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Chapter 6 - Let's Spar For A Bit

As the patriarchs were scheming for Xu clan’s businesses along with the city defense captain in Wan Qing restaurant, the funeral procession for Patriarch and Lady Xu began.

The gates of Xu Clan slowly opened, drawing the gaze from people on the streets. Young Master Xu took the lead in funeral clothing; the personnel attending the procession gradually made their appearance behind. Those familiar with Xu Clan’s personnel noticed the absence of their housekeeper, Xu Pingfan, who was like a brother to Patriarch Xu. This caused the onlookers to make their own guesses amongst themselves.

Xu Qi walked with neither a hint of emotion nor tears in front of the funeral team. “That child should be the young master of Xu Clan, right? He lost his parents at such an age. How pitiful.”

“Young Master Xu had never left the mansion before, but he’s really cute. I should just adopt him.”


“Hmph. There’s no need for your charity. His clan is huge and prosperous. Who knows if you’re looking to adopt the young master or his assets.”

“This child isn’t weeping…? Perhaps he’s too young to understand the meaning of someone dying.”

“Rumours are the young master is mute. Who knows whether that’s true.”

“What? A mute? Is that for real?”

“Of course. My paternal uncle’s second aunt’s son works as a sweeper in Xu Clan. My news is definitely reliable.”

“Alright, that’s enough. They are having a funeral procession. Why are you chiming in?”

Xu Qi heard all kinds of discussion from the people around. He’d never stepped out of his residence since arriving in this world, but he couldn’t take a proper look at the world outside now; he had to quietly move on ahead.

As Xu Qi advanced blankly, a creature with a dog’s head and a tiger’s body suddenly pounced on him.

Oh shit, what’s this?! Xu Qi almost cursed aloud, but he managed to stop himself from doing so. Xu Qi was so frightened by the creature that he fell to the ground with his eyes shut.


“Ah, whose Soulfur Tiger is that? Why is it out here?”


“You-Young Master…” The Xu servant behind him couldn’t save his young master in time and could only watch as the creature known as a Soulfur Tiger pounced Xu Qi.

Right as the claws of the Soulfur Tiger were about to reach Xu Qi, a flash of green zipped past. “Arf arf…” The Soulfur Tiger whimpered as it was kicked away. Xu Qi opened his eyes. A man was standing before him, facing away and wielding a wooden sword embedded with two tiny gemstones; he was evidently a cultivator. Though, his cultivation level was unknown.

The man slowly turned around, revealing his fair skin. He looked at Xu Qi and said gently, “Be careful, little boy.”

Xu Qi stood back up and dusted the dirt off himself. Then, he clasped his hand and bowed to express his gratitude. Seeing the youngster show a puzzled face, Xu Qi pointed towards his mouth and waved his hands.

It was then the youngster became aware that the child in front of him was possibly mute. He asked, “Little boy, are you telling me that you can’t speak?”

Xu Qi feigned a saddened look and nodded his head.


“God, Young Master Xu is really mute!”


“Yeah, didn’t expect the rumors to be true.”



The surrounding crowd immediately burst into discussions at Xu Qi’s confirmation.


The youngster turned his gaze to the crowd momentarily, then looked back at Xu Qi concernedly, asking, “Little boy, go ahead and attend your matters first. My master might be able to cure you if your condition is only being unable to speak. My parents named me Jin Yier1, since I’m the twelfth child in my family. I am a disciple of the Abyssal Beast School. You can find me afterward over at the Jade Sea Tavern.

“Abyssal Beast School? God, that youngster is a spiritualist!”


“Amazing! Being accepted into the Abyssal Beast School at such a young age.”



The subsided discussions from the crowd heated up once again at his self-introduction.

Abyssal Beast School? Never heard of it. However, since he saved me, I’ll have to thank him again afterward. Having made up his mind, Xu Qi didn’t want remain here any longer and bowed once more.


The youngster didn’t speak again. He made his way toward the Soulfur Tiger he’d just sent flying. With a flip of his palm, the Soulfur Tiger vanished from sight; then he left in a hurry.

“Young Master, let’s get going. We cannot afford to miss the auspicious hour,” The helpless servant quickly reminded Xu Qi, who is still in a daze.

Xu Qi nodded, then continued his journey with his usual blank look. The funeral team followed closely behind, and soon, they left the city gates.

Not long after, a black-clothed person appeared where Xu Qi had been pounced. His appearance was concealed with a black veil, as well. He caught a glimpse of the funeral team, then turned and disappeared.

In Rivulet City, the main hall of Liang Clan’s mansion... The black-clothed person who disappeared from the streets earlier was sitting on a chair, having a conversion with Patriarch Liang, with the latter in the host’s seat, “Patriarch Liang, I was observing the young master of Xu’s earlier; there was nothing suspicious, and I confirmed he is a mute. Also, their housekeeper, Xu Pingfan, was absent during the funeral procession.”

“Thank you for your troubles, Brother Ziyan2.” From their interaction, it was obvious the two of them were not in a master-servant relationship.

No other words were exchanged, and the black-clothed man turned to leave the hall.

