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Chapter 63 - Devoting One’s Heart to Repay Kindness

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After learning of the secrets on Mt Burning Cloud from Mo Dingtian, Xu Qi rushed back to Godsward Villa through the night. He had now fully dropped the notion of getting himself involved in matters pertaining to Mt Burning Cloud; he’d be better off staying put in the villa.

Just as Xu Qi entered the hidden room, he saw Qian Yin in a purple robe, pacing back and forth.

He smirked before using his movement technique and flashed over like a ghost.

“Stop fooling around, Young Master. I know you’ve returned.” He was discovered right as he drew close to Qian Yin.

Cough cough! “Your reactions aren’t bad, to be able to notice this young master. You seem to have put a lot of effort into your training!” Seeing as he was discovered, Xu Qi was somewhat embarrassed.

Truth be told, Xu Qi understood that the reason Qian Yin was able to notice him wasn’t due to her cultivation, but that they practiced the same cultivation method. Moreover, they had both consumed the Celestial Core Pill, and thus had a special connection between them.

Qian Yin’s expression was originally one of anxiety, but she let out a smile once she saw Xu Qi, saying, “Young Master, let’s not fool around for now. The injured pretty sister has woken up. She wants to see you.”

Xu Qi went into a daze momentarily, then said slowly, “She woke up, so be it. What does she need to see me for?”

“Young Master, the pretty sister was adamant on leaving after regaining consciousness. Then, she inquired about who her savior was after I dissuaded her from leaving, and I told her the truth as it is. Who would have expected that she would start crying after hearing me out, and brought up the matter of meeting you. I told her that you weren’t around and she started refusing to eat. This is so vexing,” Qian Yin explained anxiously.

“She’s fasting? Can’t she be more creative? The more she’s acting this way, the more this young master is not going. How can I be threatened by others? There is no room for talks; I’m not going! Let her know, she’s free to do as she please. I don’t care. I’ll just treat it as if I never saved her.” Xu Qi naturally didn’t intend to give in to her hunger strike. He didn’t have tender protective feelings for her in the least; saving her was just on the spur of the moment.

“Go take a look at her, Young Master. She’s too pitiful. I can’t take that pretty sister’s tears, I’m begging you,” Qian Yin pleaded.

“Fine. Since it’s Qian Yin who’s begging on her behalf, I’ll give you face and go take a look at her. She better wise up; if she cries any more in front of me, I’ll throw her out of here,” Xu Qi conceded, putting on a merciful act.

Puu, "Throwing her out? I’m afraid you won’t be able to after seeing the pretty sister,” Qian Yin giggled, and stuck out her tongue.

“You cheeky girl, what are you laughing about? Let’s go!” Xu Qi smiled.


Soon, Xu Qi and Qian Yin arrived at the secret room where the injured young lady was recuperating.

After entering, they saw the pale-faced girl sitting by the bedside, fiddling with her long fingers. She didn’t even notice two persons had entered her room.

“Hey, you wanted to meet this young master, I?” Xu Qi raised his voice, annoyed.

She slowly raised her head, revealing her swollen eyes, looking quite dispirited. She looked empty inside, having lost her spirit, and her hair was untidy, with a few strands plastered on her face.

Cough cough! “Was it you who saved me?” the injured young lady asked in disbelief, looking at this boy who looked to be six or seven years old.

“That’s right, I was the one who saved you. Not only that, in order to preserve your life, this young master exhausted much of his energy. Look at you now; I’m beginning to regret my decision of saving you!” Xu Qi shot back, without any trace of politeness.

Qian Yin, who was by his side, quickly extended her hand, tugging at Xu Qi’s sleeve upon hearing his words, indicating he should not speak that way.

“Hur hur, that’s true. Why did you save me in the first place, wouldn’t it be better if you just left me to die?” the lady asked blankly.

“Hmph, Miss Di, right? Your senior sister disciple Shui Qingyu’s sword should have decapitated you right then and there. That way would’ve saved me the trouble of seeing you acting this way!” Seeing as the lady haven’t moved on from her traumatic experience that night, Xu Qi rolled his eyes and spoke directly to the point.

“En? How did you know of my family name, and my senior sister disciple’s name? Who exactly are you?” As expected, the injured young lady was immediately stirred up upon hearing Xu Qi’s words, and doubtful of his words.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. However, I do know of all that had happened that night in the forest. Otherwise, how could I have managed to save you in time?” Xu Qi retorted aggressively.

“Ah!? You were in the forest that night!?” the young lady immediately exclaimed. She was obviously agitated, so much so that she started coughing violently from her injuries again.

At that moment, Qian Yin, who had been standing next to Xu Qi all this while, went over to her bedside and patted the agitated Miss Di’s back and tried to calm her down.

“Hmph, that’s right. I was there all along. Whatever, I will tell you all about what happened that night. Before you arrived, your senior disciple engaged in battle with that person from Shadow Wind Sect and was injured to the point of fainting. And when you arrived and woke her, she stabbed you in the back with her sword. If it wasn’t for me being at the scene and risking my life to save you, you would have reported to the king of hell long ago,” Xu Qi continued in an annoyed tone. He hoped to use those words to stimulate this lady. Of course, he also added in some lies to show off his might!

“Shadow Wind Sect? Could it be that Senior Disciple Shui was someone from Shadow Wind Sect?” the lady muttered to herself.

