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Chapter 71 - Cursed Wraith Talisman

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After an unknown amount of time, Xu Qi sensed that his energy had slowly recovered. He took a deep breath, then slowly stood up and continued practicing the ancient Cursed Wraith Talisman technique.

Xu Qi harnessed all the energy he could muster in his body and followed the instructions, drawing those strange talisman patterns from an unknown language around him.

However, this time also ended up in failure due to insufficient energy.

Xu Qi grit his teeth and slammed his tiny fist onto the ground. He thought to himself that there’s no way he couldn’t execute this technique today. Thus, he sat in meditation once more to recover his energy.

Just like that, Xu Qi repeated many cycles of recovering his energy and attempting the technique, which all resulted in failure.

However, after all these failures, every time he sat down to recover his energy, Xu Qi would feel that his energy was getting richer by the cycle. Furthermore, he would gain more insight into the technique as he practiced it.

Every time after recovering his energy, Xu Qi would once again attempt to execute Cursed Wraith Talisman like clockwork. In just a short while, he already drawn many more patterns than his past attempts within the same timeframe.

As Xu Qi felt that his energy was about to run out and failure was imminent, he grit his teeth and mustered every single trace of energy in him, continuing to draw the patterns.

Finally, Xu Qi was exhausted and both his knees fell to the ground. Just as he thought that the talisman patterns he so painstakingly drew would disappear again due to insufficient energy, he suddenly felt a cold and gloomy presence behind him.

Xu Qi slowly turned around. When he saw what was behind him, his body shook uncontrollably.

At this moment, there was a daoist-looking ethereal figure with only a top half behind him. It was holding a horsetail whisk, and was staring blankly at Xu Qi. The talisman patterns surrounding him, which he had thought were going to disappear, had remained and were attached to the ghost’s body, revolving around him in a certain order.

Xu Qi stared wide-eyed at the figure for a while. This thing which had appeared as a result of his practice didn’t do anything to him. He thought back to the technique’s introductions and muttered, “Could this be the roaring wraith called forth?”

He turned his gaze to the flowing patterns around his body. Xu Qi came to realize that it was as its introduction went - “uses one’s own body as the talisman medium.” However, once he remembered the scary wraith behind him, his heart twitched uncontrollably; it was too frightening.

Then, he raised his head to look at his surroundings and was stunned. Cursed Wraith Talisman uses his own body as the medium to call forth a wraith, sending an enormous blast to cause damage and to lock his target in place.

Now that his body had become the medium, and the wraith had also been summoned, he should be releasing the blast according to the manual. Though, the most he could do was to use it on the surroundings. Naturally, he wouldn’t see the effects of the technique, or locking the target in place; he didn’t have a target to begin with. He’d be hardpressed to look for a strand of hair, not to mention a human.

Xu Qi smiled helplessly. He spent half a day’s worth of effort to practice this ancient technique, and after learning it with much difficulty, he wouldn’t get to see its effects. Such a disappointment.

Then, Xu Qi turned around and looked at the wraith. It was waving the horsetail whisk in its hand continuously, not caring about Xu Qi’s stare.

“Since it’s already like this, I might as well try out this technique,” Xu Qi muttered. As he raised his arm, the patterns on his body began to part from him.

Xu Qi suddenly clenched his fist. The wraith behind him swung the horsetail whisk in its hand heavily and gave a strange cry in response. Then, the talisman patterns around Xu Qi quickly spread outwards and caused a powerful explosion with him as the center, while the wraith slowly faded into oblivion.

However, Xu Qi hadn’t expected that Cursed Wraith Talisman’s blast would reach the four stone walls, which shook with an extremely subtle ripple without Xu Qi noticing.

“Ahh, so tired; after doing this for half a day, I’m not even sure whether I succeeded in learning the technique,” Xu Qi said, then casually laid down on the floor. His strength was indeed emptied. Not being able to see the might of Cursed Wraith Talisman made Xu Qi disappointed.

Whether it was due to Xu Qi managing to successfully learn the two ancient techniques, or that he was overly fatigued by practicing Cursed Wraith Talisman, Xu Qi immediately fell asleep after laying down on the floor.

As Xu Qi slept, he dreamt about the little loli, Mo Ling. He was embracing her and gradually, the corner of his mouth was trickling with his glistening saliva. He looked as stupid as one could imagine.

After an unknown amount of time, Xu Qi was about to kiss Mo Ling in his dream. Just as he brought his lips over to her, he was suddenly awoken from his lewd dream by a hissing sound.

Xu Qi quickly crawled to his feet and wiped his drool from his mouth. Then,he looked to the rightmost stone door in the plaza - when he heard the hissing sound, he immediately understood that it was the Giantwood Python.

Xu Qi saw that the tiny golden snake in front of the stone door had already transformed into its original gigantic form. Its eyes alone were bigger than Xu Qi’s figure. At the python’s abdomen, a resplendent golden light was shining.

Xu Qi understood; it looked like the python had absorbed a huge amount of energy from the golden inner core and was about to advance in strength.

