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Chapter 650: 650

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Pa pa pa pa pa pa~~

A series of runic imprints instantly appeared within Wang Zhong's palms . Unlike the previous Soul Power runic constructs, which glowed with a faint golden color, this runic construct was suffused with an abstruse dark purple shade, causing the entire construct to appear incomparably mysterious . This was the sonic combat technique that Wang Zhong and Grai had used to shake the CHF!


Hum hum hum hum~~~

In the blink of an eye, the first sound had already left Wang Zhong's mouth . As mysterious runic patterns took shape in Wang Zhong's hands, deputy judge Joseph standing by the side of the stage had already moved silently to the defensive barrier right behind Wang Zhong .

These 2 people were too strong for the Casted Soul Stage! Now, with Wang Zhong using his purple flames as a substitute for his Soul Power in the construction of the Subwoofer Cannon, its might would definitely be markedly different from before . Joseph had already prepared for the worst possible outcome of the defensive barrier shattering apart, readying himself to take action at any given moment to block the incoming sonic waves from reaching the audience .

Joseph's actions didn't attract anyone's attention, as everyone was already focusing their complete attention on Wang Zhong's actions on stage .

With exceedingly quick speed, he had completed his runic construct . Due to its purple shade, the runic construct appeared exceedingly enchanting . Right after the first sonic wave rang out, it was closely followed by the 2nd sonic wave, which linked up completely with the first .


Hum hum hum hum~~~

The purple flames shook, causing the entire runic construct to vibrate along with it . The surging sonic waves swept out towards Mo Wen . Nevertheless, Mo Wen did not move an inch as he quietly waited for Wang Zhong to complete the execution of his move . It was now universally known that the Subwoofer Cannon, a sound wave runic combat technique, was a move that could tip the scales of strength, and was exceptionally difficult to defend against . However, when it came to Mo Wen, no one felt that he was overly rampant, nor was he faking it, as he stood silently in wait .

The funnel-shaped 3D runic construct expanded rapidly a few times, before instantly coming to life . Every single runic pattern started to move about in lively fashion, humming and shaking as they did so .

The ground shook, as 4 circular sonic waves rapidly expanded outwards from the excited runic construct, shaking the ground as they traveled along, causing people to feel as though endless waves of vibrations were shaking through the entire stadium!

Such intense vibrations and power were emitted, yet Wang Zhong had yet to unleash his attack! At this moment, the defensive barrier was already starting to display signs of decline and "terror" as the flowing lights on its surface started to sparkle .

The audience in the stadium finally realised the danger they were in, causing quite a few of the audience seated opposite Wang Zhong to subconsciously stand up . Nevertheless, due to this happening too quickly, not many people were able to react in time . If not, those people would have already fled in terror .

A faint frown appeared on Mo Wen's face . However, this frown clearly wasn't due to the overwhelming strength Wang Zhong was displaying, but because… this was still too weak!

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He had assumed that Wang Zhong was going to pull out a new move that had never been revealed to the public before . However, he wasn't expecting Wang Zhong to pull out this "ordinary" Subwoofer Cannon! Although there were some changes in its Soul Power source, it wasn't going to achieve anything in this fight!

Nevertheless, Wang Zhong wasn't affected by the expressions on his opponent's face . Focusing all of his attention and power into his runic array, the accumulation of energy within his sound wave runic combat technique had immediately reached its peak .

The 3rd sound left his mouth .


BANG RUMBLE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The dark purple runic construct instantly inflated, while uncontrollable surges of energy rushed into its core . Condensing together, they formed a thick sonic beam that shot straight out towards Mo Wen!

Right at the same instant, Mo Wen also made his move . Soul Power formed a blaze that surrounded him, before he suddenly opened his mouth .


An astonishing roar blasted out from Mo Wen's mouth, sounding just like the furious roar from the king of all beasts! Unlike the focused attack unleashed by Wang Zhong's Subwoofer Cannon, this roar and the ensuing path of the sonic waves spread out in all directions . However, these sonic waves were incomparably jagged in shape, expanding out layer after layer from Mo Wen in all directions!

