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Chapter 75 - Uncle Tortoise!

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The divine beast, Black Tortoise, immediately crumbled at hearing Xu Qi’s words. Its enormous dragon head drooped down limply and caused a few ripples to spread on the water surface.

On the other hand, the shameless Xu Qi continued acting dignified with his hands to his back, completely ignoring other people’s… no, other beast’s feelings.

Black Tortoise raised its head helplessly and asked, “Little brat, what’s your name?”

Evidently, Xu Qi wasn’t done with his act. He kept his head raised high, gave a sigh then said, “I’m named Xu Qi; the prodigy Xu Qi!”

Black Tortoise really couldn’t handle this little brat’s act any longer. It aimed and shot a jet of water at him, immediately turning this shameless actor into a drenched chicken.

“Damn, you big tortoise, what the heck are you doing, making me wet all over?” Xu Qi cursed.

“Xu Qi, right? Don’t you care about that little snake’s safety?” Black Tortoise suddenly changed the topic, avoiding his furious scoldings.

“Little Snakey? Right, I almost forgot about it. You have that Revitalizing Jet technique, or whatever it’s called.” As expected, Xu Qi fell for the beast’s words and forgot about being drenched.

Xu Qi drew a talisman pattern with his rainbow energy and summoned the Giantwood Python, who immediately appeared next to the water.

Xu Qi looked at the wounds on the Giantwood Python’s body. The bleeding was all stopped, but looking at the wounds still made his heart ache.

“Why haven’t I seen this type of snake before?” Black Tortoise asked.

“Senior Tortoise, could you heal her first? I’ll tell you as you do, okay?” Xu Qi said anxiously, with an obvious change in tone. He no longer addressed it as big tortoise, but senior tortoise.

Black Tortoise couldn’t help but roll its eyes at this little brat’s new form of addressing it, but didn’t express any displeasure.

It opened its large dragon mouth and shot a column of blue-colored water jet at the Giantwood Python. It moved its head as the water came out of its mouth, soaking the python’s entire body.

Blue glitters gradually appeared on the Giantwood Python’s body. Under Xu Qi’s astonished gaze, the python’s wounds closed up at a speed visible to the naked eye, causing Xu Qi to drop his jaw. He thought inwardly, Oh dear god, this Revitalizing Jet is some good stuff, indeed.

Soon, the glitters on the python’s body faded. Although no new scales grew to cover it, the ugly wounds had all closed up neatly. This was already beyond what Xu Qi had expected.

Xu Qi was immensely pleased seeing the python’s current situation. He turned to the dragon head peeking out of the water and plop, knelt on the ground.

“Senior Tortoise, thank you for your gracious help. Xu Qi can’t thank you enough.” After saying his thanks, Xu Qi kowtowed to the divine beast. Other than that unrefined form of addressing it, he looked very serious.

The thought of this brat thanking it in such a grand manner for the sake of that snake had never crossed the Black Tortoise’s mind at all. Just earlier, it too, had lent him a hand in recovering his strength, but he didn’t even say a word of thanks. Now, he actually did so for the sake of that snake; what a weird boy.

“Get up; this is no trouble at all. Say, brat, can you stop calling me tortoise? I’m a divine beast; how could those little things even compare to me?” Black Tortoise remembered about Xu Qi calling it ‘tortoise’ as it spoke, immediately losing his calm.

“Yes, Senior Tortoise.”

“Don’t address me as Senior Tortoise!”

“Alright, Uncle Tortoise.”

“Not Uncle Tortoise either!”

“Fine, Sir Tortoise.”

“How many times do you want me to repeat myself! Can you not use the word ‘tortoise?’”

“No, Uncle Tortoise.”

Black Tortoise immediately felt a sense of defeat rising inside it. This little brat was truly making it feel helpless.

At this moment, the Giantwood Python, who was laying on the ground, slowly opened its eyes and raised its head.

“How is it, Little Snakey, this young master is powerful, aren’t I? Healing you up with just a little bit of effort.” Xu Qi didn’t care about Black Tortoise’s feelings, and shamelessly took all credit for the work.

“Big Brother, why are you in here too? Didn’t I tell you to escape?” the Giantwood Python’s big eyes slowly teared up at the sight of Xu Qi.

“Oh! This little snake is a female, no wonder this little brat poured in so much effort,” Black Tortoise immediately teased upon hearing the python’s voice.

The Giantwood Python only noticed the other presence after the unfamiliar voice reached its ears. It blanked out once it turned and saw Black Tortoise’s gigantic dragon head.

It wasn’t the gigantic dragon head that made the python freeze in place. Rather, it was the immense pressure it felt from the Black Tortoise that intimidated it.

“Hey, Little Snakey, what are you blanking out for? Was it because of the air of royalty it let out?” Xu Qi shouted. At the mentioning of “air of royalty”, he intentionally emphasized it, causing Black Tortoise to roll its eyes in response.

“Big Brother, is that the Divine Beast you mentioned before? It has such a powerful presence; I feel like I can’t even breathe normally in its presence,” the python said timidly.

“Haha, little snake, you shouldn’t act like such; when I saw you battling against that disgusting thing earlier, you were fighting valiantly. It was because of that, that I lent you a hand,” Black Tortoise suddenly interrupted.

