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Title: Secrets of Each Country

Edited by FluffyGoblyn

In a room of Jade Sea Tavern, Rivulet City, a fair-skinned youngster was cultivating by the bedside with his eyes closed. He was wearing a white robe, and his hair was neat. A token hung next to his waist. If someone were to recognize the token, they would avoid him like the plague to stay out of trouble. This youngster was none other than the one who saved Xu Qi earlier; Abyssal Beast School disciple, Jin Yier.

Dong dong dong, Suddenly, knocking sounds were heard from outside the room. Jin Yier snapped opened his eyes, showing his spirited gaze. It gradually lost its light, and he said gently, “Please enter.”

Ga-chi, the door opened. A small-statured person wearing a cloak appeared in the room, but the hood looked ill-fitting to the wearer; it was too loose. The visitor didn’t forget to close the door, then slowly took off his disguise, revealing a childish appearance.

Jin Yier was momentarily stunned. He recognized that face; it belonged to the child he’d saved earlier today on the streets. Thus, Jin Yier’s face instantly turned amiable, and he said, “Little boy, you’re here. Did you come to seek a cure for your illness?” Jin Yier had already heard information regarding this child through discussions from the crowd, causing him to feel uncomfortable in his heart. One losing both their parents at such a young age was just so pitiful.

The visitor was none other than the young master of Xu Clan, Xu Qi. After his discussions with Xu Pingfan, he looked for a cloak, albeit ill-fitting, and snuck out through the back door, taking advantage of the night. He was extremely careful while secretly making his way to the tavern, though he was confident that given his current strength, it would prove to be a tall order to tail him.


Seeing Jin Yier greeting him, Xu Qi felt grateful towards the former for his rescue. Xu Qi bowed with his hands clasped. That was all he could do to express his gratitude as he was still mute in the eyes of others.


Jin Yier immediately understood Xu Qi was thanking him for saving his life. He waved his hands and said, “Saving you was not a big issue. I just happened to pass by. Once again, is your purpose for this visit to seek a cure?”

Xu Qi immediately shook his head at Jin Yier’s assumption.


“Oh? Then what are you here for?” Jin Yier doubted. He looked at Xu Qi, hoping to discern an answer from his eyes.


Xu Qi reached for his back, magically retrieving pen and paper. Then, he squatted down and began writing. Jin Yier continued to observe Xu Qi. When he saw the latter’s eyes earlier, he felt the child had unfathomable eyes. He couldn’t see through the child that was Xu Qi. Watching him scribble seriously piqued Jin Yier’s curiosity.

Just as Jin Yier was still in thought, Xu Qi stood up and passed him the written note. Jin Yier collected his thoughts and focused onto the paper full of messy handwriting that read, “Big Brother Jin, I wish to learn about the cultivation world outside. Will you please explain it to me?”


“All this trouble just to know about that?” Jin Yier looked at this child, puzzled.

Xu Qi nodded his head.

This child actually only wishes to know about the outside world, and not to cure his illness. What good does it do for him? Jin Yier became even more confused.

Although Jin Yier had his doubts regarding the child’s request to know about the cultivation world, Rivulet City was only a small town near the borders as far as he was concerned. The strongest cultivator within the city was only a sixth stage Essence realm Swordsman, the captain of the city defense force. There weren’t any cultivator schools here either. Perhaps he’s only curious because I showed off my strength today. There is no harm in telling him a little regarding the outside world. He’s just a child after all. Maybe when he gets to learn about it, he will understand this world’s concept of the strong better, thinking up till here, Jin Yier lost much of his worry in his heart.

Jin Yier looked at the adorable child in front of him and said, “Little boy, since you wish to know about this, this big brother will slowly explain it to you. If there is anything you don’t understand, write it down and show me. Okay?”

Jin Yier’s agreeing to his request immediately caused Xu Qi to relax, himself. When he planned to ask this question earlier, he was worried Jin Yier would ignore him. He was only a child after all.

