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Chapter 1185

Chapter 1185: Tier 8 Medicinal Pill

Xiao Yan randomly glance at this provoking gaze that had been shot over from a distance. After which, he withdrew his eyes. This fellow had hid himself quite well. However, he was really a little too excited today. A tier 7 peak grade medicinal pill?

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth involuntarily revealed a cold smile when he thought of this. With this result, it might not be difficult for him to enter the top ten. However, that was it. This Song Qing still did not possess the qualification to truly snatch the champion’s spot!

Xiao Yan’s eyes once again focused on the interior of his medicinal cauldron as this thought flashed across his heart. A round medicinal pill was slowly rotating within the rising jade-green flame. The medicinal pill was dark-red in color, appearing just like it had been agglomerated from fresh blood essence. Moreover, there was some vague lights flashing over it, causing it to appear just like an eye and giving one an extremely unusual feeling.


A fiery heat quietly surfaced within Xiao Yan’s heart as he looked at the medicinal pill that was slowly rotating within the flame.

Numerous dark clouds were present in the sky. Occasionally, a large silver snake tore across the sky with a crashing sound as it rushed to the stone platform where Song Qing was located. Immediately, they were all received by Song Qing.

The face of Song Qing involuntarily twitched after seeing that his provocative gaze was ignored by Xiao Yan. His eyes swept around, only to discover that Cao Ying, Dan Chen, and the rest did not throw surprised gazes toward him. This caused him to feel a little depressed. Tier 7 peak grade medicinal pill. Even among some of the experienced Elders of the Pill Tower, their chances of refining one was quite low. Currently, he had refined it, but it had not stirred the commotion that he had expected. This caused his vanity in wanting to enjoy being the focus of everyone’s attention to fail to obtain his desire.

Song Qing endured the depression within his heart and focused his mind. The Pill Lightning that was formed from a tier 7 peak grade medicinal pill was quite strong. If he did not deal with it seriously, it was likely that even the medicinal pill would be struck by it until nothing remained. If that was the case, it would really end up his turn to cry.

While Song Qing was going all out to deal with the Pill Lightning in the sky, the energy within it had also become much more violent. Clearly, this was a phenomenon caused by the Pill Lightning.

Perhaps it was because of the attraction of the Pill Lightning this time around, but a couple of competitors also began to emit shocking energy ripples from their medicinal pills. Clearly, the medicinal pills that they were refining were about to be formed.

The expressions of these competitors became much more solemn when they sensed the change. If any mistake were to occur at this moment, they would really end up with nothing despite all their efforts.


Dark clouds covered the sky. A low thunderous rumble continued to resound over the square. Suddenly a majestic energy ripple swept out. Immediately, everyone saw numerous dark clouds form in the sky above a certain platform.

“Another tier 7 peak grade medicinal pill is born!”

This scene immediately caused an excited uproar to appear in the stadium.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Before their uproar had sounded, a couple of energy ripples suddenly erupted one after another. Dark clouds surged from all directions as dense silver snakes covered the entire sky. There had been a bright sun earlier, but now, it was as dark as night. Occasionally, a silver lightning would flash across the sky, and a glaring glow would pierce down.

There were nine tier

7 high grade medicinal pills being born at the same time within a short ten minutes!

In other words, nine pill lightnings had appeared in the sky at this moment!

This scene was really one that was rare to find. Hence, the surrounding black sea of people felt their hearts boil because of this kind of thunderbolt-like explosive atmosphere. A deafening cheer resounded over competition grounds. Finally, this thunderous cheer gathered in the sky, transforming into a terrifying wave that spread apart. The entire Pill Region could vaguely hear that terrifying sound wave…

The eight Pill Lightnings that had suddenly appeared also caused Song Qing to be startled. A cold smile flashed across his eyes after he glanced at the surrounding Pill Lightnings. Fortunately, the Pill Lightnings of these people were inferior to his. In other words, the grade of their medicinal pills should be inferior to his.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

This silver lightning rushed over the sky from all directions. Finally, it explosively struck those stone platforms. In an instant, the entire sky was reverberating with a kind deep thunderous roar.

Xiao Yan, Cao Ying, Old Mu Gu, and the rest acted as though they had not heard anything in the face of this spectacular scene of numerous bolts of lightning rushing down from the sky. Their eyes were fixated on the interior of their own medicinal cauldrons.

Dan Chen was seated with her legs crossed on a stone platform. At this moment, her face had already become extremely pale. Her body was originally weak. If not for the support of her Spiritual Strength, it was likely that she would not have been able to endure until now. Fortunately, she had managed to persevere…

“I’m about to succeed!”

The eyes of Dan Chen seemed to be focused on her medicinal cauldron. Her hand seals continued to change. A vast and mighty Spiritual Strength continuously surged into the medicinal cauldron. There was a faint spiritual aura that was vaguely spread over the Spiritual Strength.


Dan Chen’s face suddenly turned red while the seal formed by her hands changed. Immediately, a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out before being shot into the medicinal cauldron. Finally, it merged with the medicinal pill that was rolling within the flame.


A bright and powerful glow suddenly appeared within the medicinal cauldron like a sun after the fresh blood touched the medicinal pill. A terrifying energy ripple, which caused people to be shocked, explosively surged out of the medicinal cauldron with a ‘bang.’ The medicinal cauldron that could endure burning of any Heavenly Flame had been blasted into countless number of fragments under this kind of frightening ripple!


