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Chapter 70 - Four Divinities Incantation

Edited by RED

Regarding the incident on Mt Burning Cloud, Mo Dingtian had gathered much more information than Xu Qi, but had many doubts in his mind as well. The most prominent one would be the green monster the latter mentioned.

Years ago, the Mo Clan had somehow learned of the secret on Mt Burning Cloud and secretly sent their experts along with Mo Dingtian to check things out. However, before they could even see what the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix’s egg looked like, they were unexpectedly ambushed by a green-colored monster just as they entered the cave. The most terrifying thing was that the monster would immediately devour the corpses of the cultivators it just killed, not even leaving their bones behind.

In the end, Mo Dingtian managed to escape from the mountains alone under the protection of their clan’s First Elder, at the cost of the man’s life. As Mo Dingtian made his escape, he witnessed the scene of the First Elder getting impaled by the four wooden spears in the monster’s hands, and the gentle smile as fresh blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

During the following years, what he experienced in the cave would become Mo Dingtian’s nightmare. He couldn’t get it out of his mind, especially the warm smile on the First Elder’s face. Every time he thought of it, he would feel his heart ache.

“First Elder, you doted on me ever since I was a boy, and even died protecting me in the end. But did you know that I would rather be the one dead in the cave?” Mo Dingtian muttered to himself as he raised the wine glass and poured its contents onto the ground.1


The next day, Xu Qi woke up very early and went to visit Mo Yan, whose injuries had yet to fully heal. The former used his rainbow energy to aid his recovery and told him that he would be well in no time. Xu Qi left Mo Yan’s room soon after, as Mo Yan thanked him.

For some reason, Xu Qi had a better impression of Mo Yan than he had of Mo Dingtian. Perhaps he admired Mo Yan’s loyal nature, and thus tried his best to heal him.

In order to prevent Mo Ling from moving to his room, Xu Qi spent half a day playing with her, keeping her happy. He successfully killed her idea of letting her warm the bed for him and told her that he will be disappearing for a period of time to go cultivate in seclusion.

Unexpectedly, Mo Ling, who always stuck by Xu Qi’s side, didn’t stop him when she heard that. Instead, she obediently nodded her head in agreement and reminded him to be careful. However, Xu Qi was to come look for her the moment he was done with training.

When Xu Qi was done pacifying Mo Ling, he went to look for Mo Dingtian. Xu Qi notified him of his intention to go into secluded cultivation, and that the latter must not go disturb him, no matter what happened. As long as he had yet to come out of seclusion, no one was to enter his room.

Naturally, Mo Dingtian acted as if everything would be as Xu Qi wished. However, he said something before Xu Qi left that made him almost drop to the ground and quickly run away.

“Young Master Xu, I see that Ling’er is very fond of you, and your ages are similar. If you don’t mind, I will have you and Ling’er be engaged to each other after your seclusion. Is that alright?”

Xu Qi quickly ran back to his room, his face burning up. Mo Dingtian making him get engaged to Mo Ling was obviously seeking to take advantage of him by making himself Xu Qi’s father-in-law. Xu Qi didn’t wish to be bound by an arranged betrothal of minors. However, he actually started to yearn for it once he thought of Mo Ling’s pretty little face.

Pei pei, how could I think like that? I’m such a beast; she's only a child, Xu Qi cursed himself inwardly.

Following which, Xu Qi’s figure disappeared from his room and entered the Four Divinities Coffer, arriving at the Four Divinities Cavern.


At the cavern’s entrance, Xu Qi saw the Giantwood Python he threw in here previously. The little fellow was still sleeping in peacefully.

Xu Qi grinned, then picked it up and walked to the plaza. He looked at the four gigantic stone doors and casually threw it to the rightmost door, then turned to leave, with a big smirk on his face.

Why did he throw the python to the stone door? Because behind it is where one of the divine beasts was sealed. He moved the Giantwood Python closer to the door, so that when it woke up, it would feel the divine beast’s aura. Xu Qi imagined that his little snakey would be scared into losing its spirit. Truthfully speaking, no one had ever seen such an unconscionable master; it was as if he wouldn’t let the python have it easy before he played it to death.

