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Chapter 10 - Mosuo Auction House

Edited by FluffyGoblyn

Xu Qi was both anxious and frustrated at the materials required to produce the Five Elements Wings. This was good stuff; he couldn’t give up that easily!

That said, the essence of five elements was not easy to refine as well. Top grade materials from the five elements were required to extract their essence. Xu Qi wasn’t the least bit worried about metal element material though. He has a load of weapons stocked up in his ring, which were likely to be extraordinary, all looted from the corpses in Four Divinities Cavern. As for the remaining four elements, he could only think of other ways to acquire them in the future.

“Essence of the five elements, the inner core of a monster, I must get my hands on these no matter the difficulty,” Xu Qi decided.

Xu Qi slowly came to terms with the fact that as of now, there was not a sliver of hope in creating the Five Elements Wings. The anxiousness he had shown earlier was disappearing without a trace. Right now, the greatest asset he had was time; he could afford to take it slow.

At this moment, Xu Qi suddenly thought of the four huge doors he’d discovered at the plaza. He left in a hurry during the last visit and did not take a closer look. This time, he spent all his time cultivating. Then, Xu Qi slowly made his way to the rightmost door.

The ancient door was damaged across the surface, with scars caused by blades and the like. Some were even large claw marks. What exactly happened here in the past that caused such casualties? Xu Qi thought, feeling a little sorrow in his heart.


“The Four Divinities, it’s impossible to subdue them with my current strength. It can only be put off till later. I do need to find a location with monsters to start practicing subduing and summoning methods though.” Xu Qi muttered.

Even so, Xu Qi gained quite a bit today. He learned of the method to forge the Five Elements Wings, as well as the first technique from Everchanging Swordplay; though, he had yet to fully master it. Thus, Xu Qi thought that it was about time for him to return. Otherwise, Xu Pingfan would worry if he disappeared for too long.

Behind the rightmost door was a tunnel leading to a large area, together with a gigantic lake. The surface of the lake was rough. As Xu Qi faced the rightmost door, an enormous shadow roiled around in the water. It didn’t show itself though, and the lake returned to peace in the end. Then, a thunderous roar echoed out from the large area, “Venerable Ziyan! I will never let you off!”

“Hm? What was that sound?” Xu Qi heard something just as he decided to turn around and leave. However, he heard nothing else once he started listening attentively, then muttered to himself, “Could it be my imagination? But I did hear something.” Xu Qi couldn’t be bothered with it anymore since he couldn’t make sense out of it. He swiftly left the plaza, returning from the Four Divinities Coffer back to his room.

Xu Pingfan was anxiously pacing back and forth in his young master’s room; Xu Qi had already disappeared without a trace for two days. Although the latter told him before not to panic if he couldn’t be found, it had already been two days. No one in the entire clan had seen where Xu Qi went. No matter how calm Xu Pingfan normally was, he was about to collapse from anxiety right now.

Just as Xu Pingfan was about to leave, he suddenly saw a silhouette shake before him, causing him to become wide-eyed. A silhouette of Xu Qi’s small stature gradually appeared in front of him and eventually materialized.

“Young… Master… where were you?” Xu Pingfan was astonished seeing Xu Qi appearing in his room out of the blue.

Cough cough.. "Uncle Mang, I was cultivating. My method of cultivation is a little special, which is why I disappeared. I’ll reappear once I’m done. Don’t freak out when I was only gone for a while.” As Xu Qi said this, he tried to omit as much information as possible; he didn’t want anybody to know of his secret location.


“Young Master, how can I not be anxious when you’re gone for two days?” Xu Pingfan asked worriedly.

Xu Qi was momentarily shocked, Two days? It felt like I was only in the cavern for a short while. Was I too engrossed in training?


Xu Pingfan looked at Xu Qi standing before him. He felt this young master was becoming more incredible by the day. Take his sudden appearance for example; that was too spooky! Xu Pingfan had experienced over half his lifespan and had never seen anything like that. If it weren’t for his mental strength, he would have fled in fear long ago.

Then, Xu Pingfan remembered he had come to report to Xu Qi regarding some matters. He hurriedly said, “Young Master. I have settled the issue regarding our transference of business rights. The Mosuo Auction House1 in Rivulet City was commissioned to auction our business operating rights; the highest bidder will obtain the rights, keeping us away from trouble.”

