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Chapter 1184: Experts Appearing One after Another

Rolling thunder continued to reverberate over this vast, azure sky. The thick clouds gave one an extremely pressurizing feeling.


A silver-colored giant-python-like bolt of lightning suddenly tore through the sky from the thick, dark cloud. It explosively rushed down before being forcefully received by a human figure on a stone platform. Immediately, a substance-like pill fragrance spread apart…

"Ha ha, I have succeeded!"

That man, whose hair was a little white, laughed wildly at the sky in front of everyone's eyes. His hand held a dragon-eye-sized medicinal pill that was emitting an alluring luster.

None of those present reprimanded this man, who had lost himself and laughed out loud. Instead, there was an additional heat in their eyes as they looked at him. An alchemist grandmaster, who could refine a tier 7 middle grade medicinal pill would definitely receive VIP treatment no matter where he went.

Currently, the Pill Gathering had entered its last stages. At this moment, there were only two types of people still continuing to refine medicinal pills. The first type were those who truly possessed great talent while the other type were those simply making up the numbers. Of course, in this kind of situation, the first group held the majority. After all, there were very few people with faces thick enough to embarrass themselves in this kind of event.

If one were to carefully count the number of pill fires still rising on the stone platforms, one would find that there were still thirty-six left. In other words, there were still thirty-six competitors focused on preparing the medicinal pill that they were best at with great care.

These thirty-six people naturally included Xiao Yan, Cao Ying, Old Mu Gu, Dan Chen, and the other competitors who were viewed as the people with the most potential to become this Pill Gathering's champion.

Xiao Yan sat on his stone platform. Rolling thunder reverberating in the air had already been filtered out by him. All of his focus had been thrown into the medicinal cauldron.

A jade-green flame was fiercely burning within the medicinal cauldron. The hot temperature caused the Pill cauldron to appear a little red. All of this, however, was not the target of Xiao Yan's focus. His eyes had been staring at the slowly rotating spherical object within the flame…

This so-called spherical object was naturally something that was the merger of over a hundred types of medicinal essences. However, this thing shrank from the size of a fist to the size of a pigeon egg. Moreover, its shape was becoming rounder within the burning flame.

An energy ripple that caused Xiao Yan to feel shocked was vaguely being formed following the gradual shrinking of this spherical object. This kind of ripple had already exceeded that of an ordinary tier 7 peak grade medicinal pill.

Xiao Yan's heart was filled with joy over this kind of change. The current him was confident that he could raise the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill to the eighth tier!

Xiao Yan suppressed the slight excitement within his heart and hurriedly stabilized his mind. Currently, he was in the most crucial moment. He could not afford to lose even the slightest focus…

The faces of everyone on the other stone platforms were also filled with grave expressions while Xiao Yan was refining his medicinal pill with all his effort. The faces of some of them had even revealed a paleness. Clearly, this kind of exhaustion was really something that they had difficulty enduring.


A certain part of the sky suddenly emitted a low, deep explosion in front of the eyes of a countless number of people. The hearts of everyone immediately sank. Their gazes swiftly flew over, only to see a middle-aged man staring at the medicinal cauldron in front of him with a stunned expression. There was a chaotic energy ripple being emitted from within. Clearly, an unexpected situation had occurred during the refinement…

"How is this possible…"

The middle-aged man was dull as he looked at the medicinal cauldron. His eyes instantly turned blood-red. He had worked hard for twenty plus days only for all his effort to go to waste. This kind of blow was really a little too difficult for him to endure.

Everyone quietly sighed within their hearts as they watched the dull expression of the middle-aged man. They felt a little regretful for this person.

Failure was not rare when it came to pill refinement. However, a slight failure at this moment would decide if one would lose the qualification to compete with the other experts.

There were those who were happy and those who were anxious. If there were those who succeeded, there would naturally be those who failed. The Pill Gathering had never been a stage for comedy to be performed.

During the remaining time, there were people continuously refining a medicinal pill successfully among the thirty plus people who remained. Of course, there were also those who failed. All of these people who failed became a lot more dispirited without exception. Although they might not be able to obtain the top ten position even if they were to refine their pills successfully, there would, at the very least, have been a chance. However, if they failed in their refinement, they would not have even the slightest chance…

The competitors who could still remain at this moment were people who could definitely be compared with some of the Elders of the Pill Tower. Some of the top experts were even at a level that the Pill Tower's Elders were far from being able to match.

The moods of a countless number of people in the stadium were growing better during this period of time. Within the blink of an eye, a competitor, whom they viewed as the dark horse of this Pill Gathering, might end up failing his refinement due to some small mistake, losing his qualification to continue competing within the blink of an eye…

At this time, they realized that refining pills was something that ordinary people couldn't do.

Another five days quietly passed amid the anticipation of a countless number of gazes.

Nine people had successfully refined their medicinal pills during these five days. The highest grade medicinal pill was a tier 7 high grade medicinal pill. This medicinal pill had immediately attracted Pill Lightning when it appeared. The continuous sound of roaring thunder caused quite a number of people to feel afraid.

