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Chapter 651

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The more dangerous it was, the more bravery would stand out . At this moment, Wang Zhong standing up to face Mo Wen, was just like how Mo Wen had done so against him earlier! Only those who dare to surpass themselves would be considered as genuinely brave soldiers!

In the past, with the use of a divinized fiery axe, Wang Zhong had unleashed a mere 4 chops to shatter every defense that Vladimir had erected . This was now known as the most ferocious combat technique in this CHF! What would be the outcome when this was used against Mo Wen?

Would Wang Zhong reverse the situation once again, or would Mo Wen become an invincible god of war?

Everyone had focused their gazes on them, and felt the terrifying might contained within that purple fiery Heaven's Raising Axe . Could Mo Wen resist the blows from such an exceptional war axe?

However, the calm expression on Mo Wen's face did not change . With his feet anchored to the ground like roots of a tree, a wave of Soul Power had already surged through his fist . Clearly, Mo Wen was showing exceptional patience, and was as confident as before . This powerful successor of the Mo family was planning to completely crush All Mouthy King, and become the symbol of might for the Mo Family!

Wang Zhong's eyes blossomed with radiance . His opponent was strong, and had strength on a level that he had never faced before! However, this was a real fight . If he wasn't able to surpass his limits, how would he be able to surpass his opponent!


Appearing to have felt the fighting intent surging within his heart, a terrifying demonic flaming tornado expanded out from the purple fiery Heaven's Fate Axe . An unimaginably overbearing aura, fighting intent and heatwave surged out from the fiery axe, before expanding out in all directions!

In the next second, the fiery Heaven's Raising Axe had already appeared above Mo Wen's head!

This was an eruption of power that was concentrated to an unprecedented level, as though he had completely accumulated all of his power in an instant! Countless energies surging from Wang Zhong, the surrounding space, and even the world, had already condensed on the edge of the axe burning with purple flames!

Purple Fire Flaming Axe —— Overlord Raises the Heavens! 


The axe chopped down!

This axe wanted to split the heavens and sunder the earth!


Faced with this might bearing down on him, Mo Wen responded by sending a punch rumbling out . An exceptionally precise and distinct punch! Just like a punch unleashed by a little schoolkid, there were no ultimate combat techniques displayed in this punch .

It was just a casual parry unleashed through the mere convergence of Soul Power . However, smashing right into it, the overbearing axe intent condensed from all of the energies in the world appeared to have collided into an indestructible wall! The massive force rebounded against this "wall", sending the axe flying back .

Wang Zhong felt his axe shooting into the air, lifting his body through its momentum .


In an instant, a single handgrip turned in a two-handed grip, as veins erupted from Wang Zhong's arms . With his Soul Power vibrating so hard that it appeared to be on the brink of leaving his body, Wang Zhong forcefully stabilised his axe in mid-air . Doing a backflip, and taking advantage of the massive rebounding force, he had already twisted the direction of his axe head . Roaring purple flames erupted from his eyes, as berserk special ability energies and Soul Power blasted out in the air .

The 2nd chop!

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Wang Zhong displayed his control over the combat technique to its limits, pulling of a successful redirection and accumulation of power, preventing his chain of attacks from breaking .

The purple fiery Heaven's Raising Axe blossomed with radiance once again!

It radiated with an earth-shattering aura, brimming with greater ferocity and might than the earlier chop .  

However, an emotionless punch continued to welcome him . It was simple and devoid of fanciness, yet could not be stopped!

BANG . . .

The axe arc collided midair against the fist shade . At this moment, normal sounds had already lost their meaning, as halos of intense vibrating lights and shockwaves had obstructed the transmission of sound, sending ear-splitting bangs and crashes exploding throughout the stadium .  

The space within the stadium appeared to have solidified, before starting to warp .

The multiplication of power!

