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Chapter 649

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By now, the stadium, as well as the chaotic Skylink, had turned completely silent . Even the craziest of All Mouthy King supporters knew that Mo Wen definitely wasn't doing this just for the sake of pleasing the crowd . Mo Wen definitely wasn't someone who would showboat .

Although people knew that there was some special meaning behind Mo Wen's blindfold, most of the information about it was just rumours . These rumours ranged from closed-eye meditation, to those saying it was for the sake of training his Heart's Eye; some even said that it was a training procedure for the Mo Family's ascetic practitioners . All of these rumours were vivid and realistic, though they were unable to explain the true purpose of the blindfold .

Gently taking the blindfold off, the golden runic array started to slowly disintegrate, transforming into dots of light before slowly dissipating away . Now, with the blindfold completely removed, Mo Wen didn't seem to have changed in any way . The only visible difference was the slightly fair skin around his eyes, a result of them being shielded from sunlight for a very long time .

Everyone's hearts started to tighten with anticipation . Could his eyes be golden in color? Could it be a bottomless brilliance? Or would those eyes shoot lasers? Various thoughts appeared in people's minds .

As if he were acclimatising to seeing light once again, Mo Wen slowly opened his eyes, taking a few seconds to reveal a pair of tranquil, ordinary eyes . . . However, at this moment, the burns that he had sustained on his body had silently recovered!

"There, there seem to be no changes, right?"

"What kind of seal is that? I was expecting some sort of transformation…"

The whispers coming from the audience were all filled with doubt . There were many people who felt that Mo Wen was just putting on a show, as they truly couldn't discern any changes at all .

However, on the other side, Wang Zhong's expression started to gradually grow solemn . Although Mo Wen appeared indifferent, as if he was completely disregarding Wang Zhong, Wang Zhong could feel as though his own body had become frozen!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

At this moment, Caroly and Vladimir exchanged glances, both of them clearly able to see the worry present in each other's eyes . Truthfully speaking, with their Spiritual Soul and Ice Dominion, they did not fear Mo Wen . In this Soul Stage, the 5 Elements Constitution would provide greater combat strength than their talents, although the future would become their playground! However, at this moment, both of them felt a sliver of despair creeping into their hearts .

Divinized 5 Elements Constitution!

Mo Wen's blindfold wasn't there for the sake of training his Heart's Eye! Perhaps, it may have been of some use . However, its main purpose was to suppress his power; his power was simply off the scales! So much that it was more than sufficient to induce despair in his opponents!

Mo School --- Soul Locking Array!

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While sealing up his power, it had also continued to accumulate and lock up the mind, spirit and Soul Power of Mo Wen's Casted Soul Stage power, while expanding and purifying them at the same time . This training method would undoubtedly cause his combat strength to be halved as long as the seal was active . It could be said that in all his duels so far, Mo Wen basically wasn't using his full strength at all!

This kind of seal was a kind of cultivation that could not be easily undone . The longer one's power was concentrated, the stronger the person would be when they eventually entered the Heroic Soul Stage . However, after undoing the seal, he would no longer have the need to seal it up in the Heroic Soul Stage, as it would be pointless .

Perhaps, after defeating Wang Zhong, and clinching the CHF championship, it would be time for Mo Wen to step into the Heroic Soul Stage!

This was the reason why Mo Wen could gain his reputation even among the Heroic Soul Stage! For a mere Casted Soul Stage to gain the respect of Heroic Soul Stage soldiers, sufficient strength was required to convince them, and Mo Wen's divinized 5 Elements Constitution was his ultimate trump card, as well as his genuine strength! No one within the annals of history had heard of such a constitution . There were no such records in the dark era; after all, that era was rather chaotic and had incomplete records . However, in the radiant era, this was the first time the Federation had ever witnessed a divinized 5 Elements Constitution!

Long Mei'er gave a simple explanation of the happenings on stage . Although she didn't make an overly exaggerated explanation, it still left all of the audience dumbfounded . Nevertheless, they still did not have an inkling about what it really meant . Although the divinized 5 Elements Constitution sounded extremely formidable, even the power of a dominion realm special ability wasn't able to defeat Wang Zhong . Could a divinized 5 Elements Constitution really do the trick?