“Let me start with the continent we’re on. It’s called the Spirit Domain. Within Spirit Domain lies seven nations; they are Metaloch, Woodsprout, Waterdusk, Firesoul, Earthdream, Ghosteem, and Mirrorlink. The nation of Mirrorlink is the one we are in right now, and Rivulet City is only a small town. The world is huge; don’t assume that Rivulet City is all that is important.” Jin Yier gave Xu Qi a look as he spoke.

Xu Qi, being the listener, only gave a nod at Jin Yier’s words.

The latter continued, “Each nation is being protected by their native cultivator schools. The greatest forces in each nation are Metaloch’s House of Soaring Moon, Woodsprout’s Virtuous Clan, Waterdusk’s Misty Tower, Firesoul’s Monarchy Pavilion, Earthdream’s Imperial Void Valley, Ghosteem’s Shadow Wind Sect, and Mirrorlink’s Undying School. Such protector cultivation schools are filled with talent and are not to be trifled with. If you come across them in the future, it’s best to be respectful and avoid them as best as you can. Don’t bring trouble to yourself.”

As Jin Yier unceasingly spoke, Xu Qi felt even more inwardly surprised. From the books Xu Qi had read in his father’s study, all he’d gather were some matters within Mirrorlink. Information regarding the cultivation schools never found their way to Xu Qi. Having gained knowledge of these nations and their powers today really widened Xu Qi’s horizons.

“Of course, these great schools have their own pride and rules; they will not harm the commoners as they wish. Rest assured on that.” Jin Yier hurriedly comforted Xu Qi, fearing his words may have frightened this child.

Would not harm the commoners at will? I’m afraid that’s only when no interests are at stake. When gains are involved, these so-called great schools would probably be more ruthless than any other. Nobody gives a shit whether you’re a commoner or a cultivator when that time comes. Xu Qi humphed inwardly.

“As for the nation of Mirrorlink, we have six schools that are considered the big names. In order of superiority, we have the Undying School, the Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion, Devil Feather Pavilion, Mt. Forsaken Sword, Cloud Emperor Clan, and Abyssal Beast School. As for the smaller schools, there are too many to consider.” As Jin Yier’s mentioned the Abyssal Beast School, a look of pride could be seen on his face.

“Other than the six great schools, there is one more area where monsters run rampant in Mirrorlink: the Fallen Gods Mountain Range. Some monsters there are even strong enough to go toe to toe against the masters of the six great schools. According to seniors from my school, there might be even stronger monsters residing within the mountain range, but no one has ever seen them; otherwise, they may be dead.” Jin Yier shook his head. He would never dare venture into that place given his current strength; these were all hearsay.

After Jin Yier was done explaining, he headed over to the table for a drink, then continued, “The Abyssal Beast School is where this big brother is cultivating. We mostly consist of Spiritualists, equipped with the ability to tame monsters for our own use and improving our cultivation. We can summon the monsters to aid in battle as well. As such, foes of similar cultivation don’t have much choice against us Spiritualists but to flee, except for a few special exceptions.”

Just as Jin Yier wanted to continue his lecture, he realized that Xu Qi was writing something again; thus, he decided to stop and wait for him to finish.

At this moment, the paper reflected the biggest doubt in Xu Qi’s mind, “How many monsters can the strongest Spiritualists summon?” The paper was taken by Jin Yier just as Xu Qi finished scribbling.


“This question hits the crux of the matter. Essence realm Spiritualists like me are only able to summon one monster. Two for Qi realm Spiritualists, three for Spirit realm. Similarly, Void realm Spiritualists can summon four, and Reprisal stage Spiritualists can summon five. As for the apex realm, Saint realm Spiritualists, it is said that they can summon eight monsters. However, it is unheard of for anyone to have broken through into a Saint realm Spiritualist. It is, after all, the peak of cultivation.” Speaking up to here, Jin Yier began having misgivings as to what he just said.

