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Chapter 92 - Maturing into Deformity?

Edited by RED

One month later, in the morning, a longsword embedded with eight gemstones hung on the closely shut gates of Xu Clan. However, no one on the streets dared approach it to get a closer look. Everyone stayed far away from it.

However, the next morning, the longsword hung on the gates vanished without a trace.

After that, on the same day, many corpses wearing the uniforms of different cultivation schools were discovered to the south of the city. The scene was incredibly painful to look at. It was rumored within Rivulet City that this matter was connected to the sword treasure hung outside of the Xu Clan’s gates.

Right now, in Mo Dingtian’s residence, a delicate and pretty little girl was struggling to support a similar-aged boy in moving around the courtyard.

“Little Brother, you’ve become so heavy,” the girl said.

The boy didn’t say anything, only curving his lips to smile at her.

The two came to a pavilion, and the girl carefully supported the boy in taking a seat. However, the boy grimaced in pain the moment his rear hit the seat.

The little girl covered her mouth and giggled at the look on him, saying, “This is what you get for trying to show off. Doesn’t feel good now, does it? I heard from father you were really strong; holding off many experts alone. Can you tell me about it?”

The little boy looked at the girl and smiled, “Please spare me, Little Sister. I’m already like this and you still want me to tell you stories. Also, those are some bloody matters; what’s there to talk about? As a lady, you shouldn’t ask about those.”

The girl wasn’t angry at hearing his words. Instead, she smiled and continued, “I just want to hear about your heroic acts. Though, I hope you don’t try to show off in the future. I won’t tend to you if you get yourself in such states again.”

“Do you think I wished for this? I, too, want to live my life comfortably. I didn’t have a choice and was forced into such situations,” the boy smiled helplessly.

“Then live as you like. What are your plans?” the girl asked, blinking her alluring eyes.

The boy looked at her, his face slightly blushing and said, “The future? I’ll hang onto this place, never leaving. I’ll see if I can strive to marry into your family, then… ah, ah, it hurts, it hurts. Go easier on me.”

The girl’s face flushed bright red, extending her arm and pulled on the boy’s ear.

Not far away, Mo Dingtian stood with his hands behind his back, looking at this pair of frolicking kids. He gave a light sigh and left helplessly.


The eradication of the two great clans of Rivulet City, the Helian and Liang Clans, as well as the great battle in Xu Clan whose details weren’t known to others, were gradually forgotten by the people. Many new households emerged in rapid succession in this little city, gradually recovering the bustling sight of the past.

However, the ones personally involved in the shocking battle, the Xu Clan,remained shut behind their gates. The legendary chief housekeeper of the Xu Clan, Xu Pingfan, never once showed his face in public after the event, and people would occasionally talk about the mute little young master of Xu Clan, wondering where he had gone to.


Time flew by quickly, and ten years passed in the blink of an eye. Tiny Rivulet City was now more lively than ever. Over these years, many households had emerged as forces of their own and were replaced, but the Mosuo Auction House continued operating, without anyone daring to offend it.

In the auction house, two white silhouettes were clashing. There would occasionally be two sources of energy flashing, one yellow-colored and the other rainbow-colored, but the latter did not radiate as strongly as the former.

“Hmph, I’m done; you’re not going easy on me,” a graceful white silhouette landed gently. It had a pretty oval-shaped face, a pair of alluring eyes and sexy lips, looking incomparably beautiful. The yellow energy emitting from her body gradually dissipated.

“Little Sister, how could I continue going easy on you? Should I get myself beaten into a pig’s head like the last time?” the other silhouette slowly descended as it spoke to the beautiful young girl with its back facing her.

“Would it matter even if I were to pummel you like a pig’s head? With your thick skin and coarse meat, you would be jumping about energetically the next day anyway. And why are you facing away from me? Turn around,” the beautiful girl ordered.

The girl stood on the spot, watching as that suave back slowly turned around, revealing a look on happiness on her face. The impression of a dainty and delicate girl could be seen in her eyes.

The guy slowly turned around, his clothes fluttering. Just by looking at his pair of fair, slender arms, you could tell they belonged to a handsome man. When he had made a complete turn around, the beautiful girl immediately stared wide-eyed at his appearance.

This youth who had a suave back view had several big moles on his face, especially the one by his mouth; there was even a long strand of hair growing on it. The most alarming feature was that he was cross-eyed. One could not bear to look straight at him.

“Ahhh! You’re dead meat!” the beautiful girl came back to her senses and rushed forward, punching the ugly youth.

The beaten youth smiled and didn’t utter a sound, but his extremely ugly face would cause others to vomit their meals at the sight of his smile. It was too ugly.

After a while, the girl was tired from beating up the youth. The latter chuckled, “You’re tired? Why don’t you take a rest for now and continue later?”

The beautiful girl pouted her lips and sat on the ground. She turned her head away, ignoring the ugly youth.

The ugly youth sat next to the beautiful and lightly nudged her with his shoulder, asking, “What, are you angry for real?”

The beautiful girl gave a humph, ignoring him.

This extremely ugly youth no long spoke. He daringly laid himself down slowly into the girl’s embrace. A familiar fragrance unique to this girl wafted into his nose as his head was lightly placed on her lap.

The most surprising thing was, the girl actually didn’t struggle or express discomfort. Instead, she showed a blissful look on her face.