A green light pillar, a hundred feet in size, shot out of the medicinal cauldron when it blasted apart. It shot toward the sky in the process!

The silver lightning that densely covered the sky appeared to meet some terrifying thing under this green-colored light pillar. It hurriedly withdrew. The thunderclouds that had been acting triumphantly earlier hurriedly shrank back. They did not dare to even make the slightest contact with the light pillar.

The light pillar entered the sky in front of a countless number of eyes. Soon after, clouds suddenly appeared wherever the light pillar rushed past. Within the short blink of an eye, it had agglomerated into a hundred-meter-large thundercloud!

Moreover, the thing that caused others to feel shocked was that the thundercloud that has been formed this time around possessed a green and a silver color!

“Two-colored thundercloud?”

The entire stadium made a great uproar when they saw the two-colored thundercloud that had appeared in the sky!

Many people present were seeing Pill Lightning with two colors for the first time in their life!

Xuan Kong Zi and the others on the tall stage were also looking at the two-colored thundercloud with grave expressions. A moment later, they looked at each other and nodded, “This girl from the Dan clan is indeed extraordinary. She has refined a tier 8 medicinal pill and has even attracted a two-colored thundercloud.”

Tier 8 medicinal pills could already be considered the peak level of the golden pagoda within the alchemist world. Tier 8 and tier 7 might only differ by one tier, but that difference was like the heaven and earth.

A tier 8 medicinal pill possessed some spirituality. One could even say that it possessed basic intelligence. In other words, a tier 8 medicinal pill already possessed a life force that belonged to it!

It could already be categorized as a creature!

Moreover, the division within tier 8 medicinal pills was exceptionally harsh. Its quality could no longer be differentiated by one’s naked eye. Instead, it was differentiated through the colors of Pill Lightning!

The higher the grade of the medicinal pill, the Pill Lightning that it would attract when it was formed would possess even more colors. It was rumored that if one could attract a nine-colored Pill Lightning, it meant that the medicinal pill had already advanced to the ninth tier, which possessed the strength of creation!

It would not be overboard to describe a medicinal pill of this tier as a divine pill.

By being able to attract a two-colored thundercloud, it meant that she had successfully refined a tier 8 medicinal pill. Moreover, it was a tier 8 medicinal pill that possessed two-colored Pill Lightning

The two-colored thundercloud lingered over the vast sky. A mighty thunder spread down from it. The Pill Lightnings attracted by Song Qing and the rest around appeared exceptionally small when compared to this two-colored thundercloud.

Song Qing and the rest widened their mouths as they looked at the two-colored thundercloud. Their mouths were immediately filled with bitterness. The appearance of this two-colored Pill Lightning had completely suppressed all of them.

Dan Chen wiped off the trace of blood on the corner of her mouth as she stood on the stone platform. Her pale-white face looked at the two-colored Pill Lightning in the sky. A smile surfaced on the corner of her mouth as she stood up with some difficulty. Her delicate, small body caused even the Dou Zun class experts to be afraid of underestimating her.

Regardless of the results today, the name of the Dan clan would completely resound over the Central Plains because of this girl!

“Ha ha, sister Dan Chen, you have indeed improved during these few years. However, it is not so easy to get me to admit defeat…”

A lovely laugh was suddenly transmitted from the distance just when a smile surfaced on Dan Chen’s face. Dan Chen turned her head, only to see Cao Ying slowly standing up. Her enchanting face was also filled with a paleness. Even though this was the case, the smile on her beautiful face was still bewitching.

Pill Refinement was a source of pride in Cao Ying’s heart. The ‘witch’ reputation was not an empty one. Her many years of tough training in the Pill Tower would completely reveal themselves in front of the many eyes currently present!

A phoenix-like haughtiness surfaced on Cao Ying’s face. Her hand suddenly formed a hand seal as she softly cried out, “Rise!”


Her cry had just sounded when a large light pillar also erupted out from the medicinal cauldron in front of Cao Ying, shooting into the sky!

The clouds in the sky swiftly gathered as the light pillar erupted. After which, two colors appeared in front of the countless number of shocked eyes below. However, a sharp-eyed person could tell that there seemed to be a trace of an extremely faint-red color mixed within the green and silver colors!

“It is another tier 8 medicinal pill!”

The entire stadium was boiling at this moment. Countless numbers of eyes were red as they looked at the bright thundercloud in the sky. An excitement surged within their hearts as the blood in their bodies began to boil!

This was the true Pill Gathering!

Song Qing was stunned as he looked at the thundercloud in the sky. A sense of defeat rose within his heart. He was indeed lacking when compared with these monsters like Cao Ying and Dan Chen…

“Fortunately, that Xiao Yan should…”

Song Qing’s eyes suddenly paused when this thought flashed across his heart because he discovered that Xiao Yan, who had been seated like a statue on a distant stone platform, had finally stood up…

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Countless numbers of fiery hot gazes appeared to have teleported as they suddenly paused on Xiao Yan’s body when he stood up!

Xuan Kong Zi and the rest on the tall stage also gently clenched their hands without being able to control themselves. Their gazes were gathered on the somewhat skinny figure under the dark clouds that permeated the sky!

Back then, that man called Yao Chen had obtained the greatest glory in an extremely shocking manner!

Today, would the disciple of the man, who was considered the most dazzling genius of the alchemist world, be able to follow him in obtaining glory?

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