The one who had successfully refined this medicinal pill was an old man with an elderly face. This person likely had some reputation on the continent. Hence, it was not too surprising that he was able to be the first to refine a tier 7 high grade medicinal pill.

Of course, with some people succeeding, it was only natural that some people failed. Nine people succeeded during these five days while seven others failed. They chose to withdraw with great unwillingness in front of many pitiful eyes.

Following the withdrawal of these sixteen people, and the competitors who had withdrew earlier due to some reasons, there were only seventeen people who remained on the stone platforms refining pills…

The filter of time was extremely accurate. Currently, the seventeen remaining people, judging from their auras, were definitely not ordinary individuals. The lowest tier badge on their chests was that of a tier 7 middle grade alchemist. The highest tier was surprisingly a genuine tier 8 alchemist guru!

This tier 8 alchemist was someone that Xiao Yan was extremely unfamiliar with. Moreover, he had never paid attention to this person in the past. Clearly, this person had purposefully hid his aura.

This unfamiliar tier 8 alchemist was a gray-haired, old man. His elderly face was like an orange peel. Clearly, he should also be an expert from the older generation. Although his outer appearance was lacking, his face was always covered in a warm smile, giving him a more pleasing appearance than Old Mu Gu.

Time was the best filter. It was able to eliminate those lacking from the thousands of competitors and allow those true experts to remain.

"It is unexpected that Old Qing Hua has survived…"

Xuan Kong Zi's group on the tall stage looked at the gray-haired, old man that had finally been revealed from the sea of people. They were slightly startled and immediately looked at each other. All of them felt a little helpless.

"This old fellow can really embarrass himself… looking at the fluctuations within his medicinal cauldron, it is likely a tier 8 medicinal pill." The pretty woman gently nodded as she spoke.

"The most cherished wish of this old fellow is to obtain a type of Heavenly Flame. Back then, he and Yao Chen had remained in that terrible place for a number of years. However, Yao Chen was still the one who found the Bone Chilling Flame. He would naturally come and give it a try now that he had an opportunity to obtain the Three Thousand Burning Flame." The dark-skinned elder reminisced.

Xuan Kong Zi helplessly shook his head. After which, his eyes suddenly turned to a certain stone platform. A black-clothed Old Mu Gu was focusing his attention and refining his medicinal pill at that spot.

"This person's aura has remained hidden even now. Moreover, his face seems to have been altered. I wondered just who that expert is?"

"Could it be the disguise of some old fellow who is unwilling to embarrass himself?" The pretty woman knit her eyebrows and wondered aloud.

"No idea. However, he will definitely be unable to hide his aura once the medicinal pill embryonic form was created. At that time, one will know with a glance… it is alright as long as he is not a member of the Hall of Souls."

The pretty woman and the rest nodded upon hearing this.

A wild wind whistled over the azure sky. The dark clouds had scattered. However, rolling thunder continued to appear for an unknown amount of time…

This strange scene caused quite a number of people to quietly feel stunned. However, everyone with some experience was aware that these thunderous sounds did not fall from the sky. Instead, they were emitted from the medical cauldrons on the stone platforms…


A low, deep sound suddenly appeared. Before everyone could hurriedly shift their eyes, they sensed a majestic energy ripple suddenly surge from the stone platform in a lightning-like fashion. Following the surging of this energy, the dark clouds in the sky instantly gathered as a countless number of silver snakes wiggled in all directions.

"It's Song Qing!"

Some of the sharp-eyed people finally saw Song Qing, who had been seated cross-legged, suddenly stand up. He looked at the thick, dark clouds in the sky with high spirits. This was clearly his doing!

The Pill Lightning that appeared this time around was even wilder and more violent compared to any of the earlier Pill Lightnings. This was enough to cause him to feel proud.

"It is actually a tier 7 peak grade medicinal pill! Looks like its quality is even higher than the tier 7 peak grade medicinal pill that appeared earlier."

Song Qing raised his hand slowly amid the backdrop of lightning all over the sky. An unusually round medicinal pill, like a bright night pearl, was lifted high up!

The Pill Lightning in the sky appeared at this moment!

Upon hearing the exclamations of the many people mixed with the loud thunder, a wild smile was slowly lifted on his face. Immediately, his gaze, that contained slight provocation, shot to a distant stone platform. That spot was where Xiao Yan was located!

Chapter 1185: Tier 8 Medicinal Pill

Xiao Yan randomly glance at this provoking gaze that had been shot over from a distance. After which, he withdrew his eyes. This fellow had hid himself quite well. However, he was really a little too excited today. A tier 7 peak grade medicinal pill?

The corner of Xiao Yan's mouth involuntarily revealed a cold smile when he thought of this. With this result, it might not be difficult for him to enter the top ten. However, that was it. This Song Qing still did not possess the qualification to truly snatch the champion's spot!