The 5 Heaven's Raising Chops was a combat technique that would cause an axe intent to rise continuously, with every successive chop being able to multiply the might from the previous chop . The resulting load on one's body and Soul Sea was way over what an ordinary person could endure . At the very least, even Noriba with his knowledge of the Heaven's Raising Axe was unable to execute this move . If he were to attempt it while in mid-air, his body would collapse!

Yet, Wang Zhong had done it! Not only that, he had done so with such perfection! All this while, Noriba had believed in Wang Zhong's 5 chops . No one within the CHF could block this move, and even Mo Wen couldn't do so! It was only at this moment that Noriba came to the realisation that he was just like a frog sitting at the bottom of the well .

Mo Wen's fist intent was still so unfathomably powerful, blocking the ferocious earth-shattering axe smashing down onto him . Nevertheless, Wang Zhong had already completely entered a zone, as the purple flaming energies continued to gush out from his body . Relying on the rebounding force, he soared into the air, accumulating power as he flew higher . The incomparably powerful opponent before him had completely ignited the thirst for combat within his heart, and he could unleash all of his strength without any restraint! There was no need to show mercy, or any worry! All of it, all of it, all of his strength!

More strength!

When the Heaven's Raising Axe was hefted high into the air, the unstoppable thought of cleaving everything before it had already started to take root deep within everyone's heart . At this moment, Mo Wen looked calmly at Wang Zhong hanging in mid-air, while a sliver of envy appeared within his heart; he also wished to experience the feeling of unleashing his strength without restraint!

Before the halo of light present in the air could expand, the revolving Heaven's Raising Axe had already chopped down!

The 3rd chop!

When the axe intent from the 3rd chop was condensed, the vibrating halo in the air instantly retracted, appearing as though it had been absorbed by the Heaven's Raising Axe .

"His purple flames has a devouring capability!"

"That's the essence of the darkness attribute special ability! Devouring, annihilating, and assimilating everything!" Gui Xinying's eyes lit up like torches upon witnessing this scene . Faced against an opponent as powerful as Mo Wen, Wang Zhong's perseverance seemed to have created a sliver of opportunity for him .

This chop was stronger than the earlier one!


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Light blossomed out, reflecting against the Soul Power barrier deployed by the 4 deputy judges, creating countless shades to appear above the stadium . Under those reflections, people were barely able to make out the sight of the Heaven's Raising Axe being blocked once again . However, it seemed that the fist shade unleashed by Mo Wen was in a more defensive state .

Was Mo Wen actually being suppressed? Was this the first time he was being suppressed after removing his blindfold?

Countless All Mouthy King supporters suppressed the excitement surging from their hearts, as they could feel that Wang Zhong had gained the superior position . However, the soldiers that were able to understand exactly what had happened were already completely speechless, as they were frightened by Mo Wen to the point of being unable to catch their breath . Faced against such an extraordinarily powerful Overlord's Chop, he was still able to defend against it with such ease!

Mo Wen really was a freak!

After chopping down, the axe glow had already twisted around . Was this hope, or despair? People didn't know what it meant .

The true essence of Wang Zhong's move was the chaining of attacks . Every bit of strength he could add to the move, and every single attack he could add to this chain, were potentially the straw that would break the camel's back . As for Wang Zhong and the OverLord's Heaven Raising 5 Chops he had created, this continuation was even more important .

4th chop!

This chop was filled with more willpower and ferocious might!

The purple flames covering the axe surged out so powerfully they appeared to be at the brink of exploding . As they surrounded Wang Zhong and the Heaven's Raising Axe, people were almost unable to distinguish the human and axe anymore!

Akin the epicentre of destruction, the terrifying giant axe sparkled with the flames of purgatory and pure chaos as it chopped downwards, smashing through everything in its path .

Overlord Raises the Heavens --- Rending the Skies, Sundering the Earth!


Die die die!

A hellish attack that wanted to destroy everything in its path!

