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Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205: Stalemate

“What did you say? The Three Thousand Burning Flame in the Star Region has erupted? Xiao Yan is still inside?”

The Little Fairy Doctor looked at the white-haired, old man in front of her while she was within a room within the Pill Tower. Her hand had shattered the table beside her into dust as she suddenly stood up. Her warm and alluring face was currently covered with an icy evilness that had been gone for a long time.

Tian Huo zun-zhe’s expression also changed slightly as he stood beside the Little Fairy Doctor.

Qiu Ling also bitterly laughed upon seeing such a great reaction from the Little Fairy Doctor. He cupped his hands together and said, “It is not as though we did not attempt to rescue Xiao Yan, but he was engaged in a soul battle with the Three thousand Burning Flame’s essence flame. He would have been seriously injured if we brought him away. Moreover, there is his puppet guarding him. It did not allow anyone to touch him.”

“With the strength of the giant head of the Pill Tower, it is likely that a puppet would not be able to stop him regardless of how strong it is, no?” The Little Fairy Doctor furiously replied. Although she didn’t possess a clear picture of the situation within the Pill Region, she could tell that it was definitely bad from the tense atmosphere of the Pill Tower. Moreover, Xiao Yan was alone within the Star Region. It was likely that he would not survive.

Qiu Ling also sighed in the face of the aggressive Little Fairy Doctor. He said, “Association head and the others have said that once the situation within the Star Region has become better in a few days, they will enter it and forcefully bring Xiao Yan out.”

“What if those who enter at that time fail to find him?” The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyebrows were vertical. A couple of days later? Even Xuan Kong Zi’s group did not dare to enter the Star Region at this moment. Would Xiao Yan be able to survive after having stayed in it?

The fury in the Little Fairy Doctor’s heart surged when she thought of this. Just when she was about to erupt in anger, Zi Yan by secretly pulled at her sleeve. She softly said, “Relax, Xiao Yan is still alive. I can sense it.”

The Little Fairy Doctor was startled upon hearing Zi Yan’s words. Her pretty eyes doubtfully looked at Zi Yan. A moment later, her tensed face finally relaxed. Although Zi Yan was naughty, she was clearly aware of the gravity of the situation. Moreover, her relationship with Xiao Yan was very good. If Xiao Yan met with any accident, she would definitely not be as calm as she was now.

“I will look for your association heads three days from now. If they do not open the Star Region at that time, I will barge into it by myself!” The Little Fairy Doctor waved her sleeves and spoke in a deep voice.

“Ugh, aye. In that case, the old me shall take my leave first.”

Qiu Ling bitterly laughed and could only nod his head. At this moment, it was obvious that the Little Fairy Doctor was furious. If he said anything more, he might end up in a fight with her. At that moment, he did not dare to say anything more as he cupped his hands together and withdrew from the room.

“How can you sense him? He is separated from us.”

They Little Fairy Doctor turned her head, stared at Zi Yan, and asked when Qiu Ling left.

“I planted a dragon seal in his body. If any accident occurs to him, the dragon seal on my hand will also disappear.” Zi Yan spread her small hand. It was possible to see a golden-colored seal on her hand. At this moment, the symbol was emitting a faint golden light.

“Not only has the dragon seal not disappeared but it is even emitting a gold light. This means that his condition is quite good, and h

is life is not in any danger.” Zi Yan explained the seal in a serious tone.

The Little Fairy Doctor only felt the heavy stone pressing on her chest fall off after seeing the seal. She mused for a moment before her eyes were swung to the sky outside the Pill Tower. At this moment, there were quite a number of experts from the Pill Tower heavily guarding it.

“Even if this is the case, I cannot allow Xiao Yan to remain in that place alone. If he has not come out after three days, I will get the three great heads of the Pill Tower to open the Star Region again no matter what!”

While the outside world was a little chaotic because of the eruption of the Three Thousand Burning Flame, the interior of the Star Region was unusually quiet. Purple-black flames lingered over every corner of the Star Region, rising and burning. The entire Star Region was just like a gigantic furnace. The air was unbelievably hot. Ordinary experts would likely emit a ‘bang’ and autoignite into a fireball if they were to even inhale a breath of this air.

The eruption of the Three Thousand Burning Flame this time around had truly turned this Star Region into a deadly and forbidden place.

There was a green glow vaguely present within the endless sea of purple-black fire. If one were to look from a closer position, one would discover that it was a green-colored fire barrier. A figure was seated cross-legged in the flame. Both of the figure’s eyes were shut as a golden-yellow Sky Demon Puppet with an expressionless face next to the figure.

The one seated cross-legged was naturally Xiao Yan. The current him was just like a monk in meditation. His body did not move, and even the aura that spread from his body was quite thin. At a glance, he appeared just like a person on the brink of death.

