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Chapter 82 - Great Battle in the Xu Clan, Part Three

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The crowd’s gazes burned with excitement at Xu Pingfan’s words

Conversely, Mo Dingtian, standing behind Xu Pingfan, felt that the latter was being a little too wicked. Bringing out the treasured sword in this situation would probably lead to the cultivation schools struggling against one another, while the Xu Clan keep themselves out of the matter.

Xu Pingfan turned and left, heading to the rear of the house. As for Chen Yong and the others, they remained on the spot.

No one was worried that Xu Pingfan would escape on his own. If he did, the Xu Clan would definitely become their target of their wrath. Their endings would only be worse than the Helian and Liang Clans.

Xu Pingfan came to the secret room connected to the study. He looked at Xu Clan’s family heirloom hanging on the wall and slowly walked to it, taking it down. He lightly caressed it as tears welled up in his eyes.

“Young Master, where exactly are you? If you don’t return soon, I really won’t be able to keep this family heirloom safe from others anymore. Even the Xu Clan…” Xu Pingfan muttered to himself. Only he himself knew what came after his voice trailed off.

Soon, Xu Pingfan came to the front of the mansion with a grave expression, holding onto Stellar Splitter. He slowly brought up the sword with both his hands and said, “Everyone, this is the Stellar Splitter you came for. Take it if you wish; I only hope for you to keep your promise to not hurt our Xu Clan’s men.”

However, none of them heard what Xu Pingfan just said. Their gazes were all focused on the sword the moment Xu Pingfan brought it out.

The sword was sheathed in a scabbard embedded with eight differently colored gemstones, looking extremely luxurious. The few men in the crowd who knew of the sword’s secrets immediately confirmed to themselves upon sight of the scabbard that this was the Stellar Splitter.

“Housekeeper Xu, could I borrow the sword for a brief inspection?” The one who spoke was Cloud Emperor Clan’s Yun Wudi.

Xu Pingfan glanced at him and chuckled, “Sure, please take it.”

Everyone shifted their gazes onto Yun Wudi upon hearing what Xu Pingfan said, killing intent seeping out from some of them.

Yun Wudi acted as if he didn’t notice anything and continued walking up to Xu Pingfan, about to extend his arms to receive the sword.

“Yun Wudi, what gave you the right to be the first to see the sword? This servant hasn’t agreed to it,” an enchanting voice rang.

Yun Wudi retracted his extending arms once he heard the voice and looked to Devil Feather Pavilion’s Mo Yingfei. He said with a subtle smile, “I was the first to request for the sword. Moreover, Housekeeper Xu didn’t disagree to it. That’s why I’m first.”

“Hmph, Yun Wudi, your face is even thicker than Rivulet City’s walls,” Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion’s Leng Shang ridiculed, standing at the furthest back.

“Yeah, Yun Wudi, who are you to be the first to take the treasure.”

“What does Cloud Emperor Clan count for, you actually dared to be the first to stand out.”

“Yeah, what gave you the right to; we’re not convinced!”

“Since you’re not convinced, come and go over a few moves with me. How about that!”

“Oh, you’re bullying as the elder now, huh? Who’s afraid of you? Come on!”

People from the various schools started voicing their displeasure. Some of them even wanted to get into a fight.

“Shut up!” a thunderous voice suddenly roared, causing the commotion in Xu Clan to immediately quiet down as everyone looked to the source of the voice.

The one who yelled out was none other than Xu Pingfan. When everyone’s gazes fell onto him, he smiled, “This treasure belonged to our Xu Clan, after all. As to who I’ll hand it over to, we, the Xu Clan, should decide it. Please stop arguing.”

Then, Xu Pingfan shifted his gaze to Abyssal Beast School’s Li Wandong, who was standing next to him, and smiled.

Just as everyone thought Xu Pingfan was going to hand Stellar Splitter over to Li Wandong, he suddenly threw it to another person.

The throwing speed was extremely fast; the numerous experts didn’t have the time to react to it before they saw whose hands the sword ended up in.

As for the person who suddenly got hold of the sword, he too, was stupefied at the unexpected “good fortune”, at a loss of what to do.

Xu Pingfan pointed his finger at that person, chuckling, “Our Xu Clan are somewhat fated with the Mo Clan. Today, I’ll gift Stellar Splitter to them. It’s yours, Second Elder!”

That’s right; the one holding the unexpected treasure flying to him was none other than the second elder of Mo Clan, Mo Wei.

However, when he saw the gazes everyone else was sending his way, he suddenly felt that the sword in his hand wasn’t a treasure, but a piping hot sweet potato.

Just as Mo Wei was thinking on how to free himself from this situation, a black shadow suddenly flashed before him and snatched the treasure from his hands.

“Leng Shang!” several voices immediately yelled, followed by their pursuit of the black shadow, chasing after the sword treasure snatched from the hands of Mo Wei.

“Haha, you people were passing the baton around. I merely volunteered myself to take your place!” The one who snatched Stellar Splitter from the hands of the second elder of Mo Clan was none other than Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion’s Leng Shang. Now, he was about to fly past the walls of the Xu Clan mansion with the sword in his hand.

However, just as he was about to land on top of the walls, he was blocked off by several black silhouettes and instantly landed back on the ground.

“Ah---” a miserable shriek was suddenly heard. Everyone hurried looked to the direction of the voice and discovered that the one who cried out was Mo Clan’s Second Elder.

He was looking at his chest, dumbfounded. Someone had stabbed a dagger into his chest right where his heart was located.