Xiao Yan's eyes once again focused on the interior of his medicinal cauldron as this thought flashed across his heart. A round medicinal pill was slowly rotating within the rising jade-green flame. The medicinal pill was dark-red in color, appearing just like it had been agglomerated from fresh blood essence. Moreover, there was some vague lights flashing over it, causing it to appear just like an eye and giving one an extremely unusual feeling.


A fiery heat quietly surfaced within Xiao Yan's heart as he looked at the medicinal pill that was slowly rotating within the flame.

Numerous dark clouds were present in the sky. Occasionally, a large silver snake tore across the sky with a crashing sound as it rushed to the stone platform where Song Qing was located. Immediately, they were all received by Song Qing.

The face of Song Qing involuntarily twitched after seeing that his provocative gaze was ignored by Xiao Yan. His eyes swept around, only to discover that Cao Ying, Dan Chen, and the rest did not throw surprised gazes toward him. This caused him to feel a little depressed. Tier 7 peak grade medicinal pill. Even among some of the experienced Elders of the Pill Tower, their chances of refining one was quite low. Currently, he had refined it, but it had not stirred the commotion that he had expected. This caused his vanity in wanting to enjoy being the focus of everyone's attention to fail to obtain his desire.

Song Qing endured the depression within his heart and focused his mind. The Pill Lightning that was formed from a tier 7 peak grade medicinal pill was quite strong. If he did not deal with it seriously, it was likely that even the medicinal pill would be struck by it until nothing remained. If that was the case, it would really end up his turn to cry.

While Song Qing was going all out to deal with the Pill Lightning in the sky, the energy within it had also become much more violent. Clearly, this was a phenomenon caused by the Pill Lightning.

Perhaps it was because of the attraction of the Pill Lightning this time around, but a couple of competitors also began to emit shocking energy ripples from their medicinal pills. Clearly, the medicinal pills that they were refining were about to be formed.

The expressions of these competitors became much more solemn when they sensed the change. If any mistake were to occur at this moment, they would really end up with nothing despite all their efforts.


Dark clouds covered the sky. A low thunderous rumble continued to resound over the square. Suddenly a majestic energy ripple swept out. Immediately, everyone saw numerous dark clouds form in the sky above a certain platform.

"Another tier 7 peak grade medicinal pill is born!"

This scene immediately caused an excited uproar to appear in the stadium.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Before their uproar had sounded, a couple of energy ripples suddenly erupted one after another. Dark clouds surged from all directions as dense silver snakes covered the entire sky. There had been a bright sun earlier, but now, it was as dark as night. Occasionally, a silver lightning would flash across the sky, and a glaring glow would pierce down.

There were nine tier 7 high grade medicinal pills being born at the same time within a short ten minutes!

In other words, nine pill lightnings had appeared in the sky at this moment!

This scene was really one that was rare to find. Hence, the surrounding black sea of people felt their hearts boil because of this kind of thunderbolt-like explosive atmosphere. A deafening cheer resounded over competition grounds. Finally, this thunderous cheer gathered in the sky, transforming into a terrifying wave that spread apart. The entire Pill Region could vaguely hear that terrifying sound wave…

The eight Pill Lightnings that had suddenly appeared also caused Song Qing to be startled. A cold smile flashed across his eyes after he glanced at the surrounding Pill Lightnings. Fortunately, the Pill Lightnings of these people were inferior to his. In other words, the grade of their medicinal pills should be inferior to his.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

This silver lightning rushed over the sky from all directions. Finally, it explosively struck those stone platforms. In an instant, the entire sky was reverberating with a kind deep thunderous roar.

Xiao Yan, Cao Ying, Old Mu Gu, and the rest acted as though they had not heard anything in the face of this spectacular scene of numerous bolts of lightning rushing down from the sky. Their eyes were fixated on the interior of their own medicinal cauldrons.

Dan Chen was seated with her legs crossed on a stone platform. At this moment, her face had already become extremely pale. Her body was originally weak. If not for the support of her Spiritual Strength, it was likely that she would not have been able to endure until now. Fortunately, she had managed to persevere…

"I'm about to succeed!"

The eyes of Dan Chen seemed to be focused on her medicinal cauldron. Her hand seals continued to change. A vast and mighty Spiritual Strength continuously surged into the medicinal cauldron. There was a faint spiritual aura that was vaguely spread over the Spiritual Strength.


Dan Chen's face suddenly turned red while the seal formed by her hands changed. Immediately, a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out before being shot into the medicinal cauldron. Finally, it merged with the medicinal pill that was rolling within the flame.


A bright and powerful glow suddenly appeared within the medicinal cauldron like a sun after the fresh blood touched the medicinal pill. A terrifying energy ripple, which caused people to be shocked, explosively surged out of the medicinal cauldron with a 'bang.' The medicinal cauldron that could endure burning of any Heavenly Flame had been blasted into countless number of fragments under this kind of frightening ripple!


A green light pillar, a hundred feet in size, shot out of the medicinal cauldron when it blasted apart. It shot toward the sky in the process!

The silver lightning that densely covered the sky appeared to meet some terrifying thing under this green-colored light pillar. It hurriedly withdrew. The thunderclouds that had been acting triumphantly earlier hurriedly shrank back. They did not dare to even make the slightest contact with the light pillar.

