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Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186: Three-Colored Pill Lightning

Xiao Yan slowly got up in front of a countless number of gazes. Lightningbolts rumbled in the sky. Occasionally, the lightning that rushed through the sky would carry a powerful light that lit up that young face, which appeared exceptionally calm.

Cao Ying, Dan Zhen, and the rest shifted their eyes from the thunderclouds in the sky when they saw Xiao Yan stand up. All of their eyes were shot onto him.

Cao Ying’s eyes were somewhat complicated as she looked at Xiao Yan’s skinny figure. She clearly understood in her heart that Xiao Yan’s pill refinement talent was not inferior to hers. This was the first time her arrogant self had given such an evaluation to a man of similar age. This was enough to tell just how highly she regarded Xiao Yan.

The pale-faced Dan Chen also placed her eyes on Xiao Yan. She had some contact with Xiao Yan, but she had not expected him to reach this point.


Old Mu Gu glanced at Xiao Yan. The corner of his mouth was lifted into a cold smile, and his nose also emitted a cold snort. He did not place much regard to Xiao Yan.

“It is said that this person is that old fellow Yao Chen’s disciple. I wonder just how much of Yao Chen’s ability he has learned…” That gray-haired, old man, who was called old demon Qing Hua by Xuan Kong Zi, was currently resting his gaze on Xiao Yan while muttering in his heart.

Xiao Yan acted as though he had not seen the countless numbers of gazes that were looking at him with various emotions. His expression was calm as his eyes stared intently at the interior of the medicinal cauldron. A moment later, he inhaled a deep breath and abruptly waved his sleeves!


With a wave of Xiao Yan’s sleeves, the cauldron cover of the Ten Thousand Beast Cauldron immediately flew away. A shocking energy fluctuation swept out of the medicinal cauldron. It violently collided with the interior walls of the medicinal cauldron and emitted a deafening metallic sound.

Although the medicinal cauldron was blocking it, there was still a portion of energy ripple that got out. Some of the stone platforms near Xiao Yan cracked into rock fragments with a ‘bang’ under this energy ripple.


The soul-stirring energy ripple had just spread apart when the Ten Thousand Beast Cauldron suddenly trembled. Immediately, a large-jade green fire pillar emitted a ‘swoosh’ sound as it shot into the sky in front of numerous astounded gazes!

The fiery hot glow within the fire pillar, that shot into the sky, was clearly visible within a fifty kilometer radius. The faint energy fluctuation present within the fire pillar caused quite a number of experts to feel shock rising within their hearts.

“This kind of fluctuation…”

Xuan Kong Zi eyes thickened as he watched from the tall platform. He softly said, “It should also be a tier 8 medicinal pill. This fellow has indeed held back in the past. However, I wonder just how many different-colored Pill Lightnings can he attract?”

Xuan Kong Zi’s words had just sounded when a strange fog swiftly agglomerated at the end of the fire pillar in the sky. A moment later, it agglomerated into the shape of a cloud!

The breathing of the entire stadium quieted. Countless numbers of eyes stared intently at the churning thunderclouds in the sky!

The thunderclouds churned in front of the many gazes. After which, green and silver colors slowly revealed themselves!

“Two colors? It is actually a two-colored thundercloud!”

Waves of exclamations immediately sounded around the stadium as everyone looked at the color of the thundercloud.

“That’s not right. The thundercloud is still churning.

There is another color appearing!”

This uproar had just sounded when numerous exclamations suddenly appeared.

Quite a number of people were suddenly surprised when they heard these exclamations. They hurriedly focused their eyes on the churning thunderclouds in the distant sky and did indeed see a bright-red color beginning to appear under the green and silver colors. A moment later, the red became even brighter. In the end, the density of the red was not any less than the other two colors!

The churning thundercloud finally began to come to a stop after the red color appeared. After which, it completely stabilized into three bright colors.

“It’s a three-colored thundercloud!”

“It is indeed three-colored. The color is also even denser when compared to Cao Ying’s Pill Lightning!”

“Just who is this Xiao Yan? Even Cao Ying from the Pill Tower cannot compare to him?”

The entire stadium had turned into a complete uproar at this moment. Xiao Yan’s name was far less renowned compared to Cao Ying. However, his current performance had surpassed her. This result was enough for him to become the dark horse of this Pill Gathering!

“This fellow… how is it possible…”

Song Qing was stunned as he looked at the bright three-colored thundercloud in the sky. He felt a little giddy at this moment. He was clearly aware of Xiao Yan’s pill refining ability. It was at the very most at the high grade seventh tier. How could he refine a tier 8 medicinal pill? Moreover, it was a tier 8 medicinal pill that had attracted a three-colored thundercloud!

This result was something that even Cao Ying could not compare with!

“Could it be that this fellow has been hiding his strength?”

Cao Ying and Dan Chen in the distance were also slightly stunned because of this situation. Shocked expressions appeared within their eyes. Clearly, Xiao Yan’s result had far surpassed their expectations.


The shock continued for a moment before slowly disappearing. Cao Ying’s pretty eyes glanced at the young man, whose face was calm under the thundercloud. A splendor flashed across her proud eyes for the first time.

