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Chapter 1207

Chapter 1207: Swallowing Heavenly Flame, Nine Star Dou Zong!

The terrifying temperature within the Star Region, created by the purple-black flames, continued to rise. It was mind-bogglingly hot. Even space itself had become exceptionally distorted at this moment. If a layer of seals had not existed to keep it isolated, it was likely that these flames would have erupted like a volcano with pressure building up underground, bringing a calamity to Holy Pill City.

There was an empty area within the middle of this dead region permeated by purple-black flames. Not the slightest flame flowed within this area. All the sweeping flames would automatically flow away when they swam close to this area.

A skinny figure sat cross-legged in the empty region. An extremely deep-purple-brown flame rose from his body. This kind of flame lingered over him. Each time the flame churned, it would cause the endless, purple-black fire sea to fluctuate.

That young man did not sense the change in the surrounding flames. It had been nearly eight months since he had shut his eyes back then. His body had not moved even an inch during these eight months. Even his breathing had become soft and inaudible. If a trace of life did not still fill his body, it was likely that everyone would have thought that he was merely a lifeless corpse.

Threads of a purple-brown fire seedlings suddenly seeped out of the pores his body while he sat quietly like an old monk. After which, they turned into tiny vines that lingered over his body, using a strange refinement method to hone his skin, muscles, and bones.

Under the refinement of this purple-brown flame, Xiao Yan’s white skin gradually gained the hints of an ancient-bronze color, causing his body to appear filled with strength.

Following this quiet condition of his, it seemed as though the entire Star Region’s breathing had merged together. Each time his breath became heavier, the sea of fire that spread throughout the Star Region would be lifted into waves of fire. By the time his breathing calmed, the fire wave calmed down and the Star Region once again recovered its silence.

Time quietly flowed by like the sand between one’s fingers amid this breathing. It stretched on until a certain day…

The Star Region continued to remain deathly quiet like in the past. There was not even the slightest life force present in this hellish fire. A rushing sound would occasionally be emitted when a flame swept over. However, that kind of sound carried the aura of death, causing this place to appear even more desolate.

An unusual movement was suddenly emitted from the calm sea of fire. When one followed the direction of this unusual movement and looked over, one would discover that it originated from that flame-free area within the sea of fire.

At this moment, threads of purple-brown flames continuously surged out of Xaio Yan’s meditating old monk body. These flames twined and moved. Finally, they vaguely formed a purple-brown fire dragon that was a couple hundred feet long. If one managed to see it clearly, one would discover that this purple-brown fire dragon was the actual body of the Three Thousand Burning Flame in the past.

However, this kind of purple-brown flame appeared to be even deeper and more mysterious compared to the pure Three Thousand Burning Flame.


The purple-brown flame lingered in the air. An enormous fire body covered Xiao Yan. Finally, it lifted its enormous head and widened it huge mouth. An earth-shaking roar suddenly resounded within this dead quiet Star Region!


Following the appearance of this roar, the originally calm purple-black flames immediately became wildly violent. Moreover, they appeared to have suffered a strange suction force as they agglomerated into numerous purple-black fire pillars that continuously

surged toward the large mouth of the fire dragon lingering in the sky.

With an increasing amount of purple-black flame being swallowed by the large, purple-black fire dragon, the purple-brown color on its body deepened. Its dragon scales also became life-like causing it to appear alive.


The purple-black flames within the Star Region were too vast. Even though the enormous dragon swallowed with all its might, it was unable to significantly reduce the size of the sea of fire. These flames were formed from the absorption of the star strength by the Three Thousand Burning Flame over an innumerable number of years. The current Xiao Yan had difficulty absorbing them all.

The enormous dragon swallowed a decent amount of purple-black flame. Only then did it feel satisfied. Its enormous body gradually shrank before transforming into a wisp of purple-brown fire that seeped into the top of Xiao Yan’s head.

A pair of eyes that had been tightly shut for half a year finally trembled when the enormous dragon entered Xiao Yan’s body. They were subsequently slowly opened.


Both of Xiao Yan’s eyes were opened. A purple-brown flame immediately burned within his dark-black eyes. Two fire glows shot out of his eyes. They appeared like two lasers as they forcefully created two hundred-foot-large flame-free areas.

The sea of flames churned as the fire glow rushed passed. Only then was it withdrawn.


An unusually hot breath slowly followed Xiao Yan’s throat as it was spat out. Following the exhaling of this breath, the ancient-bronze color on Xiao Yan’s body was slowly withdrawn.

