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Chapter 72 - The Sealed Door Opens!

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When Xu Qi was done scolding, he lifted the tearful poor python and intended to turn around and escape. However, he remembered Venerable Ziyan’s warning just as he lifted his leg.

If any one of the divine beasts ever broke out of their seals, they would escape the Four Divinities Coffer and he would die from a body explosion. Thinking of that, cold sweat started pouring out of Xu Qi’s forehead.

He slowly turned around worriedly and looked at the stone door. Seeing as it looked to be peaceful, his hanging heart gradually calmed down a little.

“Little Snakey, do you know what's behind that door? Don't fool around; if you accidentally bust through that stone door, we won't even be enough to fill the gaps in that guy's teeth!” Xu Qi lifted the tiny python and shouted angrily.

“Big Brother, I've been meaning to ask you, wasn't I in your ring? Why would I find myself in this damned place when I woke up? Furthermore, I just advanced myself and wanted to display my might to you; who knew it'd turn out this way?” the Giantwood Python complained. It knew that the only reason it would find itself in this scary place was because of its unconscionable master.

Hearing such, Xu Qi was pricked by his conscience and tried covering up, “Who knew what happened to you? I was training here and you came in by yourself, seemingly sleepwalking. Showing off, you say? You almost caused huge trouble! From now on, keep your mouth shut, or I’ll throw you into that crack in the door.” 

The Giantwood Python originally wanted to argue with its master, but immediately lowered its head and kept quiet once it heard Xu Qi threatening to throw it through the crack in the door.

Xu Qi stuffed the python into his sleeve and slowly walked up to the stone door. He extended his hand to touch the cracks and began pondering.

With the Giantwood Python’s strength, it was able to cause a crack in the door with just a single smash with its tail. Then, the fellow inside should be able to destroy the stone door easily, but why didn’t it come out after so many years? It seems like the stone door wasn’t the only thing preventing it from escaping; there should be other seals.

Thinking of such, Xu Qi’s mind gradually cleared up after his confusion earlier.

Suddenly, he thought of something and took out a torn piece of cloth with a flip of his palm.

This cloth was left behind by Venerable Ziyan. The method to opening the four sealed stone doors to the divine beasts was recorded on it, but Xu Qi hadn’t thought of taming them yet, and thus hadn’t paid it any attention until now.

However, now that he stood before this stone door, his curiosity grew by the moment and he remembered the torn cloth, then took it out and began studying it.

“Black Tortoise; its title as the Water Deity was indisputable, and I could only fight water with water, restricting it to a body of water. To open the sealed door, one is required to draw a talisman using Lady Nuxi’s powers and lay it onto the door. However, those who wish to enter, please exercise caution!” In the end, a seemingly simple design of a talisman drawing was found at the end of the strip of cloth.

The words on the cloth were actually written with blood. Seeing as the handwriting was so messy, they should have been written by Venerable Ziyan.

Xu Qi naturally understood the meaning of the message. Lady Nuxi’s powers would mean Goddess Nuwa’s energy. The rainbow energy in his body was a fragment of Nuwa’s godly powers; he could try using it to draw the talisman pattern. However, he didn’t know for sure whether it would work.

“Whatever goes; according to that Ziyan geezer, the Black Tortoise should be sealed to a body of water. Since it’s like that, it should be safe to open the stone door. Let’s open it today and check it out; so what?” Xu Qi worked up his courage to open the stone door.

He acted right away. Xu Qi extended his hand, now enveloped in rainbow energy, and drew on the stone door according to the pattern on the strip of cloth. This talisman pattern was extremely simple and didn’t take much effort at all.

Soon, a seemingly simple rainbow talisman pattern was completed on the stone door and Xu Qi slightly pushed on it, injecting it into stone door before backing off two steps.

The rainbow talisman pattern melded with the stone door upon contact. After the rainbow talisman disappeared into the stone door, four streaks of rainbow rays slowly shone on the surroundings, seemingly drawing something.

In the end, the four streaks of rainbow rays slowly converged at a point, turning into a huge talisman pattern!

The huge and strange pattern on the door shone brightly, forcing Xu Qi to close his eyes.

Rumble rumble… Xu Qi heard the sound of a stone door opening. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a vertical gap in the middle of the stone door, turning the once-solid entryway into one with two doors, both slowly opening inwards.

At this moment, the Giantwood Python hidden in Xu Qi’s sleeve peeked out its head and grew more afraid as it watched the stone door opening wider.

The python slowly slithered out of Xu Qi’s sleeve and looked to the cavern entrance behind him, wishing it could escape right away.

Alas, just as it was about to make its escape, Xu Qi realized its intent and quickly grabbed the python.

“Little Snakey, how dare you think of ditching your big brother and escaping alone; you’re lacking in morals,” Xu Qi grinned, looking at the Giantwood Python in his hand.