The light pillar entered the sky in front of a countless number of eyes. Soon after, clouds suddenly appeared wherever the light pillar rushed past. Within the short blink of an eye, it had agglomerated into a hundred-meter-large thundercloud!

Moreover, the thing that caused others to feel shocked was that the thundercloud that has been formed this time around possessed a green and a silver color!

"Two-colored thundercloud?"

The entire stadium made a great uproar when they saw the two-colored thundercloud that had appeared in the sky!

Many people present were seeing Pill Lightning with two colors for the first time in their life!

Xuan Kong Zi and the others on the tall stage were also looking at the two-colored thundercloud with grave expressions. A moment later, they looked at each other and nodded, "This girl from the Dan clan is indeed extraordinary. She has refined a tier 8 medicinal pill and has even attracted a two-colored thundercloud."

Tier 8 medicinal pills could already be considered the peak level of the golden pagoda within the alchemist world. Tier 8 and tier 7 might only differ by one tier, but that difference was like the heaven and earth.

A tier 8 medicinal pill possessed some spirituality. One could even say that it possessed basic intelligence. In other words, a tier 8 medicinal pill already possessed a life force that belonged to it!

It could already be categorized as a creature!

Moreover, the division within tier 8 medicinal pills was exceptionally harsh. Its quality could no longer be differentiated by one's naked eye. Instead, it was differentiated through the colors of Pill Lightning!

The higher the grade of the medicinal pill, the Pill Lightning that it would attract when it was formed would possess even more colors. It was rumored that if one could attract a nine-colored Pill Lightning, it meant that the medicinal pill had already advanced to the ninth tier, which possessed the strength of creation!

It would not be overboard to describe a medicinal pill of this tier as a divine pill.

By being able to attract a two-colored thundercloud, it meant that she had successfully refined a tier 8 medicinal pill. Moreover, it was a tier 8 medicinal pill that possessed two-colored Pill Lightning

The two-colored thundercloud lingered over the vast sky. A mighty thunder spread down from it. The Pill Lightnings attracted by Song Qing and the rest around appeared exceptionally small when compared to this two-colored thundercloud.

Song Qing and the rest widened their mouths as they looked at the two-colored thundercloud. Their mouths were immediately filled with bitterness. The appearance of this two-colored Pill Lightning had completely suppressed all of them.

Dan Chen wiped off the trace of blood on the corner of her mouth as she stood on the stone platform. Her pale-white face looked at the two-colored Pill Lightning in the sky. A smile surfaced on the corner of her mouth as she stood up with some difficulty. Her delicate, small body caused even the Dou Zun class experts to be afraid of underestimating her.

Regardless of the results today, the name of the Dan clan would completely resound over the Central Plains because of this girl!

"Ha ha, sister Dan Chen, you have indeed improved during these few years. However, it is not so easy to get me to admit defeat…"

A lovely laugh was suddenly transmitted from the distance just when a smile surfaced on Dan Chen's face. Dan Chen turned her head, only to see Cao Ying slowly standing up. Her enchanting face was also filled with a paleness. Even though this was the case, the smile on her beautiful face was still bewitching.

Pill Refinement was a source of pride in Cao Ying's heart. The 'witch' reputation was not an empty one. Her many years of tough training in the Pill Tower would completely reveal themselves in front of the many eyes currently present!

A phoenix-like haughtiness surfaced on Cao Ying's face. Her hand suddenly formed a hand seal as she softly cried out, "Rise!"


Her cry had just sounded when a large light pillar also erupted out from the medicinal cauldron in front of Cao Ying, shooting into the sky!

The clouds in the sky swiftly gathered as the light pillar erupted. After which, two colors appeared in front of the countless number of shocked eyes below. However, a sharp-eyed person could tell that there seemed to be a trace of an extremely faint-red color mixed within the green and silver colors!

"It is another tier 8 medicinal pill!"

The entire stadium was boiling at this moment. Countless numbers of eyes were red as they looked at the bright thundercloud in the sky. An excitement surged within their hearts as the blood in their bodies began to boil!

This was the true Pill Gathering!

Song Qing was stunned as he looked at the thundercloud in the sky. A sense of defeat rose within his heart. He was indeed lacking when compared with these monsters like Cao Ying and Dan Chen…

"Fortunately, that Xiao Yan should…"

Song Qing's eyes suddenly paused when this thought flashed across his heart because he discovered that Xiao Yan, who had been seated like a statue on a distant stone platform, had finally stood up…

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Countless numbers of fiery hot gazes appeared to have teleported as they suddenly paused on Xiao Yan's body when he stood up!

Xuan Kong Zi and the rest on the tall stage also gently clenched their hands without being able to control themselves. Their gazes were gathered on the somewhat skinny figure under the dark clouds that permeated the sky!

Back then, that man called Yao Chen had obtained the greatest glory in an extremely shocking manner!

Today, would the disciple of the man, who was considered the most dazzling genius of the alchemist world, be able to follow him in obtaining glory?

