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Chapter 73 - Black Tortoise, Primal Chaos!

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After being drawn past the stone door, Xu Qi found himself shrouded in darkness as he was pulled back by the suction.

He tried calling out several times for Little Snakey, but no response came. Xu Qi sighed lightly, then looked around at the darkness as his heart sank.

Was he regretting his reckless actions in the name of loyalty and self-sacrifice for someone dear? The answer would be a definite no, even if he were to lose his life here.

As Xu Qi pondered, he saw a bright spot ahead of him. The light grew brighter as he drew nearer to it.

When Xu Qi entered the bright area, he closed his eyes shut. He knew that when you were in darkness for a period of time and suddenly transited to a well-lit area, your eyes wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Xu Qi suddenly felt his body collide into something and experienced a sharp pain. He slowly reopened his eyes.

He found himself lying on the ground. He was now situated in a spacious area, with flowers, grass and trees.

Xu Qi slowly stood up. He saw a lake not far from him, and it looked to be rippling. Upon taking a closer look, he saw a golden tail on the water surface sinking into it.

“It’s Little Snakey!” Xu Qi exclaimed. At the same time, he moved his body, rushing over to it.

When he reached the water, Xu Qi stopped himself. He found that the water surface had returned to a calm state.

“Hm? Perhaps I saw wrongly?” Xu Qi mumbled. Just as he was about to check out his surrounding, the lake water rose to over thirty meters high washing over him.

Due to his close proximity, it was already too late for him to dodge. He stood his ground helplessly and put out a rainbow energy barrier to prevent himself from getting hurt. Unfortunately, when the water crashed down the barrier turned out to be useless, as he was instantly drenched from head to toe.

Xu Qi spat out the lake water in his mouth and wiped his face, then looked helplessly at his sorry state.

Next, Xu Qi raised his head and looked around. He saw a huge python lying by the lake side.

“Little Snakey!” Xu Qi’s heart tightened as he saw the Giantwood Python. He quickly flew over to the python’s head. The python’s eyes were shut tight, and he didn’t know whether it was dead or alive.

After confirming the python was still breathing, Xu Qi looked at its body, which was covered in several harrowing wounds.

The python’s scales had fallen off from multiple areas of its body, revealing its flesh. The lake waters nearby were dyed red by its blood.

Xu Qi quickly operated his rainbow energy and enveloped the python’s wounds one by one, stopping its bleeding.

After applying first aid to the python, Xu Qi looked at its body, which was basically fully enveloped in rainbow energy. He creased his eyebrows, then drew a pattern with his hand and the python disappeared from the lakeshore.

Looking at the calm water surface, Xu Qi knew that the reason the suction stopped was most probably due to the Giantwood Python risking its life to fight it. Seeing as it suffered such heavy injuries, even if Xu Qi were a cautious person by nature, he would be unable to contain himself.

“Black Tortoise! I know you’re in here! Get the hell out here right now! This young master is going to kill you!” Xu Qi lost his temper and flared up, yelling at the lake.

Right now, Xu Qi didn’t give a hoot whether the one in the water was the Black Tortoise of the Four Divinities or whatever; he would fight even the emperor of the heavens!

A huge whirlpool appeared in the middle of the water’s otherwise calm surface. An incredibly huge figure slowly rose from it. The figure peeked out of the water with its two-horned head. Two long whiskers grew from the corners of its mouth. Its eyes, which were even bigger than Xu Qi’s frame, were staring in his direction.

“Oh shit, isn’t this a freaking dragon!” Xu Qi cried out upon seeing the thing’s appearance.

The huge dragon head then shot out two jets of water from its nose, aimed at Xu Qi.

Her used his movement technique and easily dodged them, then yelled arrogantly, “Are you really a dragon? Come out if you dare, this young master will take you on for three hundred rounds.”

That huge dragon head watched as the child before it easily dodged its water jet. Its eyes seemed to grow interested as the child jumped about yelling at it.

“What, you don’t dare to? Are you perhaps not a dragon, but a tortoise who hides in its shell? Come on!” Xu Qi got more into it as he taunted, swinging his fists at it.

At the same time, the dragon head rose even higher as Xu Qi rambled on. Xu Qi stopped taunting to stare in shock, his daring evaporating.

The dragon head slowly rose to over thirty meters above water level, but the supposed dragon claws didn’t appear. Instead, a snake-like body keep extending out of the water.

As the dragon head rose to a certain height, Xu Qi saw a huge shadow slowly emerging from the water, causing him to suck in a breath of cold air.

Xu Qi held his breath, watching as the shadow came up to the water surface. When it fully emerged, Xu Qi thought his earlier taunt of it being a tortoise had hit the mark.

This figure was not a dragon; it only had the head of one, while what followed below was a very long neck, extending all the way back to a huge tortoise shell. However, the shell didn’t look like any other tortoise shells he’d seen before; the exterior was covered in protruding spikes.