“Big Brother, let’s run, quickly. I felt it; the thing beyond the stone door is definitely not simply a divine beast1. It scares me to no end with just the pressure it’s emanating. I’ve heard and seen powerful monsters in the Fallen Gods Mountain Range, but they didn’t even compare to the one in there; this shouldn’t even exist in this world. Please, let’s run!” the Giantwood Python pleaded its master as tears flowed from its eyes.

Xu Qi laughed as he watched the funny look on the python and said, “It’s fine. I’m only checking whether I can open this door today. I don’t intend on going in, so what are you afraid of? Even if we’re to enter, with this young master’s unparalleled capabilities, I’ll take care of whatever that may come, whether it’s a divine beast or something else.”

Facing the shamelessness of its master, the Giantwood Python maintained a look of veneration and nodded its head, hoping that he would quickly bring it away from here.

After bragging for a bit, Xu Qi suddenly felt his confidence rising, as if he was invincible.

The huge stone door was now wide open. Xu Qi looked curiously beyond the door, at the unknown darkness that lay ahead. Yet, there was not the least intention from him to step beyond the door.

Suddenly, a breeze of cold wind blew from the direction of the stone door, making Xu Qi shiver.

“Bi-bi-big Brother, le-let-let’s go,” the python stuttered after feeling that cold breeze.

Xu Qi, too, felt something was amiss. Although having face is important, his life was of utmost priority. Thus, he stopped pretending to be some kind of saint and took out the torn cloth to learn the method to closing the door.

At this moment, the Green Mystique Trees in the plaza started swaying.

Xu Qi glanced to the swaying trees for a moment, then mumbled to himself, “Why would there be a wind blowing at this time?”

Right as he said that, his heart immediately thumped. He instantly realized what was wrong; they are within an enclosed cavern, there shouldn’t be any wind!

Xu Qi felt that the situation had turned for the worse and was about to make his escape, but the python in his sleeve slipped out and fell to the ground.

Xu Qi thought to turn around and pick up the python, but suddenly felt a strong suction force pulling him toward the stone door.

At this moment, the palm-sized Giantwood Python was instantly sucked to the stone door. Its miniscule body was trying its best to slither forward, preventing itself from being drawn beyond the door.

Xu Qi cursed inwardly, then leapt toward the python without any hesitation.

The latter had thought that it's unconscionable master had his plate full, and that he would definitely leave it behind to try to escape by himself. However, Xu Qi turned to the opposite direction and came to it; he was obviously here to save it and immediately felt the love its master have for it.

Xu Qi quickly arrived at the python’s side and picked up the Giantwood Python. He resisted the suction force and slowly turned around, placing the python in front of him and using his body to shield it as much as possible, preventing the suction force from affecting it.

However, for some unknown reason, the suction force gradually grew stronger. Xu Qi found it even harder to resist the force and inch forward.

After persevering for a while with much difficulty, Xu Qi’s body started to slide backwards.

“Little Snakey, I’m afraid I can’t hold on any longer. I’ll send you out first. If you don’t ever see me again, just remember that this big brother loves you,” Xu Qi looked at the Giantwood Python in his arms and smiled.

Hearing such, the python felt fuzzy in its heart. But before it could even say anything, Xu Qi threw it with all his strength and sent it flying toward the cavern entrance.

As the Giantwood Python flew toward the cavern entrance, it watched the frail, tiny figure struggling at the stone door. Courage sprang up from somewhere, and the python reversed its direction, rushing back to Xu Qi’s arms. 

“Are you looking to die? It wasn’t easy for me to send you out, and now you’re back here. Have you turned silly?” Xu Qi reprimanded, seeing the Giantwood Python returning.

On the other hand, the python ignored Xu Qi’s scoldings. It suddenly leapt into the air and transformed into its gigantic form, landing behind Xu Qi. It blocked off half the door with its huge frame.

With that, Xu Qi was immediately freed from the suction power. He hurriedly looked back at the python. 

“Big Brother, you leave first. I know you’re a nice person, and treat me well, too. I don’t regret becoming your follower,” the python’s voice travelled into Xu Qi’s ears. He was suddenly at a loss of words at hearing such.

“Quickly go! Otherwise, both of us will be stuck here. The suction is getting stronger and I can’t hold on for much longer!” the python urged as its master stood there blankly.

Tears rolled down the dazed Xu Qi’s cheeks when he heard the python’s sacrificial cry, then he turned and ran toward the exit.

A few moments later, just as he was reaching the exit, Xu Qi heard loud hissings from behind. He stalled on the spot and hurriedly turned to look back.

What he saw was the Giantwood Python’s gigantic figure getting sucked beyond the door as it hissed.

Xu Qi wiped the tears from his face and smiled to himself, “Little Snakey, I know you’re afraid being in this cave; how could I leave you here alone? No matter what happens today, this young master will be with you!”

Then, Xu Qi sped to and went beyond the stone door.

The strong suction disappeared not long after Xu Qi entered the stone door.

TL Note:

1: The divine beasts the python referred to are the one(or ones) from the Fallen Gods Mountain Range, I suppose the strongest class of monsters? Not the four divinities sealed within Xu Qi.

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