Xu Qi loosened his arms and stretched his body. He found out that after waking up, his energy had recovered to maximum capacity. This made him feel more at ease. After all, if there were to be any mishaps during the Giantwood Python’s advancing, he could act to help it with his energy recovered.

Xu Qi took a glance at the python’s eyes. He didn’t notice any unusual changes, and thus dropped his vigilant state of going to the python’s help at a moment’s notice.

The Giantwood Python’s large body was swaying non-stop in mid-air. The golden scales on its body gradually fell, and were slowly replaced with a new set of scales, looking even more dazzling than before.

“Ah, snakes. It’s always the same; no matter whether it’s growing in size, or advancing in strength, it always has to shed itself. Perhaps it is as the legendary saying goes, you’ll lose your skin even if you were to survive?1” Xu Qi muttered to himself leisurely, mocking the python.

When the Giantwood Python was covered in a layer of new scales, it raised its head and hissed to the skies, its body emitting an aura even stronger than that of Xu Qi’s. The aura it released sent Xu Qi, who was leisurely standing nearby, flying backward.

“Oh shit! Why did its aura become so strong? The shock wave from its successful advancement actually repelled me! Just wait, Little Snakey, watch how I’ll “take care” of you!” Xu Qi yelled, but he had steadied himself as he flew. He landed safely and went back to where he was originally standing.

After the Giantwood Python emitted the shock wave, its huge eyes kept blinking, looking at Xu Qi, and it flicked out its tongue. It tilted its head, as if to disregard its master. This made Xu Qi jump in anger, making it known that he wanted to beat the crap out of the python.

The Giantwood Python waved its tail, shining with golden energy, in disdain and casually slammed it behind, showing off its might to its unconscionable master.

Xu Qi sensed the power contained in the python’s tail and watched as it whipped its tail. He saw where the tail was going to land and was about to say something, but it was already too late.

That was because the location where the Giantwood Python smacked its tail was exactly where the stone door stood. A crack actually formed where it was hit!

The Giantwood Python swung its tail confidently, but when its tail struck the stone door, it felt as if its tail was snapped in two, suffering great pain.

It endured the pain and was about to show off its might to its master once more, but the python saw that he was staring wide-eyed behind its body, and instead turned around curiously.

As it registered the stone wall behind it, the Giantwood Python suddenly recalled something. It turned to look at its surroundings. Its body radiated a golden light, and gradually shrank. When it was the size of a palm, the python turned into a streak of golden light and flew into Xu Qi’s arms.

“Big Brother, why did you send me in here? Do you want to scare me to death? I’d like to apologize for my earlier actions; let’s get out of this damned place quickly,” the Giantwood Python’s seductive voice rang out once more. If it were any other man, they probably wouldn’t be able to take it and do whatever it wanted.

Earlier, the newly advanced Giantwood Python was only thinking about showing off its might in front of its unconscionable master, and had neglected to take notice of its surroundings. Now that it finally realized it was in that horrifying damned cave, it was immediately frightened to the point that it had lost its spirit.

However, when the python called out, it didn’t get its master’s response. It looked up at Xu Qi and saw that he was still staring blankly at the stone door.

Seeing as its master was acting so strangely, the python was confused. It raised its head and followed Xu Qi’s line of sight and looked toward the stone door.

A small crack appeared where its tail landed on the stone door earlier. Looking carefully, the crack was actually spreading outwards extremely slowly!

“Little Snakey, you’ve caused big trouble this time,” Xu Qi said deliberately, keeping his mouth opened wide.

The Giantwood Python slowly moved its tiny eyes to look at the huge stone door. Suddenly, it felt a suffocating presence emanating out from beyond the small crack, scaring it into hiding in Xu Qi’s sleeves.

Xu Qi felt a cool sensation from his sleeve and immediately collected himself. Seeing as this trouble-causing little snakey actually hid itself, Xu Qi shook his head helplessly.

Though, the outcome he was most worried about didn’t happen. The small crack only spread a little bit and gradually stopped.

Xu Qi sat down weakly and grabbed the python, casually throwing it aside.

“Ouch, Big Brother, don’t you know how to treat the fairer sex with care? That hurts,” the Giantwood Python cried out as it was flung to the stone wall.

Xu Qi continued sitting there limply, with his head lowered, gasping for air. He didn’t pay any attention to the python; he knew that with its current strength, it would be fine no matter how hard he threw it.

Seeing its unconscionable master ignoring it, the python tactfully slithered back to him, saying with a trembling voice, “Big Brother, let’s leave this place. I feel really afraid staying here. I keep having the feeling something is going to come out from that door; let’s quickly retreat.”

Xu Qi was about to respond to the python before suddenly hearing a roar he had never heard before behind the crack in the door.

Xu Qi stared blankly at the stone door and grabbed the python, slamming it on the ground, cursing, “Screw you, Little Snakey! You and your damned foul mouth!”

TL Note:

1: Xu Qi is making a double entendre here. 不死也掉层皮 literally means ‘To lose your skin even if you don’t die’, used when someone is about to have a tough time ahead. He’s making a joke about the python having to shed its skin in order to advance, and advancing comes with a risk.

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