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Chapter 74 - Battling Primal Chaos!

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“Four Ominous Beasts? Primal Chaos? I seem to recall having heard of it, but I didn’t think it would look like this,” Xu Qi muttered.

“Little brat, to be able to see it is a sort of fortune; Primal Chaos’ body is something commoners won’t get to see for themselves. Though, that little snake of yours is pretty powerful. It managed to tangle with that disgusting thing for some time,” Black Tortoise said.

Xu Qi was staring at Primal Chaos. Hearing the Black Tortoise mention the Giantwood Python made him furious; he didn’t even know whether his familiar would survive its injuries. However, no matter what, it entered this damned place because it wanted to save him, and suffered as a result. He wanted to avenge the python.

Xu Qi slowly stood up and enveloped himself in rainbow energy. A longsword tucked in a sheath had unknowingly appeared in his hand.

Hmm? That sword looks familiar, but I can’t remember exactly where I’ve seen it. What is this brat doing? He looks like he wants to fight with that disgusting thing, Black Tortoise wondered, looking at the child before it. 

It naturally didn’t believe that this brat was going to fight that ancient ominous beast; him not being freaked out by it was already pretty good.

However, Xu Qi grabbed the sword’s hilt and slowly pulled it out. A blue glow enveloped on the unsheathed sword blade.

“The sword Rainlord!” Black Tortoise suddenly exclaimed upon seeing the blade in Xu Qi’s hand.

Xu Qi didn’t spare any attention for Black Tortoise. He lifted his sword and dashed toward the ominous beast Primal Chaos.

On the other side of the lake, Primal Chaos seemed unable to sense the incoming attack and just stood there.

Xu Qi came up to Primal Chaos and slashed with all his might, immediately causing a huge spray of water, forming a cloudy mist.

The water mist slowly dissipated. Xu Qi saw that Primal Chaos was totally unaffected by his attack and cursed inwardly, thinking that monsters from the ancient era were all freaks.

This was the first time Xu Qi had used Rainlord. He had originally planned to rely on the might of the sword to battle Primal Chaos, but he didn’t even leave a scratch on its hair, unexpectedly.

The next moment, he seemed to recall something and waved Rainlord, drawing a large rainbow talisman.

“Guard Break Talisman! This brat is a monster; he actually learned that at such a young age!” exclaimed Black Tortoise, who was spectating behind Xu Qi.

The rainbow talisman was complete. With a shout from Xu Qi, it instantly transformed into a mini-whirlwind, flying toward Primal Chaos. He followed closely behind, with Rainlord enveloped in dense rainbow energy.

Kong kong, the mini whirlwind struck Primal Chaos’ body, causing it to call out. Though, he couldn’t tell if it was a cry of pain.

Before Primal Chaos could do anything in response, Rainlord reached its body. The Ominous Beast’s movement speed was extremely slow, and thus couldn’t evade his attack. His strike landed cleanly on its body.

The Guard Break Talisman caused damage to the target, and reduced their defense by ninety percent. The next attack was guaranteed to cause significant damage to the affected target. Therefore, after using the technique, Xu Qi immediately followed up with a slash.

Seeing as he accomplished his goal, Xu Qi didn’t bother looking at the severity of the injury he caused and immediately turned to leave.

However, just as he turned around, he felt his leg get pulled. Xu Qi looked down and discovered Primal Chaos had spat out its slender tongue and bound his leg. Before he could react, he was forcefully slammed to the ground.

This retaliation wasn’t a light one; Xu Qi could already feel the pain and blood flowed from the corners of his mouth. Rainlord, too, slipped out of his hand and was dropped not far away from him.

Xu Qi glanced at Primal Chaos, who he had successfully ambushed. The latter’s body was decorated with several gaping wounds, with blood gushing out continuously.

He couldn’t see the expression on its face, as he was pulled by its tongue toward its mouth.

