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Chapter 9 - First Introduction of Five Elements Wings

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Xu Qi closed the backdoor after entering. However, he remained by the door. He felt deeply moved by seeing Jin Yier leave from the door crack; then he shook his head helplessly and walked towards his room.

Xu Qi caught sight of a silhouette waiting outside his room. After identifying the figure, Xu Qi entered his room without a word, and the visitor followed Xu Qi.

In his room, Xu Qi took off his cloak, and started teasing, “This is seriously uncomfortable. Why are you still waiting for me at this hour, Uncle Mang? Warming my bed?”

The visitor was the housekeeper of Xu Clan, Xu Pingfan, of course. He was aware Xu Qi had yet to return since leaving the mansion, thus sent all guards away from the back entrance; he didn’t want anybody to see Xu Qi returning in the middle of the night. Yet here he was, waiting for his young master’s return. If it weren’t for Xu Qi repeatedly urging him not to go looking for him, he would have made his way to Jade Sea Tavern long ago. 

Seeing Xu Qi safely returned home and started teasing him, Xu Pingfan gave a slight smile and said, “Young Master, please don’t forget your age. You’re going out and back in the middle of the night. You should have some consideration for my feelings. What if something were to happen to you? I can’t shoulder that responsibility.”

Xu Qi didn’t reply to Xu Pingfan. He chuckled a little, then sat on the bedside. His legs dangled off the bed, giving a carefree atmosphere.

Just by looking at Xu Qi, Xu Pingfan understood the former had great gains from tonight’s trip, but he didn’t want to enquire about the details. He pondered for a while, then reported, “Young Master, Helian Clan and Liang Clan got wind of my intention to sell our business rights and have sent people to get in contact with me. I have informed them of the pricing, but both clans wanted an exclusive deal. Do you think I should do something behind the scenes?”

“Don’t bother, Uncle Mang. Let it go if the price is right. There is no need to offend them. We won’t have it easy if we offend either of them, and they will retaliate if we take it too far,” Xu Qi answered.

“All right then. As you wish, Young Master. Also, I have found a suitable place that you asked for, and construction is already underway. It should be completed in a month,” Xu Pingfan replied. 

“That’s fast. Thank you, Uncle Mang. But you must keep in mind that this matter must never be leaked. Otherwise, it will be disastrous for us.” Xu Qi felt pretty happy with Xu Pingfan’s capabilities.


“Please rest assured, Young Master. Everything will be taken care of. Just be patient.” Xu Pingfan patted his chest and assured.

In fact, things weren’t as simple as Xu Pingfan made them out to be. Locating the place was easy since Xu Clan didn’t lack the funds. However, when it came to construction, Xu Pingfan didn’t dare to be careless in the least. Although he wasn’t sure of Xu Qi’s intention in ordering the construction, he understood Xu Qi wanted to maintain secrecy. Therefore, he offered high wages to exceptional craftsmen from other cities to do it. He also employed guards and made sure that the craftsmen were unable to leave the premises before it had been completed.

Xu Qi didn’t pay much concern to Xu Pingfan’s arrangements. All he was thinking of was the information given by Jin Yier earlier. There’re so many schools. This world is somewhat dangerous; it’s better to hurry up and strengthen myself, he thought to himself.

“Young Master, as for your instructions to look for orphans, I have arranged that as well. They will be gradually sent to a secure place,” Xu Pingfan interrupted Xu Qi’s thoughts.

Xu Qi’s attention was immediately roused at the mentioning of orphans, and he said, “Uncle Mang, I forgot to mention this the last time. Their gender doesn’t matter, but they must be perfectly healthy. Don’t bother with them if they have any irregularities; give them a bit of money and begone with them. Oh, the amount… I want ninety-nine of them. Think of a solution if the numbers are insufficient, and I don’t need any extra.”

“Ninety-nine? All right, Young Master. I will do my best.” Ever since Xu Pingfan got reprimanded by Xu Qi for asking too many questions, he didn’t dare speak out, no matter how doubtful he was; he’ll just do as he’s told.

The truth was, there was no real reason for requesting ninety-nine. He didn’t care about the number; he just said it for superstitious reasons. However, his words caused Xu Pingfan to tense up.

“Uncle Mang. You’ll help with these matters. I don’t wish to appear in public anymore. I want to cultivate in peace for some time; don’t let anybody disturb me. Also, no need to feel anxious if you can’t find me. Just arrange for someone to bring me food now and then. From now on, your words will be final in Xu Clan. That’s all. I want to rest now. You go, too,” When Xu Qi spoke these words, there wasn’t any discussion; it was an order. He even drove Xu Pingfan away now.

Xu Pingfan only gave a short “Yes” when he heard Xu Qi wanting to cultivate in seclusion. Then he left the room and slowly shut the door.

Xu Qi was overcome with a feeling of exhaustion as Xu Pingfan left; he was busy for the whole day. This was the first time he concerned himself with clan matters ever since being in this world, and he had to consider so many things. Xu Qi was exhausted to the extent of falling asleep just as he lied down. 

After an unknown amount of time, Xu Qi woke up and stretched himself. Hunger started to kick in.  He left his bed and noticed some food had been placed on the table. It went without saying it was Xu Pingfan who brought him food. “How deep in slumber was I? I didn’t even realize someone came into my room. Whatever. Food comes first.” Xu Qi reprimanded himself a little for dropping his guard.