“Is it finally about to succeed…”

Xiao Yan slowly lowered his head. He clenched his hand and a cluster of purple-brown flames emitted a ‘puff’ sound and appeared. This was his new Heavenly Flame. It was a new Heavenly Flame merged from the Three Thousand Burning Flame, the Green Lotus Core Flame, and Fallen Heart Flame!

Xiao Yan didn’t know just how terrifying the Heavenly Flames ranked at the top of the Heavenly Flame Ranking, but from his guess, this newly formed Heavenly Flame should have the qualification to rank among the top six.

“Since it is formed from the merger of three types of Heavenly Flames, it shall be called… Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame.”

Xiao Yan smiled as he looked at the cluster of purple-brown flames in his hands. He softly said.

Xiao Yan clenched his hands and absorbed this cluster of purple-brown flames back into his body. His hands were suddenly extended. His head was lifted and a clear cry resounded within this silent Star Region like that of a crane!

The cry was a long one and the bones all over Xiao Yan’s body suddenly exploded at this moment. At the same time, his aura was climbing at a shocking speed!

Following the sudden increase of Xiao Yan’s aura, the purple-black sea of fire became unusually wild and violent. The flame was just like a tidal wave within the ocean as it widely whizzed. A couple of thousand-foot-wide flame tornadoes formed around Xiao Yan. Numerous fire dragons lingered and roared outside of the storms.

Dou Zong four star, five star, six star, seven star…

Xiao Yan’s aura soared to the point of causing one to be stunned. If someone had been present, that person would have been stunned by this terrifying rate of increase. A target that other people required a few years or even a few decades in order to reach had been swiftly overcome within these short two to three minutes!

Regardless of how good one’s control was, it was likely that one would collapse on the spot. This kind of speed was beyond that of an aeroplane. Even taking a rocket would not be this frighteningly fast.

The wildly soaring aura surpassed that of the seventh star. After which, it once again abruptly soared. Finally, it broke through the difficult nine star barrier before slowly halting. It eventually stabilized at that level…

The roar finally weakened amid this soul-stirring aura. The surrounding firestorms also came to a halt…


Xiao Yan’s hand were gently lowered. He sensed the unprecedented vast, mighty Dou Qi that flowed within his veins. A slight moan was involuntarily emitted from his mouth. This kind of advancement was really too awesome. Flame Mantra was indeed a top level, mysterious Qi Method.

Xiao Yan gently clenched his fist. This feeling of surging strength caused Xiao Yan to feel the impulse of shattering this space. At this moment, Xiao Yan was confident that if he were to meet Old Mu Gu again, he would definitely not flee like the last time…

“Nine star Dou Zong…”

Xiao Yan sensed the Dou Qi within his body. The smile on the corner of his mouth widened. When he had swallowed the Fallen Heart Flame back then, it had caused him to leap from a Dou Ling to the peak of the Dou Wang class. He had leaped an entire class. This time around, the leap might not appear as wild and violent as last time, but Xiao Yan understood that the energy needed within the Dou Zong class was far from what the energy needed to leap from the Dou Ling to the Dou Wang class could compare with.

The amount of time a person needed to successfully advance from the Dou Ling class to that of the Dou Wang class might not even be able to compare with the time a Dou Zong needed to raise his strength by one star.

This was a comparison between two different classes. How could they be compared?

If Xiao Yan had swallowed the Fallen Heart Flame from back then after reaching the four star Dou Zong class, it would likely only raise his strength by three stars or so. Fortunately, the Three Thousand Burning Flame was not only ranked higher than the Fallen Heart Flame but the energy that it had gathered was far from what the Fallen Heart Flame could compare with…

Xiao Yan smiled, feeling extremely satisfied with his current condition. His eyes suddenly slid to the Sky Demon Puppet by his side, and he immediately became startled. At this moment, it was a dark-golden color. At a glance, it gave one the strange feeling of being all-mighty.

“This… is this because of the high temperature refinement?”

Xiao Yan was startled before coming to an understanding. The temperature within the Star Region was frighteningly high. If he had not successfully swallowed the Three Thousand Burning Flame, it was likely that his fate would not have been any better.

“The fighting strength of the current Sky Demon Puppet should have significantly raised. I wonder if it is able to defeat Old Mu Gu alone?”

Xiao Yan studied the Sky Demon Puppet with great interest. After which, he waved his hand and returned it to his Storage Ring. His eyes scanned the purple-black sea of flames that had spread over this Star Region. These had been all formed from the energy absorbed by the Three Thousand Burning Flame over a countless number of years. It would really be too much of a waste to simply leave them here.

“In that case, allow me to make the best use of it…”

Xiao Yan smiled. His palm faced the sea of flames before it was suddenly clenched!

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