“Say, are you an idiot? That Shui Qingyu broke into a ruthless fight with that person from Shadow Wind Sect the moment they encountered one another, and he left her in a half-dead state. How could she possibly be from Shadow Wind Sect? Is there something wrong with your brain? Can you be more logical in your thinking?” Xu Qi rebutted.

Upon hearing this, the lady went into a daze. After a while, she lightly pushed Qian Yin away and began laughing like a maniac.

Xu Qi thought she had turned insane from the way she was laughing. He tried asking, “Hey, are you overly agitated and gone crazy?”

The lady abruptly raised her head and looked Xu Qi in the eye, seemingly about to breathe fire. Looking at him was fine, but she scared Xu Qi into stepping two paces backward. He was afraid of her turning crazy and going around biting people.

“I’m not crazy. In fact, I’m as clear-headed as can be. Senior Disciple Shui, that damn Senior Disciple Shui of mine, must have taken action against me because of that groundless matter!” the lady said to herself.

“Ahh oh my gods, that scared me. I really thought you were about to bite me,” Xu Qi said as he patted his chest in amusement.

“Haha, even Young Master has times when he’s afraid,” Qian Yin immediately laughed at Xu Qi’s behavior.

“You cheeky girl. What do you know?” Xu Qi rolled his eyes.

Then, Xu Qi’s expression suddenly turned serious and he said to the young lady, “Say, Miss, with your injuries, it is ill-advised for you to get agitated right now. It’s better for you to slowly recuperate. Let’s forget about our talk for now; we’ll wait until you’ve calmed down before we have our conversation.”

“It’s fine; I’m very calm now. Little Brother, thank you for saving me. Where is this place?” the injured young lady asked gently as she suddenly changed her tone.

Xu Qi immediately turned wide-eyed, looking at the injured lady queerly. He said, “Are you kidding me? Turning into a completely different person in just a split second. You looked like you were about to bite someone before, and now you’re acting as if you owe me a large sum.”

The injured lady immediately flushed red and said in embarrassment, “Ear-earlier I was a little agitated. But I calmed down once I figured out the reason. I hope Little Brother will please forgive me for my impolite behavior earlier.”

“Little Brother? Why does everyone like to call me that; where am I little?” Xu Qi exclaimed, dissatisfied.

The injured young lady and Qian Yin burst out laughing uncontrollably upon hearing that. The former even started coughing out between her laughter. Evidently, her laughter had triggered her injuries.

“Is it that funny? How old are you, to be calling me that? You’re not allowed to address me as Little Brother! Otherwise, this young master will get angry!” Xu Qi declared, feigning anger.

The lady smiled back at him, then continued, “I’m sixteen this year; much older than you. It’s definitely not wrong to call you ‘Little Brother’. However, since you saved my life, I’ll address you as whatever you desire.”

“You’re only sixteen? Why do you look like you’re thirty-six; are you faking your age? And you’ll address me as whatever I desire? Come, address me as ‘hubby’. Let’s hear it.” Xu Qi ordered shamelessly, showing his roguish nature.

The young lady, seeing as she was being teased by a child, her ghostly white complexion immediately turned a little darker.

“Sister, don’t listen to my Young Master’s nonsense; he was only joking. He’s actually really nice. He’s strong, well-intentioned, and a person of good character; different from what you’re seeing.” Qian Yin tried smoothing things out, seeing as this pretty sister wasn’t very receptive to her roguish Young Master’s teasing.

“Strong? I don’t see it. Well-intentioned? I don’t think so. Good character? He’s a rogue no matter how I see it.” Hearing the words this little sister spouted from her mouth, the young lady was so disgusted she almost got an additional internal injury from it.

“Say, Miss Di, what’s your full name, actually?” Xu Qi casually changed the topic, seeing as the situation was getting out of control.

“My name is Di Ke’er; what about you, little br… Little Young Master?” The young lady almost called out ‘Little Brother’ as she spoke. She quickly changed her words when she saw his gaze.

“Di Ke’er? It sounds pretty nice. Do you know the condition of your injuries?” Xu Qi continued questioning her.

“My injuries? I was stabbed through the heart by Shui Qingyu that night. I thought for sure I was going to die, but was saved by you, to my surprise. The most unexpected thing was that I felt no pain at all after waking up. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be standing here talking to you for so long. However, I feel like my cultivation is all gone, probably,” Di Ke’er answered him sorrowfully.

“You’re right. You were fortunate enough to encounter me that night. Otherwise, you would have reported to the king of hell. Though, I may have kept your life intact, I really couldn’t do anything to preserve your cultivation. I don’t know what are your future plans; perhaps to return to your school?” Xu Qi tried to probe her intentions.

In fact, Xu Qi was feeling a bit complicated inside. On the off chance that Di Ke’er returned and met up with the people from Misty Tower, she might divulge his identity. He’d be done for sure then.

“Return? Hurhur, I’m already someone who’s died once. There is no reason to go back and disrupt their cultivation. This lady here has a request. I wonder if Little Young Master could fulfill it?” Di Ke’er smiled bitterly as she asked this.

“Oh? Let’s hear it,” Xu Qi replied suspiciously.

“I wish to stay here, to bring you tea and water, to do your laundry and meals to repay your kindness of saving my life. I wonder if Little Young Master would take me in?” When Di Ke’er put forth her request, there was actually a tinge of red amid her pale complexion.

Hearing this, Xu Qi’s jaw immediately dropped, and his body turned to stone.

Happy New Year!

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