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Chapter 68 - Huge Change Incoming?

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Hearing such, Mo Dingtian went into a daze and a cold light flashed past his eyes. Although it only flashed momentarily, Xu Qi took notice of it.

“Your ring? I think Young Master Xu has misunderstood. When I discovered you in the forest, I happened to notice a ring next to you, and wasn’t sure whether it belonged to you. Thus, I brought it back and thought to wait for you to regain consciousness to ask you about it. I don’t have any greedy thoughts,” Mo Dingtian explained sincerely, such that others couldn’t find a fault in his words.

He flipped his palm and took out the bronze ring Venerable Ziyan had left for Xu Qi, smiling at him.

Xu Qi, too, reciprocated the smile and took the ring, saying, “It is indeed mine. Many thanks to Boss Mo. Not only did you save my life, you even retrieved my lost ring for me. Thank you.”

Of course, Mo Dingtian could tell the sarcasm in Xu Qi’s tone. Yet he waved his hand, indicating that his help wasn’t worth mentioning.

The truth was, Mo Dingtian had always been interested in Xu Qi’s ring. He didn’t know what material was used to forge it. Thus, when he brought Xu Qi back from the forest, he spent a lot of effort before he managed to take it off of his finger. However, Mo Dingtian tried several times but was still unable to access the ring’s dimension. Therefore, he knew that this strange ring must have barriers set up by Xu Qi, the kind that only its owner could access.

Since Xu Qi had already discovered that the ring was on him and Mo Dingtian didn’t wish to offend the former because of his curiosity, why not just go with the flow and return it to him.

“Boss Mo, I still wish to inquire, what happened after I fell unconscious in the forest?” asked Xu Qi carefully as he looked at Mo Dingtian while putting on his ring.

After Xu Qi woke up, he looked to be the same as ever on the surface, as carefree as before. However, once he recalled the happenings in the forest that day, he couldn’t help but tremble in his heart. That was fear!

Mo Dingtian’s face turned solemn as Xu Qi mentioned this matter. He said gravely, “That day, many people felt the shocking explosion in the east to the city and set off in that direction. I, too, led some men there out of curiosity.

“In the end, when I reached and saw that desolate scene, truthfully speaking, my legs turned to jelly,” Mo Dingtian said seriously, shaking his head.

“Oh? So it was a magnificent view?” Xu Qi asked in disbelief.

“Magnificent? No, it was a tragic view! You didn’t see it, but it was originally a forested area, yet, all the trees had disappeared into thin air, and a huge crater took their place. Several hundred cultivators from the seven top schools of each nation were sprawled on the ground, their lives and deaths unknown. After careful inspection, we only found about a dozen of them still alive; and by alive, I meant they were barely holding onto life. Do you think it’s magnificent?” Mo Dingtian said as he rolled his eyes.

“What!? All dead!?” Xu Qi was so shocked, he jumped out of his seat, looking at Mo Dingtian with his eyes wide, mouth agape. He hoped to get an answer out of the latter’s gaze.

Mo Dingtian shook his head, saying, “That’s right. Several hundred experts died. Even Undying School’s third elder, Bu Wang Sheng, and Cai Luren of Woodsprout’s number one school, the Virtuous Clan; these two first-rate experts died.”

When Xu Qi heard those two names, it was as if his brain was struck by lightning; he stood there blankly, not talking, and shock was all that could be seen in his eyes. This was because he knew that Undying School’s Bu Wangsheng could only be stronger than him, and Cai Luren was even stronger than the former. Even so, they were instantly killed by the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix’s aura blast. He couldn’t accept it.

This time, he finally understood why he was shocked into unconsciousness by the aura even though he was standing so far away. He hurriedly said his prayers and thanks to every god and deity in the nine heavens in his heart.

Although Xu Qi was confident, it wasn’t to the extent of being conceited. He understood that if he hadn’t keep his distance from the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix, he would have ended up way worse than Bu Wangsheng.

He raised his hand and wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. Then he sat down again, looking at Mo Dingtian and continued, “Boss Mo, what about Yue Shengfei and the others? They shouldn’t be dead, right?”

“Yue Shengfei isn’t dead, but he’s left with only half his life now. The place where he was discovered was at the edge of the crater. From the looks of it, the crater was the center of where the explosion happened,” Mo Dingtian reported.

“Then, did you see the corpse of a strange green monster?” Xu Qi suddenly recalled that ridiculously strong green beast and asked about it.

“A green-colored beast; there was one, found at the edge of the crater, too. It looked to be heavily injured and its appearance couldn’t be seen clearly. It left by itself once it woke up. At that time, everyone was busy saving the casualties and didn’t pay any attention to it,” Mo Dingtian told him.

Xu Qi was astonished at the news. He hadn’t expected that green monster to still be alive even though it was caught in the center of the explosion, and it had left on its own after waking up. It seems like its strength was greater than any normal creature!

Upon mentioning that green monster, Mo Dingtian stroked his chin, thinking, then said, “Actually, why do I feel that that green monster looked familiar?”

