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Chapter 76 - Tricking the Divine Beast!

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Xu Qi was a little slow to react to Black Tortoise’s sudden rampage. He hurriedly said, “Chill, chill; let’s talk things over.”

Killing intent could be felt from its eyes as the Black Tortoise demanded gravely, “The Five-clawed Golden Dragon’s inner core; where did you get it from? Did you cause harm to it, then extract it?”

“Say, Uncle Tortoise, do you think I can overpower a Five-clawed Golden Dragon with my current strength? Stop joking around; I only got it unintentionally through a stroke of luck. When I discovered it, the inner core had already been thrown a side as garbage by others for uncountable years,” Xu Qi explained seriously. He truly didn’t want to offend this divine beast, or he’ll have to face a whole lot of trouble.

“Oh? That’s true; with your strength, it’s impossible for you to win against the Five-clawed Golden Dragon,” Black Tortoise muttered.

Xu Qi, who had a pair of sharp ears, naturally heard what Black Tortoise just said. His pride took a hit, but he continued, “Uncle Tortoise, what exactly is going on? Why do you care so much about the Five-clawed Golden Dragon?”

The latter paused for a moment, then said deliberately, “Look at my appearance. My head is a dragon’s; when it comes to our bloodline, my relationship with the Five-clawed Golden Dragon species has always been good.”

Xu Qi came to a sudden realization as his gaze switched to its head, then continued, “However, I’m very curious; why would the inner core of a Five-clawed Golden Dragon appear in this world? I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.”

“This world? What do you mean?” Black Tortoise felt something was off at the brat’s words and pressed on.

“Yes. This world. Are you that naive to think that we’re still at that place?” Xu Qi said.

“Brat, what do you mean by that? I’m getting more confused,” the Black Tortoise was truly perplexed at the conversation and asked anxiously.

“Alright. You might not be able to accept it when I say it, but do you know where we are now?” Xu Qi said, his expression turning serious.

“What’s there to not be able to accept? Aren’t I in the Four Divinities Coffer now?” Black Tortoise rebutted in annoyance.

“Right, you are still in the Four Divinities Coffer, but the coffer is in my body,” Xu Qi quickly responded.

“What?! The Four Divinities Coffer is in your body!?” the tone in Black Tortoise’s voice showed that it had lost its composure; it was perhaps even a little flustered.

“That’s right. I’ll let you in on something else; the outside world is no longer the original one. Earlier, you said that you haven’t seen before Little Snakey’s species; that’s because the both of us have already crossed over from our original world to an unfamiliar one. This continent is called the Spirit Domain,” Xu Qi continued explaining. 

“Not the original world? Spirit Domain?” Black Tortoise mumbled to itself, its heart about to crumble.

“Big Brother, what are you both talking about? Why do I not understand any of it?” the Giantwood Python by the side interrupted, asking.

“It’s nothing; there are some matters you don’t have to understand. Just listen,” Xu Qi said plainly.

The divine beast, Black Tortoise went into a daze and kept silent.

“Uncle Tortoise, when I first came here, I was even more confused than you, but there really isn’t a choice. I can’t get back and could only accept my fate. So, you too, should accept the situation and move on,” Xu Qi consoled.

“Little brat, I can’t even remember how long I’d lived for; I’m not as weak as you think I am. Since I already know of the situation and Venerable Ziyan had died, I no longer have a reason to get out. I’ll just stay here peacefully,” Black Tortoise said, its tone sounding a little dejected.

Hearing such, Xu Qi became a little anxious; he wanted it to become his familiar. How could it lose its will just like that?

“That, erm, Uncle Tortoise, how did Ziyan geezer seal you? Maybe I could help you to remove the seal and return your freedom,” Xu Qi threw out an enormous temptation to Black Tortoise.

“Little brat, don’t think that I’m oblivious to what you’re planning. You wish for me to become your pet monster, right? I don’t think you would be kind enough to simply let me out of here,” Black Tortoise rebutted, sounding irritated.

Seeing as his intentions were exposed, Xu Qi scratched his head in embarrassment and said, “It couldn’t be helped. If you wish to get to the outside world, it can only be via my summoning. Otherwise, my body will explode if you forcefully make your way out.”

Black Tortoise nodded its gigantic dragon head and said, “You’re acting much more straightforward now, saying what needs to be said. However, with your insignificant strength, aren’t you afraid that I will escape once I get out?”

“Hehe, Uncle Tortoise, like I said, this isn’t the original world we came from. You being out in the outside world can only be via my summons. Similarly, sending you back is as easy as it gets,” Xu Qi smiled.

“Oh? Summoning, is that the technique Venerable Ziyan taught you?” Black Tortoise asked.

“I guess so, because in this world, practitioners who can summon monsters like Little Snakey are known as Spiritualists. Spiritualists have the ability to summon monsters,” Xu Qi continued his explanation. 

“Spiritualists? Summon?” Black Tortoise mumbled in doubt.

