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Chapter 93 - He is Still The Same

Edited by RED

The young master of Xu Clan, who grew into such ugliness, strode toward the secret cavern in the rear mountain. Along the way, the hidden sentries were scarred from seeing their young master’s “handsome” face. Xu Qi almost suffered a sword wound, even. It was unknown whether it was on purpose.

In the rear mountain cavern, a purple-clothed, voluptuous girl in her prime of youth was watching three others practicing, her face concealed with a purple veil.

Suddenly, an extremely familiar feeling appeared behind her.

“You’re here, Young Master,” a gentle voice came from the purple-clothed girl, slowly turning around. She stared wide-eyed upon seeing the white-clothed ugly youth.

However, the purple-clothed girl came to her senses very quickly. She covered her mouth and giggled, “Young Master, how could you make yourself look this way? Is it even possible to get any uglier?”

“Hey, Yin girl, how did you recognize me with just a glance? How boring. I still hoped to act as a pervert or something,” Xu Qi said dejectedly, seeing as he was seen through immediately by the purple-clothed girl.

“Hehe, Young Master isn’t suitable to play the role of a pervert well, but Young Master, why did you make yourself look like this? Perhaps you’re going to seduce other girls?” the purple-clothed girl giggled.

“Ai, seen through by this girl again; why do I feel that over these years, I could never hide anything from you, Qian Yin? Can’t you just learn to be thoughtless, like your sister? What use is there to be so clever? I’m such a failure,” Xu Qi said helplessly.

This purple-clothed girl was none other than the elder of the twins among the orphans he adopted ten years ago, Qian Yin.

“Ah? Young Master, you really wanted to go seduce other girls? But with your looks, no matter how I see it, it is more like you trying to abduct them. I’m not forgetful like my little sister; that’s too thoughtless,” Qian Yin continued.

“Where’s Di Ke’er?” Xu Qi suddenly asked something he had never concerned himself with for the past ten years, the Misty Tower girl he had saved.

“Oh, Sister Ke’er? She’s in her room, why? Why would Young Master suddenly ask about her? Could it be that the girl you’re going to abduct is Sister Ke’er? Gods, I’m going to inform her of the good news,” Qian Yin feigned being surprised, running toward the exit when she finished her sentence.

Xu Qi drooped his head helplessly and grabbed Qian Yin, who acted as if she were running to the exit. Following the momentum, he pulled her into his embrace, looking at her covered appearance with his disgusting crossed-eyes.

Qian Yin didn’t seem to mind Xu Qi’s ugly face. She extended her trembling hands toward Xu Qi’s face.

“Hey! Qian Yin, what are you two doing? Who is this man!?” an angered voice suddenly rang out.

Qian Yin, in Xu Qi’s embrace, immediately retracted her hand from that ugly face when she heard that voice and struggled out of Xu Qi’s embrace. She fixed her attire and stood aside, her head lowered.

Xu Qi didn’t pay any attention to that person who just called out. He went to Qian Yin’s side and raised his hand, slowly lifting her chin. Xu Qi brought his mouth to her ears and whispered, “This silly tiger spoiled our happy occasion. Watch how I smack his rear; I’ll vent your frustrations on him.”

Xu Qi blew a mouth of air in her ears as he finished his words, causing Qian Yin’s heart to speed up. She lowered her head again, rubbing her hands. She didn’t dare to look at others.

“Godsdammit, you dare to get fresh with her, you… Woah! What an ugly face; he’s actually uglier than I am, haha! Finally there’s someone uglier than me,” the person said. He slowly walked to Xu Qi and Qian Yin. He got excited when he saw Xu Qi’s face.

Hearing this, Xu Qi revealed a smile. He crossed his arms and watched as the man laughed his head off, beating his chest and stamping his feet.

This man looked burly and rough, with a tanned complexion, completing his look with a full beard. One look at him and you’d come to the conclusion of him being the kind that was all brawns and no brain.

“Third Brother, stop laughing. Something is wrong; That girl Qian Yin would never get so intimate with a stranger casually. Also, that person’s figure looks familiar.” Another two people, one skinny and the other short, ran up to the bearded man and advised him as the bearded man kept laughing.

