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Chapter 69 - These Are All Troublesome Matters!

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After choosing to continue staying in Mo Dingtian’s mansion, Xu Qi thought of secretly making a trip back to the Xu Clan and Godsward Villa. Alas, he was bogged down by Mo Ling and couldn’t free himself. Facing this little loli, he would always welcome her with a smile from the bottom of his heart; he didn’t have the heart to make her unhappy.

After tormenting Xu Qi for the greater part of the day, she actually suggested resting in his room when night time came, but the idea was immediately shut down by Xu Qi. He used excuses such as men and women shouldn’t have close contact, or that her father would be angry, whatever. However, this bratty girl just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Fortunately, our great Young Master Xu used his killer move in the end. He pressed onto his chest and feigned injury for some time, before that girl finally left his room. When she did, she kept turning her head back to look at him.

Then Mo Ling said some parting words when she left the room and almost made Xu Qi spit blood.

“Little Brother, recuperate properly. Tomorrow I’ll move over to better take care of you.”


After she left, Xu Qi sat in meditation on his bed to practice his cultivation art. An unknown amount of time passed before his ears twitched; he sensed someone approaching his room.

Upon confirming that aura, Xu Qi kept his eyes shut and said with a smile, “Uncle Mang, you’re here in the middle of the night to peep at me sleeping? That’s very bad of you.”

Right as Xu Qi was done speaking, the door to his room opened and shut in an instant. A black-clothed man suddenly appeared, walking to Xu Qi’s bedside and said worriedly, “Where have you been, Young Master, I almost died from anxiety.”

The visitor was, naturally, the Chief Housekeeper of Xu Clan, Xu Pingfan. He had sent men to find information on Xu Qi’s whereabouts, but had no results, Xu Pingfan set it upon himself to gather information. However, he, too, failed to discover his young master’s whereabouts. When it was night, he couldn’t rest at ease and thus, put on black clothing and started searching blindly, hoping to find traces of Xu Qi.

In the end, he came to Mo Dingtian’s mansion. He hadn’t thought of coming in initially, but decided to anyway upon second thought, and came in secretly. Unexpectedly, upon nearing this room, he sensed a familiar sensation and slowly found his way to this exact location. To his surprise, he heard a familiar voice just as he was outside the door.

Xu Qi opened his eyes and looked at his Chief Housekeeper standing before him. He was elated in his heart, because he could see the exhausted look on the latter’s face, and his slightly red eyes. Xu Pingfan was obviously worried about him from the bottom of his heart.

“Uncle Mang, it can’t be that you thought I, who loves to join in the fun, died in the incident a few days ago, right?” Xu Qi joked.

“Ai, Young Master, stop talking about dying. That’s so inauspicious. The incident in the forest to the east was so appalling, and I couldn’t get ahold of any news of you. Of course I would be anxious. However, I believed that with Young Master’s strength and wits, you’d be fine,” Xu Pingfan said seriously, and a proud look showed on his face as he spoke.

Seeing Xu Pingfan’s comical expression, Xu Qi said, “Uncle Mang, I’m not as great as you said. It’s as you expected; I was there in the forest that day and was caught up in the incident, resulting in my fainting and getting injured. Fortunately, Mo Dingtian discovered me when he arrived at the scene and secretly brought me back here. I was unconscious for several days and only woke up today.”

“Ah, you’re injured, Young Master? Is your injury serious? Is it a hindrance?” Xu Pingfan asked anxiously once he heard that his young master was really involved in the incident and was unconscious for days.

Xu Qi shook his head and said helplessly, “Say, Uncle Mang, if I was seriously injured, how could I be speaking with you face to face right now? Look, my limbs are all intact. It’s nothing, I merely slept for an extended period.”

Xu Pingfan watched as his young master moved his body about in front of him. His originally stern expression slowly turned into a smile, and the frustration in his heart gradually dissipated.

“Alright, Uncle Mang, let’s talk about serious stuff. Recently, did you notice any special changes in Rivulet City?” Xu Qi casually asked as he continued stretching.

Xu Pingfan creased his brows for a moment, then replied, “Young Master, speaking of special changes, it would be Helian Liang and Liang Renqing’s side. They made connections with the Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion and Abyssal Beast School, respectively. They looked to be rather peaceful on the outside; no problems have yet occurred.”

Xu Qi smiled and said, “It will usually seem to be calm on the outside before a storm. So, please pay more attention to them, Uncle Mang.”

“Also, I don’t know why, but I kept having a strange feeling recently, Uncle Mang. It feels just like an invisible web is looming over Rivulet City, and we are obviously stuck in it,” Xu Qi continued.

“Oh? A web? Then how should we prepare for this, Young Master?” Xu Pingfan hurriedly asked.