Mo School —— Lion's Roar!

The sonic waves expanded out so quickly that before people could hear anything, the jagged sonic waves from Mo Wen's Lion's Roar had already smashed against the beam of light coming from Wang Zhong's Subwoofer Cannon .

At this instant, only people like Long Mei'er and those bigshots in the VIP podium were able to see the high-density Subwoofer Cannon's laser beam smash against the first sonic wave from Mo Wen's Lion Roar, followed closely by the 2nd wave, 3rd wave . . .

The surging wave-like expansions coming from Mo Wen appeared to be endless . Just like an axe, every jagged sonic wave rushing out would cause the incoming laser beam to grow noticeably dimmer . Akin to a pierced balloon, countless streams of light proceeded to gush out from those holes that had been "sawn" open .

The entire process happened in just a split second, before the Subwoofer Cannon's attack was completely dispelled . As the gargantuan energies dissipated across the air, the countless remnant dots of light blotted out the stage . While this happened, the defensive barrier collapsed completely!

Berserk energies instantly swept across the stadium, rushing towards the viewing galleries packed full of people . Immediately, 4 figures radiating with powerful auras appeared simultaneously at the 4 corners of the stage . Joseph, Zhou Mu, and the other 2 deputy judges immediately created a massive Soul Power barrier before them, protecting everyone behind them from the incoming shockwaves . After all, being legendary soldiers, they had no choice but to play the role of protectors, as no one else could take their place . . .

The viewing galleries were truly too large . Even with 4 of them, the deputy judges could only defend the 4 sides . Unable to break through the Soul Power barrier, the terrifying sonic waves headed towards the only place left, rumbling as they rushed towards the skies . Although this was an open-air stadium, there were still some supporting beams present . In the face of those sonic waves, all of them shattered into pieces, dropping into the stadium!

Once again, everyone was stupefied by the happenings . All of them did not dare to guess their fate without the protection from the 4 deputy judges!

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At this moment, the heavily damaged stage had disappeared completely . Without mentioning the issue of reforming the runic defensive barrier, even the projective devices for the barrier that were installed underground had already shattered into bits! The entire ground appeared just like the aftermath of a natural disaster, while the originally pockmarked surface had been plowed through, causing the surface appear even once again . The only things that were visible, were some jagged ripples, just like the sonic waves from a moment ago .

Still standing at his original position, Mo Wen appeared just like a god that had descended upon this world . Now, the Subwoofer Cannon, the sole pride of Tianjing, had been broken! Furthermore, Mo Wen had done so in an utterly vicious manner, countering it with an omnidirectional attack! This showed that he was basically too lazy to focus his attack on his opponent; if he had focused his attack, Wang Zhong would probably have been smashed into pieces!

As for Wang Zhong . . . where was Wang Zhong?

People were shocked to realise that, Wang Zhong had actually disappeared?! Was he blown into dust, just like the supporting beams formerly present on the stadium roof?

Cracking sounds appeared, as the ground where the stage once stood started to shake, before a blood-drenched hand extended out from the ground . It trembled some more, before an upper torso revealed itself . Pressing his hands onto the ground, Wang Zhong took a full 2-3 seconds to climb out from the deep pit he had been buried in .  

Present all over his body were blood-drenched wounds left by the jagged sonic waves . At this moment, the abstruse purple flames had already disappeared from his body, as though they had completely disintegrated . In fact, there were barely Soul Power fluctuations coming from his body!

An abnormally calm gaze shot over, bringing along with it a deep feeling of disappointment along .

"If you only have this level of strength, you aren't qualified to fight with me!" Mo Wen passed his judgement, his voice perfused with a chilling undertone . He could sense the enormous potential present within Wang Zhong's body, which had prompted him to unseal his power . To an expert like him, their greatest fear was becoming disappointed in the hope they placed on others .

