pillar shot out from it. After which, it collided with the other fire pillar. The purple-black fire pillar lasted for an instant during the intense collision before collapsing. The remaining green fire pillar smashed into the Three Thousand Burning Flame’s body. The flame that was blasted apart caused a miserable cry to be emitted.

“The current you is too weak…”

Xiao Yan gently clenched his hand. He sensed the great strength that was present when he raised his hand and a joy involuntarily surged into his heart. This beast had acted mighty during this period of time. It had repeatedly mocked him, tried to force him to reveal himself, and told him to meet it in battle. Now, it was time for the situation to be reversed.

“Lowly human, do not act so arrogantly!”

The Three Thousand Burning Flame was so furious that even its eyes had turned a complete red. A furious roar exploded over this space like thunder. Immediately, the purple-black flames erupted, transforming into a countless number of small fire dragons that roared as they violently charged at Xiao Yan.


The fire dragons exploded against Xiao Yan’s body. Terrifying hot air waves continued to spread. A sea of fire covered the area where Xiao Yan had stood earlier.


The originally weary Three Thousand Burning Flame began to pant after unleashing such a large attack. Its dragon’s eyes looked at the sea of fire in the air. Before it could sigh in relief, it was shocked to see a figure slowly walking out of the sea of fire. That figure appeared like a descending fire god under the backdrop of the surrounding flame.

Xiao Yan’s face was slowly lifted into a smile as he stood in the sea of fire. He raised his hand gently and the dragon seal on his palm shook. It erupted with a shocking golden light.

The golden light was just like a sun had risen within the spiritual space. The surrounding purple-black sea of fire appeared to have suffered a powerful suction force that could not be blocked under the shine of this golden light. It suddenly surged into the dragon seal. Within a couple of blinks, this sea of fire had completely disappeared within the seal. At the same time, a purple-black flame gradually seeped out of Xiao Yan’s arm.

The sea of fire scattered. Only the Three Thousand Burning Flame and Xiao Yan were facing off within this spiritual space. However, a terrified expression had surged into the eyes of the Three Thousand Burning Flame. Its enormous body continued to pull back.

“You have lost…”

Xiao Yan slightly smiled as he studied the Three Thousand Burning Flame, which had revealed a terrified expression as it continued to pull back. Xiao Yan smile grew. A golden light surged on his palm. Within a coup

le of whistles, the light caught up with the Three Thousand Burning Flame, and the light started to pulled it back toward the dragon seal as it roared and struggled.

The enormous body of the Three Thousand Burning Flame swiftly shrunk as it came closer to the dragon seal. In the end, it transformed into a purple-black fire glow that was absorbed by the golden light being emitted from the dragon seal on Xiao Yan’s palm.

Xiao Yan finally sighed in relief as he looked at the Three Thousand Burning Flame that had disappeared into his hand. It would not have withdrawn in this competition of will. It would not show signs of withdrawing regardless of how disproportionate their strengths were…


Xiao Yan raised his head, looked at this circular spiritual space, and faintly commanded.

The surrounding space immediately began to fluctuate after his voice sounded. Immediately, a cracking sound appeared. The space transformed into countless numbers of spatial fragments as it burst apart…

The moment the spiritual realm was blasted apart, Xiao Yan, who had been seated within the purple-black flame-filled Star Region, slowly opened his eyes.

A jade-green and purple-black flame flashed across his dark-black eyes as they were opened, causing him to appear exceptionally strange.

Xiao Yan, who had opened his eyes, immediately looked at the small purple-black fire dragon. At this moment, the eyes of the dragon had already lost their luster, causing it to appear a little sluggish.

Xiao Yan softly sighed when he saw its eyes. This kind of battle was such that one party would have to die for the other to survive. There was no third option. He was able to let out a harsh sigh now. However, if the Three Thousand Burning Flame had obtained victory, it would likely proudly incinerate his body into ashes. No other emotions would have been present.

A life and death battle was cruel. So-called good and evil did not exist in such a battle.

Xiao Yan stood up and slowly walked to the small fire dragon. He placed his hand on the its forehead and a suction force surged. The dragon transformed into extremely deep-purple-black flames that slowly flew up.

Xiao Yan softly sighed as he looked at this cluster of purple-black flames. This was the essence flame of the Three Thousand Burning Flame that he had dreamed of. He had traveled a great distance from the Black Corner Region to the Central Plains for it, undergoing many hardships in the process. At this moment, he had finally achieved his desire.

