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Chapter 7 - Lord of the Realm

Edited by FluffyGoblyn

Xu Ping fan looked excitedly towards his young master, hoping for the latter to reveal even more surprises.

Xu Qi activated his Soul Displacement technique without warning, and Xu Pingfan felt a shadow flash past. The latter then heard a sonic boom. His immediate reaction was to prepare himself to receive Xu Qi’s attack with his palms without even looking.

What Xu Qi wanted was to test whether a physical attack reinforced with the Soul Displacement technique would bring about an unexpected result. That was why he went all in right at the beginning. Xu Qi had never thought his strength as a newbie cultivator would endanger Xu Pingfan; thus, he aimed for his back right from the start. Seeing Xu Pingfan’s swift reaction triggered Xu Qi into reciprocating excitedly, “I’ll just take on your palm strike then. So, what?”

“Ahh…” Xu Pingfan felt a much stronger force coming from Xu Qi as the latter struck out his palms. Xu Pingfan planned on using only 10% of his strength to test Xu Qi’s power, but he could no longer afford to be careless. Although shocked, he hurriedly channeled all his strength into his palms. However, he was sent flying right as their palms connected.

“Uncle Mang!” As their palms met, Xu Qi felt as if he uprooted a dried-up plant, unable to withstand a single blow. Seeing Xu Pingfan get sent flying so easily, Xu Qi hurriedly flashed forward, catching Xu Pingfan just before he hit the wall behind.

“Uncle Mang, why did you go easy on me? How am I supposed to test my true strength?” Xu Qi pouted as he caught Xu Pingfan.


“Young Master,” cough cough, “I did not go easy on you; I used all my strength.” Being a fifth stage Essence Swordsman himself, he was sent flying in a single strike from a 6-year-old child. Not only that, Xu Qi caught him even before he fell. What kind of strength was that? What kind of movement technique was that? Xu Pingfan was dumbfounded thinking of what just happened. Even Rivulet City’s Captain Li Hai could never repel him with a single strike. Could it be that his young master was truly a monster?!

“All your strength? Why is it so weak then; it’s like I was hitting tofu. You must be kidding, right, Uncle Mang? It can’t be that you’re really injured,” Xu Qi doubted, but he saw Xu Pingfan starting to cough. It doesn’t seem to be an act, which surprised him. Xu Qi’s always thought Xu Pingfan was going easy on him.


“Young Master, I’m not injured. It’s just that your palm strike was too overbearing. What kind of movement technique grants such speed? Also, how did you cultivate to such a ridiculously strong level? Young Master…” Xu Pingfan was surrounded by endless doubt, causing him to unceasingly question.

Xu Qi started rolling his eyes in his heart, thinking, All I did was eat a pill and three fruits, and I’ve become that powerful? Is cultivation that easy?


Xu Pingfan stopped asking, seeing as Xu Qi did not bother to answer his questions. However, his heart could not calm his thoughts, Young Master has shown so much change after the death of his parents. I can’t accept this at all; could there be an expert giving him guidance? But I have never noticed anything was amiss, and Young Master has never left the mansion. What is going on?

It seems like everything left behind by Venerable Ziyan are treasures in their own rights; I have to seriously cultivate! This time, Xu Qi recognized that Venerable Ziyan’s belongings could possibly be all priceless treasures.


In fact, the treasures Xu Qi acquired were all priceless treasures amassed by Venerable Ziyan during his 10,000 years of cultivation. If Venerable Ziyan were to get wind of Xu Qi’s thinking, he would probably jump out of his grave, then die of anger again.

“That, er… Uncle Mang…” Xu Qi suddenly felt embarrassed.

Hearing Xu Qi calling for him, Xu Pingfan hurriedly collected his thoughts and replied respectfully, “Young Master?”

“Uncle Mang, did you really use all your strength earlier? Then what level of cultivation am I at now?” Xu Qi was curious about his cultivation stage.

“Young Master, I really am unable to confirm. Can you project your aura for me to inspect?” Xu Pingfan wanted to confirm whether Xu Qi was truly at the cultivation stage he’d estimated.

“Sure. Is this the way to do it?” Xu Qi asked as he raised his tiny fist, which was quickly enveloped by a green aura.

Xu Pingfan stepped forward cautiously. He raised his palm, which was emitting the same green aura and slowly met Xu Qi’s tiny fist.


Xu Pingfan’s palm could no longer push forward as the two green auras touched. Even if he were to use all his strength, he would not be able to advance a single bit. Then, Xu Pingfan slowly retracted his palm and took a deep breath, his face showing signs of exhaustion along with the appearance of sweat drops.

“How is it, Uncle Mang? What level am I at?” Xu Qi asked curiously, yet displaying a relaxed face.


“Young Master, your cultivation is very strong. So much so that I cannot ascertain your cultivation stage. Your aura is still green colored. Why is that so? Even a Swordsman with the cultivation at the sixth stage of Essence realm does not deter me so. What exactly is going on?” Xu Pingfan began his barrage of questions once again.


“This… I don’t know. I thought I could get answers from you. I’m just a child after all. How could I have known?” Xu Qi started acting like a kid.


“A child? Young Master, what else are you hiding something from me? How did you attain such cultivation? Do you have a cultivation master?” Xu Pingfan asked, seemingly unwilling to let it go until he got his answers.

