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Chapter 83 - Abrupt Change to the Situation

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“Leng Shang, just spit out whatever you’re thinking. Don’t expect Mt Forsaken Sword to let you off today. I saw several disciples from our school die under the Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion’s blades!” the man from Mt Forsaken Sword said.

“Pang Shan, I also saw your men died to Devil Feather Pavilion and Cloud Emperor Clan’s disciples, and quite a few at that. Shouldn’t you find them to settle things, too? Hahaha!” Leng Shang laughed.

The man called Pang Shan was about to fly into a rage when Mo Yingfei stopped him.

“Little Brother, what are you implying? Just say it; this sister is listening,” Mo Yingfei maintained her seductive demeanor while speaking, even though she had also received “tender loving” from others during the battle, and was also inflicted with numerous injuries.

“These two ‘great men’ are both idiots; they can’t even compare to a woman!” Leng Shang ridiculed Yun Wudi and Pang Shan as he glanced at them.

Then, he took out the Stellar Splitter. His hand grabbed the hilt and slowly drew the sword out from the scabbard.

This action of his immediately caused the three to tense up.

Leng Shang saw the gaze in their eyes and completed the draw with a quick motion. Then, he dropped it to the ground after taking a glance at the sword. A furious look replaced his usual cold smirk as he pointed his finger at Xu Pingfan, yelling, “You three idiots, we were fooled! This shitty sword isn’t the Stellar Splitter!”


Leng Shang’s voice was very loud and clear. Everyone in the Xu Clan mansion stopped fighting, except for the remaining three men from the Mo Clan and the last two disciples from Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion.

Leng Shang watched the three from Mo Clan ganging up on his remaining men, his fury grew stronger. He ignored the others and directly entered the fray in an extremely speedy manner.

Soon, due to Leng Shang’s Spirit realm level reinforcement, the last three men from the Mo Clan were killed.

Leng Shang wiped the blood stains off his face, then looked at the carefree Xu Pingfan, his rage as strong as ever, saying, “What a great move, Xu Pingfan. You took an ordinary sword, sheathed it in Stellar Splitter’s scabbard and used it to bait us into a fight among ourselves, while you just sat there benefiting from it! A great move indeed!”

Cloud Emperor Clan’s Yun Wudi, Mt Forsaken Sword’s Pang Shan, and Devil Feather Pavilion’s Mo Yingfei all threw a glance at the “sword treasure” dropped to the ground by Leng Shang, one after another. When they saw that it was truly just an ordinary sword, they immediately looked to Xu Pingfan with their faces full of anger.

Due to the chaotic battle earlier, the ones in the best shape right now were those standing next to Xu Pingfan all along, the Abyssal Beast School. The Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion was left with only three men, including Leng Shang. The Cloud Emperor Clan, too, was left with only three, including Yun Wudi. As for Devil Feather Pavilion, Mo Yingfei only brought three disciples along with her. Other than herself, everyone was dead.

The Mo Clan’s forces, led by the Second Elder, Mo Wei, were in the most disastrous state. All of them were killed, with no one left alive. It truly satisfied what Xu Pingfan ordered from the beginning; aim to kill, not to injure!

Xu Pingfan looked at the corpses around, then looked at the remaining people and smiled, “Everyone, this is indeed our Xu Clan’s heirloom, Stellar Splitter. How could it be fake? Maybe someone swapped it during the struggle earlier; don’t you agree?”

“Xu Pingfan! Don’t bother sowing discord among us! Bring out the sword, quickly, or I’ll massacre the entire Xu Clan now!” Yun Wudi roared, threatening. He was now aware the sword they were fighting for was a fake. How could he not be furious?

“You’re Yun Wudi, huh? Do you think you can harm our Xu Clan with your puny strength!?” Xu Pingfan rebuked, not disguising his hostility.

Yun Wudi stood there stupefied, gnashing his teeth in anger. He couldn’t help it; he had suffered injuries, and all the men he’d brought here save two were dead, and they were injured. He truly didn’t have the capacity to fight against Xu Pingfan, who simply watched as his force dwindled.

“Haha, Housekeeper Xu is an interesting man, indeed. This servant suffered wounds earlier for the sake of protecting you; it’s only right for you to gift the sword to me. Otherwise, this servant would be unhappy,” Mo Yingfei said seductively.

Black lines immediately covered everyone’s foreheads when they heard her. It wasn’t that they haven’t seen a shameless person before, but they haven’t met one who was shameless to this extent.

However, Xu Pingfan didn’t pay any heed to Mo Yingfei. He chuckled, “Everyone, why not just end this matter here today and leave? Our Xu Clan is but a tiny household. We shan’t hold you any longer.”

In the moment Xu Pingfan made his suggestion, a longsword was suddenly held at his neck. Chen Yong, Mo Dingtian, and the others, too, were held at blade point almost simultaneously. They were taken hostage by others.

Xu Pingfan saw the longsword held at his neck and said with a smile, his expression unchanging, “I knew it; you people from Abyssal Beast School aren’t kind samaritans either, but Li Wandong, you truly are despicable.”

The one holding Xu Pingfan at blade point with a sword was the man who claimed to be on his side from the start, Abyssal Beast School’s Li Wandong.

“Housekeeper Xu, the humans are full of treachery. You should know that. Moreover, there are so many schools here to vie for the sword treasure today. How could I not keep an ace up my sleeves?” Li Wandong said with a sinister smile. It was almost unthinkable, given his current appearance compared to his previous upright demeanor, that he was the same person.