“Hur hur, Boss Mo, you should have seen it before. That green monster was probably the one guarding the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix egg,” Xu Qi said, staring at Mo Dingtian’s eyes.

When Mo Dingtian heard it was the monster that attacked him and his men many years ago, he didn’t look to be shocked and simply murmured, “Oh.”

Xu Qi carefully sized Mo Dingtian up and laughed coldly in his heart. It looked like Mo Dingtian had many secrets of his own. That beast had killed the people around him many years ago and he had barely made it back alive. Yet, he seemed to not care in the least now that Xu Qi had mentioned it. Mo Dingtian’s actions were obviously out of Xu Qi’s expectations.

“Young Master Xu, it was said that there was something even stranger that happened in the depths of the forest not far away. Perhaps Young Master Xu could clarify my doubts,” Mo Dingtian said, suddenly switching the topic 

“Oh? Something even stranger happened deep in the forest? Do tell, please, Boss Mo. As for whether I can clear your doubts, I don’t think I have the capability,” Xu Qi replied calmly.

“May I ask how much Young Master Xu knows about the Shadow Wind Sect?” Mo Dingtian asked.

“Shadow Wing Sect? I’m sorry, Boss Mo. I really don’t know much about these cultivation schools, even less so for the mysterious Shadow Wind Sect,” Xu Qi said plainly. He wasn’t lying; all he knew about the seven top schools was superficial stuff.

Xu Qi knew that what he knew couldn’t be compared with Mo Dingtian, whose background was unfathomably deep. It was basically the same as not knowing anything about them, and as such, he didn’t have to act as if he did.

“Since it’s like this, then I shan’t beat around the bush. Three corpses were discovered deep in the forest later on, and these three were all experts from Shadow Wind Sect, who were all members of the Crazed Ten,” Mo Dingtian said gravely.

“All dead? They were killed instantly by the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix too?” Xu Qi asked, staring wide-eyed.

“That’s right, the three are all dead. Their identities were part of the Shadow Wind Sect’s Crazed Ten, namely their number three, number five, and number nine. After inspecting, it was found that the three were killed in one move. It was a clean death, the method well-practiced.” Mo Dingtian’s face turned solemn as he spoke.

“The people from Shadow Wind Sect were famous for their bodily techniques. With the three’s strength, even if they couldn’t win, one would escape at the very least. Why would they be killed in just one move? What kind of strength does that represent?” Xu Qi smacked his lips, overwhelmed with shock.

Xu Qi was one who understood himself well. Compared to those three mad men, any one of them be able to make him suffer.

Mo Dingtian nodded his head in agreement, seemingly in thought at Xu Qi’s words. His understanding of those first-rate schools were indeed much better than Xu Qi. Those three mad men from Shadow Wind Sect were crafty men who had run amuck in the cultivation world for a long time. Even if they encountered someone they couldn’t beat, they should be able to escape. Why would they be caught together, and be killed in one move, no less. It was truly unthinkable.

“Boss Mo, these top schools’ matters aren’t something I, an insignificant figure, could get involved in. No matter what, I’m very grateful to you for saving my life this time. However, I have a presumptuous request to make of you. I might need to recuperate for a period of time for my injuries to recover, and I wish to stay in your mansion for some time. I wonder if I may?” Xu Qi asked deliberately.

Mo Dingtian was alarmed when he heard Xu Qi saying that he wanted to stay here for a period of time. This was because he knew from the aura this Xu Clan’s young master was emitting that there wasn’t any severe injury on his body to speak of. Logically speaking, Xu Qi wouldn’t choose to stay his mansion. So, why was he asking?

On the other hand, Xu Qi sensed the hesitation in Mo Dingtian. He smiled, saying, “Don’t worry, Boss Mo. It’s just that there’s too many things happening recently, and I wish to stay here peacefully for a few days. That’s all.”

Hearing such, Mo Dingtian hurriedly replied, “You’re thinking too much, Young Master Xu, I’m only considering whether to arrange you to be situated in another room. It’s fine even if you want to stay here for the rest of your life, let alone a few days. You’re very welcome to do so.”

Xu Qi exchanged glances with Mo Dingtian, then the two started laughing. A sly old fox and a sly young fox, both knew what the other meant.

Following which, Mo Dingtian stood and bid farewell to Xu Qi, citing that there were matters that required his attention in the auction house and he had to go.

However, when Mo Dingtian was at the door, he suddenly said, “Also, Young Master Xu, there is something this one surnamed Mo needs to remind you. Helian Liang and Liang Renqing have both made connections with the Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion and Abyssal Beast School respectively. It looks like there will be huge changes to Rivulet City in the coming days.”

When he finished saying what he wanted, Mo Dingtian exited without turning his head back, not forgetting to gently close the door. He left Xu Qi in a daze alone in the room, his thoughts full of questions.

Xu Qi thought back to the words Mo Dingtian said before leaving, and a weird feeling rose in his heart. He felt that as he manipulated things behind the scene, there seemed to be a huge net coming toward him, too.

He couldn’t make sense out of it and smiled helplessly, then muttered something strange to himself.

“It looks like some interesting people have already come to Rivulet City.”

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