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Chapter 91 - The Curtain Falls on the Great Battle

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The entire Xu Clan shook as the explosion boomed.

Not far away from Rivulet City, a blurry figure was speeding toward the city. They stopped in their tracks as they felt the explosion in the direction of the city.

This person was dressed in green, holding a longsword in their hand. On the scabbard, there were eight differently colored gemstones embedded. If one looks closely, they would find that it was identical to Xu Clan’s family heirloom, Stellar Splitter.

“Young Master Xu!” Mo Dingtian yelled after the explosion. He and Mo Yan quickly rushed to the explosion site.

Chen Yong, who was waiting in the hall in the rear court, was now akin to an ant on a hot pan, turning on the spot anxiously. He had the impulse to go out and take a look for a few times now, but was stopped by Xu Lei. Following the explosion, his heart was in greater unease, his hands clasped together, mumbling, “Please don’t let anything bad happen to you, Young Master.”

Black Tortoise, who was the closest to the explosion, came forward to the crater.

It looked into the crater and saw the little brat. His whole body was covered in blood. Black Tortoise spat out dense blue energy from its mouth, enveloping Xu Qi in it. The energy slowly flew to Black Tortoise’s shell, with Xu Qi still in it, gently landing there.

Black Tortoise turned to look at the little brat on its back, then swept its eyes across the courtyard filled with corpses and gave out a sigh.

Mo Digntian and Mo Yan arrived before Black Tortoise. Seeing this mysterious, yet unimaginably powerful monster made them feel a little timid inside, but when they saw Xu Qi, wrapped in its blue energy, on the monster’s back, their hearts tightened uncontrollably.

Suddenly, the Black Tortoise opened its mouth and spat out a pearl emitting blue light.

This blue pearl flew to the space above the corpses and sprinkled some rain-like water droplets.

The water droplets fell on the corpses, which in turned began emitting blue light. Then, the corpses slowly disappeared without a trace. Not even any blood stains were left behind.

Just like that, the blue pearl flew around the courtyard, sprinkling water droplets on the corpses. In a short while, all the corpses in the courtyard vanished, and the blood stains on the ground were cleared, leaving behind a devastated courtyard.

After all the corpses disappeared, the pearl returned to Black Tortoise, who swallowed it.

Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan watched with their mouths agape as this unfolded. They were greatly astonished at this powerful monster which they couldn’t recognize, not even daring to breathe out loud.

Black Tortoise raised it head and looked to the skies, letting out a sigh, reverberating in the ruined Xu Clan courtyard.


The smashed gates of Xu Clan mansion were replaced through the night. From its external appearance, Xu Clan was still the same as ever, nothing different about it.

Many people in Rivulet City knew about a shocking battle taking place in the Xu Clan yesterday, but no one dared to go check it out. Everyone hid in their homes, praying for their own safety.

Similarly, many people were making their own guesses, wondering whether the Xu Clan had followed in the footsteps of the Helian and Liang Clans and was massacred. However, they were only thinking to themselves; none dared to say it out loud.

In Xu Clan’s rear courtyard, Xu Pingfan was lying on a bed, his eyes open. His gaze was a little lifeless. Next to him sat Chen Yong and a green-clothed man.

“Housekeeper Xu, what exactly happened in Xu Clan yesterday? Could you tell me about it?” the green-clothed man stood and asked, cupping his fists.

Lying on the bed, Xu Pingfan’s eyes twitched for a moment at hearing such, but he didn’t speak a word.

Chen Yong interrupted, “I’m sorry, our Housekeeper Xu suffered serious injuries and is recuperating. I hope senior not to disturb him. If you wish to know, please wait until Housekeeper Xu has recovered. It’s not too late to talk about it then.”

The green-clothed man didn’t show any displeasure at Chen Yong’s intervention. Instead, he cupped his fists to Xu Pingfan and Chen Yong and left the room.

When the green-clothed man was a distance away, Xu Pingfan, who was lying down, exerted much effort to support his body, sitting up slowly.

Seeing this, Chen Yong quickly went to support him and said in concern, “Take it slow, Housekeeper Xu. Your injuries aren’t light.”

Xu Pingfan leaned his body against the bed. The lifeless gaze he showed previously disappeared and returned to his usual look, asking plainly, “Young Master really went to Mo Dingtian’s place?”

“That’s right,” Chen Yong immediately answered.

“I know the gravity of the injuries I suffered. How did I recover so quickly; who helped me?” Xu Pingfan questioned.

“This…” Chen Yong hesitated.

“Say it; tell me everything that happened after I fainted,” Xu Pingfan said seriously.

A trail of cold sweat slid down from Chen Yong’s forehead. He knew that every time Xu Pingfan spoke so seriously, the latter might lose his temper any time. Chen Yong hurriedly answered, “Housekeeper Xu, Young Master returned after you fainted. He brought a golden Giantwood Python along and saved you. Then, he ordered us to carry you to the rear court and stay put, not allowing us to be with him. As for what really happened after that, I really have no idea.”

Xu Pingfan turned agitated, coughed a few times uncontrollably and yelled, “Chen Yong! I groomed you for so many years for nothing. How could you not protect Young Master during the crucial moments! You!”

“Please don't get agitated and sit down, Housekeeper Xu. It was Young Master who insisted on me staying back, saying that I would add to his troubles. I could only comply; you know his temper, too. Do I have a choice? There were a total of three explosions after bringing you to the back. I don't know what happened, but…” Chen Yong explained, panicking.

“But what? Say it, quickly. Are you trying to kill me from anxiety!?” Xu Pingfan urged anxiously.

“Calm down, please. But in the end, a strange, large tortoise-like monster showed up in the rear court and shot some blue-colored energy on you. Your external wounds healed rapidly under our eyes, then it left with Mo Dingtian. According to him, Young Master is going to his place!” Chen Yong recounted.