This place was an empty one filled with purple-black flames, causing it to be no different from the Star Region. However, the only thing different was that this place was not as quiet as the outside world. Instead, there was occasionally a furious roar and the sound of fires exploding.

If one followed the sound of the explosions and looked over, one could see a circular, green flame spreading apart. The interior of the fire barrier revealed Xiao Yan’s somewhat illusory body seated on a lotus seat formed by the green flame. His body did not move. There was no change in his expression regardless of how the purple-black fire dragon struggled and strafed.

“Bang bang!”

Numerous enormous purple-black fire pillars violently collided with the jade-green fire barrier, causing the barrier to fluctuate and form numerous ripples. However, the pillars were ultimately unable to break the fire barrier.

“Lowly human, you dare compete in a life and death battle with me?”

The fire barrier’s fortifications had not broken even after a long time. Moreover, the surrounding terrifying temperature appeared to not affect Xiao Yan. The Three Thousand Burning Flame involuntarily became a little irritable. For some unknown reason, it had vaguely sensed that its strength seemed to be weakening with the flow of time. Moreover, the thing that shocked it was that the strength of Xiao Yan within the fire barrier was quietly soaring at a very slow speed. It was like the strength within its body was being transferred to Xiao Yan’s body in an unbelievable way.

This kind of transfer might be extremely slow, but it was happening. If this kind of exhaustion continued for a long period of time, it would sooner or later be unable to suppress Xiao Yan. At that time, it understood that Xiao Yan’s retaliation would begin

This kind of change caused the Three Thousand Burning Flame to feel uneasy and irritable. However, regardless of how it screamed and attacked, Xiao Yan continued to hide behind the fire barrier like a tortoise in its shell. He did not make any counter attacks.


The irritation caused the Three Thousand Burning Flame to grow unusually wild and violent. It went all out, urging the flame to erode the fire barrier. However, the effects that it had obtained only caused it to become even more fierce and violent.

Xiao Yan sensed the reason why the Three Thousand Burning Flame was becoming wilder and more violent. It was because its strength was disappearing with the flow of time. Moreover, its strength would gradually flow into Xiao Yan’s body. This kind of mysterious thing should be related to the dragon seal. It was just as Zi Yan had mentioned. The dragon seal that she had planted in Xiao Yan was of a higher quality than the dragon seal of the Three Thousand Burning Flame. This might be the reason why the strengths of the two of them showed signs of strengthening and weakening respectively.

After having comprehended this point, Xiao Yan ended up relaxing. With his current strength, it was impossible for him to subdue the Three Thousand Burning Flame. Fortunately, with his defenses, this weakened essence flame would be unable to do anything to him. All he needed to do now was to wait quietly. Once the strength of the Three Thousand Burning Flame had transferred to his body, he would be able to turn the situation around and subdue it in one attempt!

This would be the only chance Xiao Yan had to succeed. Even the slightest recklessness would cause him to lose this chance and cause the situation to turn into a miserable one.

Xiao Yan involuntarily and coldly trembled the moment he thought about being controlled by the Three Thousand Burning Flame after he failed. He would be better off dead. Therefore, he must not lose no matter what…

Although this speed would require a long while before he could gain the strength to counter attack, this was all he could do. As long as he calmed his heart, victory was certain.

After years of training, the feeling of impatience would naturally not appear in Xiao Yan at such a critical juncture. Everything was tilted in a manner that favored Xiao Yan. All he needed to do was wait until the day he would fully erupt.

There was no concept of time within this spiritual space. Hence, Xiao Yan was unaware of the flow of time. The only thing he knew was that the Three Thousand Burning Flame was weakening by the day while he was growing stronger…

With the gradual flow of time, even the irritation in the eyes of the Three Thousand Burning Flame gradually revealed panic following this strange transformation. It also knew that the longer things were delayed the more unfavorable the situation would be for it. However, even it ended up involuntarily feeling helpless in the face of Xiao Yan’s tortoise shell defense.

Its defense gradually weakened, but Xiao Yan’s defense was strengthening by the day.

This battle tested one’s patience and will.

Time swiftly passed like the sand between once fingers. Xiao Yan had difficulty estimating the flow of time within this emptiness. The only thing he could do was focus and calm his mind, feeling the soul that was filled with spirituality within the space that was filled with purple-black flames.

This kind of bitter wait with a calm heart continued before it suddenly ended.

Xiao Yan, who had kept his eyes shut within the spiritual space, slowly opened them. This time around, his eyes no longer displayed the calmness that they usually did. Instead, a faint smile gradually surged into them.

“Now, it’s my turn…”

Xiao Yan, who was seated on the fire lotus, looked at the sluggish Three Thousand Burning Flame outside the fire barrier. He slightly smiled and slowly got up. A sharp aura swept out like a storm at this moment!

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