“Besides Spiritualists like me, there are the most commonly found Swordsmen, Healers, Rangers, and Nightlords. Spiritualists are the strongest when it comes to combat. Nightlords are the most mysterious, and their numbers are low. The conditions are harsher for them to cultivate, but they are extremely strong in combat. Extremely talented Nightlords can even go toe to toe with us Spiritualists by making use of their peculiar methods. Healers, on the other hand, are mainly support, but when they have cultivated to a certain level, they are extremely strong as well; notably their defense. There are even fewer Rangers to speak of, since their focus is on long-distance attacks, and they are weak in close quarters. They are usually found in a party. As for Swordsmen, it doesn’t have to be talked about. Too many people chose this profession.” Jin Yier gave a brief introduction, as this information was commonly known.

“Oh, that’s right. Little boy, what’s your name?” Jin Yier just remembered that he had yet to learn the child’s name. He walked over to Xu Qi, patted the latter’s head, and asked.

Xu Qi felt especially uncomfortable with someone touching his head, but he knew that this youngster from Abyssal Beast School bore no ill will towards him. He picked up a pen and wrote down his name.

“Xu Qi. All right, I’ll remember you. I’m going back to my school tomorrow; do you seriously not want me to help cure your muteness? You’d never know; perhaps it can be cured. After interacting with you, I’ve learned you’re no ordinary child. If you can get rid of your illness, your future will be a whole lot brighter.” Jin Yier paid attention to the child before him. He had the feeling the latter’s achievements in the future would not be small.

Xu Qi resolutely shook his head, but his heart felt really warm, This stranger has not only saved me, he even wished to cure my illness. Also, he doesn’t seem to have any ulterior motives – but I was never a mute, to begin with. I’ll see how it goes if we meet again in the future.

Seeing Xu Qi’s resolute decision, Jin Yier didn’t wish to speak anymore and sighed. Perhaps he was feeling sorry for this cute little boy in front of him.

Xu Qi thought for a moment, then picked up the pen again and started scribbling. Jin Yier took over when Xu Qi was done and saw his crooked handwriting that read, “Big brother, I’m leaving. Please remember me, and thank you.”

Jin Yier patted Xu Qi’s head once again as he finished reading and replied, “Little Brother Qi, that’s how I’ll address you in the future. If you’re met with anything you can’t resolve in the future, get someone to look for me at the Abyssal Beast School, and I’ll come to your aid. Although we have only known each other for a short while, I don’t know why, but I feel especially close to you. Grow up properly, and come find me when you’re older. Okay?”


Xu Qi nodded, though he was probably never going to trouble him.


“All right, it’s getting too late now. Let me send you home… Ehh? You came by yourself?” Jin Yier was hit by the sudden realization that this Little Brother Qi came by himself.

Xu Qi shook his head, then clasped his hands and bowed towards Jin Yier. Xu Qi put his cloak back on, slowly opened the door, and left without looking back. 

Jin Yier sighed as he watched Xu Qi leave, then pushed the door open and followed him. 

When Xu Qi left the tavern, there wasn’t anybody to be seen on the streets. With his cloak and the dark night, there was even less chance of someone noticing him. However, he’d only taken a few steps before hearing someone follow behind him. Xu Qi kept his cool because he’d guessed that it should be Jin Yier worrying for him and decided to secretly escort him home. Thus, he walked normally and started thinking about matters.

At this moment, it was indeed Jin Yier who was following behind Xu Qi. He could never feel easy letting this little brother go back by himself but watching Xu Qi’s unhurried steps triggered many questions in his mind, He’s so young; why is no one from his clan with him? Not to mention, he didn’t seem to be afraid at all judging by the way he’s walking. What’s going on?

Xu Qi came to understand the current circumstances in this world tonight. Something he was very curious about didn’t get resolved though; what kind of monster was Jin Yier able to summon? And how does he do so? However, his first meeting with Jin Yier had already given him a lot of information, and Xu Qi didn’t wish to ask about his personal information. That’d be too much.

Due to the relatively short distance between Xu Clan and Jade Sea Tavern, Xu Qi very quickly arrived at his mansion’s backdoor. He cracked open the door and squeezed in, then immediately closed it.

Within the darkness was revealed a silhouette, which belonged to the one escorting Xu Qi home, Jin Yier. This little brother looks to have some secrets of his own. Regardless, let’s meet again if we’re fated to. He then vanished into the dark night.

Right as Jin Yier left, the backdoor of Xu Clan cracked opened once again.

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