“Master? I don’t. However, a year ago an old fellow came into my room one night. He fed me a pill and some fruit, then rubbed on my back for some time and disappeared afterward. From then on, my body has felt much stronger,” Xu Qi started fabricating lies, coming up with random, fortuitous encounters for himself in order to shut Xu Pingfan up.

“Ah! An old fellow? Young Master, did that old fellow say anything else?” Xu Pingfan quickly asked.

“Oh. That old fellow said something before he left. Something along the lines of ‘you are the lord of the realm1 from now on.’ I couldn’t hear him clearly; he spoke too softly, ” Xu Qi continued lying. In any case, the more exaggerated he made things up, the likelier Xu Pingfan was to obey him.

“Lord of the Realm?! Lord of the Realm! ...” Those four words were all that was left in the mind of Xu Pingfan. He understood the significance of those words. The young master was only six, yet he already possessed such powers. It seems like the old man wanted to groom him for… Thinking up till here, Xu Pingfan couldn’t carry on his thoughts and started trembling.

Unbeknownst to Xu Pingfan, Xu Qi was now thinking of how to make the former put forth more effort into carrying out his orders.


Xu Pingfan thought for a while before asking, “Young Master, do you know the identity of the old man? Capable men such as him are definitely not random unknowns. Could he be plotting something against our family? Why else would he help you out of the blue? ”


“How would I know? That aside, I have some things to discuss with you, Uncle Mang. We’ll talk about that some other time.” Xu Qi hurriedly changed the topic; he couldn’t possibly answer Xu Pingfan’s barrage of questions.

Upon Xu Qi’s mention of a discussion, Xu Pingfan had no choice but to curb his curiosity for now. He nodded as an indication for Xu Qi to continue.

“Uncle Mang, start getting in contact with Helian and Liang clans from tomorrow onward. Think of ways to elevate the prices for our transference of business rights. Also, I’ll need you to personally scout for a place in the suburbs. It must be spacious and quiet, preferably a remote area. Construct an institution on the land. Though, there’s a tricky part to it. Will you be able to find someone to do it?” Xu Qi spoke seriously.


“Young Master, please speak of whatever is on your mind. I will try my absolute best!” Although Xu Pingfan didn’t understand Xu Qi’s intentions for ordering the construction in the suburbs, he was becoming more impressed by Xu Qi by the day. He didn’t have to ask anything else.


“Uncle Mang, the trickiest part is that I’d want a second institution to be built underneath the one above ground!” Xu Qi watched Xu Pingfan after his words.


“Building an institution underneath an institution? It’s not impossible, but how large does Young Master want it to be?” Xu Pingfan thought it wasn’t difficult; after all, many large houses were built with a secret area underground in this world.


“As big as possible! And it must be hard to find. The matter of constructing an underground institution must not be leaked to the outside. Also, it’s better if the construction goes fast. Are you confident?” Xu Qi continued.


“Rest assured, Young Master. I know what to do,” Xu Pingfan immediately promised.

Xu Qi then thought of something and opened his mouth, but not a sound was made. He was hesitant.

Xu Pingfan saw the hesitation in Xu Qi and asked, “Young Master, if you trust me, just instruct me on whatever plans you have. Although you’re strong, my years of experience are not just for show when it comes to handling matters within the clan.”


Upon Xu Pingfan’s declaration, Xu Qi did not wish to conceal his thoughts and said, “That… Uncle Mang, let me ask you. Are there a lot of orphans around my age outside?”


“Young Master, why are you asking this?” Xu Pingfan was confused with Xu Qi’s query.


“Uncle Mang, could you please not ask me ‘why this,’ and ‘why that’ in the future? All you need to know is that my plans are all for the sake of our clan, okay?” Xu Qi was getting a headache with Xu Pingfan’s numerous questions.


Hearing Xu Qi lash out at him, Xu Pingfan stared blankly for a moment before answering, “Yes, Young Master.”


“There aren’t many orphans around your age within Rivulet City. How many does Young Master wish to look for? I can arrange for people to look in other places as well” Xu Pingfan continued.

“Uncle Mang, forget about those in Rivulet City. Arrange for trusted aides to look for orphans in other places, and don’t draw any attention. You must investigate the orphans’ backgrounds properly, and confirm that they have no other kin in this world. Only then should you bring them back but not to Xu Clan. Arrange accommodations for them somewhere else. I will instruct you on what to do next at that point. Keep in mind, do not let anyone know that the Xu Clan is looking for orphans,” Xu Qi said seriously.


“Yes, Young Master,” Xu Pingfan answered cleanly this time around.

“Sigh, Uncle Mang. I’m aware that you have many doubts, but it’s not the time to explain to you. Even I’m not sure whether my arrangements are reasonable. Therefore, there are no merits to telling you everything now. Now, carry on with whatever you should do. Don’t slip up in front of others, and I am still that mute little boy.” Xu Qi felt troubled for the first time since coming into this world.


Xu Pingfan nodded and prepared to leave, seeing that Xu Qi showed no intention of continuing to speak. Then, he suddenly heard a voice from behind, “Uncle Mang, I’m going to meet that man from Abyssal Beast School.”

TL Note:

1: It literally meant “The lord/master of all under the heavens”. Shoutout to Game of Thrones

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