“What about Young Master?” Xu Pingfan doubted. Chen Yong failed to mention Xu Qi’s condition.

“Young Master… Young Master he…” Chen Yong revealed a difficult expression.

“Say it!” Xu Pingfan roared.

“Please calm down, why do you keep getting agitated? I only saw Young Master lying on the back of that strange monster, enveloped in blue energy. I don’t know about anything else, only that Mo Dingtian told me to notify you not to worry when you woke up. Young Master will be fine in his mansion,” Chen Yong said.

“Young Master was injured?” Xu Pingfan continued asking, staring wide-eyed.

“I really don’t know. I only saw Young Master lying on that monster’s back, seemingly asleep,” Chen Yong cried.

Xu Pingfan was about to erupt in rage when he suddenly felt tearing pains from his body. He shut his mouth and paused for a while, then asked, “What about those people?”

Chen Yong naturally understood who Housekeeper Xu was referring to. He immediately answered, “I brought men to the front yard to take a look after Mo Dingtian’s group left. There was nothing; not even blood stains on the ground. All that can be seen is a large crater.”

Xu Pingfan revealed an astonished gaze, looking at Chen Yong in disbelief.

The two went silent for some time. In the end, it was Xu Pingfan who broke the silence, saying, “This green-clothed man claimed to be from Metaloch’s House of Soaring Moon?”

Chen Yong nodded.

“If anything happens to Young Master, I’ll make sure to have those schools’ disciples be buried along with him!” Xu Pingfan said plainly, gradually shutting his eyes.

Chen Yong suddenly felt a shiver run down his spine. Housekeeper Xu Pingfan was truly enraged this time round.


At Mo Dingtian’s residence, Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan sat in the former’s room. The two had been in this position for the greater part of the day, without any exchange of words. Only Mo Dingtian’s constant sighing could be heard.

“Please speak whatever is on your mind, Young Lord. Don’t sigh any more,” Mo Yan finally couldn’t hold it in and said.

Mo Dingtian raised his head and looked at Mo Yan, saying, “Brother Yan, I realize my understanding of this little young master from Xu Clan is much shallower than I thought. I really don’t know whether my decision to stand by his side is the right choice.”

“I don’t know whether you made the right choice, but I’m very impressed with Xu Clan’s little young master,” Mo Yan said seriously.

“Impressed? That’s the first time I’ve heard you say that. You’ve truly changed,” Mo Dingtian smiled.

“Young Lord, let’s wait patiently for Young Master Xu to wake up. Don’t let that thing…” Mo Yan said.

“Brother Yan, don’t bring it up! Don’t ever speak about matters regarding it in the future!” Mo Dingtian interrupted gravely.

Mo Yan shut his mouth tactfully and sighed softly. He looked at Mo Dingtian and started blanking out.

Mo Dingtian couldn’t be blamed for being so uptight and prohibiting Mo Yan from speaking about that monster. The final events of yesterday would remain in his memories for life.

After that strange monster was done getting rid of the corpses, it turned back and said to Mo Dingtian, “Please find somewhere quiet; I have to heal him.”

Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan stood there stupefied at hearing the monster speak. They didn’t dare believe their ears and replied blankly, “The secret room in my mansion is quiet and well-hidden. There won’t be anyone disturbing you.”


That stupidly strong monster whose cultivation level was unknown, its words left Mo Dingtian disconcerted. A monster that could actually speak; what the heck was going on?!


The green-clothed man who came out of the Xu Clan was strolling on the streets of Rivulet City. He suddenly stopped in his tracks and smiled, then made a turn into a secluded alley to the side.

“Come on out. Aren’t you tired from following me for so long?” the green-clothed man said plainly.

“Haha, your ears are still as sharp after so many years,” a black silhouette descended from the sky, landing behind the green-clothed man.

“I’m not surprised with you coming here, but it seems like you came too late,” the green-clothed man said indifferently.

“Yeah, I am late. It seems like I missed a great show, but aren’t you the same?” the black-clothed man chuckled.

“Leave Rivulet City. You can’t make a move even if you’re here; those people have come too. Otherwise, no one can guarantee you won’t end up like the ten lunatics, disappearing from this world,” the green-clothed man suggested, maintaining his indifference.

“Hmm? It seems like you know something?” the black-clothed man asked.

“I know nothing. The only thing I know is that seven little lunatics entered Xu Clan mansion yesterday and never came out,” the green-clothed man said.

“That, I do know. But what I’m interested in is your trip to Xu Clan; what information did you gather? And what about Stellar Splitter?” the black-clothed man replied.

“Nothing. However, I can tell you that I smelled blood at the Xu Clan’s gates. There is also a large crater in there. A huge battle probably occurred right there yesterday. Though, I looked closely and didn’t find any blood stains,” said the green-clothed man as he furrowed his brow, confused.

“Oh? Even you didn’t discover anything? Could it be that this puny Xu Clan has some hidden expert behind them?” the black-clothed man asked doubtfully.

“Hidden expert or not, I don’t know. What I do know, is that in this puny Xu Clan, only their Housekeeper, Xu Pingfan, suffered heavy injuries, while a few other guards had slight injuries. Everyone else was perfectly fine. Also, I also discovered that the housekeeper is actually a fourth stage Spirit Swordsman,” the green-clothed man revealed a smile as he said this, but it was a bit bitter.

Hearing that, the black-clothed man kept silent and fell into deep thought.

The green-clothed man slowly turned around and continued, “Also, don’t you have any designs on that sword of the Xu Clan. Everyone is keeping their eyes on it. You’d only be asking for trouble if you go for it.”

After finishing his speech, the green-clothed man brushed past the silent black-clad man and headed back to the streets.

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