This witch, who had captivated countless numbers of outstanding men over the many years, finally felt a throb deep within her heart at this moment because of this young man that was standing under a thundercloud…

“Three-colored Pill Lightning… ha ha, Xuan Kong Zi, you have lost once again…”

The pretty woman on the tall stage looked at the three-colored thundercloud in the sky. Her eyes once again turned to the skinny figure on the stone platform. She slightly smiled as she softly uttered.

“Ugh, he is worthy of being Yao Chen. Even until now, I am still unable to beat him…” Xuan Kong Zi’s eyes paused on the sky. It was a long while before he withdrew them and sighed. His expression was a little complicated as he spoke.

“This Xiao Yan will have a promising future. Moreover, he might even surpass his teacher…” That dark-skinned, old man’s stern face finally revealed a smile of admiration as he spoke.

Xuan Kong Zi and the pretty woman gently nodded. His eyes turned and he suddenly looked at the position where the old demon Qing Hua and Old Mu Gu were located. Currently, these two were the only ones whose results had yet to be uncovered. Their results would determine just who would be the champion of this Pill Gathering.

“I wonder just who will be the final victory…”

Xiao Yan appeared as though he had heard Xuan Kong Zi muttering to himself. After the thundercloud of Xiao Yan had completely gathered, the old demon Qing Hua in the distance also waved his sleeves. He slowly stood up after Xiao Yan.

Old demon Qing Hua, who had stood up, looked at Xiao Yan. He nodded slightly to him before moving his mouth. A slight voice was transmitted into Xiao Yan’s ears.

“Little fellow, you have done quite well and have not caused that bastard teacher of yours to lose face…”

Xiao Yan was also startled in the face of the voice transmitted by this unfamiliar, old man. However, based on the meaning of those words, this person seemed to have some relation with his teacher. Xiao Yan did not dare to slight him. Xiao Yan cupped his hands together and bowed to this old man from a distance.

Old demon Qing Hua smiled. After which, his eyes turned to Old Mu Gu, who did not reveal any activity. His eyes were narrowed. He could sense that this fellow was definitely not an ordinary character. Moreover, he vaguely felt a slight familiarity…

This kind of feeling lingered within the heart of old demon Qing Hua for a moment before it was tossed aside by him. His gaze stared at the medicinal cauldron in front of him before he waved his sleeves in front of a countless number of eyes. After which, he sent the cover of the medicinal cauldron flying away.

The cauldron cover had fell when a trace of energy ripple, not inferior to Xiao Yan’s energy fluctuation earlier, surged out. After which, a light pillar rushed out of the cauldron top and shot into the sky…

Countless numbers of gazes gathered on the spot in the sky where the light pillar shot up. A couple of minutes later, the sky slightly shook. Fog gathered before transforming into the shape of a thundercloud. After an intense churning, two types of colors were revealed. Soon after, another color quietly appeared. Finally, the Pill Lightning stabilized with three types of color.

“It is also three-colored Pill Lightning?”

A continuous sound of surprise resonated over the stadium as everyone looked at the thundercloud. It had slowly ceased churning after stabilizing with three types of colors.

Old demon Qing Hua’s Pill Lightning was similar to Xiao Yan’s. It had three colors. Moreover, its hue was about the same as Xiao Yan’s. It was a little difficult to identify which of the two was better by merely relying on one’s naked eye.

“Three-colored Pill Lightning. This old fellow’s pill refinement ability has improved…”

Xuan Kong Zi and the rest slightly nodded and softly laughed as they looked at the three-colored Pill Lightning in the sky.

“Next, there is only that fellow left…”

The eyes of the pretty woman turned and paused on Old Mu Gu before she slowly spoke.

Xuan Kong Zi and the others gently nodded upon hearing her words. For some unknown reason, a faint uneasiness quietly rose in their hearts.

After the entire place let out an exclamation over the three-colored Pill Lightning of old demon Qing Hua, all of their eyes gathered on the final stone platform. There was a black-clothed man seated there.

The face of Old Mu Gu was slowly lifted into a strange smile in front of everyone’s eyes. He slowly got up and glanced at Xiao Yan with cold eyes. After which, he turned his gaze and threw it at Xuan Kong Zi and the rest. His eyes were filled with ridicule.

Xuan Kong Zi’s group felt their hearts sink when they saw his gaze.

“Tsk tsk, Xuan Kong Zi, I’m sorry but it seems that the old me will be taking the champion spot of the Pill Gathering this time around… ha ha!”

Old Mu Gu involuntarily laughed in a strange manner upon seeing the sinking faces of Xuan Kong Zi’s group. His laughter was no longer hidden this time around. Instead, it was the familiar voice that Xiao Yan had heard that night.

Old Mu Gu flicked his finger after laughing. An extremely terrifying light pillar appeared just like a laser that penetrated through the world as it rushed toward the sky while being accompanied by a mighty ripple.

“Tsk tsk, the disciple that Yao Chen’s taught is but only this level…”

The mighty light pillar shot toward the sky. Old Mu Gu’s dense laughter caused Xiao Yan’s expression to gradually turn gloomy.

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