“Li Wandong, you sanctimonious hypocrite, let them go, quickly, and I’ll hand over the Stellar Splitter!” Xu Pingfan continued.

“Haha, Housekeeper Xu, I’m of the opinion that the more chips you have in your hands, the greater your chances of winning. You hand over the sword treasure first, before I let your people go. I’ll guarantee with my integrity that none of you will be hurt in the slightest,” Li Wandong bargained back.

“Hmph, guarantee with your integrity? What use is there to guarantee with that integrity of yours?!” Xu Pingfan rebuked disdainfully.

Li Wandong smiled and said, “Do you have a choice?”

Bitterness rose in Xu Pingfan. There wasn’t any other way. If he was the only one held hostage, it wouldn’t matter if he lost his life. However, Chen Yong and the others were in their hands. He sighed to himself, “Just surrender.”

“Let’s go, I’ll bring you there,” Xu Pingfan yielded.

To the side, Leng Shang and the rest showed their intentions of tagging along upon hearing what Xu Pingfan said.

Li Wandong smiled at their actions, then made some hand signs with his free hand.

Suddenly, a one-horned horse-like monster appeared before Li Wandong, blocking the path of the other schools.

They backed off a step or two at the monster’s sudden appearance and looked at it with grave expressions.

“Abyss Deathmare!” Leng Shang cried out with a grave expression after getting a clear look of the one-horned monster.

The rest retreated several more steps at hearing that.

“Everyone, it’s better if you wait here obediently; don’t follow along. Otherwise, I’m afraid it would be unable to control itself and do something to you,” Li Wandong said, smiling subtly.

Leng Shang, on the other hand, kept his gaze focused on the Abyss Deathmare. He knew that this Abyss Deathmare was much stronger than Li Wandong himself.

“Abyss Deathmare, also known as Moryo1, was one of the demons of hell. It is infamous for killing and devouring the heads of its prey, striking fear into the hearts of people. I didn’t expect Li Wandong would actually manage to get himself one of those,” the seductive lady, Mo Yingfei explained cautiously. Not a hint of her usual calm could be seen.

Xu Pingfan looked at Li Wandong and jerked his chin, indicating for him to move. He held his sword at Xu Pingfan’s neck and followed him inside.

As for Leng Shang, Yun Wudi, Mo Yingfei and Pang Shan, they watched unwillingly as the two went deeper into Xu Clan mansion. Once they looked back at the Abyss Deathmare standing before them, however, their tempers immediately died down.


Xu Pingfan led Li Wandong into the patriarch’s study. The latter scanned the area cautiously and reminded Xu Pingfan to not play any tricks.

Xu Pingfan smiled calmly and went to the bookshelf. He slowly took out a book on the second level, revealing a sword hilt behind.

He grabbed the sword hilt and took the sword out, offering the scarlet wooden sword to Li Wandong. When the latter saw the sword, he confirmed to himself that this was indeed the legendary Stellar Splitter and quickly grabbed it. Then, he indicated for Xu Pingfan to leave the room. Now that the treasure was in his hands, making a swift exit was the best course of action.

When they arrived at the front yard of Xu Clan mansion, they were both shocked at the scene before them.

Earlier, there were still many people standing here, waiting. Now, there wasn’t anyone left and a few more corpses were on the ground. Upon a closer look, those corpses were the Abyssal Beast School’s disciples.

Also, the Abyss Deathmare summoned by Li Wandong was nowhere to be found.

Xu Pingfan quickly scanned the corpses on the ground anxiously, and sighed in relief when Chen Yong, Mo Dingtian and the other Xu clansmen weren’t among them.

On the other hand, however, Li Wandong’s hand trembled uncontrollably and yelled, “Who was it! Show yourself!”

Suddenly, over a dozen black-clothed silhouettes appeared before them like magic, as if they had just appeared on the spot.

Cold sweat poured from Xu Pingfan and Li Wandong’s foreheads as they looked at the people before them, sensing the suffocating and murderous qi emitting from them.

“Who exactly are you people?! Why did you kill our men? And where’s my Abyss Deathmare?” Li Wandong directly asked them three questions.

The black-clothed man in the middle stepped forward, squeezing a smile from his deathly face, saying deliberately, “Shadow Wind Sect, Yi Si2!”

Shadow Wind Sect! Li Wandong and Xu Pingfan both felt astonished at the black-clothed man’s declaring of his affiliation, especially the former. He thought he could use the name of his Abyssal Beast School to intimidate them, but they announced their link to Shadow Wind Sect instead. The Abyssal Beast School he belonged to obviously couldn’t bring the effect he hoped to.

“Hehe, hand over that sword in your hand to me. You won’t have any use for it,” the man who claimed to be Shadow Wind Sect’s Yi Si chuckled, but his appearance made one feel the creeps.

The hand Li Wandong held the sword with was already drenched with cold sweat. He pushed Xu Pingfan forward and hid behind him, then tried negotiating with his sword still threatening Xu Pingfan’s life, “Hand over my Abyss Deathmare! We’ll talk then!”

“Abyss Deathmare? It would be a waste for it to remain in your hands. It’s better off being with me,” Yi Si denied him.

Xu Pingfan slowly calmed himself, then asked Yi Si, “My men; where are they?”

TL Note:

1: Moryo/魍魉 - check:

2: Yi Si/易四 - As his name suggests, he’s the number four of the Crazed Ten.

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