“A dragon head and a mystical sea turtle body! Then, isn’t it the freaking Black Tortoise!?” Xu Qi cursed with his eyes staring wide open as he finally remembered the information left behind by Venerable Ziyan.

“You’re somewhat knowledgeable, little fellow, somewhat courageous, too, to be able to identify me right away. Not only that, you were the first person to keep his calm when you saw me. Interesting,” the huge dragon head suddenly spoke up.

The Black Tortoise divine beast had originally thought that speaking would cause this brat to go stiff from fear. To its surprise, not only did he not show any expression it expected, he seemed angry.

“Hmm, brat, aren’t you afraid after seeing this deity?” the Black Tortoise asked Xu Qi in confusion.

The proud dragon head waited for an answer with its head tilted, but what came next was something that made it flabbergasted, despite living for uncountable years.

Xu Qi’s entire body was enveloped in rainbow energy. With his bronze sword in hand, he rushed straight toward the Black Tortoise’s dragon head and slashed at it.

Of course, the Black Tortoise divine beast wouldn’t get hit so easily by Xu Qi. It dodged his attack easily.

Though, looking at this little brat with his body enveloped in rainbow energy made it more interested.

“Little brat, why do you have that woman’s power?” Black Tortoise asked.

“You want to know? Then, I won’t tell you about it! Take this!” Xu Qi responded with a taunt, then immediately attacked the Black Tortoise with Everchanging Swordplay’s first technique, aiming at its long neck.

This time, however, the Black Tortoise didn’t dodge and allowed Xu Qi’s attack to hit it.

Seeing as his strike was about to hit, Xu Qi felt immense joy in his heart. However, he immediately realized he was too naive when his incredibly sharp blade came in contact with the divine beast’s neck.

The bronze sword stabbed its neck, but it was stopped in place by the Black Tortoise’s skin. No matter how much force Xu Qi exerted, he couldn’t penetrate its skin.

“Venerable Ziyan’s Everchanging Swordplay? Not bad, little brat. Are you done playing? If you’re done, how about we talk?” the Black Tortoise said plainly.

“I’m not done; I’m going to kill you!” Xu Qi felt his pride was hurt. He continued swinging his bronze sword randomly at its neck, but he couldn’t even scratch its skin.

In the end, he landed weakly on the divine beast’s enormous shell, gasping for air, as a sense of defeat rose in his heart

“Little brat, I didn’t even do anything to you; why would you act so rudely the moment you see me?” the Black Tortoise moved its dragon head directly before Xu Qi and asked.

Xu Qi forgot all about fear when he felt its aura in close proximity. There wasn’t any thoughts of him about to be eaten, too, because it was obvious that he wasn’t enough to fill the gaps in its teeth.

“Why did you hurt my Little Snakey earlier?” Xu Qi demanded, annoyed.

“Oh? You’re talking about that tiny snake with Five-clawed Golden Dragon’s aura? What if I told you that it wasn’t me who hurt it; would you believe me?” the Black Tortoise answered, its tone remained calm.

“It wasn’t you? Then who!? I saw it struggling against you in the lake earlier; who else but you is in there!” Xu Qi yelled angrily.

The Black Tortoise exhaled a breath of air through its nose, making Xu Qi fall down, and said in disdain, “Look behind you; see that?”

Hearing such, Xu Qi hurriedly stood and looked to his back. He was momentarily stupefied at seeing the what was on the water’s surface behind him.

Not far away from them, a large monster was slowly swimming toward the opposite shore.

When it reached the shore, it slowly revealed its body, turning around to look at Xu Qi and the Black Tortoise. It was then that Xu Qi saw its appearance.

It had a dog-like figure, with long hair covering its whole body. Its four legs resembled a bear’s, but it didn’t have claws.

“Little brat, do you recognize it?” the Black Tortoise asked him.

Xu Qi shook his head in response, but his gaze was fixated on the monster on the opposite shore.

“This creature basically came into this world at the same time as I did. It has eyes, but they were useless; it couldn’t see. It grew legs, but it had difficulty moving. It has a pair of ears, but they only serve as decorations; it can’t hear anything. It has an abdomen, but it lacks inner organs. It only has an intestine, but it’s straight; everything it eats will travel straight down. However, when it opens its big mouth, it can cause an otherworldly scene, sucking in everything before it,” the Black Tortoise introduced it.

“Even though it can neither see nor hear, it can sense. Earlier, it sensed that the sealed door was opened, and thus it opened its mouth to suck in food. Unexpectedly, a snake appeared from nowhere and started fighting it,” Black Tortoise continued.

Xu Qi was overwhelmed with shock upon hearing this introduction. If it wasn’t for the Giantwood Python getting into a fight with that monster, he would probably have turned into the monster’s food and gotten sucked into its stomach. Intestine. Whatever.

Xu Qi turned back and looked at the dragon head in front of him. He said embarrassedly, “What is that monster? It looks so peculiar.”

Black Tortoise raised its head and looked to the monster by the shore, saying, “One of the Four Ominous Beasts, the Primal Chaos!”

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