Xu Qi came to the big mound before the Green Mystique Trees. As usual, he bowed three times to pay his respects to the dead, then took out the Everchanging Swordplay manual and the book Venerable Ziyan left him for subduing the four divinities, the “Four Divinities Incantation.”

Xu Qi looked at the Four Divinities Incantation in his hand. He was very hesitant about it; he was worried that after he looked through it, he would be unable to resist the temptation and attempt to tame the four divinities. However, he felt that with his current strength, he would only serve to momentarily fill the gaps in their teeth if he were to approach any one of them.

“Taking a look wouldn’t get one pregnant! What’s there to be afraid of?!” Xu Qi mumbled to himself loftily, but felt lacking in confidence immediately afterwards.

Xu Qi’s hands trembled uncontrollably as he held the book, his hand grabbing onto the first page. However, he steeled himself and flipped the page open. What entered his sight was a bunch of messy handwriting. He instantly thought that perhaps it was that Ziyan geezer’s handwriting.

The Black Tortoise Incantation; the art of communicating with spirits and talisman drawing. To summon the northern deity of the Four Divinities,  Black Tortoise. The black emperor of the north, its godly name was Ye Guangji. Also known as the water deity, revered as the Heavenly Emperor Zhenwu. Its head shaped like a dragon, with the body of a mythological sea turtle. Its technique includes the Revitalizing Jet. It was able to heal someone instantly and restore their energy. The toughness of the Black Tortoise’s body was second to none, able to withstand penetrating thrusts. Even godly weapons were unable to hurt it.

Reading up to that point, Xu Qi gained a little understanding of the divine beast that was the Black Tortoise. In the world he originally came from, the Black Tortoise would usually be depicted as a creature that was a mix between a snake and a tortoise. It turned out that its true appearance was a mix of a dragon head and a mystical sea turtle body.

As for the Black Tortoise’s technique, the Revitalizing Jet, Xu Qi was shocked by its effects; to instantly recover someone’s strength? For him, this was definitely an incredibly useful support skill.

Excited, Xu Qi continued reading on. The Black Tortoise Incantation combined taming and summoning as one, and required the mastery of the Guard Break Talisman and Cursed Wraith Talisman to have a chance of taming the divine Black Tortoise.

As Xu Qi flipped the pages, what followed was the introduction and methods of learning the Guard Break Talisman and Cursed Wraith Talisman techniques.

Guard Break Talisman was the drawing of a talisman pattern and using it to attack your opponent, causing damage to them and lowering their defensive strength by ninety percent. Landing a second attack would certainly deal severe damage to your foe.

Cursed Wraith Talisman used one’s own body as the talisman medium, calling upon a raging wraith to attack with a qi blast to the surroundings, causing damage and locking the target in place.

“What tyranny, this is obviously an ancient technique. Why didn’t I take notice of such a great book before? What carelessness!” Xu Qi cried out in excitement as he read the introduction to the two ancient techniques. 

He continued to the next page, which showed the ways to use the techniques. He casually scanned over them, then flipped to the next page. Unexpectedly, the following pages were all empty.

Xu Qi pondered over this turn of events calmly. It looked like Venerable Ziyan was afraid that his successor would be hasty for power and thus placed some form of restriction on the book. If Xu Qi couldn’t subdue the Black Tortoise first, perhaps he would never get the chance to see what was written on the later pages.

With the discovery of the two new techniques, Xu Qi was already itching in his heart. He couldn’t wait to master them in one go.

Xu Qi had made preparations for an extended stay in the cavern for his secluded training this time. , Xu Qi had seen the strengths of the seven top schools after their appearance in Rivulet City, and realized that he was only a frog in a well. They could just randomly send a few experts and Xu Qi would be like an ant before them, waiting to be crushed. That feeling of helplessness was really unpleasant.