Whispers started to sprout out from the audience, as humming noises continued to ring continuously across the stadium . All of them were filled with curiosity and anticipation towards Mo Wen's blindfold . However, after removing it, it seemed like there was nothing more to it .

Mo Wen did not immediately take action . In fact, he didn't even adopt any stance, and simply stared right at Wang Zhong .


Wang Zhong's Soul Power surged out, as a new purple fiery blade instantly condensed in his hand . At this moment, the Mo Wen standing before him was radiating with a feeling of danger that was unlike anything he had experienced earlier . Those seemingly lifeless, tranquil eyes were filled with an aura that came from the ancient antiquity, just like . . . those high ranking dimensional life forms that Wang Zhong had previously encountered in the hyperdimension! That gaze was filled with pressure, causing Wang Zhong to feel as though Mo Wen was a hunter staring at its prey!

Wang Zhong knew that this was a pressure that originated from Mo Wen's spirit, and it was the most practical move for a more powerful being to use on weaker beings . If Mo Wen continued pressuring him like that, he would not need to take further action for Wang Zhong to collapse! He needed to break this pressure!

With a flick of his wrist, the blade in his hand flashed; Wang Zhong exploded forward in the next second!

The earlier exchange had allowed Wang Zhong to gain a more precise control over the strength of his purple flames, and enabled him to become more accustomed to the realm of this power . Eliminating the delay that came from his previous unfamiliarity and the conscious need for control, Wang Zhong had immediately exploded with his full power upon taking action .

Without any intention of accumulating power or coming to a stop, the rapid blade arc had already reached the level of the earlier Flaming Tsunami Slash he had previously unleashed . Although it was an ordinary blade arc when Wang Zhong had just raised his hands, it had already transformed into a massive blade shade as he chopped downwards . Bringing about an earth-shattering might, it wanted to cleaved Mo Wen into two! 

However, before this terrifying blade arc landed .

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Bang . . .

A massive bang rang out, as the surrounding air exploded apart .

Wang Zhong felt as though a high-speed armored train had smashed directly into his chest! A strange and unstoppable force rushed in, sending him shooting into the air .

BOOM . . .

Wang Zhong's back smashed into the top of the defensive barrier, causing it to shake violently . In fact, even the entire stadium was shaken along with the defensive barrier . As for Mo Wen, he was still standing on his original position, appearing as though he had not made any movements at all . However, at this moment, his iron hammer-like fist was already thrust to the front, and he was currently pulling it back slowly .

Void Splitter Punch .

This was an extremely simple move, unleashed by a blow that compressed the air to the point of explosion . Of the 10 great experts seated in the participant viewing gallery, at least 6 to 7 of them were able to execute this move .

However, wanting to unleash it in the way that Mo Wen had just done . . . this was already a suppression through the difference in realm . Only suppression could have led to an outcome like this! In an instant, everyone understood the true terror that Mo Wen represented . He was already able to suppress his opponent entirely, so there was utterly no need for him to compete with his opponent in Soul Power . He could destroy his opponent upon taking action!

The entire stadium returned back to an absolute silence, as this time, even the laymen in the audience had realised it . Having restored his genuine level of strength, Mo Wen had become unstoppable! There was already no need for any further exaggeration about his strength! In other words, he already possessed the capability to control all of his strength, which was enough to completely annihilate his opponent!

At this moment, Mo Wen was wholly suppressing Wang Zhong with their difference in realm .  

This was the legendary divinized 5 Elements Constitution, where one's inner power would form an entire world within onesef!

Being the most frightening did not equate to being the strongest . This was a realm that every expert dreamt of reaching . Now, Mo Wen had taken the spot as the most frightening existence in people's hearts!

"Freak…" Divian felt her heart palpitate with fear . Despite never having the thought of contending against Mo Wen, those in the same generation as him really felt a mountain full of pressure bearing down on them . Without a doubt, he was the number one person within the younger generation! The absolute number 1!

