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Chapter 67 - Awakening

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The next day, the news of the shocking events that happened in the forest to the east of Rivulet City had been widely spread among the people, evolving into a new legend.

Those who went to the scene yesterday knew that upon careful inspection, only about a dozen of the seven top schools’ followers were found to have survived the disaster. The death toll was uncountable; even experts such as Undying School’s Bu Wangsheng and Virtuous Clan’s Cai Luren were heavily injured, and they unfortunately succumbed to their injuries even after being rescued.

As the people were busy with their rescue operation, a little interlude happened; the green monster lying on the edge of the crater picked itself up and staggered away under the gazes of numerous people, heading in Mt Burning Cloud’s direction. There were people among the seven top schools who saw it, but they were busy saving people, and thus ignored it, letting it walk away as it pleased.

Soon, another unexpected situation happened. The remaining people from the seven top cultivation schools took their injured members and left Rivulet City one after another.

However, people discovered that these members of first-rate schools, who usually had their noses up facing the sky1 were all acting incredibly nervous when they left the city.

Back in Mosuo Auction House, Mo Dingtian watched over the child who was still unconscious. His face would switch between a happy, a worried, or even a sorrowful expression. No one could understand what was on his mind.

“Is the little brother still yet to awaken?” a bell-like voice suddenly asked.

Mo Dingtian couldn’t help but smile, then said, “He’s a very fortunate man; even if you wanted him to die, it’d be difficult. Don’t worry, he’s fine.”

The visitor was Mo Dingtian’s daughter, Mo Ling. Upon hearing her father’s consolation, she revealed a look of worry, staring blankly at Xu Qi lying on the bed.

Mo Dingtian shook his head helplessly. He noticed that every time his daughter saw that guy on the bed, she would act extremely amiable.


Outside the city, in Godsward Villa’s hidden room, Qian Yin had been taking care of the injured Di Ke’er. Although the two were about ten years apart in their age, they had grown close to each other after spending some time together. Perhaps it was because they were both girls.

Now, Qian Yin sat in Di Ke’er’s room, lost in her thoughts. Her face looked solemn.

On the other hand, Di Ke’er leaned by the bedside. Seeing as this little sister looked to be in a bad shape, she tried testing the water, asking, “What’s troubling you, Sister Qian Yin? You can talk to me about it if you don’t take me as an outsider.” 

Qian Yin was slow to react to Di Ke’er. She looked at her and sighed helplessly, saying, “Did you feel a huge blast of aura yesterday?”

Di Ke’er shook her head blankly, indicating no.

Qian Yin saw Di Ke’er’s expression and suddenly remembered that the latter was heavily injured and had lost her cultivation as a result. She explained, “Yesterday, a huge explosion occurred in the forest to the east of Rivulet City. Although that aura explosion was very far away from here, I was terrified just experiencing it from here.

“Also, after the aura faded, there was news about discovering most of the seven great schools’ members dead in the forest. Even prominent figures like their school elders were met with misfortune, leaving only about a dozen men alive,” Qian Yin continued.

“Ah? Something like that happened!?” Di Ke’er mumbled in disbelief upon learning of it, and fell into a daze.

Qian Yin shook her head helplessly as she saw the look on Di Ke’er’s face Then, she continued, “I know that Sister is worried about the Misty Tower’s members, and I have already had people go ask around. Unfortunately, there was only one survivor from the forest incident; an elder, her name was Nangong Fang, if I remember correctly. As for your assailant, Shui Qingyu, I don’t know whether it’s because she’s fortunate or due to her injury, but she remained in Rivulet City to heal during the event and was thus spared from the calamity.”

Upon learning Nangong Fang was still alive, a smile flashed on Di Ke’er’s face, but immediately turned into one of anger once she heard Shui Qingyu avoided the calamity and was alive and well, not concealing her feelings in the slightest.

However, Di Ke’er came back to her senses very quickly and said to Qian Yin with a smile, “Sister, look at you; are you worried for Little Young Master?”

By Little Young Master, Di Ke’er naturally referred to Xu Qi. After she decided to stay here to repay him for saving her life, she adopted Qian Yin’s way of addressing Xu Qi as her young master.

At Di Ke’er’s question, Qian Yin silently nodded. The unfounded vexation in her heart just wouldn’t go away. She slowly said, “From my understanding of Young Master, he definitely joined in to watch the spectacle in the east. Though, I don’t know whether he’s okay. Brother Chen already sent people to gather information. I believe we’ll know soon.”

Di Ke’er continued with a smile, “Sister, you’ve been telling me over these few days about how strong the Little Young Master is, how many crafty ideas he has; do you think someone as clever as him would get in trouble so easily? Stop worrying. In my opinion, you’re just not thinking straight due to your worries.”

Qian Yin blushed slightly at Di Ke’er’s teasing, then sighed and mumbled, “Hopefully it’s as you said, that Young Master is truly fine.”


At the  Xu Clan, their Chief Housekeeper Xu Pingfan was pacing back and forth anxiously, shaking his head and sighing, looking to the door. He had heard of the happenings yesterday night in the forest to the east. After checking with Godsward Villa, he learned that Xu Qi wasn’t there and started worrying. He knew Xu Qi must have gotten involved in this matter.