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There were no light ripples formed, as the surrounding space, light and shadows, and even the entire world appeared to be cleaved into 2 distinct halves by the descending axe!

A golden fist shade appeared once again to block the descending axe . However, faced against such an earth-shattering chop, even Mo Wen's fist intent was insufficient! Immediately, it was smashed apart, though the axe intent seemed to have been completely drained at the same time .

All of a sudden, Wang Zhong's face turned red as blood rushed to his head . The might he had unleashed in the 4th chop had almost shattered his body . Nevertheless, he forcefully suppressed the mouthful of blood surging up his throat . Clenching his teeth, he leaped into the air!

The final attack!

The hearts of countless people were gripped with fear and anxiety . In the participant viewing gallery, Gui Xinying, Carolyn, and the rest were focusing all of their attention towards the centre of the stadium . Wang Zhong's chance to create a miracle would all depend on this attack! 

Radiating with a dark mysterious glow, the Heaven's Raising Axe made a powerful arc in the air . This was just the path to accumulate power . Nevertheless, the movements it made were already able to cleave through dimensions, causing people to see the endless dimensional space that sparkled with the glow of stars .

The 5th chop!

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Wang Zhong's eyes had already lost their luster, leaving behind blazing purple flames that seemed to originate from the pits of hell . His boundless Soul Sea had become the source of his Heaven Raising 5 Successive Chops . Coupled with the simultaneous input of his special ability and axe intent, Wang Zhong's boundless Soul Sea had been expanded to an unprecedented level . This caused all of the Soul Power passageways in his body to expand multiple times in breadth, resulting in his Soul Power eruption skyrocketing by over 10 times in strength!

Although such an expansion of his Soul Power meridians was an exceedingly huge burden to his body, and might even result in some hidden injuries and negative side effects, so what?! This was the price he needed to pay to unleash the Heaven Raising 5 Successive Chops to their limits!

Furthermore, at this moment, Wang Zhong's strength, fighting intent, and will power, all reached an apex that he had never reached before! 

There was only one thought present in his mind .

Chop everything before me!


Appearing to have sensed his will, the purple fiery Heaven's Raising Axe grew to an unprecedented size . At this moment, it no longer looked like an axe, but more like a supreme demon king that had climbed out from hell! Turning alive and berserk, it would destroy everything when it attacked!

All the Tianjing and Heaven's Fate fans present in the stadium could no longer control themselves as all of them stood up in nervousness .

Everyone's eyes had turned as wide as saucers .


The giant axe chopped down! The demon king had descended into this world!

The gargantuan destructive energies instantly enveloped the entire stadium, appearing as though they wanted to devour everything around them .

How could this chop be just twice as powerful as the 4th chop? It was at least 3 to 4 times more!

However, before this power that was more than sufficient to destroy the heavens had descended, it was greeted with a sigh .

"Is this your strongest power?"

Mo Wen's voice rang out within this rumbling stadium, ringing with incomparable clarity through every single corner . It sounded tranquil, carrying a deep feeling of disappointment .

Although it was a change in form, there was still no change in substance . It was still the same purple flame energies from before, and it was still a Casted Soul combat technique, regardless of how elegant, how powered-up, how outstanding, or how perfect the fusion was .

Faced against the divinized 5 Elements Constitution that stood above everything else, the only outcome was utter decimation!

That was because his opponent was Mo Wen!

A 5-colored halo sparkled and blossomed within Mo Wen's palm . Before the earth-shattering energies above his head, this light appeared weak, although it was incomparably distinct .

Despite that, Mo Wen did not move even a single inch from his original location . Just like before, he sent a punch rumbling out . However, compared to the last punch, which was focused on defence, this one was focused on offence . Following the trajectory of the punch, the light transformed into energy, condensing in the air, before turning into a 5-colored fist shade .

Mo School —— Heaven Creation Fist .

The 5-colored radiance rippled out like meteors, shooting through the skies . Before this 5-colored fist shade, the berserk purple flame energies that had blotted the skies appeared so weak, they seemed just like a sheet of paper!