Chapter 1186: Three-Colored Pill Lightning

Xiao Yan slowly got up in front of a countless number of gazes. Lightningbolts rumbled in the sky. Occasionally, the lightning that rushed through the sky would carry a powerful light that lit up that young face, which appeared exceptionally calm.

Cao Ying, Dan Zhen, and the rest shifted their eyes from the thunderclouds in the sky when they saw Xiao Yan stand up. All of their eyes were shot onto him.

Cao Ying's eyes were somewhat complicated as she looked at Xiao Yan's skinny figure. She clearly understood in her heart that Xiao Yan's pill refinement talent was not inferior to hers. This was the first time her arrogant self had given such an evaluation to a man of similar age. This was enough to tell just how highly she regarded Xiao Yan.

The pale-faced Dan Chen also placed her eyes on Xiao Yan. She had some contact with Xiao Yan, but she had not expected him to reach this point.


Old Mu Gu glanced at Xiao Yan. The corner of his mouth was lifted into a cold smile, and his nose also emitted a cold snort. He did not place much regard to Xiao Yan.

"It is said that this person is that old fellow Yao Chen's disciple. I wonder just how much of Yao Chen's ability he has learned…" That gray-haired, old man, who was called old demon Qing Hua by Xuan Kong Zi, was currently resting his gaze on Xiao Yan while muttering in his heart.

Xiao Yan acted as though he had not seen the countless numbers of gazes that were looking at him with various emotions. His expression was calm as his eyes stared intently at the interior of the medicinal cauldron. A moment later, he inhaled a deep breath and abruptly waved his sleeves!


With a wave of Xiao Yan's sleeves, the cauldron cover of the Ten Thousand Beast Cauldron immediately flew away. A shocking energy fluctuation swept out of the medicinal cauldron. It violently collided with the interior walls of the medicinal cauldron and emitted a deafening metallic sound.

Although the medicinal cauldron was blocking it, there was still a portion of energy ripple that got out. Some of the stone platforms near Xiao Yan cracked into rock fragments with a 'bang' under this energy ripple.


The soul-stirring energy ripple had just spread apart when the Ten Thousand Beast Cauldron suddenly trembled. Immediately, a large-jade green fire pillar emitted a 'swoosh' sound as it shot into the sky in front of numerous astounded gazes!

The fiery hot glow within the fire pillar, that shot into the sky, was clearly visible within a fifty kilometer radius. The faint energy fluctuation present within the fire pillar caused quite a number of experts to feel shock rising within their hearts.

"This kind of fluctuation…"

Xuan Kong Zi eyes thickened as he watched from the tall platform. He softly said, "It should also be a tier 8 medicinal pill. This fellow has indeed held back in the past. However, I wonder just how many different-colored Pill Lightnings can he attract?"

Xuan Kong Zi's words had just sounded when a strange fog swiftly agglomerated at the end of the fire pillar in the sky. A moment later, it agglomerated into the shape of a cloud!

The breathing of the entire stadium quieted. Countless numbers of eyes stared intently at the churning thunderclouds in the sky!

The thunderclouds churned in front of the many gazes. After which, green and silver colors slowly revealed themselves!

"Two colors? It is actually a two-colored thundercloud!"

Waves of exclamations immediately sounded around the stadium as everyone looked at the color of the thundercloud.

"That's not right. The thundercloud is still churning. There is another color appearing!"

This uproar had just sounded when numerous exclamations suddenly appeared.

Quite a number of people were suddenly surprised when they heard these exclamations. They hurriedly focused their eyes on the churning thunderclouds in the distant sky and did indeed see a bright-red color beginning to appear under the green and silver colors. A moment later, the red became even brighter. In the end, the density of the red was not any less than the other two colors!

The churning thundercloud finally began to come to a stop after the red color appeared. After which, it completely stabilized into three bright colors.

"It's a three-colored thundercloud!"

"It is indeed three-colored. The color is also even denser when compared to Cao Ying's Pill Lightning!"

"Just who is this Xiao Yan? Even Cao Ying from the Pill Tower cannot compare to him?"

The entire stadium had turned into a complete uproar at this moment. Xiao Yan's name was far less renowned compared to Cao Ying. However, his current performance had surpassed her. This result was enough for him to become the dark horse of this Pill Gathering!

"This fellow… how is it possible…"

Song Qing was stunned as he looked at the bright three-colored thundercloud in the sky. He felt a little giddy at this moment. He was clearly aware of Xiao Yan's pill refining ability. It was at the very most at the high grade seventh tier. How could he refine a tier 8 medicinal pill? Moreover, it was a tier 8 medicinal pill that had attracted a three-colored thundercloud!

This result was something that even Cao Ying could not compare with!

"Could it be that this fellow has been hiding his strength?"

Cao Ying and Dan Chen in the distance were also slightly stunned because of this situation. Shocked expressions appeared within their eyes. Clearly, Xiao Yan's result had far surpassed their expectations.