Xu Qi sighed softly and replied, “It’s only my hunch. Up until now, I have yet to notice anything tangible and am left without a clue. What we can do is be passive and ready for any situation. We’ll keep to ourselves. As I said before, it’s best to stay put in the mansion and be cautious.”

Xu Pingfan nodded and said, “Young Master, those children have left with the seven top schools. We…”

“Don’t speak anymore, Uncle Mang. Don’t ever bring up anything about them in the future. Do you understand?” Xu Qi immediately interrupted the topic and reminded him gravely.

“Yes, Young Master. I’ll keep it in mind,” Xu Pingfan agreed, flustered.

They spoke for a little more after that, then Xu Pingfan quietly left the room Xu Qi was staying in and returned to Xu Clan.

Before the former left, he briefly told Xu Qi about the matters in Godsward Villa. Hearing his report, Xu Qi felt satisfied with their performance.

He stood by the window and watched the starry sky. A sense of loneliness rose up in him. Suddenly, he thought of something and gave a slight smile.

With a flip of his palm, a tiny golden snake appeared in his hand. He looked at the snake in deep slumber; its aura was very stable. Then, he shook his head helplessly, thinking of himself being knocked unconscious and injured, while this snake enjoyed its peaceful days. This little fellow was so lucky.

Before Xu Qi’s trip to Mt Burning Cloud, the Giantwood Python had mentioned that it wanted to go into deep slumber to absorb the energy from the golden core. Xu Qi agreed without a second thought.

He had originally thought to throw this Giantwood Python into the Four Divinities Cavern, but it wouldn’t agree no matter what. Left without a choice, Xu Qi tried to keep it in his bronze ring, and it unexpectedly worked; the Giantwood Python was able to enter the ring.

After that, Xu Qi went to Mt Burning Cloud to watch the commotion and was knocked unconscious out of the blue, while the Giantwood Python continued sleeping, not affected in the slightest.

Xu Qi looked at the sleeping snake, and the corners of his mouth suddenly curved up, revealing a sly grin. He extended his hand and drew a seal, as the snake disappeared from his hand.

“Little Snakey, there’s no such thing as letting this young master suffer alone; I’ll have to make you suffer a little, too,” Xu Qi muttered to himself, grinning. He could already envision the look on the Giantwood Python’s face when it wakes up and found that it was in the Four Divinities Cavern. That look of terror; that funny gaze.

After which, Xu Qi sat in meditation by the bedside and recalled the entire incident at Mt Burning Cloud from start to the end.

“Di Ke’er was almost killed by her Senior Sister Disciple. She didn’t say why, but I’m sure she already knew the reason.

“The mysterious Yue Shengfei obviously has many stories behind him, but no one dared to tell of it; it looks like his background is really deep.

“The Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix obviously hatched from its egg that day, but where did it go? No one knows, because everyone is either dead or unconscious.

“However, the three mad men from Shadow Wind Sect actually appeared in the depths of the forest. This shows that they weren’t injured by the explosion. Then, why they be killed in a single move by some mysterious expert? Could it be that they witnessed some unspeakable secret and were murdered for it?”

Thinking of everything, Xu Qi felt as if he was on the edge of discovering something, but there was a wall blocking the view in front of him. No matter how much strength he exerted, he couldn’t poke a hole through it.

Xu Qi shook his head helplessly. Then, he remembered the green monster, whose name he didn’t know. However, with the speed it showed and the fact that it was right in the middle of the explosion when it happened and could still leave on its own after that, its strength shouldn’t be something he could compare to.

Next, he thought of Laoyao and the other six siblings. Their departure made Xu Qi worry for their safety in his heart; he didn’t know how his impromptu plan would end up in the future. However, the only thing he was certain of was that he was standing on the edge of a blade. If he made the slightest mistake, he would be done for immediately.

He was truly worried about the seven’s circumstances. All he could do was to hope that they wouldn’t expose their identities and lose their lives as a result. However, even if they were to be exposed, Xu Qi was still confident that they wouldn’t snitch on him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have let them take on such a huge burden.

As for the issue of Mo Dingtian removing his ring while he was unconscious, Xu Qi didn’t put it in his heart. After all, there was greed in everyone. Perhaps Mo Dingtian thought that he would never wake up and thus took the ring.

Xu Qi sighed, then rubbed his temples. He was feeling a slight headache, and therefore slowly lay down on the bed.

Perhaps it was due to him playing with Mo Ling for the entire day, or maybe some other reason, but right now, all the exhausted Xu Qi could only see before him was the silhouette of Mo Ling. He slowly drifted into sleep, smiling.

At this moment, Mo Dingtian was in his own room holding onto a wine glass. He just sat there unmoving, maintaining his posture and not drinking the wine. He stared ahead, seemingly thinking of something.

However, upon closer inspection, two clear trails of tears could be seen on his face.

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