Over a month of anticipation, all for the sake of having the best fight before entering the Heroic Soul Stage . His goal was to allow himself to gain a better foundation for the future by being able to cast the most perfect Heroic Soul in history . However, after such a long wait, this was all he got?

A deathly silence hung over the entire stadium, as even the perpetually lively Skylink was devoid of a single comment or sound .

The hundreds of thousands of people present in the stadium, as well as the millions watching via Skylink, waited quietly for Mo Wen to finish his act .

No! This wasn't acting!

He was able to force All Mouthy King into such despair! Special abilities, combat techniques, runic constructs as well as the mysterious purple flames . Those moves that had astonished countless people, and were more than sufficient to make any expert go mad, were all utterly useless against him!

Invincible under the heavens! He was the only one!

"Hu…" Carolyn had already lost the strength to endure any more surprises . Now, she had seen the 3 different sides of Mo Wen .

The first one was the Mo Wen that had fought with her . At that time, she had only believed that he was slightly stronger, although he wasn't unbeatable in her eyes .

The 2nd one was the Mo Wen with the blindfold on, the one that had used his 5 Elements Constitution to go toe to toe with Wang Zhong . At that moment, she had already felt a pressure and shadow in her heart that would be exceedingly difficult to surmount .

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Now, she was seeing the 3rd side, the Mo Wen who stood so high up in the heavens, that even someone as prideful as Carolyn couldn't muster the courage to even attempt in overtaking him!

At this moment, the disparity she felt towards him could no longer be supplemented by any hard work or talent! This kind of disparity was practically at the level between a god and a mortal!

How could Mo Wen in his current state be classified as simply being in a higher realm? Even genuine Heroic Soul Stage soldiers, even those at the apex among the Federation, might not be able to force him into submission! In fact, there was even the possibility of them being defeated by him!

There had never been a person like Mo Wen in the entirety of human history! Even during the dark era, where mankind possessed the greatest number of experts, with the vilest of environments that were more than sufficient to push people past their limits, people like Mo Wen only existed in tales and theories!

What an inconceivable divinized 5 Elements Constitution! Mo Wen had already exceeded the limits set by all of the 5 Elements Constitution experts with the Mo Family in the Casted Soul Stage!

The meaning of divinization was far more than just a mere change in power levels . Instead, it was a qualitative change in the essence of the subject . Furthermore, Mo Wen's divinized 5 Elements Constitution wasn't a qualitative change in a single element, but in all of the 5 elements of gold, wood, fire, water, and earth!

It was already an impossibly difficult feat to cultivate the 5 Elements Constitution . Even with the massive amounts of research conducted by the Mo Family, it was an inconceivable accomplishment to cultivate it to perfection during the Casted Soul Stage . Even the Mo Family didn't dare to assume that divinization was possible, and it was something that had never been recorded! Although a few of the Mo Family's ancestors had been capable of accomplishing it while they were in the Heavenly Soul Stage, the Heavenly Soul Stage was a completely different world from the Casted Soul Stage . Accomplishing this feat would be utterly meaningless by then, as no Heavenly Soul Stage expert would be bored enough to analyse something as basic as the evolution of a special ability .

Therefore, a divinized 5 Elements Constitution had only existed in theoretical debates .

This was the Mo Family, and this was Mo Wen!

Upon birth, he had already possessed extraordinary talent . Being born into the Mo Family, he was nurtured by the highest authority in the cultivation of the 5 Elements Constitution! Coupled with endless resources, the most outstanding training methods, countless training partners from higher realms, as well as unlimited opportunities . . .  

It was the combination of all these factors that allowed someone like Mo Wen to appear in this world .

In the past, everyone had heard about Mo Wen giving lessons to the Heroic Soul Stage soldiers in the Federation's mechanized battalion . However, the majority of the people believed that it was just a novelty, with even more people being indifferent to the matter .