After filling his stomach, Xu Qi’s body disappeared from his room. He entered the Four Divinities Cavern once again. He was worried he might cause a commotion while cultivating in his room. Therefore, he decided to train in the cavern since there was a large plaza available there. Furthermore, no one would see him cultivating.

As Xu Qi familiarised himself with the use of the bronze ring left by Venerable Ziyan, accessing the cavern was much smoother this time around. Xu Qi reached the plaza shortly and couldn’t help but drool at the sight of the row of fruit trees on the right, “What a pity that each person is only limited to three fruits. That’s 100 years’ worth of cultivation each right there. Who knows if they’ll spoil? Such a waste if they do.” Xu Qi couldn’t help but feel regret. Having to guard the fruits, yet unable to eat them left a bad taste. If they were to rot right in front of his eyes, it would probably cause a severe heartache for Xu Qi.

Xu Qi then looked towards the mound where he’d buried the skeletons. He gave a prayer, muttering to himself, “Seniors, this brat has come to visit again. I have no intention of disrupting your rest by cultivating here. Please understand if I’ve offended you.”

With a flip of his palm, several books appeared in Xu Qi’s hands. He then sat down and held up “Void Dao.” Xu Qi previously learned the Soul Displacement technique from the first stage of the cultivation method. It was powerful indeed; prompting Xu Qi to continue cultivating from the first stage.

Xu Qi was a lot more prudent activating his cultivation this time around, unlike previously, where he sought for instant gains. He circulated his cultivation according to the instructions. Xu Qi would feel pain occasionally, but he gritted his teeth and persevered.

Some time passed, and he practiced once through the first stage of the cultivation method. Xu Qi then picked up another book, the “Everchanging Swordplay,” and started browsing, since he had yet to learn any offensive techniques. As he flipped the book, he cursed aloud, “Oh god, Venerable Ziyan. This book only contains three techniques? What is this bullshit?! Wait… That’s not right. These were carefully chosen by Venerable Ziyan; these shouldn’t be any common items. Let’s observe how it goes first.”

Xu Qi continued studying the swordplay, “First technique: Almighty Slash. Second Technique: Abnegation Strike. Third technique: All-creation Meltdown.”

The sword manual left behind by Venerable Ziyan came with drawings on how to execute. As Xu Qi was unable to wield the Heavens Vanquisher, coupled with the fact that he didn’t like the Rainlord, he retrieved a random bronze sword from the pile of weapons he swiped from the corpses. It was neither long nor short and was a rather easy sword to wield. Then, Xu Qi started practicing the first technique, Almighty Slash.

Perhaps Xu Qi would never believe it, even in his death, but this bronze sword he picked out randomly would almost cause his death in the future. But that is a story for another time…

Everchanging Swordplay – First technique: Almighty Slash. The practitioner is required to possess an overbearing cultivation method, to discharge sword qi through your weapon. When one has mastered this technique, a single strike is sufficient to pulverize the enemy.

After Xu Qi finished reading the skill and drawings, shadows fluttered around in the plaza. Xu Qi coordinated his Soul Displacement technique with practicing swordplay. Though he displayed creativity, Xu Qi was unable to cause a single scar on the stone wall, no matter how much he practiced in accordance with the sword manual, not to mention pulverizing with sword qi.

Slash, slash, slash slash… As Xu Qi practiced, he suddenly thought of something and stopped, “Discharging sword qi… Almighty Slash... I channeled my energy to the sword, but I haven’t even thought of discharging the sword qi as I practiced. I’m so stupid!”

As he came to a realization, this time Xu Qi channeled his energy onto the sword, enveloping the blade with a green light. Subsequently, Xu Qi activated the Soul Displacement technique, and controlled the blade with his will, slashing at the wall. Boom! a streak of green light flashed out from the sword. Upon contact with the stone wall, a large, deep cut appeared on the wall; the surroundings tremored, rocks falling over.

“I succeeded?” The surprised Xu Qi froze on the spot, holding onto his sword. However, after unleashing this technique, he realized he felt weak all over. It was like his body was emptied out.

“It looks like using this technique will exhaust a large amount of energy; I can’t use it unless necessary. Let’s check for techniques that don’t require energy.” Xu Qi felt especially troubled with his body’s lack of strength. He then went on to check the other books helplessly.

“What does this “Five Elements Wings” do? Since I’m tired, might as well read this.” Exhausted, Xu Qi sat down and started browsing the book.


“Five Elements Wings. At the dawn of time, Lady Nuxi was mending the sky. She was processing the five elements of nature: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, and successfully refined the wings. When not in use, the wings remain hidden behind your back. It only requires your will to animate the wings and take flight with incredible speed. After activation, materials of the five elements cannot put up resistance in your way...”

“Wahaha! This is a real treasure! With these wings, it will be difficult for someone even to wound me!” Xu Qi was immediately thrilled once he read the introduction to Five Elements Wings.

Xu Qi hurriedly flipped the page, in search for the refining method, “To forge the Five Elements Wings, one must first refine the Essence of the five elements. Six sets of the five elements’ essence, together with an inner core of a monster, are the necessary ingredients to forge the wings. Merge a drop of the user’s blood with the wings after forging, and you will be able to fuse them onto your back, as well as control them by your will.

“Oh god, where am I supposed to find a monster’s inner core?!” Xu Qi was dumbstruck by the stringent requirements.

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