Mo Wei extended his hand and pointed at Leng Shang, who was holding the sword treasure, yelling, “You actually ambushed me! How despicable!”

Then, he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and fell backwards. The men from Mo Clan near him reacted and quickly moved up, surrounding him.

Mo Dingtian, standing behind Xu Pingfan, saw the scene and was about to move when he was pulled back by Mo Yan, shaking his head. Mo Dingtian immediately understood and shifted his gaze back to the Second Elder, who was now lying on the ground, his life or death uncertain. He could only sigh.

The perpetrator, Leng Shang, looked at the people surrounding him, unfazed, and gave them all a smile.

The remaining men from the Mo Clan were all trusted men brought along by the Second Elder. After confirming Mo Wei’s breath was disappearing, their eyes were set ablaze as they stared at the murderer, Leng Shang.

“Avenge the Second Elder! Kill!” one of the Mo Clan’s men yelled. The others immediately took out their weapons and rushed at Leng Shang, as if on stimulants.

On the other hand, Leng Shang only smiled coldly at this scene. He gestured to his men from Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion, who proceeded to take on those from Mo Clan and things instantly broke into a fight.

The people from the other cultivation schools quickly moved aside to prevent getting themselves involved in the scuffle.

“Leng Shang, putting the matter of you snatching the sword away aside, you actually killed others! You’re too brutal! Today, I shall rid of the evil for the sake of the people!” The first to speak out was, of course, the extremely thick-skinned Yun Wudi. He almost got his hands on the sword earlier, but was foiled by Leng Shang; how could he not feel resentment?

“We, the Mt Forsaken Sword, too, are willing to commit to the cause of rooting out tyranny to return peace to the people! Leng Shang, hand over the sword now!” the Mt Forsaken Sword’s man with a sword behind his back demanded.

“Little Brother Shang, this sister doesn’t wish to get involved with the fighting, or to ruin our relationship. Why not hand over the sword in your hands to me? I won’t do anything to you, okay? We could even spend a night together,” the seductive woman, Mo Yingfei suggested shamelessly.

“Haha, you bunch of people. Why are you acting so hypocritical? You have to demonstrate that you hold the strength to take something away from me! Come on!” Leng Shang looked at the three surrounding him and ridiculed them, still smiling, and took the initiative to engage the three in battle.

Due to the leaders from Mt Forsaken Sword, Devil Feather Pavilion, and Cloud Emperor Clan entering battle with Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion’s Leng Shang, their respective disciples, too, joined the battle between the Mo Clan and Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion, and took on the latter’s disciples.

In the blink of an eye, the situation in Xu Clan mansion turned into a chaotic arena. Only the few standing behind Xu Pingfan and Abyssal Beast School’s Li Wandong were undisturbed.

In the battle between Leng Shang and the three leaders, the Stellar Splitter became an object that kept changing hands. It would land in the hands of Mt Forsaken Sword for a while, then Mo Yingfei would snatch it away, followed by Yun Wudi.

As these leaders changed their target, their school’s disciples, too, redirected their attacks to another school’s disciples, turning the situation into a comical one. Two of them would be ganging up on someone else for a moment, then one of them would suddenly be the one ganged up on. It was chaotic beyond imagination.

The corners of Xu Pingfan’s mouth curled up and formed a cold smirk as he watched the situation play out. This minor action was noticed by Li Wandong, who was standing beside him.

“Housekeeper Xu, I’m afraid the sword they’re vying for isn’t the Stellar Splitter, right?” Li Wandong suddenly asked.

Xu Pingfan blanked for a moment, then smiled, “Why would Senior speak such unfounded words? That is indeed the Stellar Splitter.”

Li Wandong reciprocated with a smile and discontinued the conversation, shifting his attention back to the chaotic battle. Only, his gaze turned complicated.

In just a short amount of time, in the unimpressive area that is Xu Clan mansion, many cultivators lay dead. There were slain disciples from all of the various schools, the battle was a bitter situation.

The Mo Clan and Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion were the ones in the worst state. The men from Mo Clan were agitated by their second elder’s sudden demise due to Leng Shang’s sneak attack, and were basically going all-out at Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion’s disciples. When they were severely injured, they began using suicidal attacks. On the other end, the disciples from Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion could only resign themselves to their fate of drawing the short end of the stick.

As for the four Rangers from Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion who were previously standing coolly on the walls of the Xu Clan, they were now all lying dead on the ground, their faces showing pained expressions. They were showed much “concern” by those from Mo Clan, and suffered countless hacks and slashes.

“Hold it!” Leng Shang’s voice suddenly rang. The people fighting acted in concert with his voice and halted, looking in his direction. The number of cultivators still standing had decreased significantly.

Leng Shang held the treasured sword, snatched from the hands of Mo Yingfei moments earlier, as his body swayed, on the verge of collapsing. He had suffered numerous wounds, and blood trickled down the corner of his lips. However, his uniquely cold smile remained on his face.

“Leng Shang, now that it’s come to this, there’s no room left for negotiations!” Yun Wudi said, panting heavily for air. Earlier, he took the opportunity to glance around. He discovered that there weren’t many Cloud Emperor Clan’s disciples left standing, and his hatred for Leng Shang deepened by several folds.

On the other hand, Mo Yingfei and the one from Mt Forsaken Sword didn’t say anything. They only maintained their vigilance against Leng Shang, afraid of him escaping.

Leng Shang slowly brought up the treasured sword and glanced at it, saying with a smile, “Yun Wudi is an idiot, but you two didn’t notice anything?” he asked, looking to Mo Yingfei and the person from Mt Forsaken Sword.

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