"He's a freak among freaks!" Karl's eyes had already bulged out . Did he really fight against this fellow on equal grounds? All of a sudden, he felt a wave of awesomeness in his heart . He had actually managed to be evenly matched against such a person… despite the fact that Mo Wen wasn't using his genuine strength at the time . Now, with Mo Wen revealing his full strength, the only feeling left was terror, just extreme terror .

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At this moment, Pomo and the other top-class heavy soldiers were mulling over what they had just seen . If they were in Wang Zhong's shoes, there was simply no need to guess what miserable outcome they would be in . Although other people might be stronger or weaker than them, everyone was still within the boundaries of the same realm . However, Mo Wen was already in a different realm, so any comparison to him would be pointless .


A figure descended from the air, kicking up a dust cloud as he landed .

Wang Zhong placed his left palm on the ground as he half-knelt on the ground . At this moment, crackling explosions could be heard from the dark purple fiery layer around his chest, as electric currents sparkled, showing signs of damage . Around it was even more purple flames, moving over to cover the gaps and repair the damage . A faint imprint of a fist was present on his tough muscles, forming a depression in his chest .

During his previous duels and exchanges with Mo Wen, everyone was exceedingly clear of how tyrannical Wang Zhong's defences were . This made the injury on his chest all the more frightening to them . With just a single Void Splitter Punch, Mo Wen was able to unleash such a level of destructiveness!

"Bring out your other moves if you have any . " Mo Wen's voice sounded unfathomably deep . "Don't disappoint me!"

His words weren't pretentious at all . He was the number one within the younger generation of the Federation . No one here had sufficient qualifications for him to remove his blindfold! Wang Zhong had just barely reached the threshold to warrant his unsealing . However, wanting to duel against a full-powered Mo Wen… The only thing that could be said was that Mo Wen hoped for Wang Zhong to breakthrough into a higher realm, and stand out among the masses .

Once again, silence instantly filled the entire stadium . At this moment, regardless of whether one could understand the current situation or not, everyone could already sense the loneliness within Mo Wen, stemming from the inability of finding a worthy opponent . Who cared about victory or honour! Those were just the goals of the weaklings! Reaching the realm Mo Wen was in, the strongest desire was to meet an opponent who could force him to go all out . To a martial artist, the cruelest thing they could experience was the absence of any opponents!

Throughout the course of his training, Mo Wen had constantly experienced fights against people of a higher realm than him . However, due to that difference in power realm, the power he had accumulated within his soul couldn't be stimulated . As for those within his generation, where could he find an opponent who could match up with him?

He did not believe that it was possible, until Mo Xingchen had told informed him of the possibility of it occurring during this CHF . Mo Wen believed in the words of the Heaven's Fate Master, resulting in his participation, taking the place of the original captain, Mo Ling . As for matters of fame and reputation, those were things that he had never once pursued . Prior to the CHF, Mo Wen had been ranked on a similar level as Gui Hao, while his fame and reputation was lower than Gui Hao and Carolyn . Before exposing himself to the limelight, Mo Wen was ranked at the bottom of that group .

Throughout this journey, he had been incomparably disappointed with this CHF . Carolyn was too young and tender, Vladimir was insufficiently balanced and had glaring shortcomings, and as for Gui Hao, what the hell was he? Even Dicaprio, whom the parliament had given their all to nurture, had turned out to be an utter clown .  

Among all of them, Wang Zhong was the only one he couldn't gauge . He really couldn't see through this person! Although Wang Zhong's strength was still far from sufficient, Mo Wen could feel that he was unaware of what Wang Zhong was waiting for . Therefore, after losing the earlier exchange, Mo Wen had taken the initiative to display his strength and revealed his divinized 5 Elements Constitution, all due to his anticipation towards Wang Zhong revealing his true strength!

Not a single person was able to understand what Mo Wen was thinking; shock was the only thing everyone could feel in response to his strength . No wonder the Mo Family had taken such a high profile stance this CHF . Not showing off their might with a person like Mo Wen in their ranks would be a rather stupid decision .