“Hmm? You’re right. Hey, ugly boy, what’s your name? Where did you come from? How did you get Qian Yin to fall for you? You haven’t even ask for I, Third Brother’s permission!” the bearded man shouted. The two others beside him immediately covered their faces at hearing this and started praying for their Third Brother inwardly.

Xu Qi crossed his arms and said with a hoarse voice, “Third Brother, eh? I’ve long heard of your great name. Today, this little brother, I am here to propose marriage. I wonder if you can make the decision for Miss Qian?”1

“Propose marriage? Who do you think I, Third Brother am? Of course I can make the decision for this girl Qian Yin… Wait, how did a brat like you find your way here; who exactly are you?!” the bearded man suddenly realized there was a problem as he stopped his bragging, asking the question furiously.

Xu Qi cleared his throat and used his normal voice, saying, “Come closer, Third Brother, I’ll let you have a good look at who I am!”

“Ah! Young Master! Oh dear gods! Done, I’m done for!” the bearded man blanked out for a moment at hearing this familiar voice, then immediately came back to his senses, crying.

The other two by his side exchanged glances, rejoicing to themselves. Luckily they were fast to realize the situation and didn’t mess around with their Third Brother. Otherwise, they would be in for a “treat”.

Xu Qi grinned and walked to the bearded man’s side. He raised his hand and patted the bearded man’s shoulder, saying, “Oh, Xiao San, how you’ve grown. Even your Young Master, I, have to address you as Third Brother now, eh? Third Brother.”

Thoughts of dying sprang up in the bearded man’s mind when he heard Xu Qi saying that. He wailed to Xu Qi, “Please don’t do this to me, Young Master. How am I supposed to react to your shocking appearance today? You know me; I’m the dumbest among our group. Please show some magnanimity and let me go. If you beat me anymore, I will get even dumber.”

“Turn around, Third Brother,” Xu Qi smiled, unwilling to listen to his pleas.

Hearing this, the bearded man's burly body actually started trembling. He slowly turned around with a wailing face. His head turned back, facing Xu Qi and plead, “Young Master, can you use less force?”

“What are you thinking, Third Brother? I'm just asking you to turn back and look at what's written on the stone wall,” Xu Qi smiled, pointing his finger at the deepest part of the cavern.

The bearded man craned his neck forward, looking in the direction Xu Qi pointed and said, “Young Master, it’s too far; I can’t see it.”

“You think it’s too far? Come, I’ll give you a hand,” Xu Qi said. Golden flames burned on his right foot and he kicked the bearded man’s round rear.

“Ah! Young Master, you deceived me! Ah, so hot! Ah!” the bearded man directly flew toward the depths of the cavern with a golden flame burning his rear.

The bearded man shrieked as he flew, causing the two who were next to him to shiver uncontrollably. They quickly ran to Xu Qi and knelt with one knee, greeting their young master respectfully.

“Stand up, Xiao Hou, Xiao Yang.2 How are your recoveries going? I see you’re looking in pretty good shape; you’ve fully recovered?” Xu Qi asked, looking at the two.

Hearing their Young Master call out these two names, the two kneeling down showed a smile from the bottom of their hearts.

“We’re fully recovered, Young Master, but some time is needed for our strength to return to before. However, it’s not a problem for us to take on a mission now,” the skinnier of the two reported.

He was the one addressed as Xiao Hou by Xu Qi. His current name was Xu Shen. The only ones who dared to addressed him as Xiao Hou were Xu Qi and his leader.

“Hmm, that’s great. Xiao Yang, you don’t look too good yourself. Could it be that your lil’ bro3 was hurt?” Xu Qi asked the other, shorter guy, making faces at him.

“No, Young Master. I just didn’t rest well. I feel like I didn’t get enough sleep, and I was dragged here by Sister Qian Yin to train. All I want to do now is to get some sleep,” the one addressed as Xiao Yang replied, yawning.