The shock continued for a moment before slowly disappearing. Cao Ying's pretty eyes glanced at the young man, whose face was calm under the thundercloud. A splendor flashed across her proud eyes for the first time.

This witch, who had captivated countless numbers of outstanding men over the many years, finally felt a throb deep within her heart at this moment because of this young man that was standing under a thundercloud…

"Three-colored Pill Lightning… ha ha, Xuan Kong Zi, you have lost once again…"

The pretty woman on the tall stage looked at the three-colored thundercloud in the sky. Her eyes once again turned to the skinny figure on the stone platform. She slightly smiled as she softly uttered.

"Ugh, he is worthy of being Yao Chen. Even until now, I am still unable to beat him…" Xuan Kong Zi's eyes paused on the sky. It was a long while before he withdrew them and sighed. His expression was a little complicated as he spoke.

"This Xiao Yan will have a promising future. Moreover, he might even surpass his teacher…" That dark-skinned, old man's stern face finally revealed a smile of admiration as he spoke.

Xuan Kong Zi and the pretty woman gently nodded. His eyes turned and he suddenly looked at the position where the old demon Qing Hua and Old Mu Gu were located. Currently, these two were the only ones whose results had yet to be uncovered. Their results would determine just who would be the champion of this Pill Gathering.

"I wonder just who will be the final victory…"

Xiao Yan appeared as though he had heard Xuan Kong Zi muttering to himself. After the thundercloud of Xiao Yan had completely gathered, the old demon Qing Hua in the distance also waved his sleeves. He slowly stood up after Xiao Yan.

Old demon Qing Hua, who had stood up, looked at Xiao Yan. He nodded slightly to him before moving his mouth. A slight voice was transmitted into Xiao Yan's ears.

"Little fellow, you have done quite well and have not caused that bastard teacher of yours to lose face…"

Xiao Yan was also startled in the face of the voice transmitted by this unfamiliar, old man. However, based on the meaning of those words, this person seemed to have some relation with his teacher. Xiao Yan did not dare to slight him. Xiao Yan cupped his hands together and bowed to this old man from a distance.

Old demon Qing Hua smiled. After which, his eyes turned to Old Mu Gu, who did not reveal any activity. His eyes were narrowed. He could sense that this fellow was definitely not an ordinary character. Moreover, he vaguely felt a slight familiarity…

This kind of feeling lingered within the heart of old demon Qing Hua for a moment before it was tossed aside by him. His gaze stared at the medicinal cauldron in front of him before he waved his sleeves in front of a countless number of eyes. After which, he sent the cover of the medicinal cauldron flying away.

The cauldron cover had fell when a trace of energy ripple, not inferior to Xiao Yan's energy fluctuation earlier, surged out. After which, a light pillar rushed out of the cauldron top and shot into the sky…

Countless numbers of gazes gathered on the spot in the sky where the light pillar shot up. A couple of minutes later, the sky slightly shook. Fog gathered before transforming into the shape of a thundercloud. After an intense churning, two types of colors were revealed. Soon after, another color quietly appeared. Finally, the Pill Lightning stabilized with three types of color.

"It is also three-colored Pill Lightning?"

A continuous sound of surprise resonated over the stadium as everyone looked at the thundercloud. It had slowly ceased churning after stabilizing with three types of colors.

Old demon Qing Hua's Pill Lightning was similar to Xiao Yan's. It had three colors. Moreover, its hue was about the same as Xiao Yan's. It was a little difficult to identify which of the two was better by merely relying on one's naked eye.

"Three-colored Pill Lightning. This old fellow's pill refinement ability has improved…"

Xuan Kong Zi and the rest slightly nodded and softly laughed as they looked at the three-colored Pill Lightning in the sky.

"Next, there is only that fellow left…"

The eyes of the pretty woman turned and paused on Old Mu Gu before she slowly spoke.

Xuan Kong Zi and the others gently nodded upon hearing her words. For some unknown reason, a faint uneasiness quietly rose in their hearts.

After the entire place let out an exclamation over the three-colored Pill Lightning of old demon Qing Hua, all of their eyes gathered on the final stone platform. There was a black-clothed man seated there.

The face of Old Mu Gu was slowly lifted into a strange smile in front of everyone's eyes. He slowly got up and glanced at Xiao Yan with cold eyes. After which, he turned his gaze and threw it at Xuan Kong Zi and the rest. His eyes were filled with ridicule.

Xuan Kong Zi's group felt their hearts sink when they saw his gaze.

"Tsk tsk, Xuan Kong Zi, I'm sorry but it seems that the old me will be taking the champion spot of the Pill Gathering this time around… ha ha!"

Old Mu Gu involuntarily laughed in a strange manner upon seeing the sinking faces of Xuan Kong Zi's group. His laughter was no longer hidden this time around. Instead, it was the familiar voice that Xiao Yan had heard that night.

Old Mu Gu flicked his finger after laughing. An extremely terrifying light pillar appeared just like a laser that penetrated through the world as it rushed toward the sky while being accompanied by a mighty ripple.

