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Chapter 81 - Great Battle in the Xu Clan, Part Two

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Due to their numerical disadvantage, Chen Yong’s group of four were each met with four or five opponents when they went up against Mo Clan’s men. However, they were handling their opponents with ease.

Chen Yong didn’t bring out his pair of godly-tiered axes this time, and chose to use two ordinary axes embedded with gemstones instead.

The Second Elder, Mo Wei, casually swept his eyes across the battlefield and laughed coldly, “I thought your puny Xu Clan had hired some great men, but you actually dared to send these shrimps against our Mo Clan? Aren’t you overestimating yourselves?”

“Is that so? We’ll only know after a few rounds,” Xu Pingfan reciprocated with a cold laugh.

During their conversation, Xu Pingfan gradually emitted a faint aura from his body, causing Mo Wei to immediately be astonished upon sensing it.

“A fourth stage Spirit Swordsman! Good, very good! The housekeeper of an unremarkable clan actually held such strength and was concealing it so well; you have truly made me view you in a new light!” Mo Wei yelled savagely, as a black longsword appeared in his hand.

Xu Pingfan wasted no more time talking and entered melee with Mo Wei with his sword in hand.

Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan, who had stood by the side all this time, could only watch as the two groups battled, feeling conflicted in their hearts.

The former was akin to an ant atop a hot pan1; he wished to help, but he couldn’t choose either side and could only look on helplessly.

As he observed the battle, five of the men from the Mo Clan engaged in battle with Chen Yong’s group fell to the ground. It was as Xu Pingfan commanded; the Xu aimed not to injure, but to kill.

Although they gained the upperhand, they had to pay a price; their bodies were covered with injuries. Chen Yong was the one most heavily injured. His battle style was the kind to cause damage to both sides, successfully killing a thousand, but sacrificing eight hundred in doing so.

On the other side, Xu Pingfan and Mo Wei were the ones engaged in the fiercer battle, evenly matched. Both of them were enveloped by blue-colored energy, displaying the full might of Spirit realm Swordsmen.

“Xu Pingfan, I didn’t think you could hold on until now. I shall show you my Shadow Sword Replica!” Mo Wei roared.

Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan’s face immediately sunk at Mo Wei’s declaration. They knew very well of the might of Second Elder’s Shadow Sword Replica technique.

Mo Wei held his longsword, covered in a layer of blue energy, before his chest and yelled, “Shadow Replica!”

Two identical longswords instantly appeared on the sides of the one held in his hands, shocking Xu Pingfan at the sight.

Mo Wei then struck at Xu Pingfan with his longsword, along with the two energy replicas conjured with his technique.

The latter immediately suffered a wound on his left shoulder as they clashed. Fortunately, it was only a superficial wound.

At this moment, several miserable shrieks were heard. Xu Pingfan and the Second Elder, Mo Wei, simultaneously halted their attacks and withdrew. Several members from Mo Clan had been shot, with yellow-colored energy arrows in their backs, and were lying dead on the ground.

Chen Yong’s group, too, quickly disengaged at the sudden change in situation, and regrouped by Xu Pingfan’s side.

On the other hand, Mo Clan’s Second Elder, Mo Wei roared to the skies when he saw his men had been shot with arrows, “Who is it! Who dared to sneak an attack on our Mo Clan’s men?!”

“Haha, the Mo Clan? You might be able to throw your weight around in Earthdream, but you better watch yourselves while you’re in Mirrorlink!” Several black figures leaped into Xu Clan’s courtyard as that response was heard.

Four Rangers with their bows at the ready stood on two sides of Xu Clan’s walls. From the yellow-colored energy arrows nocked to their bows, one could tell that they were all Qi realm Rangers.

The Second Elder, Mo Wei, looked at the several figures who had landed in the courtyard, then shifted his gaze to the Qi realm Rangers standing on the walls. He immediately gathered that his men were shot by those four.

The Second Elder face sank as he said, “This is private matter between our Mo Clan and the Xu Clan. Who exactly are you people? Why did you get involved in our matters!?”

One of the black-clothed man stepped forward and removed his veil, revealing a young, fair-skinned face and said with a smile, “Your private matters? Are people from Mo Clan all so shameless? You trespassing the Xu Clan is for the sake of “Stellar Splitter”, and you claim it to be your private matters!? What a joke!”

Mo Wei’s party had already suffered eight casualties during the scuffle earlier, and his battle with Xu Pingfan was one filled with perils, yet he wasn’t able to gain any advantages. Seeing as his aim was exposed, thoughts of retreating immediately sprang up in his mind.