Furthermore, he kept having an ominous feeling since he woke up from his coma, but he just couldn’t tell what exactly was causing this feeling. Thus, he thought to properly train himself to boost his strength and be prepared. After all, strength was the best argument one could have.

Now, with two overpowered ancient techniques before him, Xu Qi definitely couldn’t resist the temptation. Putting mastering them and taming the Black Tortoise aside, as long as he learned them, Xu Qi was confident in triumphing against a group of Spirit realm experts alone.

Xu Qi no longer had any other considerations in his mind; since he wanted to learn the techniques, he was going to. He picked up the Guard Break Talisman manual and started drawing the talisman pattern according to the illustration.

Something out of Xu Qi’s expectations happened. He operated his aura and followed the instructions on the manual, drawing the talisman. To his surprise, he succeeded in just one try. Although it exhausted a rather significant amount of his energy, it wasn’t to the extent of making him feel weak.

He watched as the palm-sized rainbow talisman formed in his hand. Xu Qi didn’t recognize what was written, but he could feel the amount of power contained in it.

Xu Qi looked at his surroundings excitedly, looking for something to experiment his Guard Break Talisman on. However, in this desolate cavern plaza, there was not another living soul other than him and the slumbering Giantwood Python. He didn’t think of using the python as a guinea pig; what if the talisman was so powerful that it killed the python? It would be too late for regrets!

Xu Qi manipulated the rainbow talisman in his hand and used it to attack the stone wall. Once the Guard Break Talisman left his hand, it instantly turned into a human-sized whirlwind made of talisman drawings and flew toward the stone wall.

When the talisman whirlwind slammed into the wall, Xu Qi felt the ground rumble for a moment. However, only a light scratch appeared on the stone wall.

“Haha, I found a treasure!” Xu Qi exclaimed. Although his Guard Break Talisman didn’t cause any significant damage to the wall, he knew that the wall in Four Divinities Cavern was probably not just any ordinary wall. Thus, he was already satisfied at his successful attempt at learning the technique. As for its true effects, he would have to wait for some unlucky fellow to show up.

Xu Qi was worried that his success was only a fluke. He tried drawing the talisman carefully once more, and as expected, he managed to complete the technique in one go. Moreover, he felt that he had more insight into the technique when he drew it the second time.

Once again, Xu Qi casually threw the Guard Break Talisman at the stone wall in front of him, without even bothering to look at it this time around. All he cared about was the contents of the manual, an excited look on his face.

However, other than excitement, Xu Qi also felt the energy in him had depleted significantly after drawing the Guard Break Talisman twice.

“Looks like drawing this talisman isn’t something so simple,” Xu Qi mumbled to himself, then picked up the Four Divinities Incantation again, his eyes shining in anticipation. There was another outrageous ancient technique waiting for him.

He read through the book regarding the Cursed Wraith Talisman’s practicing method. At the same time, he operated his energy and followed its instructions.

“Cursed Wraith Talisman; turning one’s own body into thousands of talisman drawings to call forth a raging wraith,” Xu Qi muttered, reading its introduction.

Xu Qi’s body was enveloped in rainbow energy, while his hand was drawing the talisman pattern. Gradually, his body was surrounded by strange characters. He couldn’t recognize any of them. 

As the strange ancient characters grew in number, Xu Qi suddenly felt the energy in his body was going down.

In the end, when the number of weird characters neared a thousand, Xu Qi’s energy could no longer keep up with the expenditure and he was left with no choice but to terminate the technique.

The characters slowly dissipated from his body, and Xu Qi fell weakly down to one knee, gasping heavily for air.

“It seems like this Cursed Wraith Talisman technique consumes much more energy than Guard Break Talisman, and is much harder to execute,” Xu Qi muttered to himself weakly.

He shook his head helplessly and sat on the ground to meditate with difficulty, recovering his energy. Xu Qi planned to wait for his energy to recover and continue practicing Cursed Wraith Talisman.

TL Note:

1: It’s Chinese custom to pour wine onto the ground as paying respect to the dead, and/or to burn things to offer as tribute to the dead. The most notable example would be the Qingming Festival.

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