In fact, they felt it was just a slightly exaggerated tale of the truth . Perhaps, he was there to give a class on the techniques of the Mo School . After all, stuff like theoretical discussions were completely unrelated to combat strength . It might simply be the method through which the Mo Family was nurturing Mo Wen .

However, at this moment, as people thought back about it, all of their thoughts had changed . Those stories weren't one bit exaggerated! In fact, they were basically too modest!

As for Wang Zhong… Carolyn could feel the exceedingly high expectations that Mo Wen had placed on him . However, in the end, Wang Zhong was just a commoner . It was already a miracle for him to have walked this far . He had already fulfilled the anticipation people had placed on him .

Everyone was speechless, still reeling from the massive shock they had received from the happenings throughout this duel, as they focused their absentminded gazes towards the 2 standing in the middle of the stadium . A calm expression was still present on Mo Wen's face as he looked towards the injured Wang Zhong . Although he did not show any courtesy in his words, there were still feelings of anticipation present within his eyes . Yes, he could finish off his opponent in a single move . However, was this the outcome he desired? If that happened, the unsealing of his powers would have gone to waste! This was the last time he could unseal his powers! If this instance was wasted, it would mean that he had lost the most precious opportunity to perfect himself before casting his Heroic Soul . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Wang Zhong was the only person within the entire CHF who could offer him this chance! Therefore, Mo Wen had chosen to stick by his senses!

He needed another person to help him arrive at the correct answer, to allow him to see exactly what the limits of a divinized 5 Elements Constitution in the Casted Soul Stage were!


An injury-laden Wang Zhong twisted his head to spit out a bloody clump of saliva . Although his injuries appeared serious, the look in his eyes showed everyone the tenacity and willpower present within him .

Although All Mouthy King had not given up yet, this perseverance appeared ever more desolate and bleak . Had All Mouthy King ever suffered such a disadvantage since his meteoric eruption in the OP?

In the next instant, just like a reboot, Soul Power started to slowly surge out from Wang Zhong's body . The surging silver-colored Soul Power sealed up all of his wounds, preventing any more blood from flowing out . In fact, one could see his skin and flesh starting to knit back together under the irrigation of his Soul Power .

Seeing this, his supporters could not help but cheer out loud . All Mouthy King's combat strength didn't seem to have declined at all!

Hua! Hua!

Extending his hands, a divinized azure flame and a divinized hellish flames instantly appeared respectively in his palms .

The audience could immediately the difference from before . Unlike the shakiness that occurred after the initial fusion between his 2 special abilities, the fusion this time occurred with incomparable swiftness . Upon contact, the 2 different flames started to fuse, before transforming into the purple flames .

At the same time, a massive surge of Soul Power and purple flames instantly blossomed from Wang Zhong's body, before condensing together . Forming something out of nothing! 

The purple flames radiating with an abstruse radiance instantly took shape in the form of a new weapon .

It was a gigantic Heaven's Raising Axe! However, this axe appeared to be even bigger than a normal Heaven's Raising Axe, while purple flames roared fiercely throughout its body . Unlike the earlier mysteriously tranquil state they were in, the purple flames had turned berserk and overbearing . At this moment, even the surrounding air had started to distort and crackle from the intense heat emanating from the flames .

Expanding without any restraint, the purple flames that engulfed Wang Zhong caused him to appear just like a demon king rising into the mortal realm!

Defeat was inevitable once he gave up . As long as he lived, he would continue fighting . As long as he continued fighting, he would definitely find an opportunity!


An extraordinarily overbearing aura exploded out, as Wang Zhong shot into the air!

Noriba had opened his eyes so wide that they had already turned into saucers . At this moment, everyone, including him, knew that this might very well be Wang Zhong's final move! To Noriba, this was an honour, as Wang Zhong was using his combat technique . Although his original technique was probably only one-fifth as powerful, it was more than sufficient for him to feel proud about it . However, even the impulsive Noriba knew that it would be too difficult for this attack to achieve anything! Too difficult!

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