Destruction, annihilation! At the instant the collision happened, all of the axe intent had already shattered into pieces, before being obliterated into nothingness!

This was a fight between 2 people with completely different levels of strength! This disparity was insurmountable!


A figure was present in mid-air, having been slapped violently like a ping pong ball . At this moment, the axe intent had disappeared, the purple flames had disappeared, and his Soul Power had disappeared!

His boundless Soul Power suddenly retracted, instantly causing explosions throughout the surface of Wang Zhong's body, which sent him flying over 20 meters into the air . At this moment, his body appeared just like a helpless leaf being blown about by a howling gust . . .

The countless brother King supporters in the Skylink and the stadium instantly felt the fires in the hearts being extinguished, all of them feeling as though they had lost their meaning to life . Now, the world had already lost its splendour, with darkness being the only thing that remained .

The figure flew "extremely slowly" in the air, appearing to represent the gradual departure of the hopes and beliefs within everyone's hearts . There were even some people who had subconsciously stretched out their hands, wanting to grab and hold onto him . Nevertheless, the figure continued to rise into the air . Every thought they had was a pipe dream, one that would lead to endless despair .

Mo Wen, was just too strong .

Wang Zhong's body came to a halt, before dropping out of the skies . This was a complete freefall, appearing as though he had lost the strength to even control his body!

Following his descent, all of the audience's hearts seemed to have completely collapsed .


Wang Zhong smashed fiercely into the ground, sending a plume of dust rising into the air . Without any Soul Power defences around his body, Wang Zhong bounced twice, before coming to a complete halt…

Now, the entire stadium, Skylink, and even the whole of the Federation had turned silent . Without any indication, some of the All Mouthy King supporters already had tears covering their faces, most of them being ordinary citizens . They had witnessed the miracle that had walked out from the OP, taking step after step in the CHF, all the way to the finals . At the final moment, despite knowing that they would lose, all of them were heartbroken by what they had seen; their dreams, on the verge of being realised, had been mercilessly shattered by Mo Wen in the cruelest of fashions .

Strong! Incomparably strong! He had strangled every legend and miracle before him!

No one made any noise, no one uttered a single word . At this moment, even the most neutral people could feel endless despair encroaching onto their hearts . Mo Wen could not be defeated! This was his era . He was the peak that no one could contend against .

Noriba's breath was now stuck within his chest . Earlier, for one instant, he had hoped for the possibility of witnessing a miracle being born . However, in reality, there was no such thing as fortune amidst combat . A soldier would have already lost, the instant he or she started to look for hope . Previously, Noriba had made this mistake when he made a gamble and launched an all-out attack against Wang Zhong, looking for hope where there wasn't any .

Now, Wang Zhong was in his shoes . If Wang Zhong wasn't able to display power in the same realm as Mo Wen, it would be foolhardy to rely on his so-called courage and willpower .

At this moment, other people were also having similar thoughts as Noriba . Now, ending this duel was just a matter of time for Mo Wen . For what it's worth, this fight was already over . Wang Zhong was simply unable to match up to him . If this dragged on, it would definitely be a cruel punishment for Wang Zhong, and he would lose everything that he had accumulated so far in this life .

A sliver of an ambiguous smile appeared at the corner of Carolyn's mouth . If Wang Zhong was able to obtain the support of Stuart, he might still have some hope of competing against Mo Wen . His loss would be a pretty good opportunity for her; she, and by extension Stuart, were the only ones within the entire Federation who could help him contend against Mo Wen!

On the ground, Wang Zhong started to struggle, shaking and swaying as he stood up, while Soul Power started to churn within his body . Nevertheless, everyone could see that those actions were already exceedingly laborious for him . Now, he no longer had any combat strength left! Against Mo Wen, who was above him in all aspects, this was basically a struggle at death's door!

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