Liang Renqing started analyzing the current situation after seeing the black-clothed man off with his gaze, Given Xu Pingfan’s relationship with Xu Yingzhou, it’s indeed odd that he didn’t attend the funeral. As for the Xu child, is he a mute for real?

At the same time, the Helian clan received similar news. However, what Helian Liang was contemplating was how he could make Xu Pingfan transfer a greater share of Xu Clan’s businesses over to Helian Clan.

Night came. Xu Pingfan and Xu Qi gathered in the secret room once again for discussion after the funeral was over and done with.

“Young Master, your plans have successfully made both Helian and Liang Clans let their guards down. Though, I can’t bear to let go of our businesses just like that,” Xu Pingfan said.

Xu Qi smiled, replying, “Uncle Mang, these businesses really don’t matter. Even if we were to gift them away, we can always get them back in the future. They aren’t truly gone, just with different owners for now.”


“Alright, Young Master. What’s our next step?” Xu Pingfan felt Xu Qi surely had other plans lined up; thus, he did not argue any longer.

“That’s easy. The next step is for you to think of ways to transfer away our management rights. Try to get the best deal; I’m estimating that I’ll have to spend money. Lots of it” Xu Qi shook his head.

“You need money? How much exactly? We do have a substantial amount of cash flow within Xu Clan.” Hearing Xu Qi’s words, Xu Pingfan was momentarily confused.

“Uncle Mang, the purpose of transferring away our management rights is to prevent Helian and Liang Clans bringing harm to us. Our true goal is not money, but the safety of our clan. I don’t wish for you to risk your life for my sake. It’s fine if we appear weak and lay low. There’s no way you don’t understand this principle,” Xu Qi explained, showing understanding to Xu Pingfan’s reluctance.

Xu Pingfan nodded, expressing his understanding. He was thinking inwardly, To have such wisdom at such a young age, Young Master will definitely become someone great. I’ll trust his judgment.

Xu Qi could make out Xu Pingfan’s worries and decided to reassure him, saying, “Uncle Mang, you’re a Swordsman at the fifth stage of Essence realm. Am I right?”

Xu Pingfan’s interest was immediately piqued as Xu Qi mentioned cultivation matters and answered, “Yes, Young Master. I’ve attained the fifth stage of Essence realm years ago and haven’t made any breakthroughs since. I’m ashamed.”


Although Xu Pingfan said that, he was inwardly proud of himself. Other than Captain Li Hai, who was a sixth Stage Essence swordsman, there was only Patriarch Helian Liang at the same stage within Rivulet City. No other opponents could match up to him. That was how he had kept Xu Clan safe for years; his existence deterred anyone from going against the immovable object that was Xu Clan.

“Since that’s the case, let’s exchange a few pointers, Uncle Mang. What do you think?” Xu Qi suggested casually.

“Exchange pointers… Young Master, you’ve haven’t even begun cultivating yet. What’s the point in sparring? This isn’t something to joke about,” Xu Pingfan refused.

“Uncle Mang, can you tell what cultivation stage I am at now?” Xu Qi brought up his fist as he spoke, operating his cultivation method. A green light shone as Xu Pingfan stared wide-eyed.

In this world, cultivators were able to project their aura once they entered the first stage of Essence realm, showing off their cultivation as a means of deterrence. Cultivators could emit a green aura at the Essence realm, yellow aura at Qi realm, blue aura at Spirit realm, red aura at Void realm, violet aura at Reprisal realm, and white aura when at the nearly non-existent Saint realm. Xu Pingfan was truly shaken at witnessing Xu Qi’s display of green aura.

“Th-this… Young Master, when did you start cultivating? It looks to be the strength of a third stage Essence Swordsman at the very least. Why wasn’t I aware of this?” Xu Pingfan was totally caught unprepared for the changes shown by Xu Qi over the past couple of days, and now the latter has even shown to have become a cultivator; it was becoming unacceptable for his sanity. 

“Third stage Essence Swordsman? That’s not very powerful,” Xu Qi felt dissatisfied with his cultivation upon hearing Xu Pingfan’s words.


As for the latter, his mouth started twitching when he heard Xu Qi, thinking, Attaining the strength of a third stage Essence Swordsman at the age of six… I don’t think anyone of such talent has ever appeared in this world, yet he’s still unsatisfied. How am I going to live with that?


“Come on, Uncle Mang. Let’s exchange a few moves. I still lack when it comes to my grasp of my cultivation. I want to stabilize myself through combat,” Xu Qi was feeling pumped in anticipation of Xu Pingfan making his move.

“Since it’s like that, Young Master, I’ll go through a few moves with you. I want to see if Young Master really has cultivated to such a level!” Xu Pingfan decided to check for himself Xu Qi’s miraculous disposition and started getting excited, as well.

“Let me ascertain the prowess of the cultivators in this world. Come!” Xu Qi raised his tiny hands and readied himself as Xu Pingfan agreed.

TL Note:

1: Jin Yier is literally Jin (Surname/Family name) One Two.

2: This Brother Ziyan is 子言, different from Venerable Ziyan’s 紫延

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