“Senior Tortoise, could it be that Little Snakey was swept ashore thanks to you?” Xu Qi’s eyes turned sharply and asked.

“Little brat, if it wasn’t for me, do you think you would be seeing that snake? I’m afraid it would already be in that disgusting thing’s stomach now,” Black Tortoise said.

The Giantwood Python understood the gist of the situation from the two’s conversation. It said respectfully to Black Tortoise, “Thank you, Senior Tortoise, for your grace of saving my life.” 

“Can you not call me a tortoise! I’m not a tortoise! I’m really not!” Black Tortoise immediately yelled furiously when it heard the python addressing it as senior tortoise.

Seeing as the Black Tortoise was driven mad, Xu Qi asked, laughing, “Senior, why would this ominous beast Primal Chaos be here too? I think there’s a secret to this place; what exactly is this place?”

Black Tortoise immediately quieted down at Xu Qi’s questioning and answered seriously, “Little brat, do you truly wish to know?”

Xu Qi nodded.

“Okay. Since you wish to know, I shall not tell you; I’ll leave you hanging.”

“Is that so, Uncle Tortoise?”

“Not telling.”

“Say it, Senior Tortoise.”

“No way!1”

“Then is there a window, Sir Tortoise?”

“Get lost.”

“Tell me, Ancestor Tortoise.”

“... I admit defeat.”

Black Tortoise’s dragon head drooped. It lost to this brat again and said helplessly, “This was originally my cavern. Subsequently, it was sealed into a coffer which could contain the heaven and earth by Lady Nuxi and turned into what you see now.”

“Oh, that coffer you mentioned should be the Four Divinities Coffer. Then, how did that ominous beast, Primal Chaos, come to be in here?” Xu Qi continued inquiring.

“That’s right. It was subsequently named the Four Divinities Coffer. As for Primal Chaos, it was thrown in here by Venerable Ziyan the last time I tried to break the seal and escape from here,” Black Tortoise explained.

Seeing as that little brat didn’t give a response, Black Tortoise continued, “I don’t know what happened to Primal Chaos, but Venerable Ziyan threw it in here. That was during the crucial moment of my breaking the seal and that disgusting thing broke into a fight with me the moment it came in here. As I was attempting to break the seal, I had expended a large amount of my energy and thus came out disadvantaged. After that, Venerable Ziyan took the chance and bound me to the lake, while that disgusting thing was left here.”

“Oh, now I understand. Didn’t you try to get even with it?” Xu Qi asked in curiosity, hearing that Primal Chaos made Black Tortoise suffer losses.

“No, that disgusting fellow is very smart. It knew I couldn’t leave the lake. Therefore, it never came to annoy me; not even once. Though, now that you cut that fellow up real good, you sort of avenged me,” Black Tortoise answered, looking at Xu Qi.

“Wow, Big Brother cut that monster until it’s half dead; that’s amazing,” the Giantwood Python, who had listened by the side all this while, suddenly interrupted.

“Of course. You missed out on this young master’s heroic moment, casually chopping up Primal Chaos of the Four Ominous Beasts. You see the flesh and blood by the lakeside? Those were all cut up by me,” Xu Qi began bragging shamelessly again.

The Giantwood Python firmly believed in its master without any shred of doubt; its eyes shone in admiration toward its unconscionable master.

On the other hand, the divine beast, Black Tortoise suddenly felt a never-before sense of defeat rising in it as it heard Xu Qi bragging about himself. What shamelessness! The immortality cultivators it seen in the past were all dignified and were incredibly modest; none of them were like this guy!

“I wonder who it was earlier, risking his life to fight against that disgusting thing and almost got himself killed. If it wasn’t for my help, where would he find the chance to talk about such nonsense now,” Black Tortoise said in annoyance.

“Ah? Big Brother, you’re hurt too? Are you okay? Why would you fight with that disgusting thing? It’s really powerful; it hurt me in just a few moves,” the python asked in concern upon hearing Xu Qi fought with that ominous beast.

Cough cough, “Don’t listen to this Senior Tortoise’s rumors. Of course, Senior Tortoise did help me with recovering my energy, but that was after I beat that ominous beast into running for its life. That much is certainly to its credits,” Xu Qi continued bragging shamelessly.

Black Tortoise no longer wished to continue taking part with this shameless brat’s nonsense. It turned its head and said to the python, “Hey, little snake, why do I feel the Five-clawed Golden Dragon’s aura in your body? Exactly what species are you? Why haven’t I seen your kind before?”

Hearing such, the Giantwood Python answered timidly, “I’m from the Fallen Gods Mountain Range, belonging to a species named the Giantwood Pythons. My rank isn’t considered too low, while the Five-clawed Golden Dragon Senior speaks of…”

“Enough. Senior Tortoise, stop bothering her. Let me tell you, I let her eat the inner core of a Five-clawed Golden Dragon; that was why you felt its aura in her body,” Xu Qi interrupted the python’s speech, explaining.

“The Five-clawed Golden Dragon’s inner core?! Brat, this daddy is going to slaughter you!” Black Tortoise immediately roared upon hearing Xu Qi’s words.

TL Note:

1: The raw for no way is literally no door.

Also, the term tortoise/乌龟 can be used as an insult in Chinese. 

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