The Second Elder, Mo Wei, brought his men back and stood aside unwillingly, deciding to observe the situation for now.

The group of black-clothed men seemed to be here to provide help for the Xu Clan, and the young man in black was possibly the leader of the group. Xu Pingfan cupped his hands and said, “May I know where this Young Master is from? This lowly one isn’t acquainted with Young Master, but many thanks for your help earlier.”

“Haha, you must be the chief housekeeper of Xu Clan, Xu Pingfan. You don’t seem to be as weak as rumored; you’ve truly concealed yourself well. As for I, compared to them, aren’t an outsider. This lowly one isn’t a young master, too. I’m but an ordinary disciple of Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion,” the young man in black smiled.

“Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion?” Doubts rose in Xu Pingfan’s heart when he heard this. He didn’t have any connections with the second greatest cultivation school in Mirrorlink, the Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion. Why would they send help? That’s right; they were closer to Helian Liang recently. Perhaps..?

The young man in black saw the confused look on Xu Pingfan’s face and didn’t bother speaking with him anymore. He casually yelled to the skies, “Everyone; since you’re here, don’t hide around. You’ve watched enough, too. It’s time to come out.”

Chen Yong’s group was immediately shocked. There are more people coming?

Bitterness rose in Xu Pingfan’s heart as he heard this. Earlier, he had already sensed the presence of numerous cultivators around. Among them, there were a few whose auras were stronger than his.

It was not the worse that this young man exposed their presence. The most worrying issue would be if they all ganged up on Xu Pingfan for the treasured sword. If that was the case, the path ahead of him would only lead to death. Thinking this, Xu Pingfan shook his head helplessly.

Just as the young man finished his words, numerous figures instantly showed themselves from all directions. Their clothing consisted of several different patterns. From this, one could deduce they belonged to different powers.

Following the appearance of these people, the entrance to the Xu Clan became much more crowded. Xu Pingfan’s group of five who stood in the center grew awkward; these people were all here for them.

Xu Pingfan collected his emotions, then said to the crowd with his hands cupped, “Everyone, I already know your purpose for coming to our Xu Clan. However, we truly do not have whatever sword treasure you’re seeking. I hope for you not to trust those rumors.”

“Housekeeper Xu, right? Don’t assume everyone else’s motive here are the same just because these people are here to snatch your treasure. We, the Abyssal Beast School, are only here to prevent similar tragedies of a clan being wiped out from happening again! Therefore, please rest assured, Housekeeper Xu. For we, the Abyssal Beast School, are on Xu Clan’s side,” a green-robed middle-aged man interjected after hearing what Xu Pingfan said.

The green-robed man then walked to Xu Pingfan’s side, along with seven other similarly clothed men. They probably belonged to the same cultivation school.

Xu Pingfan looked at the green-robed man standing before him, then smiled, “Many thanks to seniors from Abyssal Beast School for your concern. May I know this senior’s distinguished name?”

“You don’t have to be so polite. Just addressing me as Li Wandong will do. We from the Abyssal Beast School hate those who oppress the weak the most! If anyone wants to act against your Xu Clan today, they’ll have to get past the Abyssal Beast School first!” the green-robed man identified as Li Wandong declared firmly.

“Haha, have you been well, Brother Wandong? This little brother here didn’t recognize you earlier; please pardon me,” the young man in black from Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion said as he walked to Li Wandong’s side, smiling.

Li Wandong furrowed his brows as he watched the young man in black walk to his side, then replied, “I didn’t expect Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion to send you here, Leng Shang. There’s the comfy position of the Third Young Master back at home for you, and yet you’re here, acting all mighty. This is truly unexpected.”

Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion’s Leng Shang, Xu Pingfan noted to himself inwardly, listening to their conversation.

As Li Wandong mentioned, the young man in black was the Third Young Master of Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion, Leng Shang. The school had sent them here to Rivulet City as reinforcement to the Helian Clan, but to their surprise, the latter had already been massacred by the time they reached the city.

However, under Leng Shang’s orders, the Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion members remained in Rivulet City to observe the situation in the dark. They received news of a situation happening in the Xu Clan tonight and he had hurriedly brought his men here.

Leng Shang ignored Li Wandong’s cutting remarks and looked at the crowd, then turned his gaze to Xu Pingfan. He smiled and said, “Housekeeper Xu, our Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion was originally here to back you up, but since Brother Wandong is here to help you, we’ll be taking a step back. We, the Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion, shan’t involve ourselves in today’s matter.”