The shorty was known as Xiao Yang; his real name was Xu Wei. There weren’t many who dared to call him Xiao Yang, but the number was greater than those who dared say “Xiao Hou”. That was because he had a good temper.

“Young Master, Young Master, ah, ah, so hot. How am I supposed to sit down and eat?” the bearded man’s cries sounded out again.

Xu Qi, Qian Yin and the others all looked at the bearded man as he came running, everyone bursting into laughter. 

“Hou’zi, Xiao Yang, what are you laughing at? Watch it or I’ll smack you,” the bearded man sat down angrily, rubbing his butt cheeks.

However, when he turned around and saw Xu Qi, a smile was immediately lit on his face, flattering “Young Master’s kicks are getting better by the day. Thir… Xiao San is impressed.”

Xu Qi smiled helplessly. This bearded man was named Xu Yin, while Xu Qi usually addressed him as Silly Tiger. Though, only Xu Qi can address him as such. If it was anyone else who called him that, Xu Yin would definitely go pick a fight with them.

“Let me ask you, Silly Tiger, you sure the ones who ambushed you three are from the capital? Not disciples of some cultivation school?” Xu Qi asked seriously, no longer putting up a smile.

Xu Yin’s expression turned serious and replied, “Yes, Master. The group who ambushed me, Hou’zi and Xiao Yang thought that we were dead and had their guards down when they left. I endured the pain and secretly followed them. Before they entered the capital, they took off their black clothing and revealed yellow clothes underneath, swaggering into the capital.”

Xu Qi slowly nodded and continued, “You three, recuperate for the time being. I will bring you another Green Mystique Fruit each as your reward; you didn’t fail your missions this time. Stand down, I’ll find you if anything comes up.”

Hearing this, Xu Yin and the other two didn’t say anything more and slowly exited the cavern. However, as Xu Yin made his exit, he made some faces at Qian Yin, who was behind Xu Qi, causing her to instantly flush red.

“Young Master, are you really planning on going there personally?” Qian Yin slowly walked up to Xu Qi and asked gently.

Xu QI turned around. He lightly pinched Qian Yin’s chin, raising her head and teased, “If you can’t bear to part from Young Master, why don’t you come along with me?”

“Okay,” Qian Yin looked Xu Qi in the eye and agreed directly.

“Then shouldn’t you offer some bribes to your Young Master; like a kiss or something?” Xu Qi continued teasing, playing the rogue.

Hearing this, Qian Yin averted her eyes. She didn’t dare to look at him any longer.

“I, your Young Master haven’t seen your pretty face for a long time. Come, let me see if you’ve grown prettier,” Xu Qi continued, raising his other hand toward the veil covering Qian Yin’s face.

He gently removed the purple veil, revealing a devastatingly beautiful face. Qian Yin cheeks blushed bright red, still averting her gaze.

“Hehe, Qian Yin is still the prettiest,” Xu Qi praised.

“Young Master, can you let me see your true appearance once more?” Qian Yin mustered her courage, meeting Xu Qi’s gaze and requested. A hint of begging could be heard in her voice.

Xu Qi didn’t say anything. He brought his hands to his cheeks, below his earlobes and removed the layer of skin covering his face.

“Do you like Young Master’s handsome appearance?” Xu Qi asked with a smile, waving the skin mask in his hand around.

The man standing before Qian Yin had lustrous and straight black hair. Taking off the skin mask revealed a pair of thin, long straight brows slanting inwards, along with a pair of sharp black pupils. His lips were light, and had a pair of pronounced dimples. He had a tall, slim, and muscular build that didn’t look rangy, like an eagle flying in the night sky; an icy cool appearance that exuded the distinct air of a powerful, solitary being with disdain for the world.

Using the Young Master’s own words, he looked freaking cool! 

TL Note:

1: In olden Chinese customs the male side visits the female side and asks for her hand, and her elders (usually parents) will make the decision.

2: Xiao San/Hou/Yang: Little three/monkey/ram, all referring to their positions relative to the Chinese zodiacs. As mentioned before, Xiao is a term of endearment.

3: Lil’ bro: A guy’s delicate piece of meat.

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