Black Tortoise, who was spectating some distance away, its huge eyes slowly narrowed to a slight gap. For some reasons unknown, with its uncountable years of experiences, seeing this child gave it a special feeling. It couldn’t get a full grasp on him. Even now, it firmly believed that he could escape from this crisis.

Xu Qi was about to be dragged into the beast’s mouth when rainbow energy suddenly radiated on his body. Talisman patterns appeared one by one around him.

As these patterns appeared, the tongue that was pulling Xu Qi stopped. It looked like Primal Chaos was curious about Xu Qi’s actions.

“Cursed Wraith Talisman, appear!” Xu Qi, who had his eyes shut all this time while he was being pulled, suddenly yelled. Then, a floating daoist with only half a body holding a horsetail whisk appeared behind Xu Qi’s head out of the blue. Its appearance would spook anyone that saw it.

“Cursed Wraith Talisman! This brat is truly interesting! Haha,” the Black Tortoise laughed as it floated on the water’s surface some distance away.

In the next moment, an aura explosion suddenly occurred with Xu Qi as the center, spreading outwards as another watery mist formed.

When the mist dissipated, Xu Qi held Rainlord in his hands once more and stood ahead of Primal Chaos, a section of its severed tongue laying next to Xu Qi’s legs.

The ominous beast that was Primal Chaos had its face deformed, with blood all over. Yet, it remained unmoving, standing on the spot.

Xu Qi raised Rainlord and walked forward, step by step, towards the beast. He went directly in front of it, with rainbow energy enveloping the sword, and began slashing randomly at it like a madman.

One of the four infamous ominous beasts, Primal Chaos, just stood there unmoving as Xu Qi slashed at it continuously.

In the end, Xu Qi staggered from exhaustion and fell to the ground. Rainlord, too, left his hand and dropped to his side.

Black Tortoise had been observing from the sideline. It had seen all kinds of spectacles, but even it was astonished at what just happened.

During the ancient era, even the omnipotent cultivators could do nothing against Primal Chaos, and yet, today it would be hurt to such degree, and by a child, no less. Truly, if one were to tell others, no one would believe it.

At this moment, the stationary Primal Chaos, whose blood and flesh were mangled, let out a kong kong cry. It kept wagging its huge tail and seemed to be in great pain.

However, it ignored Xu Qi, who had fallen to the ground. Instead, it dragged its gigantic frame and slowly walked toward the forest behind it.

The kong kong sounds could be heard even after it entered the forest.

“Haha, even that disgusting thing finds itself in such state, and all thanks to a little brat, no less! Bravo, bravo!” Black Tortoise yelled. It looked delighted.

It then shifted its gaze to the little brat lying on the ground for a moment. Black Tortoise didn’t make any moves; it slowly submerged back into the lake.

Soon, peace returned to the lake surface. The tiny figure lying by the shore, surrounded by blood became more eye-catching. Of course, most, if not all the blood was from Primal Chaos. There were even pieces of meat scattered on the ground.

After an unknown amount of time, Xu Qi’s fingers twitched. He gradually reopened his eyes; the scenery of the vast lake entered his eyes.

“It seems like it wasn’t a dream. Luckily I’m not dead,” Xu Qi smiled bitterly, then shut his eyes again. He was really tired and wanted to rest his eyes a little longer.

Xu Qi slowly supported his body and stood up with difficulty. Earlier, he had used both Guard Break Talisman and Cursed Wraith Talisman consecutively; his energy was all spent.

Following which, hastiness got the better of him and he went at Primal Chaos like a madman, slashing it constantly. His physical strength, too, was expended rapidly as a result. It would be a wonder if he hadn’t fainted.

However, fear caught up to him upon recalling his crazy antics before fainting, and that Primal Chaos who had now disappeared.