“Mm hmm, there’s a lot of things I don’t really understand too. If you’re interested, we can go check it out together,” Xu Qi continued tempting it, seeing that the Black Tortoise was interested.

“You sure you can break my seal?” Black Tortoise posed the question which was the key to the matter.

“I’m not sure, but Ziyan geezer gave me the method to breaking your seal,” Xu Qi replied.

“Then what do I need to do to become your familiar?” Black Tortoise continued asking.

Xu Qi extended his hand and drew a rainbow talisman pattern. He smiled and said, “That’s easy; this matter is a done deal if you agree to allow me to inject this talisman into your head.”

“Then what if I allowed you to inject this talisman into my head, but you couldn’t break my seal? What then? You little brat aren’t a good person,” Black Tortoise asked worriedly.

“Uncle Tortoise, you’re such a smart creature, how could you not understand this? Isn’t it for naught if I inject this, but am unable to break your seal? What good would there be for me if I can’t summon you?” Xu Qi explained.

Hearing such, Black Tortoise nodded thoughtfully and said, “That’s true; you would never do such things if you didn’t stand to gain. I’ll trust you for once, little brat, come on.”

Xu Qi was immediately overcome with joy at Black Tortoise’s words, his heart sped up tremendously. He’s excited; overwhelmed even. A divine beast! That’s a Divine Beast! It would soon be his. Xu Qi tried his hardest to suppress his excitement and reminded himself to keep his cool.

Black Tortoise’s gigantic dragon head slowly moved to position itself right before Xu Qi, who then quickly injected the rainbow talisman in his hand into its head.

Xu Qi couldn’t help but take a deep breath after performing these actions. He had imagined countless scenarios of him struggling against the Four Divinities, but to his surprise, the Black Tortoise was so easy to handle. Not only did it save him and Little Snakey, it even allowed him to tame it without any difficulties. How great is that! When I’m out of here, who would still dare to offend me!

Xu Qi suppressed his wild joy with much difficulties, then acted calm and said, “Uncle Tortoise, you don't feel uncomfortable, do you? Where's your seal placed at? And how do I unseal it?”

“I don't feel anything special, just that there's an extra something in my consciousness. My seal is at… wait. What did you say? You asked how to unseal it?! Brat, don't tell me you have no idea how to break the seal,”Black Tortoise immediately said gloomily once it noticed something was amiss.

Cough cough, “I said wrongly; first tell me where's the seal at. I'll think of a way to break it,” Xu Qi hurriedly smiled apologetically.

Calm returned to the Black Tortoise’s tone at hearing such, then it said, “The seal is located at the bottom of the lake; it was set up by Venerable Ziyan. I tried several times after I recovered from my injuries from my past attempt, but I couldn't do a thing to the seal.”

Xu Qi was immediately dumbstruck when he heard that the seal was at the bottom of the lake. Why? Because he couldn’t swim.

“Erm, Uncle Tortoise, let’s not be in a hurry to go check the seal. Let me go through Ziyan geezer’s method of unsealing first,” Xu Qi hurriedly said with a guilty conscience.

A torn cloth immediately appeared in his hands, as if he was performing magic. It was the one dyed in blood. Other than the talisman pattern for unsealing Black Tortoise’s stone door, there was another pattern on the flip side, with three words indicating “Unsealing Black Tortoise” below.

Xu Qi extended his hand and emitted rainbow energy; he planned to draw the talisman pattern as depicted on the torn cloth.

Suddenly, a kong kong sound came from behind. Xu Qi immediately gave up on trying to draw the talisman pattern as he hurriedly turned back and looked toward the forest with a grave expression.

“That disgusting thing is back again,” Black Tortoise said plainly.

“What should we do?” Xu Qi asked Black Tortoise.

“Haha, what should we do? Bring out the spirit you had from before and go hack it some more; that’ll make sure he won’t come out again,” Black Tortoise teased.

“Stop fooling around, Uncle Tortoise. There’s no time; think of a plan,” Xu Qi urged anxiously. He felt that powerful presence getting closer.

The Giantwood Python by the side raised its head cautiously, prepared to attack at any moment.

“Little brat, you’re flabbergasted now, right? Stupid; get on my back and nothing will happen. If it wasn’t for this little snake dragging it into the water, it would never do so on its own accord,” Black Tortoise continued teasing as its shell gradually emerged from the water surface.

Hearing that, Xu Qi hurriedly called the Giantwood Python over and jumped onto Black Tortoise’s enormous shell, his gaze fixed on the forest on the nearby shore.

Soon, the flora by the lakeside started swaying about. Primal Chaos appeared, still with numerous wounds on its body; it looked to be in a pathetic state.

Xu Qi unconsciously brought out Rainlord and held it in his hands, prepared to defend himself against the ominous beast’s attack.

However, Primal Chaos seemed to not have noticed the two beasts and one human on the water as it slowly walked toward the opposite shore along the shoreline.

Xu Qi watched as it moved. He suddenly came to a realization and yelled out, “It’s not here to attack us! It wants to make its escape! The stone door is still open!”

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