Killing intent seeped from both Xu Pingfan and Li Wandong’s gazes immediately when they heard Leng Shang’s words. His seemingly nonchalant declaration was, in fact, pushing Xu Clan and Abyssal Beast School against those who came for the treasured sword while withdrawing his men from the matter to observe from the sidelines. What a sly fellow.

“Everyone, what are your intentions for coming to our Xu Clan, then?” Xu Pingfan turned to the crowd and asked.

“Haha, we’re here to see for ourselves the legendary Stellar Splitter,” a lean-figured, crafty-looking man replied, smiling.

“He’s Yun Wudi from Cloud Emperor Clan. He’s a very treacherous man; be careful of him,” Li Wandong whispered in Xu Pingfan’s ear.

“Housekeeper Xu, this servant2 is unlike these men who are all about fighting and killing; I’m only here to see if the wise and mighty Chief Housekeeper Xu is as handsome as rumored,” a seductive female with an extremely sexy figure wearing a white veil said.

“She’s Mo Yingfei from Devil Feather Pavilion. Her morals aren’t exactly great, either!” Li Wandong continued whispering.

“Oh! Brother Wandong, how could you speak bad about this servant behind my back? Was this servant’s service last night bad?” the seductive Mo Yinfei immediately teased. She seemed to have heard Li Wandong berating her.

The crowd immediately cracked up, followed by rowdy jeering.

“Oh, I didn’t think Li Wandong would be this loose woman’s lover.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Look at Li Wandong’s face; he must have been squeezed dry by her last night.”


The crowd broke into laughter once more.

In the end, there were even people literally laughing behind Li Wandong’s back. His own men were laughing at him, causing his face to instantly turn green, his veins popping out. It felt like he was about to go into a violent rage.

At this moment, however, a person in plain clothes with a sword behind his back stepped forward and said, “Everyone, we’re here to request taking a look at the treasure, not to take liberties with our mouths. Let’s focus on serious business.”

The sounds of laughter immediately quieted down. Everyone shifted their attention to Xu Pingfan and Li Wandong, their gazes complicated.

The men from Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion, who had previously declared their uninvolvement, were now standing in a corner observing the great show. Leng Shang was looking at Xu Pingfan and Li Wandong with a ridiculing expression.

Li Wandong turned to Xu Pingfan and whispered in his ears again, “He’s a despicable guy from Mt Forsaken Sword. You don’t have to know his name.”

Hearing such, Xu Pingfan immediately sucked in a breath of cold air, thinking, Great. Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion, Mt Forsaken Sword, Cloud Emperor Clan, Abyssal Beast School; other than the number one cultivation school, Undying School, people from the top schools of Mirrorlink are all here. What’s the deal with Stellar Splitter?

“The five great cultivation schools in Mirrorlink are all here. Though, unexpectedly, Housekeeper Xu actually cleaved the Yin Yang Dual Ghosts from the Undying School in halves,” Li Wandong said, interrupting Xu Pingfan’s thoughts.

Xu Pingfan was immediately stupefied. The two black-clothed men cut in halves by Chen Yong in one move earlier were actually the Yin Yang Dual Ghosts from the Undying School? They’ve done it now, planting a seed of discord with the Undying School. Things were going to be troublesome now.

Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan quickly went to Xu Pingfan’s side and stood together with Chen Yong’s group. They didn’t say anything, only giving a nod to Xu Pingfan when he looked at them.

Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan’s act of standing behind Xu Pingfan was obviously declaring their intent to stick with him through victory or defeat. This made the depressed Second Elder, Mo Wei’s gaze turn fiery as he looked at Mo Dingtian. It was as if he was about to spout flames from his eyes.

Xu Pingfan looked to the skies, then gave a sigh and said, “Whatever. With the presence of everyone here today, I truly can’t protect the treasured sword passed down for generations in Xu Clan any longer. I shan’t hide it anymore. I’ll bring it out. As for who will be the one taking it away, that’s something I can’t control. Everyone, please wait here for a moment.”

TL Note:

1: Similar to a cat on a hot tin roof; used to describe someone who is in a state of extreme nervous worry.

2: She’s not actually a servant, obviously. She’s using a humble term to refer to herself in the olden Chinese way.

I’m not sure why, but Devil Feather Pavilion wasn’t included as one of the top schools in Mirrorlink in the last few paragraphs. They were previously mentioned by Jin Yier as one of the top schools in Mirrorlink.

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