The youth looked at the girl’s face which many would go crazy for and said in an eccentric tone, “Smells so good. I know my wrongs, Little Sister. You won’t look good if you continue being angry.”

When the girl heard this, the angry look she tried her hardest to put on instantly crumbled and broke into laughter. She lowered her head and looked at the ugly face, extending her fair hand to tousle his hair.

“What, you can’t bear to part with your beautiful face?” the youth teased.

She kept silent, watching him as she continued tousling his hair.

Seeing this, the youth tactfully kept his mouth shut and closed his eyes, enjoying the beauty’s embrace. However, just as he shut his eyes, he felt some water dripping on his face and he asked subconsciously, “It’s raining?”

However, what he saw when he opened his eyes was the tear-stained face of the beautiful girl. The youth immediately felt his heart ache, extending his arm to wipe away the tears on her face. He said gently, “Alright, don’t be like this, Little Sister. It’s not like I’m never returning. Do you have to act like this? Are you afraid of living as a widow?”

The young girl raised her hand and gently pushed the youth’s hand away from her face and said with a bitter smile, “Why do you care? And who’s going to observe widowhood for you? I’ll just find a random person to marry after you’re gone and have you regret when you come back.”

The ugly youth raised his hand and pulled on the hairy mole by his mouth and said, “With a vile man like me here, who would dare to take you? Just wash yourself clean and wait for my return.”

The girl couldn’t hold it in and burst into laughter when she saw his face. She caressed his ugly face full of moles as the youth gently shut his eyes, enjoying the fleeting moment of happiness.

Not far away stood the boss of Mosuo Auction House, Mo Dingtian. He was watching the young couple in the courtyard, shaking his head helplessly.

“Young Lord, is Young Master Xu really leaving Rivulet City?” the man behind him suddenly asked.

Mo Dingtian turned around and looked at Mo Yan, who had followed him for many years. He smiled and said, “Do you think he’s the type that is willing to endure seclusion? His life isn’t something we can interfere with. I only hope that he will treat Ling’er well.”

Mo Yan nodded and continued, “I believe in Young Master Xu’s character. He has stayed here since his injury ten years ago, accompanying Young Miss by her side. He didn’t even go out of the gates once. I could never do it if I were in his shoes.”

Hearing this, Mo Dingtian sighed and said, “Ai, Brother Yan, this Young Master Xu isn’t someone we can hope to understand completely. During this ten years, there were times when he would disappear for a period, citing secluded cultivation as his reason. Would you believe it? If you say he has never stepped out of our mansion’s gates, I would never believe it.”

“Yeah. Young Master Xu may be young, but he has the patience and wisdom even adults lack, especially that insane strength of his, and that strange…” Mo Yan continued.

“Enough, Brother Yan, I’ve told you many times not to mention it. Why do you keep forgetting? I’m only wondering the whereabouts of the group of men who came and wiped the Nefarious Nine ten years ago. Also, from what I see, Ling’er that girl has already fallen too deep to pull her out. It was slightly better in the past, but now that she’s grown up, I can no longer control her,” Mo Dingtian said, depressed.

“Haha, Young Lord, Ling’er and Young Master Xu are childhood sweethearts. They are compatible, too. You should be happy,” Mo Yan chuckled.

“Is that so?” Mo Dingtian replied casually, shifting his gaze to the couple, the corner of his lips twitching.


In an ordinary institution outside of Rivulet City, a white silhouette fell from the skies, landing in the institution and was instantly surrounded by four robust men.

“Who goes there!” a tanned, burly man shouted.

The white figure had his hands to his back, smiling at the tanned man.

“Aiya, gods, how could a person be so ugly. Who exactly are you!? This master won’t be holding back anymore if you don’t speak up now!” The robust man demanded answers from the white-clothed man full of moles and a pair of crossed-eyes. His stomach was churning, feeling nauseous. Could there be anyone uglier than this person before him?

“You’re addressing yourself as ‘master’ before this Young Master, I? Who gave you the galls to, Xu Lei? Fine, make your moves; I’ll see if your wings have grown strong,”1 the incomparably ugly white-clothed man said casually.

“Ah? Why is this voice so familiar? Young Master? Is that you?” Xu Lei asked, staring wide-eyed at this exceptionally ugly man. He didn’t dare to believe what his ears had heard, but it sounded too familiar.

“Go away. If it wasn’t for your decent reaction speed earlier, your rears would now be bright red,” the ugly man scolded him.

Hearing this, sweat poured out from Xu Lei’s forehead. This young master had trained them over the years, and every time they were slow to react, he would bring out a plank and spank their rears, only stopping when they were bright red. How could they not be afraid?

“You performed pretty well this time. I’ll walk around by myself; disperse,” the ugly youth said.

Xu Lei felt like he was granted an amnesty. He quickly ordered the guards to disperse.

Who was this incomparably ugly white-clothed youth, that he would be so arrogant? Naturally, who else could it be other than the little young master of Xu Clan, who had disappeared from Rivulet City for ten years?

However, wasn’t it said that guys would bloom by the age of eighteen, growing more handsome by the day? Yet, this little young master of Xu Clan looked to be an attractive boy when he was young, but developed into a being that let the humankind down as the days passed.

TL Note:

1: An expression to describe a person having grown to the point of independence or no longer obeying others.

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