Long Mei'er could not help but sigh in admiration . If the strength of the 2 were still within the boundaries of the Casted Soul Stage during their earlier exchange, then at this very moment, Mo Wen had already transcended the realm of the Casted Soul Stage! Within the hundreds of years since the establishment of the Federation, he was still capable of being hailed as the strongest Casted Soul Stage in history!

However, it was only when extraordinary talent was coupled with extraordinary devotion, would such a person appear . Only a martial fanatic like Mo Wen would be able to reach such an inconceivable realm . Furthermore, from the strength he had already displayed, it was extremely likely that Mo Wen was already capable of unleashing Soul Domination abilities . . .

Naturally, he was already invincible without using any Soul Domination abilities . The level of power he could unleash with every single move had far surpassed the Casted Soul Stage realm . In fact, it might not even be possible to find many opponents within the Heroic Soul Stage who could match up to him!

Of course, Wang Zhong wasn't weak . From certain perspectives, he might even be more outstanding than Mo Wen . Bringing his squadron all the way to the finals of this CHF was more than sufficient to show that his devotion and talent weren't inferior to Mo Wen . Furthermore, his character was also the martial fanatic type, who pursued their path to the extreme . In fact, his level of comprehension and creativity was on a level that even Mo Wen could only dream of reaching .

However, the difference was in the age . If Wang Zhong had been given 2 more years to grow before meeting Mo Wen as he was now, maybe… maybe Wang Zhong would be able to put up a fight .

At this moment, the participant viewing gallery had already been completely overwhelmed . Living in the same generation as Mo Wen was a sort of blessing, though it also brought along misery and sorrow, as no one knew how to surpass such a freak! He was just like a palace that had been erected in the skies, that everyone could only see but never reach . Even people like Carolyn and Vladimir could feel how difficult it was to overcome this hurdle, much less other people .

Mo Wen was just like the Heaven's Fate Master; in fact, he might actually be an existence that was even rarer, the Mo Family's Heaven's Protector!

That was a status that surmounted the role of being the protector of the Heaven's Fate Master! The Heaven's Protector was a legendary existence from the Mo Family . The protector was there to protect the Heaven's Fate Master, while the Heaven's Protector was there to protect the entire Mo School, and protect all the heavens!

In the Mo family's preparatory area, a tranquil smile appeared on Mo Xingchen's expression, while her gentle gaze towards Mo Wen was filled with incomparable trust . Only with the appearance of both the Heaven's Fate Master and the Heaven's Protector would it be the right time for the Mo Family to stand up and show themselves to the Federation . In the Mo Family's teachings, these 2 positions needed to be filled before the Mo Family would stand up and "contend" with the other aristocratic families . Naturally, only the core members of the Mo family would know about this, and even people like Mo Ling were not privy to this information .

At this moment, many of the bigshots in the VIP podium had switched their gazes repeatedly between Mo Wen and Mo Xingchen . Now, everyone knew through their gut that Wang Zhong was done for .

   . . .

On the stage, the pressure bearing down on Wang Zhong was even greater than before . Mo Wen's earlier strength had already pushed him to the brink of collapse . Although he did not know what Mo Wen was hoping to achieve, this was truly the greatest amount of power he could unleash . Although he still had some combat techniques up his sleeves, those were inferior than what he had already used . For the first time, Wang Zhong could feel how invulnerable his opponent was!

Experience, toughness, and combat techniques . Mo Wen wasn't inferior to him in all those aspects . Furthermore, Mo Wen's strength and talent were at a higher realm than him . How could he continue this fight?

A battle of attrition?

No; there were some fights that were not fought for the sake of their outcome! Through this journey in this CHF, Scarlet had fought, and Barran had fought . Now, it was time for him to fight for the opportunity to surpass his own limits!

The current disparity between their speed and strength was a little too evident . Faced against such suppressive and destructive power, any ordinary defence would be absolutely pointless! Since Mo Wen was hoping for him to display his full strength, he would gladly do so!

Standing up, Wang Zhong rubbed away the bloodstains at the corner of his mouth, while calming the surging qi and blood that heaved within his chest . Raising his hands before him, his deft fingers started to weave about .

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