"Tsk tsk, the disciple that Yao Chen's taught is but only this level…"

The mighty light pillar shot toward the sky. Old Mu Gu's dense laughter caused Xiao Yan's expression to gradually turn gloomy.

Chapter 1187: Staking it All

The owl-like laughter reverberated over the sky. Lightning flashed by and a glaring light landed on Old Mu Gu's face, causing him to appear exceptionally strange.

The large light pillar shot to the sky in front of numerous eyes. The vast, mighty strength within the light pillar caused the expressions of those present to change in shock. Looking at the energy ripple from the light, it was likely that those who had appeared earlier had yet to reach this level!

Just what great being was this mysterious, black-clothed person?

Countless numbers of people felt some surprise in their hearts at this moment. Those who possessed such an ability would definitely not be unknown.

Of course, an ordinary person might not be able to recognize him, but the expressions of Xuan Kong Zi and the rest on the tall stage slowly became gloomy at this moment. The light pillar rushed up. That aura, which Old Mu Gu had been hiding, completely erupted at this moment.

"Old Mu Gu…"

The smile on Xuan Kong Zi's face was slowly withdrawn. His eyes revealed an icy chill as he stared at the black-clothed figure while speaking his name a syllable at a time.

"It is unexpected that he was able to hide from the three of us… moreover, his appearance has also been altered…" A chill flashed across the face of the pretty woman at this moment while she spoke in a solemn voice.

"Three association heads, what should we do now?"

A white-robed, old man behind Xuan Kong Zi's trio revealed a slight change in expression as he hurriedly asked in a soft voice.

From the looks of the current situation, this Old Mu Gu had clearly come prepared. If this were allowed to continue, it was likely that he would really end up obtaining the champion position of this Pill Gathering. At that time, the Pill Tower would lose a great amount of face. After all, everyone knew that the Pill Tower and the Hall of Souls were adversaries. If the other party were to obtain the highest honor of this Pill Tower, just how comical would it appear if word of it spread to the ears others?

Xuan Kong Zi's expression also became unusually gloomy. Both of his hands were slowly clenched. A moment later, they slowly relaxed. He said in a deep voice, "Let's wait and see. It is already too late to do anything now. We have really failed to take sufficient precautions. Although Old Mu Gu is a member of the Hall of Souls, he is also an alchemist and possesses the qualifications to participate in the Pill Gathering. If we were to intervene and remove his right to participate in public, not only will the Hall of Souls not let the matter rest but our Pill Tower's reputation will be damaged."

"Do we just allow him to obtain the champion position?" That white-robed, old man hurriedly asked when he heard this.

Xuan Kong Zi's expression sank, but he did not reply. Seeing his face, the white-robed, old man ceased speaking. He understood that Xuan Kong Zi's heart was extremely furious at this moment…

The pretty woman and the dark-skinned, old man exchanged glances. They saw a chill in the other party's eyes.

Xiao Yan's eyes were also dark as he stared at the cold smile of Old Mu Gu from a stone platform. His fist was slowly tightened and a fierce glint flashed across his eyes. The mocking laughter of his earlier had aroused the killing intent within his heart.

Old Mu Gu ignored the various gazes from all directions. He raised his head and looked at the end of the light pillar in the sky. A dense fog had begun to appear amid the terrifying energy fluctuation. This fog swiftly gathered. Within a short period of time, it had agglomerated into the shape of a thunder cloud.

The hearts of everyone present suddenly tightened when the thundercloud was formed in the sky. The appearance of the Pill Lightning this time around would determine the final victor of this Pill Gathering!

A thundercloud swiftly churned in front of a countless number of gazes. Green and silver colors appeared almost instantly, dyeing the Pill Lightning with two colors.

"It's already two-colored!"

Exclamations sounded one after another in the large stadium when they saw the two-colored Pill Lightning appear in the sky.

"It's not over yet! There's still another color appearing!"

Soon after those cries sounded, the thundercloud churned once again. Immediately, a red color suddenly appeared. Finally, it swiftly expanded in front of the many heated gazes. Within less than one minute, the red color join the two other colors.

"It's three colors! It has reached three colors!"

The somewhat quiet atmosphere had once again began to boil when they saw the third color appear. The faces of a countless number of people were so excited to the point that they were a flush red. Within a short day, they had seen three types of three-colored Pill Lightning. This spectacular scene could really be described as one that was rarely seen in a hundred years!

Some of the Pill Tower's Elders on the tall stage felt their hearts become extremely anxious as they watched the three-colored Pill Lightning that had appeared. If Old Mu Gu only produced a three-colored Pill Lightning, there might still be a chance to turn things around. Xiao Yan and Old Qing Hua would have the ability to compete with him…

Thunder clouds churned in the distant sky, influencing the hearts of numerous people.

"There's more. There's more colors appearing!"

A hurried scream suddenly resounded over the stadium. Immediately, an uproar resonated over the sky. Countless numbers of gazes hurriedly gathered. They saw that after the third type of color had stabilized, a dazzling golden-colored cloud quietly emitted a ray of golden-colored light like a sun that was hidden in the cloud layer.