Auction house? That’s great. They might just have the things I need, Xu Qi thought inwardly.


“Uncle Mang, you have done well. I’ll come along when the time comes. You’ll need me anyway, since I’m the sole heir to Xu Clan, and my signature is required for the transfer of rights,” Xu Qi said.


“That is the case indeed. But what if someone sees through us when we’re there?” Xu Pingfan worried.


“It will be fine. I’m just a child, there to sign over. They will think you forced me to do it. Thus, you will have to continue bearing the dishonor of conspiring against your master.” Xu Qi chuckled.

Xu Pingfan helplessly rolled his eyes. However, there wasn’t a shred of dissatisfaction in his heart; it was for the sake of Xu Clan after all. He could even forfeit his life if necessary, not to mention his honor. It was just that he’d have to bear it for quite some time.


Seeing Xu Pingfan’s lack of complaint, Xu Qi continued, “Uncle Mang, is there anything else being auctioned this time around?”

“Of course! Rivulet City may be small, but as the only auction house, they will have some rare items up for auction. There was even a Spirit realm Nightlord’s weapon auctioned off a few years back, attracting many cultivators to come forth,” Xu Pingfan answered.


Xu Qi couldn’t help but feel surprised at the news of there being a Spirit realm Nightlord’s weapon auctioned in Mosuo Auction House, thinking, Spirit realm Nightlords are already considered incredible experts in the eyes of cultivators. Someone even auctioned off their weapon; seems like the cultivators of this world aren’t as simple as I thought. Furthermore, to think that the Mosuo Auction House has the capabilities to bring out such an item for auction without repercussion; its backing must be very robust, as well. More attention ought to be spent on them in Rivulet City.

Thinking up till here, Xu Qi continued speaking, “Uncle Mang, are there any monsters’ inner cores for auction?”


“The inner core of monsters? Young Master, there’s no need to buy them; don’t you know that we have a lot of them in Xu Clan?” Xu Pingfan felt his young master was becoming more baffling by the day. Xu Clan bought their fair share of inner cores over the years; something everyone knew about, yet Xu Qi had no idea.

Upon learning Xu Clan housed a good number of inner cores, Xu Qi was momentarily stunned, saying embarrassedly, “Uncle Mang, you know… I had never asked about family matters in the past; how could I have known? I even thought those were some valuable items.”

In fact, Xu Qi was cursing himself in his heart right now, Ever since the death of my parents, I have not even given a thought about Xu Clan’s matters. Everything was left to Xu Pingfan. As the young master of Xu Clan, I am really irresponsible.

“Please do not blame yourself, Young Master. Although you had some fortuitous encounter, you are only six years old after all. Your ability to do this much for Xu Clan has already far exceeded my expectations. You have a long way ahead of you. I’m really looking forward to your development,” Xu Pingfan had no complaints towards Xu Qi.

“I’ll pay more attention to Xu Clan’s matters in the future. Uncle Mang, from here on, let me bear the burden of Xu Clan,” Xu Qi said confidently.


Xu Pingfan then said, "Young Master, your future achievements could possibly surpass all your predecessors; I am looking forward to it."

Xu Qi thought for a while, then said, “Uncle Mang, from now on you will be under great pressure, but I will be your strong support. As long as I’m around, so will Xu Clan!”


“I believe in you, Young Master,” Xu Pingfan replied firmly.


“Uncle Mang, go rest if there’s nothing else. We’ll go to Mosuo Auction House together tomorrow. I’ll look forward to it,” Xu Qi said.


“I won’t disturb your rest any longer then, Young Master. We’ll go to Mosuo Auction House tomorrow and have a proper meeting with Helian Liang and Liang Renqing.” Xu Pingfan seemed to be dissatisfied with Helian Clan and Liang Clan; after all, the reason Xu Clan had to sell their business rights was because of them.

Xu Qi spoke no more, and Xu Pingfan tactfully left the room.


The next day, Xu Pingfan came to Xu Qi’s room early in the morning waiting outside, and the door to Xu Qi’s room opened just as Xu Pingfan arrived.