He truly hadn’t expected that the Cursed Wraith Talisman, which had consumed a significant amount of his energy to employ, would actually be so devastating. Not only did it cause damage to Primal Chaos, it even locked it in place, allowing him to slash at it as he pleased. It felt really good; that technique was worthy of being an ancient technique, indeed.

Feeling weakness in his body, Xu Qi shook his head helplessly. Then, he put Rainlord back in his ring and sat in meditation, facing the lake to recover his strength. 

Suddenly, the gigantic dragon head emerged from the calm water and stared at Xu Qi, as if looking at a precious little thing.

“Hey, you big tortoise, what are you looking at? Do you think this young master wouldn’t cut you up?” Xu Qi yelled at Black Tortoise, sounding annoyed. Evidently, he no longer felt any fear from this divine beast.

“Little brat, I hadn’t thought you would awaken in such a short time. However, I imagine you have difficulty lifting your sword. You’re at such a young age, but you’re always threatening to cut people up; that’s not the behavior of a good child,” Black Tortoise said calmly, not taking Xu Qi’s insolent behavior to mind.

Xu Qi rolled his eyes, then shut his eyes and focused on recovering himself. He didn’t think the Black Tortoise would harm him anyway. Otherwise, he would have wound up in its stomach when he was still unconscious.

Black Tortoise looked at the little brat who had shut his eyes and was ignoring it, then shook its enormous dragon head.

Then, two streams of blue-colored water jets shot from its nose, aiming at Xu Qi.

However, Xu Qi didn’t bother dodging it, even though he felt it coming, but why? Because with the state his body was in, he couldn’t dodge even if he wanted to. Most importantly, he was of the opinion the divine beast wouldn’t harm him; it was an instinct.

As the water jet hit Xu Qi, he was instantly drenched and a blue-colored light shone from his body immediately after. Looking closely, it was the water jet turning into little droplets.

Xu Qi’s eyes remained shut, but he instantly felt his body was recovering at a much faster speed after being drenched in that water jet, and felt pleasantly surprised.

Soon, the blue-colored droplets disappeared from his body. Xu Qi reopened his eyes; a light flashed in them.

Xu Qi jumped to his feet, facing the Black Tortoise’s dragon head and clasped his hands, saying, “Many thanks to Senior Black Tortoise. Your Revitalizing Jet is truly miraculous!”

The latter hadn’t expected this little brat to express his gratitude and to be able to accurately point out the technique it was using. It asked with an intent look, “Little brat, you actually know of my Revitalizing Jet. Did Venerable Ziyan tell you about it? Where is he now?”

“This, erm, it was indeed Ziyan geezer who informed me, but he’s no longer in this world.” The scene of Venerable Ziyan fading into oblivion sprung up in his mind as he was mentioned, followed by an unpleasant feeling.

“Oh? He’s dead? Impossible; with his methods, it’s not easy for him to die. I even felt his presence some time ago,” Black Tortoise raised his doubts.

“He’s indeed dead; when I saw him, he longer had a blood and flesh body. He showed up in his soul form and told me about some things. After that, even his soul dissipated,” Xu Qi answered seriously.

“Hai, and I thought to get out of here and settle our previous scores. To think he’s already dead. You’re his disciple?” Black Tortoise sighed, then inquired,

“Disciple? I guess so, but I didn’t agree to it,” Xu Qi said with guilty conscience.

“Haha, little brat, I can feel the cultivation method in you is identical to Venerable Ziyan’s. Not to mention that sword Rainlord, Guard Break Talisman, and Cursed Wraith Talisman; these belonged to Venerable Ziyan, and you’ve learned them all. You’re saying he’s not your master? If that geezer announced he was taking in disciples in the past, countless geniuses and prodigies would flock to him, but you’re looking like you’re being taken advantage of! How interesting!” Black Tortoise continued.

Hearing such, Xu Qi placed his hands behind him and said a sentence proudly, which instantly made the divine beast collapse.

“Hai, for a genius like me, I’m destined to bear many sufferings.”

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