The stadium erupted almost instantly when everyone saw the golden color that had suddenly appeared. Everyone got up from their chairs at this moment. Their eyes were shocked as they looked at the beautiful thunder cloud in the sky. Green, silver, red, and golden. These four different lights in the clouds had set off the thundercloud until it appeared extremely beautiful…

Four colors!

Four-colored Pill Lightning!

The Pill Gathering had finally revealed the best scene at the very last moment of the Pill Gathering!

Some of the Elders of the Pill Tower on the tall stage looked at the four-colored Pill Lightning in the sky. Their expressions had become much paler. They looked at each other, but they did not know what to say. For a moment, this entire place had been suppressed by a silence. The Pill Tower's reputation would definitely end up suffering a great blow if the matter today spread!


Xuan Kong Zi's face was so dark and solemn that it was terrifying. It vaguely revealed a savage expression. His dry shriveled fist was clenched until it emitted a cracking sound. The space around him had also formed numerous intense ripples following the fluctuation of his emotion.

"Calm down!"

The dark-skinned, old man's expression changed when he saw felt the ripples. His hand heavily landed on Xuan Kong Zi's shoulder as he cried out in a low voice.

The ferocious expression on Xuan Kong Zi's face was slowly reduced after this low cry rang out. However, his face was still dark and gloomy. A moment later, he finally spoke in a hoarse voice, "I will personally intervene after this matter is over and tear this old bastard into a thousand pieces!"

"If you were to attack, it would end up stirring a massive battle between the Pill Tower and the Hall of Souls. The implication is too great. That person from the Hall of Souls is too strong. Back then, the three of us together were no match for him. The Pill Tower will be at a disadvantage if we go to war." The pretty woman by the side spoke with a serious face.

Xuan Kong Zi's body slightly trembled. His eyes were filled with a frightening fury. It was the first time in so many years that he had found it so difficult to control his emotions.

"Let's just wait and see. Perhaps a miracle will occur…"

The pretty woman softly sighed. However, she was also aware that this matter had basically reached a foregone conclusion. Old Mu Gu's four-colored Pill Lightning had firmly suppressed the three-colored Pill Lightning of old demon Qing Hua and Xiao Yan.

"Ha ha!"

Old Mu Gu looked at the sky, which had ceased churning, from his stone platform. It had stabilized into a four-colored Pill Lightning. He completely relaxed his tensed heart. A rampant and pleased laugh resounded continuously over the competition grounds.

"Ha ha, Xuan Kong Zi, do you see it? The old me has said that the champion spot of the Pill Gathering would definitely land in the hands of us, the Hall of Souls!"

Old Mu Gu's rampant laughter had just sounded when it appeared as though he had thrown a powerful bomb out, causing many people to be at a loss.

"Hall of Souls? This person is someone from the Hall of Souls?"

"The greatest glory of the Pill Tower will be snatched away by the Hall of Souls, who are completely incompatible with them. Ugh…"

"This time around, the Hall of Souls has viciously stepped on the Pill Tower. After this matter, it is likely that the position of the Pill Tower in the hearts of some alchemists will be shaken…"

The many alchemists of the Pill Tower revealed unusually ugly expressions upon hearing the many private conversations in the stadium. However, they were speechless at this moment. All they could do was hold their anger in their hearts…

On the stone platforms, Cao Ying and Dan Chen were glaring at Old Mu Gu, who was laughing wildly at the sky. They were also members of the Pill Tower. Old Mu Gu's actions could be considered a violent slap to their faces.

They might be furious, but they were without any tactics. Under the rumbling four-colored Pill Lightning in the sky, Old Mu Gu had sufficient strength to willfully step on the reputation of the Pill Tower.

Cao Ying's pretty eyes suddenly turned to another stone platform in an involuntary manner while she remained furious. Xiao Yan was located at that spot. Currently, his face was filled with an expression of hesitation, as though he was pondering something.

Cao Ying's heart leaped when she saw his face. An extremely tiny amount of hope suddenly surged from deep within her heart without reason. After which, she shouted at Xiao Yan!

"Xiao Yan, if you are a man, you will go all out!"

This sudden cry had resounded over the sky in an extremely abrupt manner. After which, a countless number of eyes gathered on the skinny figure on the stone platform, emitting 'swoosh' sounds.

Xiao Yan was similarly stunned by this scene. He was surprised as he looked at Cao Ying in the distance, whose face had turned bright-red after she had fully awakened.

"Tsk tsk, go all out? At this moment, forget about the younger generation, even if that old bastard Yao Chen were to come, the old me would not even view him seriously!"

Old Mu Gu was also startled when he heard her words. He immediately could not help but mock her.

Old Mu Gu's heart suddenly pounded after his laughter had just sounded. His gaze turned to Xiao Yan, only to see Xiao Yan's expression completely turn gloomy.

"You still do not have the qualification for teacher to personally deal with you!"

After his dense, cold voice sounded, Xiao Yan suddenly stepped forward. His hands were inserted into the light pillar. He had finally decided to stake it all!

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