When Xu Pingfan got news of it, he hurried over to the forest sneakily. However, he was late to the party and missed the tragic scene where corpses lay everywhere. All he saw was the devastated site and the huge crater.

Thinking of such, he sighed helplessly and muttered to himself, “Please don’t let anything befall you, Young Master!”

As for our great Xu Clan’s Young Master, he didn’t have the spare mind to care about everyone’s worrying over him. After being shocked into unconsciousness from the explosion, he could feel that he had suffered heavy injuries, and that his rainbow energy had shielded his heart, thus saving his life. Not only that, it was continuously mending his injuries by itself. Waking up was only a matter of time; his life wasn’t in any immediate danger.

Five days later, Mo Dingtian came to the room Xu Qi was in as usual. He saw the latter lying down on the bed, nothing different from the past days and gave a light sigh, then proceeded to leave.

However, he failed to realize that when he was leaving the room, Xu Qi’s finger twitched for a moment. His closely shut eyes slowly reopened. Xu Qi woke up.

After regaining consciousness, Xu Qi immediately inspected his body. Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as he’d thought. It was pretty good, in fact. His aura was stable, and he could circulate his cultivation with no problem.

Xu Qi slowly got out of bed and tried moving around. He checked his room for a bit, then sat at the table.

He thought back to the situation before he lost consciousness, then shook his head helplessly. Why would the purple light explosion from the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix egg be so ridiculously strong? He was so far away and yet still felt the impact. What about those who were nearby?

Thinking of such, Xu Qi’s mouth twitched for a moment uncontrollably. Those cultivators from the seven top schools who were nearer to the egg probably suffered more damage. It wouldn’t be strange if those whose strength weren’t as good were dead.

“Hai, I don’t even know who got the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix in the end,” Xu Qi mumbled to himself.

Ga-chi, the door to Xu Qi’s room creaked open. A little girl entered; her identity was, of course, Mo Dingtian’s daughter, Mo Ling. During this period when Xu Qi was unconscious, she would secretly come over every day to visit and speak to him before she would be at ease.

Today, too, she snuck into Xu Qi’s room behind her father’s back. When she saw Xu Qi sitting by the table, she rubbed her eyes to make sure she hadn’t been imagining things, then started crying.

When Xu Qi saw her, he immediately understood that he was saved by Mo Dingtian this time around, then sighed softly. He had thought to tease her a little, but seeing as she started crying out of nowhere, he quickly went over and asked, “Sister, why are you crying?”

Mo Ling kept wiping at her tears and didn’t reply to him.

Xu Qi’s eyes looked around, then suddenly showed a look of pain. He pressed on his chest, crying out several ‘Ah’s and slowly sat on the ground.

Mo Ling, who was wiping her tears, was actually looking at Xu Qi stealthily. Seeing as he suddenly looked to be in pain, she hurriedly went to his side.

“What happened, Little Brother? Is your injury still not recovered? If so, why did you get out of your bed? Wait here, I’ll go call my father. You will be fine, don’t worry,” Mo Ling said anxiously, her tears were still flowing freely down her cheeks.

Xu Qi’s eyes were half-closed, watching as Mo Ling become all flustered. He feigned weakness and said, “You don’t have to call for him, just smile for me and I’ll recover immediately...”

Hearing such, Mo Ling blanked for a moment then turned her tears into laughter and said, “Since when could a smile cure someone; you’re bluffing.”

When Xu Qi saw her smile, his expression immediately turned for the better. He slowly stood up and moved his body, saying to Mo Ling in deadly earnest,” Look, your smile is miraculous; I suddenly feel like my body is all recovered!”

Xu Qi started posing in front of Mo Ling, showing that his body was indeed recovered, making her laugh out heartily.

“Little Brother, you were asleep for the past few days; I was so worried,” Mo Ling said after being put into a good mood.

“Oh, I’m fine. I’m only a little tired; that’s why I slept a little longer. Who am I? How would I die so easily?” Xu Qi bragged shamelessly.

“Shameless. Though, I heard from daddy that many died at where he saved you, all powerful people in their own rights; how could I not be worried?” Mo Ling pouted.

“Many died? Sister, can we hold off on playing for later? I’ll need you to bring your father here; tell him I’ve woken up and I need him here. Okay?” Xu Qi was shocked at hearing what Mo Ling had just said, and wanted to find Mo Dingtian to learn more about it.

“Okay, wait here; I’ll call him over. Father was very worried for you, too,” Mo Ling answered as she walked to the door, leaving a lost Xu Qi alone in the room.

After a short while, the doors were pushed open again and Mo Dingtian walked in. He came to Xu Qi’s side and sat down, seeing as the latter seemed to be in thought and not wishing to disrupt him.

“Boss Mo, I have to thank you for saving my life this time,” Xu Qi said without looking at Mo Dingtian, remaining in his thinking posture.

“You’re too polite, Young Master Xu. Is there even a need for such formality between us?” Mo Dingtian replied, smiling.

Hearing such, Xu Qi slowly raised his left hand and shook it, fiddling with his finger. He said with a forced smile, “Yeah, Boss Mo truly dropped the formalities with me. However, we’re not so close as to gifting my ring to you. Please return it to me.”

TL Note:

1: Meaning they were very proud, looking down on people

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