Xu Qi came before Xu Pingfan and said, “Uncle Mang, let’s try our best to purchase some useful items at today’s auction.”


Xu Pingfan did not reply. He knew Xu Qi was probably prepared.

The duo left the gates of Xu Clan, heading straight towards Mosuo Auction House. Upon reaching the doors to the auction house, the servant taking care of reception saw the guests were Xu Clan’s housekeeper Xu Pingfan and a child. He immediately flattered, “The Xu Clan’s housekeeper has graced us with your presence, bringing light to our humble dwelling.”

Xu Pingfan did not bother responding to the servant’s flattery. Within Rivulet City, he had his own pride. He brought Xu Qi into the auction house, to the private room he reserved. The room was facing the middle of the auction house. It seemed like Xu Pingfan spent some effort on it.


After entering the room, Xu Qi sat down indifferently. He had been wondering whether the auction house had anything he needed.


After a long time, knocking sounds came from the door to the room Xu Qi was in.

“Come in.” Xu Pingfan immediately answered.

The doors gradually opened after the reply. Two people came in: a kind looking, a middle-aged man along with a little girl close to Xu Qi’s age. The middle-aged man was, of course, the man in charge of Mosuo Auction House, Mo Dingtian. As for the little girl, she was his daughter, Mo Ling.

“It’s been a long time since your last visit, Brother Pingfan. This time, your transference of Xu Clan’s businesses’ operating rights is bound to cause huge waves within Rivulet City!” Mo Dingtian said.


“You’re too polite, Brother Dingtian. We’re only a small household. I can no longer shoulder the responsibility since the patriarch has passed on; I can only sell the rights,” Xu Pingfan replied.

“Brother Pingfan, describing the Xu Clan as a small household business is really too modest. Everyone in Rivulet City knows the importance of the Xu Clan’s assets, and you entrusting me with the task of auctioning its business rights has shown your utmost trust in me. I will naturally arrange it appropriately,” Mo Dingtian said.

Then, Xu Pingfan pointed towards Xu Qi and introduced, “This is our Xu Clan’s young master, Xu Qi.”


Mo Dingtian had never seen the young master of Xu Clan, who was now standing before him. Hearing Xu Pingfan’s introductions, his gaze naturally shifted to Xu Qi.

Seeing Mo Dingtian was looking at him, Xu Qi didn’t even flinch and let him be.

Currently, Mo Dingtian was a little skeptical towards Xu Pingfan’s arrangements, There were rumors going around that Xu Pingfan plotted to seize Xu Clan’s assets for himself since the death of Patriarch Xu. He’d even auction all business rights in Rivulet City this time round. Although he felt disdain towards Xu Pingfan’s actions, he was the Xu Clan’s Chief Housekeeper after all. Not to mention the young master of Xu Clan even came personally; he would not treat them badly, naturally.

At this moment, Xu Qi looked towards the pretty little girl next to Mo Dingtian. Although she was only six, it was obvious she has the makings of beauty.

The little girl next to Mo Dingtian looked towards Xu Qi at the same time, but she never spoke. She knew about the rules of the auction house run by her family.

Not only that, but Mo Dingtian was also observing the Xu Clan’s young master right now. He’d heard rumors that Young Master Xu was a mute, yet he looked to be a man of talent; he couldn’t help but feel pity.

“Brother Dingtian, we’ll just wait for the start of the auction. Go handle your matters,” Xu Pingfan turned them away.


Upon hearing Xu Pingfan’s intentions to send them away, Mo Dingtian immediately said, “Then both of you, please wait here patiently. I have made the proper arrangements regarding your transference of rights. Just wait for my good news.”

Mo Dingtian brought his daughter Mo Ling out after finishing his words. Before exiting, Mo Ling turned and looked curiously over at Xu Qi.

Not long after Xu Qi entered the private room, people streamed into the auction house’s main hall, including patriarchs of both Helian and Liang Clans.

Soon, an elderly man appeared in the middle of the auction house. He cleared his throat and shouted, “Today’s auction has officially begun. We hope for all of you the best of luck, successfully bidding for the items you like.”

TL Note:

1: Mosuo Auction House. The Mo family operates it. But when Mosuo/摩梭 is pieced together it refers to an ethnic group in Yunnan/Sichuan. Something interesting to note. 

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