“Relax, follow me. I will not humiliate your reputation on the Heavenly Flame Ranking…

Xiao Yan softly muttered to himself. After which, he widened his mouth and swallowed the cluster of purple-black flames into his stomach.

The essence flame had just entered his body when a wave of searing heat quietly spread out from within. Xiao Yan swiftly crossed his legs and sat down. A jade-green flames and purple-black flames spluttered out from all of his pores.

Xiao Yan had successfully obtained the essence flame of the Three Thousand Burning Flame. Currently, he needed to completely refine it and subsequently merge it with the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame. He would then need to activate the Flame Mantra and evolve it once again!

Although Xiao Yan had obtained control of the Three Thousand Burning Flame due to the existence of the dragon seal, this flame was quite high on the Heavenly Flame Ranking. It had been formed after a countless number of years, causing it to possess a pride that could not be eroded easily. Quite some time would be needed in order to refine it.

Back then, Xiao Yan had spent two years underground in order to refine the Fallen Heart Flame. It might not take so long this time around, but it would likely not be something that could be settled within one to two days.

The jade-green flame cover around Xiao Yan had slowly paled the moment he had sat down and shut his eyes. Finally, it disappeared…

The purple-black sea of fire that permeated the star region immediately surged over after the fire barrier disappeared. However, just when the flames were about to reach a ten-foot-radius from Xiao Yan, they began to hurriedly split apart. After which, they obediently lingered around him, as though the flames were worshipping him.

Xiao Yan might have dodged the sea of fire, but the Sky Demon Puppet by his side gradually emitted a faint golden light due to it having lost the protection of the barrier. Although it was still within a ten-foot-radius of Xiao Yan, the temperature of the Star Region was so high that it was frightening. The place appeared just like a furnace. Xiao Yan was immune to the heat, but it was not. Golden-colored liquid continued to drip down its body. With this golden liquid rolling down, the bright-golden color on its body slowly changed to a dim-golden color. At a glance, it was even deeper and more mysterious.

From the looks of it, the majestic lightning strength the Sky Demon Puppet had absorbed before was being refined naturally by the Star Region furnace…

Although Xiao Yan clearly understood that refining the Three Thousand Burning Flame would require a long time, he did not expect half a year to pass after he shut his eyes.

During this half a year, the Star Region continued to remain quiet as a region of the dead, but the area outside of the Star Region was incredibly noisy.

The third day after the Star Region had been shut, the Little Fairy Doctor had insisted on asking the three great heads to open the Star Region to rescue Xiao Yan. The three great heads were unable to stop her and with Xuan Yi mediating, the Star Region was opened on the third day. However, a terrifying sea of fire surged out like a prehistoric beast the moment the door opened. Had the three great heads not been prepared, it would likely have caused a great disaster.

With this situation having occurred, the Little Fairy Doctor was unable to request the three great heads to open the door again despite feeling extremely anxious in her heart. Fortunately, Zi Yan still had her ability to sense him. Otherwise, she would likely have difficulty enduring the torment during this period of time.

Around one month after the door had been opened the first time, the three great heads once again took the initiative to open the Star Region. This time around, Xuan Kong Zi had entered by himself. However, he ended up fleeing miserably after having been inside for less than five minutes. Due to the Star Region being shut, the temperature was unbelievably high. Even with his strength, he was merely able to travel a thousand meters before being unable to endure any longer. All he could do was flee.

Everyone’s hearts gradually sank when they saw Xuan Kong Zi’s miserable state. Even with his strength, he was unable last long within the Star Region. There was no need to even talk about Xiao Yan.

However, while everyone was expecting the worse, the Little Fairy Doctor’s group were desperately grasping the final straw. This straw was the dragon seal on Zi Yan’s hand. Currently, their only hope was the existence of this dragon seal. If that dragon seal were to suddenly disappear one day, it was likely that the Little Fairy Doctor would collapse…

With the flow of time, an increasing number of people began to cease holding any hope that Xiao Yan was alive. Even Xuan Kong Zi and the others could only quietly sigh. Who would have expected the champion of this Pill gathering to end up with such a fate?

While a countless number of people were letting out hushed sighs, the interior of the death-like Star Region emitted a slight fluctuation for the first time…

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